Monday, 20 December 2010


1. I was tagged by Farzan
2. I dont know what to say
3. I hate you
4. I want my revenge
5. I'm straight
6. I like drawing
7. I also like math
8. This is so fucking nonsense...
9. Damn, I just used vulgar word
10.  DotA is good
11. I'm used to be in solitude
12. music is vibration.. i like it
13. Bestfriend do exist?
14. get use to betrayal
15. maybe I should say something inspiring to the readers
16. crap i just wasted 3 lines saying other things
17. oh, there goes the 4th line wasted.
18. ........ (fuck, i didnt even say anything)
19. I want to be the king of the world
20. I usually dont get myself attached to other people
21. raw food is delicious
22. my friend's list is decreasing
23. i just want to watch and listen
24. the time will come. be patient
25. if you read this till the end you're tagged.

Time to go for some pic snappingin europe

Saturday, 18 December 2010

carol service

strolling down the grafton street and i saw a group of mid-school students singing christmas carol to raise fund. that reminds me of Mr. Bean story during christmas when there was a group of children sang in front of his house. so he watched them sang till the end of the songs while eating chocolate in front of them. then he slammed the door to their faces when they stopped. hahaha he sucks...

there are lots of party held every week here and i get to see many girls melaram.... christmas party, pre exam party, post exam party, farewell party, and etc..... when i see someone wearing high heels i always hope that the heels will break and she fall. of course that would result in her ankle sprained.... finger crossed... kakaka

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Butterfingers - Vio pipe

i really miss vio pipe by butterfingers....
a damn cool song. yeah brought me back memories at maktab n time 4 sekawan kmb...
i remember this song will be played everyday during ramadhan on our first year in kmb..
my favorite song.

"sea urchins are the romans of all invertebrate"
yes, that is what my biochem lecturer said. why i quote his words? cuz i like they way he talks. yap, biochemistry period is a storytelling time. hahaha my first time seeing him i said kappa!!! and after a few glances.. he looks more like doc brown form back to the future movie. hahaha.

on a second thought doc brown looks more like my anatomy lecturer but with no hair :p

okay,aritu aku baru taw leh ttgk stat blog sendiri cuz before this x penah nak explore. so aku tgk ouh agak banyak gak r orang yang datang blog ni. aku ingat xde orang bace. hahaha and aku perasan ade satu post ni slalu je orang kunjung walaopon da lame sangat. post after ib tajuk reap what you sow haha kalo tgk balik skang bulan 12 maybe junior kot as ade link google search pasal placement after kmb. ^^ cakap pasal kmb time sem 3 teringat mase tu....

Monday, 6 December 2010

government punya salah ka?

ai... aku ni bukannye taw sangat pasal politik ni. aku bukanlah orang yang berhaluan kiri mahupun kanan... isu-isu semasa lagi la aku x taw lagi lagi da dok oversea mmg x dengar kabo la jawapnye... banyak kawan aku yang berhaluan kiri. ade gak yang kanan aku dengar je r dorang saling mengutuk. kate yang ini kate yang itu. aku melihat je. tapi agak2 bile aku balik nnti aku nak vote sape eh? tu pikir nanti r time balik nanti. skang sit back and watch everything from outside jor.

aku malas gile bile orang bising pasal harga barang naek harga minyak naek, haaa mule orang bising cakap government tipu la, x tunai janji r pung pang pung pang. harga gule plak naek, bising lagi, lagi lagi dan lagi. korang ni, government da bg subsidi pon x reti bersyukur lagi.kang sekali kene tarik subsidi mau terberak ko nak beli sume mahal. gadai sume keta umah emas. nak wat camne, minyak mane leh harge x naek. laen la kalo minyak tu cam air, leh dapat free2 je trun dari langit. try tgk negara lain yang x subsidi minyak. ade rakyat jelata mereka bising? chill je. da dapat harga murah pon nak bising lagi. hish

kalo da taw mmg terberaknye kalo harga minyak naik jangan la bazir sampai gune keta 4 5 bijik. save la ckit...

korang bace link ni.

blaja2 dan blaja!!!! sambil dengar lagu metal/rock such as:

Die MF Die - Dope
Stricken - Disturbed
Devils never cry - DMC3 theme
Cerberus - DMC3 theme
In the fire - Roadrunner united
Through the fire and flames - dragonforce
cry for the moon - epica
before i forget - slipknot
sweet dreams - craddle of filth
black widow - children of bodom
bodom after midnight - children of bodom

Thursday, 2 December 2010


since it is snowing right now, i assume we are already in winter. goodbye yellow season. brrrr.... its fucking cold here and it snows heavily everyday. the first day it started to snow, everybody become excited and snowball fight is a must. i dont care who you are. die!!! because of the snow, the transportation are not available and classes are cancelled. because of the snow, everything becomes white and i get to see a lot of people fall. oh and i saw a penguin slipped and fell this morning. kekeke oh yeah i really hope ill be able to see a blizzard. ;p

Defeated by a snowman....

Thursday, 25 November 2010


hahaha im writing this post right in fornt of my drunken friend. he just came back drunken but his consciousness is still there. it is just that he speaks louder than usual. hahah the thing is, when he was talking to my roomate bout beer suddenly he said and here arif is drinking the non-alcoholic beer(barbican). he is really smart not to drink alcohol. I swear i'd be ashamed in front of Allah for being drunk.(whatever he was talking i dont really get it but it seems like this). you muslims are lucky cuz you are forbidden from drinking alcohol. we christian are fools who always drink and get drunk. hahaha he said it. never ever drink alcohol cuz when you start it you cant stop. but tea is even more addictive than alcohol (WTF?!) and he goes on talking bout irish culture where you will be asked "do you want a cup of tea? you sure? oh you must have one" and a sandwich after that and beckys(biscuits) bla bla bla. i didnt know what to reply him cuz i was trying to control myself not to laugh in front of him. GAHAHAHA. so folks, dont drink alcohol.

this is my first time living in a city in my life. i realize that the air in the city is much dustier than in a village or jungle. yeap. think i need a mask to filter the air cuz it is too dusty. i had an asthma for the first time here. thanx to the coldness and dusty air. and also the throat infection. oh they are continuing their conversation. im gonna listen to them. GTG

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lily Batrisya Lidyan

sume orang tgh hot cakap pasal die. gado dengan die. and ade orang mintak wat post pasal die...ah xde keje aku nak wat post pasal menatang tu...kalo die nak kawan kawan je r. aku lagi suke tgk minah ni dari tgk gambar menatang tu.

Yes, name die Asmirandah dari Indonesia. mesti korang ingatkan iklan axe tu.... hahaha mantap bai dienye acting. muke pon lagi cun dari Lily. unfortunately, aku x jumpe pon axe tu kat sini. haha kalo x dapat no tepon senang2 je. ^^

post kali ni xde lukisan sebab die pasal pasal asmirandah

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Eyeshield 21

Heehah! another comic review post after a long pause. remember that i did say I want to do comic review? and here's the second one...

