Monday, 26 December 2016


I'm required to do lots of stuffs involving computer stuffs like making video or pamphlets so my skill in paint come in handy when it comes to simple pic editing but that makes me want to play with paint more and im reminded again why i stopped using paint now. i dont know whether its the mouse or what but i cant make smooth line anymore in paint whenever it involves diagonal line be it straight or not. so yeah i totally stopped since i dont know what causes this thing. it has been annoying me so much that i dont even use the brush or pen or any option from that area in paint. i just use it to cut, move, and paste pictures only now... ughhh whyyy?

the SAI software that i downloaded ages ago has already expired and i still dont know how to use it. tried to watch my friend use SAI but internet in Malaysia didnt allow it and she no longer do this things i guess. busy with life so meh. i kinda forget its existence to be honest. ehehehe

it might not be obvious here but only the right most line is smooth. even then it is not that smooth and the rest are jagged line. I really have no idea why this happen. tried increasing and decreasing speed of drawing the line as i suspect it might be my hand not being stable and shaky enough. still the same jagged line everywhere regardless of the speed. some smooth lines may appear but theyre just not consistent

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

lore of the game

as usual i try to indulge in the lore of the games im playing and dark souls lore is very interesting as everything is unclear and lots of theory surfaced, some seems plausible, some absolutely wrong but nevertheless i still enjoy it. cant wait to know about dark souls 2 but i will have to play the game first.

the opening video

and then i found this....

In the age of dopeness, the world was super strict… clouded by fog. A land of suburbs, mansions, and everlasting po-po. But then there was dank, and with it came disparity. High, and low. Trippin, and stable. And of course, Po, and Ghetto. Creatures approached, and found the souls of gangstas in the fire. Nito, Ravelord of the Club. The Bitch of Izalith, and her clique. Gwyn, lord of the Dank, and his faithful crew. With the souls of gangstas they challenged the po-po. Gryn’s mighty weed tore apart their police cars. The Bitch of Izalith weaved great shitstorms. Nito spread a great miasma of acid and dank. And Officer Jenkins betrayed his own, and the Po-Po were no more. Thus began the age of dankness. But soon, the dank will fade, and only law will remain. Even now, there are only ganja seeds, and the playas aint high, only endless sobreity. And amongst the gangstas are seen, the accursed “Party Pooper Sign”

Saturday, 3 December 2016


during my stay in Ireland i don't have any problem with musty smell since the air is cold and dry. except during summer as the temperature is higher than normal. since some people don't usually bathe on daily basis so the kepamness is so strong. i remember at one time when i was doing shopping in Tesco, the whole aisle smells as if i'm constantly walking under someone's armpit. one of the persons in the aisle must have not been bathing for a long time. this is not winter mate. thank god i only encounter such situation only once. phewww

now i'm back in Malaysia, its hot and humid all the time. so yeah the dankness will be there. after few years living on my own and now im back staying in a hostel with students my god the kepamness is so strong. you can smell it straight away once you enter the corridor of the hostel. my room is the first room in the corridor but the toilet is at the other end of the corridor. so i have to walk all they way every time i want to go to the toilet. even though the corridor is already smelling kepam but each room has its own unique kepam smell that i can smell every time i pass through the room. i don't have to enter the rooms nor do they have to open the door i can still smell the kepam. that shows how strong is the smell. well not to say my room doesn't smell but my room is one of the rooms that has strong smell. i feel so uncomfortable living in kepam smell that i make it mandatory to open the window all the time i'm in the room and curtain must be tied. ventilation, check. sunshine, check. 
been spraying febreeze and ambipur a lot to make the room smell nice. i even put charcoal to absorb smell inside the room. oh i bought some onions that i intend to use as food but ended up used to absorb smell too as i read somewhere onions do absorb stuffs which is why it is not recommended to put cut onion in fridge. since my roommate has gone back home, i put those onions on his bed and pillows and oh yeah i put the charcoal under his bed secretly. lol it's like i'm trying to voodoo the guy. it's okay. it's just a ritual to get rid of the smelly jin. thanks to the efforts my room has been less smelly since the time i first got here. oh wait, does it really get less smelly or I'm getting used to the smell that i no longer smell them? nooooo!!!!!!! i should ask my roommate to wash his bantal busuks and all the bed sheets and pillowcases.

seriously parents should teach their children to really take care of hygiene and they themselves should learn to practice hygiene. children follow role model easier not just preaching. it is sad to see grown ups still don't know how to take care of hygiene and cleanliness.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

um rules

so now im staying at UM here comes the complaints about the place. as we all know it is a hostel so there will be a lot of complaints from everyone. since i've been living on my own renting house during my study in universities i am used to not tied to any rules and regulations in the house. well we do have our own rules that we made between housemates and we agreed on the rules so its fine. i'm surprised that the rules for hostel in university is not much different from college or secondary school. even secondary school have better rules in certain aspects.

