Wednesday, 14 April 2010


uhhhh it couldnt be helped. tomorrow im going to have malay and business exam. man it is the climax of this mock exam for me. an all day writing and thinking and frying which im not good at it. not even a bit. anyway, it is a good thing i have to sit for this mock exam before the upcoming real ib exam in just another fortnight. chill dude. just keep it cool and verything will sail smoothly.

i've been thinking lately, what is my true personality? is it a good boy that behave well or the notorious one doing..... well, something that what i shouldnt do...? i've been a good boy and everybody likes me.yeah you get to be praised, people dont hurt you, and well, lots of advantages. i've been bad and i still had fun and some trouble. having the experiences of what people normally called lowlife experiences but i never go deeper than what i've done. just a taste is enough to let me know whats inside of it. i dont even remember which one is the true one cuz i've been acting too much. guess i dont really bother bout it anymore anything should be fine as long as i get a peaceful life and people dont cross path with me. hahaha thats why my parents keep on saying bout my appearances. one more thing, my friends said that im gay. ooo wish it wont be true cuz i dun want ma butt to be screwed. it wont happen man. and im not into screwing other guys. oh shit. yeah just bcoz i dont like girls... thats what they said but of course i do like girls. nyehehehehe well, what kind of mask should i wear in th future eh? maybe the one that look like a clown?

quote of the day,
"Never complain and never explain" by Benjamin Disraeli

a good quote for selfish people i guess just like the jews... is he a jew?bcoz he has israel in his name. anyway i like it. it sounds like SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

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