Eyeshield 21 is a sport manga mainly about american football. This one of a must-read manga for sport lover reader written by Inagaki Riichiro. It is also categorized under shonen manga and comedy manga.

The main character, Kobayakawa Sena is the running ace in Deimon Devil Bats team. He is the running back and he plays as Eyeshield 21, the legendary running back from Japan who used to play in Notredame university.It all started with him being recruited into the american football club by Hiruma Yuichi and Kurita Ryokan. Their aim is to play in the Christmas bowl and become the champion. Kobayakawa Sena finally meet the real Eyeshield 21 along the way to achieve his dream on becoming the best running back.

i Personally like this manga because it is a sport manga and the plot is good too. there is never a dull moment in the story. the drawing is also good and overall i rate this manga 5 star!!! YAHAA!!!! Kill Them ALL!!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


uuu it has been a long time... and her face still doesnt change
i was really excited that i was speechless... last night really cheer me up. thank you for bringing back the good old memories...and i salute you for being able to remember everything back then. yes i miss you too. hehe wish i can meet you next time. :D

Friday, 5 November 2010

Starcraft II : Wing Of Liberty

I really wish that someone will make a movie of Starcraft or Warcraft. Please!!! it will be a damn good movie.

yeah I'm playing Starcraft II right now.
Hell, it's about time...

ive said to mima that i will post those 10 things i want to get, do, and be.

so here goes:

10 things i want to get
- blessing
- peace
- money
- awesome wife
- awesome friends too
- a better life
- skills that i dont have
- easy life
- lands in different countries
- revenge

10 things i want to do
- go to heaven (of course, everybody wants to go there)
- travel and see everything in this world
- understand all the meanings in Al-Quran
- conquer the whole world
- speak in all language
- make many kagebunshin
- draw manga
- read all the reading materials in this world (comics especially)
- play DotA
- take a nap

10 things i want to be
- good boy
- doctor
- King of the world
- soldier
- Mr. Cool
- werewolf
- artist
- a successful person
- a member in the heaven
- a wise man

Saturday, 30 October 2010


if in malaysia we have hungry ghost festival celebrated by the chinese (watch phobia2), here we have haloween festival. i dont really know the history of haloween and couldnt be bothered. anyway, they wear costumes on haloween night dressing as ghost or i dont really know since haloween festival has become more like a costume party nowadays.
last night was my first haloween celebration in ireland. i saw many costumes. weird one, funny one, scary one, sexy one(of course and most of the girls wore sexy costume). and the malaysians are the only group wearing ghost costumes. LOL!!! luckily we dont have a pocong here. or a chinese zombie. i'd like to see that. oh yeah, i saw a group of men wearing pacman of them became pacman and the others became the colourful ghost. cool!!! and then there were jack sully and the heroin which i forgot the name. and malaysians? scream!!! all of us are the scary movie killer. oh yeah and our class rep act as grease, a 60's singer if im not mistakenduring elvis era. haha not bad.

i wish i had the pumpkin costume just like in this pic. haha
oh, and i dont see kids going around with costume saying trick or treats... maybe cuz they got booze instead of candy. haha

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


what is friend? is it a fiend? maybe....
what are friends for? a friend in need is a friend indeed... thats what people said

i have a lot of friends some are good some are bad. few of them are best.
nevertheless, we parted, we part, and we will part ways..
and i met, i meet, and i will meet new friends..

there are friends that we remember till the day we close our eyes forever.
and there are friends that we will never remember even for a second.

I'm not going to meet again some of them for the rest of my life nor even contact them. So, goodbye.

the world is so big yet so small....

Friday, 15 October 2010


pe beza kat malaysia ngan ireland?
kat sini sejuk gaban
kat malaysia panas gampang
kat sini bawak basikal kat tengah jalan mmg orang bagi laluan
kat malaysia basikal kat tgh jalan tros kene jerit "woi nak mampos ke?"
kat sini xde tandas awam. sile kuatkan otot pundi kencing anda
kat malaysia bersepah tandas awam. weee weee
kat sini azan mmg x dengarnye melaenkan ko dudok dalam masjid time orang azan
kat malaysia 5 kali sehari. senang gue nak taw bile semayang
kat sini ko nak nampak sume idong tajam
kat malaysia ko nampak sume idong bulat

i went to the uni's public toilet
when i was in the cubicle, i LLLOL
yeah they provide the toilet board for students to write on the wall when doing their business to avoid boredom. mind you these are not vandalism. the boards are there to be written. some one wrote "rate your shit"
and there are lots of people replying
1)oddly spherical
2)full bodied, with a hint corn alike
3)chocolate flavoured corn
5)when i looked back there was a baby...


and smiley are for girls... i dunno what does it means..
unfortunately i didnt bring any pen

Saturday, 9 October 2010


ok aku kuar ngan bdak pompuan atas suatu urusan. leh kate satu hari gak r ngan die je. dan ttibe aku dapat cite yang ade orang nasihat bdak pompuan tu. baek2 taw jangan rapat sangat dengan die. ayat ni dbaca bkan dalam nada bergurau dan yang sebut bnde ni bkan orang yang kenal aku. for fuck sake i take that as an insult. we're friends and there's nothing wrong here. pe sebab kuar 2 orang? come on la. Nak Preach pon agak2 r. sume bnde negatif. penakot

weee dublin dipenuhi dengan red devil. a group of devils start to harrass people the whole town as early as 7 am and they gather at Grafton street on late evening. i like to see them annoy other people and shoppers. haha

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

California Gurlz

i like California Gurlz but i like the parody by Hitz.FM boys more

Hitz dot fm boys
we think we're comical
every shows we dont wear tanktop
trying to sing this good
but it is impossible
Oooo O O Oooo O O

Hitz dot fm boys
we're unpredictable
we're all dudes
but Natlie is not
She's so hot
I wanna @##$%###$%
Oooo O O Oooo O O

lol i laugh everytime i hear this song. way to go JJ and Ian. ugh it's the only thing i miss(really?) in Malaysia. radio broadcast. ohya i havent read any newspaper nor watch any tv since i came here.

i found out i had a problem when communicating with other people using devices i.e handphone, conference, blablabla. yeah cuz i cant hear properly on what people said and everything was hard. I had to guess every words as I hear echoes and the sound was wavy... damn. i made a call to trinity student register office before i came here and everything was disaster. i had to apology many times and they grew tired of repeating the lines. well, i guess their accents do contribute in giving me difficulties.
the person at the end of the line is speaking lazyly and i can hardly recognize on what he is spelling actually. yes, at that time i was asking the email address for the residence department.

he spelled:
and i heard:

and when i repeat he said yes. I had to think bout this shit for a couple of minutes before realising the correct email address. And i realize that irish do pronounce R as "or". no wonder i had a hard time figuring out which alphabet they are saying. how do you pronounce curry, rugby, monday, and gym?

it is pronounce like this kourri, Rugbi, mundei, jem. (use malay pronounciation)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

ma roomate

My roomate is an Irish. His name is Padraic Sherry (Sherry was excited when he saw that name). how to pronounce his name? its like podreik.(pronounce it in malay style) that is what he said but some people said it is pronounced as porik. padraic is 17 years old. he doesnt smoke he doesnt drink he doesnt go to party (parties are for morons). he despise music cuz he found it annoying. my room is gonna be quiet. he come from a farmer family and take engineering course.zzzzzzzzzzzz

i bought a new kawasaki bike(they pronounce bike as big) from smyths for 150 euro. and my first day of cycling it was a disaster. i got lost and end up at clonskeagh(klonsky)
instead of going back to my hall at rathmines. google it. and on the second day i still got lost and instead of going back to hall i got to the spire in the city centre. the thing is im going south from my college but instead of going south i went north. guess i made a big round. sweat on cold

Saturday, 25 September 2010


it's cold here. but i like the wind. it is strong as if i am standing on the top of a hill. everything is pricey here but who cares as long as i get to live. Dublin is the name of the city where i live. Grande!!

western people are really huge. and they're really tall and compared to us...we're like david and golliath. its like all people from south east asia are dwarfs. FOR IRON HORDE!!!!!!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Selamat Ari Raye

1 syawal..pengakhiran dan juga permulaan

pengakhiran bagi bulan ramadhan
pengakhiran bagi orang berpuase
pengakhiran bagi syaitan dikurung(ai, antu da ade balik. nak duk dalam gelap pon da x bes)
permulaan bagi bulan syawal
permulaan orang makan secara terang2 disiang hari
permulaan hidup baru bagi bbdak pmc yang pergi dublin aritu...

yeah semoga satu syawal memberi banyak makna kat korang
raye taun ni jatuh pada ari jumaat. so time semmayang jumaat punye la banyak orang sampai kolah wuduk pon da jadi cetek. air pon da jd kuning. ahhaha
dalam aku ngah tunggu nak semayang tu aku diri sebelah satu group budak kecik ni. muke sume serupe je cam kembau dorang ngah rancak borak ngan sedare dorang.

sepupu: ko raye kat kampung mak ko bape lame?
adek-beradek: seminggu
sepupu: oooo.. kampung bapak ko plak?
adek-beradek: seminggu gak
sepupu: lame gile ko cuti. aku cuti dari senin sampai senin ni je.
.......(sume diam)
adek-beradek: eh ko ade beli mercun?
sepupu: x. mercun x banyak jual la. bapak aku pon xnak belikan. die kate ini itu la blablabla polis blablabla bahaya(panjang sangat die merepek)
adek-beradek: tu le. eh ko nak beli mercun datang kat umah tu. kat ctu ade jual mercun. ko pi je pastu cakap nak bnde tu. kang die bagi r.(mule mengoffer kedai mercun blakang pintu)
sepupu: aku xde duet doh. ko dapat dari mane?
adek beradek: ko try r mintak abang lang... kang die bagi la blablabla mak aku blablabla paklong blablabla dapat seratus blablabla
(dan mereka berbincang care nak dapat duet dari orang tue mereka sebab nak beli mercun sampai start semayang)

haha aku dengar dorang rancak bual lawak gile. cam cakap pasal hal negara. "masalah besau ni abang. aku x cukup duet ninak beli thunder clap." kakaka teringat zaman kecik-kecik dlu asal raye je ---> duet raye ---> mercun ----> yeay misi berjaya!!!

yeay mercun memang x lari dari semua sambutan. kalo xde mercun memang x idop r, x mati gak bbdak ni. oh how i miss playing firecrackers with my friends at MRSM TGB. perang mercun memang bes. kat kmb bbdak x maen sangat. sume cakap da besa x maen bnde2 ni. ceh. yang maen pon x abes2 mercun bola tu pon sikit je. ai....

neway selamat ari raye kepada sume

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

stars are blind

yeay Malaysia da merdeka 53 taun... and yeay aku da dapat placement... walaupun teramat lambat nak celebrate. huh ape leh wat kalo da jadi orang last dapat placement dalam batch ek... xpe bkan aku kesah pon. so sempena dapat placement n da merdeka ni there will be 2 pics in this post.

lets talk about shooting star... weehah.
a beautiful scenery in the middle of the night. i only saw it once and it was bright red. totally cool....

say, what is actually shooting star? is it something like this?

hmm a shooting star. maybe it's because western people are obsessed in cowboy thingy that's why they called it shooting star BAM BAM BAM

whereas in bahasa melayu, we called it.... tahi bintang yap tahi bintang....
does it look like this?

oh yeah i bet it does.. and the shit burned to crisp when entering our ozone and walaa become ashes which come down with rain pouring on us... why is it called tahi bintang?it seems kinda gross.. i cant imagine the name of one of the car in Dash! Yonkuro named Tahi Bintang(the third car) that sucks! oh it's ok.

when we talk about shooting star then we remember wish then we remember Airplanes song by B.O.B feat Hayley Williams....

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now, wish right now

"I wish i will be free from men" said Ezzad Azman

Monday, 30 August 2010


bling bling bling lagu raye da berkumandang kat radio ngan shopping centre walaopon pose x abes ag... iklan raye dakuar jauh sblom pose start... orang indon(Bendera) masih dengan tahi mereka. Nie Ching plak bagi tazkirah dalam surau Al-Huda tanpa menutup aurat(agak2 r wei). kan da murka sultan selangor. Militan Indonesia yang diketuai Mochammad Achwan berikrar jihad terhadap polis. waow adakah berperang sesama sendiri tu jihad? baek pi bom kat israel.... dan penduduk Big Apple melaungkan Stop Islamisation of New York!!! chill la we are not terrorist bak kata Khan, "My name is Khan and I'm not a terrorist!!!"

oxymoron of the day, Butt Head thanx to mima...
Butt Head is someone that is hard to get along with a.k.a stupid person
headbutt is an action but which part of the body is used? butt or head?
both maybe... hiyargh!!!
obviously because the head is the butt just like this creature. haha tribute to Dr. Slump.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


today i was wathcing the news again and there's this one news(is news singular or plural?)about SYABAS giving free water and gifts to citizens those who are identified as poor/pauper and also single mother.they get 20m^3 of water free every month. very convenient eh. I saw that most... no all of them are malays. I dont know wether there are any non-malay that receive them but thats not the point. I learnt that the government are helping the people especially malay as we were left far behind in term of civilization compared to other races during the colonisation of the malaya.

nevertheless, i know this one uncle, he is old, jobless, and he need to take care of his he went to ask help to get help with people like him from charity. he only get small amount whereas there are other people that get not twiceo triple but five times higher than him and they are much younger than him. the reason is that she is a single mother. oh come on, she still can work to earn money but what about this old bloke? then i started to wonder......

Yeay!!! Oxymoron for today is HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!
Holy is something sacred, pure, clean..all the positive things while shit is just a shit. totally opposite of shit. oh i just love this word.. why the picture shown is a king of shit? because it is a HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
fyi firman, i cant use your holy hell cuz i've used it for this one and how the heck am i gonna draw a hell?

Sunday, 22 August 2010


baru baru ni ade berita mengatakan khatib di poolo peenang telah berdoa untuk eksejahteraan Lim Guan Eng sewaktu solat jumaat. WTF!!! sesungguhnya aku rase beliau amat sengal. kenape tidak berdoa untuk kesejahteraan Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin yang merupakan ketua agama negara ni? ape ko nak cakap xleh ke doa tuk die? apsal x doa time lain? aiya....

oh ya, lagi satu kat perak. para businessman diwajibkan untuk mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang kerana jika mereka tidak berbuat demikian lesen perniagaan mereka tidak akan diperbaharui. ...... aku x taw nak cakap pe. Threating will not teach them to be patriotic. they will end up being rebellious. ergh, langkah yang sungguh kebudak-budakan.

Ok untuk ruangan gambar kali ni kite belajar bnde baru iaitu oxymoron.
what is oxymoron? 2 words that contradict each other. correct me if i'm wrong. so here's the words of the day...

White Chocolate
we all know that chocolate is not white and white is not the colour of chocolate.
maybe Michael Jackson got the idea from this thing.

oh yeah do give me suggestion for oxymoron examples for i'm quite lazy to search for it. thanx

Friday, 20 August 2010


what is bribery? it is the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage. In other words, you give people something so that you wiill be able to get away from being punished. Pretty convenient huh? haha

bribery is related to corruption and yes the more bribery the bigger the corruption. lets see the malaysia's ranking in corruption is.... 40 according to and singapore is no. 3!!!(the bigger the number shows more corruption). kinda amazing that our neighbour here is one of the country with the least corruption in the world. so, we have SPRM to go against corruption and catch all the bad people. whats the punishment? DIE!!! in china but losing position in Malaysia. maybe imprisonment o whatever la.(didnt bother to check). Our proiphet did said: “Pemberi rasuah dan penerima rasuah akan masuk neraka.” (Hadis riwayat at-Tarmizi)

why do we bribe? why cant we stop bribery? the question is, where do we learn bribery? simple from our daily life. even parents teach their children how to bribe. yeah bribe them with candy and toys and they remain silent. hahaha

Pugna The Oblivion: The dead has returned....

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE da abes interview.... lega dod... hehehe selepas beberapa hari bertarung dalam keadaan yang amat leceh lagi sukar. Anyway, for the past few days I’ve been dreaming some shitty things... yeah really shit that it makes me feel like a weirdo. Kinda freaking me out. It doesn’t matter cuz it’s just a dream. Im not gonna tell what are those dream but i really don’t like it. They do not cause me to feel angry/sad/scared (doesn’t involve emotion) but the feeling when I woke up was like WTF!!!???...
Enuff of the shitty dreams, Ramadhan is approaching, A level result will be out day after tomorrow, PMC candidates going to interview this Friday, clearing will start soon, many things need to be done but don’t forget mate... DotA till sahur is a tradition. Oh yeah, If you are diligent enuff maybe tahajud will be good for you.... hehe happy fasting

Now I know how does it feel like being an old folks... no teeth, nothing can be eaten except soft foods a.k.a porridge and yeah, i tell you, eating peas are like shit.i can only chew using my front tooth. My gigi graham is not functioning right now...Owwww!!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Apabila mereka berkata bosan

manusia memang x reti bersyukur...
sentiasa nak bnde yang takde....
nak awek nak sailang orang laen punye...sailang bini orang pun ade
nak makan nak yang kawan punye baru sedap sebab free...
haiz tgk orang ade itu nak itu tgk orang ade ini nak ini
same la ngan bab laen
time sebok nak mampos sume orang cakap kalo la aku bley beli mase... kalo la aku ade mase kan bes leh bersantai leh lepak2 leh guling2
tapi tu sume tipu sokmo... bile da ade mase free banyak mule la bosan la bosan nak mampos abeh tu tanye orang nak watpe ek.... cube ingat ckit pe nak wat kalo free time sebok dlu....duh, well try to be more positive. accept the emptiness and you wont feel bored hahaha
come on dont be too greedy... make full use of what you have right now and later you wont miss regret it.

Saturday, 31 July 2010


there are lots of things happening around me
so idecided to post this one
yeah the world revolve so much that im like in the middle of a hurricane.
woohoo lots of things...
i cant say that every thing is good but i cant say its bad either if you got what i mean....

Monday, 19 July 2010

uhhh im a bit tired

this blog will be on hiatus for several weeks due to unforeseen circumstances...
so no postings and no drawings folks....

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


this is a post about the clearing process for students that are going to UK.
I've went to MABECS to ask them on what should we do and the clearing process itself.

well, clearing starts in august after the a level result out. that means maybe around mid of august. during the process students cant choose on which universities they want to go. of course most universities are fully occupied.the universities will ask MABECS to give name for students if they still have vacancies. only those who met the requirements will be considered. lower than that will have no chance of getting, it is important for all of us to get 36 and above and CHEM MUST BE 6 or 7. the universities might still consider you if you get math 5. but chem 5 is no no. when i asked them what if the students get 5 chem eventhough they past the total points? automatically she said no and recommended those students who get 5 to opt for other countries. there's no chance to get placement during clearing process. so right now, we just have to wait and pray.

oh i forget, we can still contact the universities directly to appeal and ask for placement. it would be better than to just sit around waiting MABECS and counselor to do this for us. the sad thing bout clearing is that each universities only offer 1 or 2 placement and most of them are fully is kinda creepy seeing that only few wwill get placement via clearing.

after the clearing, what if we still dont have any placement?
this a gamble that we take risking our placement. if we still dont have any placement after clearing, then we lost the gamble. one have to wait till next year to get into UK universities(thats pretty shitty) or give up UK and go to other countries. i dont really know what happen in this part because MABECS do not deal with this. we have to ask caunselor. if youre lucky maybe you can go to ireland.

for those who are in waiting list for universities like cardiff or belfast, they have a better chances of getting into the U for the universities willfill the placement with students from waiting list. in other words, these universities will not likely to offer placement during clearing process.

so good luck guys...

aaaaaannddd PAUL the octopus wins !!!!!!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

row row row your boat....

im too lazy to write letters... but still need to be done...
zzz haih after finishing my letter i realised i only type 2 lines only. that sucks. well thats what we call short and precise.. straight to the point baybeh!
oh anyone can lend me a hand?

i dont have any pic that i draw rite now(drought season of idea). so here's a photo that i found when i was surfing the net. hahaha looks like unca donald dont get enough of aunt daisy... hahhahaha that kis didnt realize that someone is staring at her panty huh? or maybe the one snapping this photo is her parents....zzzzzz

here's a song for all of ib students

Always look on the bright side of life by Monty Python

Always look on the bright side of life
Always look on the bright side of life

Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse
When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble give a whistle
This will help things turn out for the best

Always look on the bright side of life
Always look on the right side of life

If life seems jolly rotten, there's something you've forgotten
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing
When you're feeling in the dumps, don't be silly, chumps
Just purse your lips and whistle, that's the thing

So, always look on the bright side of death
Just before you draw your terminal breath

Life's a counterfeit and when you look at it
Life's a laugh and death's the joke, it's true
You see, it's all a show, keep them laughing as you go
Just remember the last laugh is on you

Always look on the bright side of life
And always look on the right side of life
Always look on the bright side of life
And always look on the right side of life

cheer up dude...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

reap what you sow

ding!!! there you go.... all of us have gotten the results of IB exam. congratz to all my friends who manage to pass the requirements and are able to fly. well, kinda pity for those that did not make it but still, stay on your feet and keep moving forward. we will always be together. Stick together through thick and thin right?

anyone who has information on clearing please help me so that im able to get placement. thank you.

anyway 2 years in ib taught me lots of things and here i would like to thank everyone. ammar siddiq jafni farzan pidot zatdin duke sherry naqi pior kn simpang bobo(A&W) wanharun adam ridhu firman fazli aiman ateh tuan amin mubin kepet burn niknaim afiq bobo(kurus) apip ammarJ fahmi fikri acap azri haziq yard salam latip lutfi lutfi lutfi paan amin rosne akmal usamah rahimi badrul badrul sobri verus nigel kamal syahmi matmin aminin pudin yasir syafiq kasyfillah ahmad fakri typoon crescendo(ade ke?) uzair shark boss afif rozaimi amir muaz nas amir amarandas albert huat jeffrey christopher rick shahiran cambridge manul ezzad miji afif baby hishe ikmal fred box ikram ikram zul amilin zaim acham apip hadi bopek boharaj skemp ad dj fasha mira ciah zay atiqah bella nadzirah achik ann atik azan rina fairuz nisa adibah adibah ada ada aiman hidayah farnaz feli bedah alaq khalidah khalidah pija hajar sarah mazrin amira dan sume rakan2 kmb. thank you.

a rose for you. thank you

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

motor kapcai

bile aku pikir2 mase sedang dok dalam jamban.. kat negare laen(selaen kat nusantara ni) ade x masalah rempit ni? maksud aku sakis jalanan ni cam yang bese dapat tgk dalam video kat henpon bbdak ni... bdak kampung aku ni satu hal peliknye nak kate geng rempit x penah aku denga memekak malam buta maen racing.. yela sape nak racing kat ceruk kampung ni. xde awek nak sorak pon.. kene sondol ngan babi hutan ade r. rutin dorang same je tiap-tiap ari. naek moto ramai-ramai pastu amek lepak port kat tgh jalan tepi kubor. nak dekat senja je dorang pon patrol kampung ni ulang alik. siap ade laen-laen group plak tu. x taw r aku nak kate bagus ke tak ade tukang patrol kampung ni.

pastu jumaat je, pakcik tua lepak kat tangga masjid, yang muda jauh sikit kat tempat parking motor, yang berhingus jauh lagi, kat jalan tepi kubor ntah ape dorang pungpangpungpang aku pon x taw. yang aku taw imam bagi salam je enjin motor trus berbunyi.standard r. kat tmpat mane yang xde camtu. teringat time aku kecik dulu budak kampung lepak jalan-jalan sume naek basikal je. yang tua basikal besau. yang muda basikal kecik. pakcik tua yang lepak kedai kopi pekena kopi hitam pekat je pakai motor ni. skang basikal pon da xde da...

be a good actor. do what you are asked to do and people will applause

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gash Bell

ok this is not related to any of my story. i've decided to make reviews on comics from now on and not only my story. these mangas are usually already khatam or finish liao. most of the mangas can be read in do give me comment or suggestions for this part. TQ.

Konjiki No Gash Gash Bell or in english Zatch Bell/Gash Bell (gash Emas dalam BM. aku x taw nape) by Raiku Makoto is a great manga. it is categorized action, comedy, and also one of the shounen manga

the story starts with Takamine, an extra genius boy who met with a demon child, Gash that came to his home naked by clinging to an eagle.WTF? they are destinied to be a partner in order to help Gash fought with other demon child sent to earth. Gash has decided to become the king of demon world for he will become a kind king. in order to do that, he must survive this battle royale and be the last one standing. his adventure with takamine has helped him alot to become stronger and learnt a lot of thing. in the mean time, Takamine also change from a highly ego bastard to someone more friendly and he manage to have lots of friends thanks to Gash.

i like the plot of the story as it has humour and also action which different(not just ordinary battle). the drawing is ok laaa but not bad at all. overall i rate this manga 4stars.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


kalo tgk purata post blog aku tiap blan sekata tp makin kurang... yap cuti mengurangkan mase aku on9. tp x kesah r.

of all the roads in malaysia, melaka has the worst roads. yeah they sucks and so do the jkr. two middle finger for yeh... why do you have to bother to repair them when they are completely ok and there's nothing wrong? why do you have to re"turap" them when there is no hole or anything? pffft piss me off really.

nevertheless, i've got my fairy back...
welcome back my love..

Friday, 18 June 2010


uh suddenly i felt heavy. hmmm the time has come maybe. perhaps...

luck is not on my side maybe...i didnt achieve any of my goal this week. on top of that there are shopping that need to be done. uh i hate shopping cuz... i hate shopping. its soooo leceh and id rather have a credit card and a car key, of course the car shuld be there also. no point having a car key without car you dumbass. and go shopping myself. ermm maybe when im older but rite now im kinda lazy to go for sshopping.
ai, leceh leceh........

kekeke few days ago i killed a rat trying to sneak into ma house. just like that pic. with just one swing, WHAM!!! and it died. no actually it is a bit exaggerating. first smack is to paralyze it and second one is the killing blow. and both hit the head. cool hahaha poor that bastard. died already.

Monday, 14 June 2010


orang kate hidup kalo berjiran biau la berbaik.... kalo sekor kuar siang sekor kuar malam camne nak kenal walaupun hidup satu dahan...duduk dekat... x lebey satu kaki tp x pernah jumpe antara satu same laen.

ok ade berapa hidupan yaang ade dalam gambar tu?

Friday, 11 June 2010


oh im having a hard time now...

urgh after having a tiring week i think im going to zzzzzzzz for awhile.
so there might be not very much posts after this(which is a lie)
thought of writing bout btn camp but it will sound like well evrybody knows it...
afterall im totally exhausted after 5 days course followed by 9 hours in car.huh sounds like i was travelling from north to south. doesnt matter anymore everythings' great. yeah 4 star for overall.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

this is me rite now............
kinda tired/lazy to draw agood pic

oh btw, she looks more beautiful. wow zzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, 31 May 2010

trial and error and error again

ok muruku ikan and cream cheese is a bad combo...

when the eastern meets western

Friday, 21 May 2010


and so, the story end happily ever after....
uh... i've just finish my book title International Baccalaureate at Kolej MARA Banting. it has about 730 days page.... huh...

so, im gonna start a new chapter in my life and new pages. but before that let me say a token of gratitude to everything. my parents, teachers, fwens, dotamate, wingmate and anymate, and everything that can be thanked for including my pen for not running out of ink during the exam. ^^ goodbye and we will meet again if fate let us meet again...

well, since this is the end of 4Sekawan's journey i have decided to make this as the final piece of 4 sekawan.
see ya later adios.....

goodbye kmb
from 4 sekawan

Thursday, 13 May 2010


ok aku sebenarnye decide xnak post sampai esok.... tapi da disebabkan aku ter.. nak wat camne...

bape banyak acronim yang korang bese gune dan korang taw? dan seriously menatang ni leh jadi dictionary kalo korang kumpul.

lol: lough out loud
rofl: rolling on the floor laughing
roflmao: rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
ggg: gelak guling-guling?
swt: sweat (bukan S.W.T)
o0o: ...... o0o ......

yang laen aku lupe ntah pasal pe tah. bio ah

cool x pic ni?

pic kali ni itam putih je.. malas nak wat dengan kemas..

quote of the day...
"anggaplah awak tulis esei bm ni macam malam pertama awak. buat sehabis baik." dari sape lagi kalo bukan En. Azhar
sempena esok paper malay... buatlah yang terbaek....howyeah!!

Friday, 7 May 2010

au revoir

finally, the time has come.....
i knew it is going to happen long time ago.
i wish it would not happen but it cant be avoided.

every meeting will be ended with parting and the time has come for me to say goodbye to you i wont be able to be with you anymore.i wont be seeing you anymore in the future and even if i meet you i may have forgottrn about you and dont even recognise you. of course, my perception towards you will be totally different and im no longer the one i used to be. i really enjoyed the time back then. it was really fun. thank you and sorry. goodbye for now.

oh yeah not to forget quote of the day,
“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”
by Walter Elliot, an American Catholic priest.
and IB is one of them.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


howyeah..... tepuk tangan untuk member aku...
ahahahha tahniah diucapkan...

well, esok start exam... another 1 oneday to prepare for this big event and another 20 more days to say sayonara to International Bacalaureate program.

i dont really have much to say rite now.

quote of the day,
"Cherish Your Life" by John Kramer from SAW movies
yeah. cherish your life for everything will perish when the time comes

Monday, 26 April 2010


okay im happy now that my bear are okay....
a token of gratitude to AD..
yeay, i can wear it back now
that pic is just a drawing. not my teddy bear and i dont have one.

i like ma bear hehehe

quotation of the day,
"we are all strong enough to bear other men's misfortune" by Francois de La Rochefoucauld
i choose this quote cuz it has bear in it. well, just like the quotation said, be strong and we will be able to survive this challenge.

Friday, 23 April 2010


another one more week....
warcry has echoed
lets go all out
let this battle be an easy one

quotation of the day
"life without liberty is like a body without spirit" by Kahlil Gibran
come on la get alive...... hehehe

i dont really have the mood tonight
read and just read... grrr!!!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


hmmm when i think about my future i realise that I'm going to be a father one day. not today but one day. so, will i be able to do my responsibility well and bring up children in this treacherous world? dunno. and I'm not going to think bout it now for time will tell when i should act.

okay, we teenagers always have fight with parents because of different in thinking and point of view. true, teenagers always say that parents are too strict and they get no freedom. yes they blame their parents for their orthodoxity which is said irrelevant in todays world. this things will keep on repeating in human history and we will never be able to erase it. teenagers are just too self centered. they only think about they themselves. anything that is considered annoying or pest are kicked out of their life. ok i might be making a mountain out of molehill but it is a fact.

the old man though look old fashioned and is nothing but a hindrance towards words like enjoy and freedom, they are doing their part in life that is to guide us. whenever they scold us, babbling and get on your feet, we feel annoyed but try to take a deep breath and relax. think carefully, why do they did all these things. then you will be able to see the answer. its just that, teenagers are not willing to accept it because theyd rather follow their emotion that lead to rebellion. they know the answer but dont want to accept it.

after all, everything that our oldman do is for the sake of us. they always have good intention and whatsmore, they are willing to slaught their whole life for us. come on man, be more grateful. think of every bitter and sweet things that you've gone through with your parents and HOLYSHIT!!! they did so much for us. too much.
so, thanks to my father and mother.

one more thing, quotation of the day,
"humankind cannot stand very much reality" by T.S Eliot
true... true...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


uhhhh it couldnt be helped. tomorrow im going to have malay and business exam. man it is the climax of this mock exam for me. an all day writing and thinking and frying which im not good at it. not even a bit. anyway, it is a good thing i have to sit for this mock exam before the upcoming real ib exam in just another fortnight. chill dude. just keep it cool and verything will sail smoothly.

i've been thinking lately, what is my true personality? is it a good boy that behave well or the notorious one doing..... well, something that what i shouldnt do...? i've been a good boy and everybody likes me.yeah you get to be praised, people dont hurt you, and well, lots of advantages. i've been bad and i still had fun and some trouble. having the experiences of what people normally called lowlife experiences but i never go deeper than what i've done. just a taste is enough to let me know whats inside of it. i dont even remember which one is the true one cuz i've been acting too much. guess i dont really bother bout it anymore anything should be fine as long as i get a peaceful life and people dont cross path with me. hahaha thats why my parents keep on saying bout my appearances. one more thing, my friends said that im gay. ooo wish it wont be true cuz i dun want ma butt to be screwed. it wont happen man. and im not into screwing other guys. oh shit. yeah just bcoz i dont like girls... thats what they said but of course i do like girls. nyehehehehe well, what kind of mask should i wear in th future eh? maybe the one that look like a clown?

quote of the day,
"Never complain and never explain" by Benjamin Disraeli

a good quote for selfish people i guess just like the jews... is he a jew?bcoz he has israel in his name. anyway i like it. it sounds like SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


google. one of the well known search engine in the world. the days BG(before google) seems very difficult for sourcing and to get information where we can only rely on materials like books. now, just type a word and thousand things will appear including trashes. neway, one day when i was doing nothing but googling something nonsense i type letter J and there goes my google suggestions giving me opts for mostly searched words. the first suggestion is jilat kemaluan. WTF well, thats something normal we dont expect only good things in the net. and my friend thought it was my history searching for these things. use in explaining to them.

neway, now im using google extension and thanx to the extension i was able to enjoy onemanga better. yeah like it so much.

Monday, 29 March 2010

to get is to give

there goes ma fren and he flew to east. to the country with slanted eyes and proud with their katana and ninja things. goodbye bro... this may be the last time that i will see him in my life.actually i havent seen him from last year since the last hari raya though we are in the same state. neway, it is fated that i cannot see him but its ok maybe another time.maybe.....

yeah we have chosen our own path in life to go on and everybody has different path. everytime we met with new people we separate with other people. yes, they come and go as the time passes by and some of them will be remembered some of them forgotten. my life in kmb is about to end in just a few more months and after this we will separate and each of us are going to different places to meet with new people, friends, and foes? maybe....

nevertheless, all i can say is that although we will be forgetting each other, and even if we met probably i wont approach you and dont recognise at all, i'm glad that i have the past experience that will make me smile. it is not about remembering or something materialistic but the value is priceless.

glad i met with all these people. someday, sometime, somewhere, we might be crossing each others path and fate will determine whether we will meet again or not

Sunday, 28 March 2010

pick and mix

malam terakhir sebelum aku berganjak ke alam IRP pada esok hari, kuhabiskan bersama rakan kelasku mempelajari subjek agama yang masih belum habis sillibus. memang tepat jangkaanku mengenai kehadiran penuh pada malam ini kerana kesemua rakan-rakanku sangat tertarik untuk mempelajari ilmu pada 'malam pertama' bersama isteri yang akan diajarkan oleh ustazku. -prepared by M08Aian-

peh bapak semangat member2 gue nak blaja pasal malam pertama.... sume fired up. walaopon ade yang reluctant nak hadir tp datang gak.... bak kate sorang tu, "penting dowh" hahaha

ok, map 6.67 da kuar style dowh ade etherealblade ngan soul ring.... bez gune ngan morphling blade tu based on agi kan.... and finally ade gak barang yang leh stop ulti abaddon. sk nye lifesteal pon style gak da x channeling. pegh, kalo pugna nye ulti camtu kan sedap.... cam gampang gak r.

Monday, 22 March 2010

cheap and dirty or clean and expensive

everybody is getting sick the whole world is rotting and giving foul smell. even a freshly plucked apple seems like a rotten apple. anyway, this is not what i want to say right now. it got nothing to do with me. just leave it as it is. soon people will realise though it is a bit too late.

tonight i just want to ask why do we create things? yeah the answer is just one. so that other people will copy and use it for their own benefits. thats why we have generic brand of paracetamol instead of just panadol. but then why do people dont like to others to copy their invention? is it because they feel like they own it? maybe...
speaking of originality, the society always say that be original lah... why must we take the hard way creating a new path for us instead of just using the path that others have made? it would be easier that way right? what matters is the end result.

nevertheless, why do some people dont want to copy or follow other people steps?(again i asked the same question. shit) because they have the pride and dignity? why should i copy his/hers as i can do it by myself. i did it my way.....(frank sinatra) well, maybe one of the factors is satisfaction. yeah people would rather die satisfied than continuing living in this rotting world without any satisfaction.
me? lets say that im the type that dont like to copy others and im no copycat. but i do plagiarise(is it the right spelling? it has redline beneath it) but it doesnt matter anymore. the most important thing is the end result. play it clean or dirty as long as you win. the fittest will survive

Thursday, 18 March 2010


too much things to be said
too much things to be written
but none can be told

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail.
Yes I would.
If I could,
I surely would.
I'd rather be a hammer than a nail.
Yes I would.
If I only could,
I surely would.

Away, I'd rather sail away
Like a swan that's here and gone
A man gets tied up to the ground
He gives the world
Its saddest sound,
Its saddest sound.

I'd rather be a forest than a street.
Yes I would.
If I could,
I surely would.

I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet,
Yes I would.
If I only could,
I surely would.

uh, things are getting tougher now and everything seems to be complicated. anyway i love simplicity and dont like complex things. by the way, i urinate alot maybe due to high intake of caffeine like what the books said. i believe. maybe it is because i drank a lot of 1 litre chrysanthemum tea. well who more thing, i got a new car. Yeay... well, my father's actually... cool, i can use the old one now

Monday, 1 March 2010

i learn, i learnt

friend in need is a friend indeed.
there are many friends in this world
good friends bad friends and even just friends
every one of them have their own use to you. if not today maybe tomorrow or in the future. it doesnt matter whether one is annoying or polite or rude or understanding, as long as they are friend they will always be friend until we decided not to be friends anymore.

i learn a friend has no limit. no colour no race no religion. just bond between us and memory. i shouldnt be bias in determining which one should be my friend cuz everyone of them will be useful to me not today maybe tomorrow or in the future. friend doesnt know feelings. be friendly man... (listening to just a lil' bit by too phat rite now remind me of my friends. my old friends and those forgotten)

Sunday, 28 February 2010

minggu ni

ari ni da ari ahad esok da balek sekolah.... duh.... ari ni ari ahad yang malas. sume orang dok baring je cam slowpoke. malas dan panas... ah, kan best kalo dapat baring atas hammock bawah pokok rendang tgh panas-panas ni sambil minum air kelapa sejuk. tak tinggal gak dayang-dayang mengipas ditepi hahahhaha (^^)

anyway banyak bnde berlaku minggu ni cam dalam gambo tu... sape taw die paham r.... aku blaja bnde yang digunakan untuk sedut minuman tu namenye sudu... dan tahukah anda bahawa kalo nak ilangkan ngantuk minumlah ais-krim soda. bnde ni xde kat discovery channel xp makan nasi lemak di pagi hari ngan bebudak ni dah jadi keutamaan dah...

hahaha lg sekali aku bertanya "jat, ko x nak gak ke?" anyway, WAZZZUUUUUUUPPP!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 27 February 2010


yeay dapat cuti maulidur rasul....
bak kate boha pppapappaparty at kmb
tp x parti r ade exam minggu depan ades...

uh satu malam dota yang memenatkan aku malas nak tulis esok nak kene blaja
zatdin cam orang gile malam ni. jap goyang sane sini ngan jeritan emonya.... kn turut same menggile

pape pon.... aku berasa gembira minggu ni...

Thursday, 18 February 2010


aritu time balik cuti raye cine aku balik umah. so, jumpe r family aku
pape pon adek aku da lg tinggi dari aku...

ade satu ari time aku tgh dok goyang kaki ngan senang sambil tgk channel 705 ttibe die tanye soklan intergration kat aku. gue pon cube jawab ngan malas. tp aku tgk die leh jawab soklan intergration lg baek dari aku. peh, guess my brain btol2 da berkarat trok r.couldnt even answer a simple q. maybe it is bcoz im in holiday mood and dont want to think properly but still aku nye pale mmg berkarat.

skang sume keje da abes leh la start belajau balik kalau x nnti kene tampau plak.
ai, leceh leceh.......

Thursday, 11 February 2010


i dont know

i just cant help to smile today

huh? what am i talking?

but i just smile without knowing the reason

funny but strange
who cares
lets put a smile on that face!!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010


im walking on a bridge. a very long bridge in a tunnel named time. it seems like it is a never ending tunnel though. it is a dark tunnel where i walk alone trying to figure out what i was doing actually. basically i have nowhere to go and it is up to me where to go as i am the one that is building the bridge. the bridge is fragile though as it keeps n falling when apart when i past. so i have to keep on building bridges in front of me to avoid from falling down. it is a tiring job and sometimes i wish to stop building the bridge and have a rest but i just keep on doing my job as the time hasnt come yet. when i turn back, all i can see is just nothing; a pitch black space filled with nothing. the bridges that i built has fell into pieces only small portion remains waiting to be engulfed by the darkness and slowly disappear from my sight.

anyway let bygone be bygone.there are times when the bridge is very unstable and it felt like i am going to fall anytime. it makes me want to build the the bridge faster. nevertheless, the result sometimes is a more unstable bridge.sweat!!!
i wonder when i am going to reach the end of this tunnel. how am i going to end my journey? will i end it in happiness? will i? will I? maybe i can find a partner. together we can built a broader bridge. later i might train new builders and they will continue my work of building this bridge towards the end of the tunnel. i just know for sure someday,somewhere, i will stop building this bridge, my journey will come to an end as i have run out of materials and finally fall into the darkness but i maybe i will fall a smile carved on my face. who knows

Monday, 1 February 2010


trust no one and you will be safe for everyone in this world are all the same. Lies and betrayal fill this wretched world. everybody is busy satisfying each other and selfishness is the one that keep them alive. willing to do anything even if it means to kill your friends to betray your allies and to lie everyone just to fulfill your needs. trust no one but yourself and you will be safe from the lies of human.Have doubt in every words of the stranger and you will not be astray from your path.....

We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.
(Tennessee Williams)

Thursday, 28 January 2010


have you ever wondered.....

what if the animal know how to make and use fire

maybe their lives will be different from now.
maybe they have different taste towards their meal.
a lion might be having a roast steak instead of raw meat.

who knows, maybe we human may not dare to kill them as we like.
maybe we can make friends with animal

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


malam tadi cam biasa la sume datang lepak kat bilik biasa. masing-masing bawak lappy niat di hati nak berDotA. cam da jadi rutin plak 1 game 1 malam. so sedang tunggu-tunggu tu ade yang wat keje ade yang tido termasok aku dan member aku sorang ni.

dalam pukul 1 lebey kurang aku ngan kn terkejut sebab ade bunyi mouse. sohai maen DotA x ajak. tp tgk die masih tido lg gue pon tgk la bbtol...
hahahhaha mouse sudah transform menjadi henpon. nice r. abes rotfl ar kitorang. siap amek gambo lg. x taw die ni nak maen DotA sangat ke nak call awek.

malam tu game DotA x menjadi sebab sume wat keje memasing. aku pon tido awal sebab ade iop.tapi ade gak r yang maen pukul 3 4 pagi....

Monday, 25 January 2010

good luck

now is a crucial time with everything need to be sent and everyone is rushing as the deadline is approaching. (actually the deadline has already passed)
tok ee world lit ia and all kind of big shits.. err i mean stuffs are really making all the year 2 running up and down cursing every thing and everyday. it is like a boat in the middle of a storm. everyday is a tiring day and we just have to endure all these problem.

even now, everyone is busy with test like english iop and also interviews from the university. duh, a lot of preparation need to be done.well, good luck my friend for this upcoming english oral and other stuffs. just endure this hard time till the end of february and everything will be back to normal.

another thing is congrats to those who manage to change room including me.^^
finally manage to make a DotA community in block A. hehehee

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

belajau rajin-rajin

masuk arini je da 2 kali aku x datang kelas sem 4 ni.... baru bape ari je. xpe r pas blan 2 ni sume da rlek. tinggal nak bace study dota dan tido. no more ee no more tok no more ia. gaahahhahahaha

arini aku x dtg kelas sebab pi klinik. mintak ubat ckit kat MA tu. pi klinik kat banting ni memang leceh syial. lambat nak mampos. aku sampai pkul 8 kat pkol 11 baru abes. mase tunggu tu bapak lame. kalo ade bdak demam tu, cnfirm da elok r tunggu punye lame. x yah jumpe MA. pe leh wat. klinik kerajaan kan... MA yang ade 2 orang je. kalo nak pi klinik puziah tu x yah r. wat abes duit aku je. ade yang free wat pe bayar.

lepas aku da abeskan urusan aku lepak r ngan sowang pakcik jawo ni. die ngah ligat bercerita ngan sekor mamat ni. bla bla bla bla..... aku lepak dengau je nyampuk kang orang kate kuang hajo. time tu sume ngah tunggu orang dalam klinik. bdak yang pi klinik ngan aku pun muncul. die kene amek darah sebab suspek denggi. aku pon tggu r lagi. ttibe pakcik jawo tu tanye aku.

"tu orang rumah ko ke?"

aku da nak tgelak da time tu. muke gue ni da cam orang berkawin ke? lantak r. aku jawab x. pastu die mule bukak cite ngan aku pasal belajau. aku pon layan la sebab aku budak baek. bes gak dengau pakcik ni becerita. cam lepak kedai kopi.

bla bla bla blaja skang ni susah blablabla.... kalo x simpan duit tuk anak mmg xleh blaja... blablabla..... melayang tanah 4 ekar....... bla bla bla anak pakcik behenti um sebab x tahan katenye raging cam tentera.... bla bla bla bla

aku pon angguk jeda pkol 11 baru bdak lagi satu tu abes aku pon balik kolej... sumpah x bes pi klinik. bazir satu ari aku ee pon x siap lg.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

januari yang cbok

fuiyo aku da idop 20 taun syiak......
skang baru buan satu keje sume nak anta bulan ni
sem 4 sem paling penting sbb aku da nak abes ib hahaha
tp sem ni r nak sebok maen dota pingpong marathon tgk cite korea
ntah pape la

bulan 9 ni aku da nak fly
arap2 r dapat fly ke uk dengan senang

by the way kegiatan DotA da makin rancak balik thanx to Ammar, Soya, Naqi, Duke, Zatdin, Adam, KUAK!, pidot dan sebagainya...

Friday, 8 January 2010

ikmal rebonding

ktrg: bes x pi uk?
ikmal: sejuk dowh tp bes gak r.... uk bes sbab xyah aircond. da mmg sejuk
ktrg: ko wat pe ngan rambut ko? rebonding eh?
ikmal: ade r.
ktrg: ko ade tinggal taik x kat sane?
ikmal: msti r ade. payah doh kat sane xde air.
ktrg: abeh tu ko gune pe?
ikmal: tisu r.

hahahaha ntah peha lak membe aku sekor ni pi luruskan rambut die. azam taun baru kot.