first of all i didnt expect that students in university level are not allowed to cook on their own but that is well it's a hostel im fine with that but then i came to realise that students are not allowed to have their own iron or kettle in their room which is totally ridiculous. come on. this is students at late teen and early 20s already. and the society look down on the younger generation not being able to grow up or manage their life properly when they themselves are forbidden to grow and treated like school kids even at the age of 20s. what is this? when i went to study oversea i stayed in the halls.(basically it's accommodation specifically for first year students) and it was way better than normal apartment you can rent here in malaysia. you get a room for 2 people with toilet for each room. a house will have 3 rooms which means you live in an apartment of 4-6 people with living room and kitchen completely provided. those kids are just like us 18 years old and theyre already allowed to use the whole kitchen  and facilities and here in malaysia you cant even use a kettle at the age of 20+... wtf is that? man they should really review their rules and regulations. this is not 80s or 90s anymore.

another thing i encounter is about parking space here. wow that really bugs me. as i was going back from my shopping spree in mid valley i found out theyve selaed off the parking area for the residency for 5 days saying that theyre going to have events. so i asked where am i supposed to park and they said just park by the road side and the pakcik proceed to give me lecture about um that even though students have um stickers there is actually no parking space provided for them. these parking space which is big enough to support 3 residency area is only for staffs working for the residency area though there are already lots of parking spaces withing the residency area themselves all allocated for the staffs only. again wtf is this? its a blasphemy. its not making any sense at all. i told him im new guy around here so i didnt know. so the pakcik continued his speech saying that haa awak baru kan xde sticker lagi la. nnti dorang ni lagi la start clamp la kereta yang park tepi jalan during the events period. wow they took the students parking area and leave no place for us to park and they penalize us because we dont have place to park. brilliant!!!! i just cant brain this. going back to melaka straight away and if i  come back early im just going to park at the hosp and wait until the event finish.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

tahi hidung

gross. yeap that's what came acorss my mind and anyone reading the title. well before that I'm living in KL now. clap! clap! just for a month though ahha. I'm staying at UM as a temporary doctor. theyre lacking intern there so i come in to fill in the blanks. JK im actually here as a research assistant. it's a part time job. hopefully this job will go well.

anyhow, what's the relationship between the title and me staying  in KL? they're totally related. The reason I dont really like living in KL is because of the air and hecticness. well, i kinda used to living in city so hecticness is fine i guess but the air.... it is somehow different. dustier, thicker. basically i dont really like it. maybe because it is dustier that my booger build up so fast just within one day. after all the hairs in the nostrils act as filters to prevent the dust going inside. I dont think i have to do much when i was living in melaka and my nostrils are always clean. any dusty place and i will have extra cleaning stuff to do. i think that's how i measure the air cleanliness lol.

metal malaysia jap haha

Sunday, 20 November 2016

dank soul

so i just started playing dark soul. no no not the third one. this is the first one. bought it on sale for like dirt cheap price. the other two are still expensive. i can buy them when i finish this one and the games will be almost free or free at that time. so far ive played the game for three hours and all i get is git gud from the developer. died so much that im not even moving from the starting place. now i feel the pain everybody had when they play this game. to make it worse im not really a good console player so my controlling sucks hard. haha anyway, i need help and guidance for this game lol but at least this game is not as easy as most of the games these days. and btw, theres no point in me designing the character face and build as it will turn out ugly anyway as im playing as an undead lol. another thing is this game is so harsh to newbie because there is no explanation on anything or tutorials for control which im soo used to rely on them. the only thing that ease the game are the messages left by the other players to help me learn the control of the game.

well to have dark soul this fun is impossible for me since i dont play online. lol

Friday, 11 November 2016


dilemma nak bermalas kat rumah boleh buat suka hati tapi x boleh pakai duit or nak kerja boleh pakai duit tapi x boleh nak malas. well i dont mind either way which is why im having a dilemma. we'll see whats coming.

 anyway, im surprised people can say "recycling is not taught in islam. so why should we follow it?"
wow man... just wow. i cant imagine what's going through the head of those who can say this.

Sunday, 6 November 2016


so i went to kl alone. huehuehue. met some friends. went to nu sentral and it was fucking huge. ceh budak kampung. jakun kejap. and there are lots of people. all kinds of age, colour, and heights doing lots of things. jakun lagi kejap. ye la biasa nampak banyak pokok je.

anyway, i was inside a packed lrt. standing next to an indian guy. his hand is fully covered with hairs unlike mine. felt like having a brush on my skin when his hand touched mine (i couldnt find any other phrase that will make this statement look better)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Fifth Mountain

yeay so i finish this novel. fuh it is just a short novel like the alchemist. but took me such a long time to finish it. i dont know why. there's always a time when i will just stop reading the novel for a period of time and when i read it back i just have to start reading from the beginning again as i have forgotten the storyline.

anyway this book tells a story about the journey of an Israeli prophet based on the bible. so there are some bible quotations throughout the story and mentions on Jacob and Moses. I dont think many malaysian muslims will want to read this book but I strongly recommend this book. lots of teaching about life, phylosophy, and god.

lets listen to some blues now

Friday, 28 October 2016

usaha dan tawakal

when we talk about success we have the doa, usaha and tawakal. (what are their translation in english?). 

we pray to god so that we are strong enough to face the obstacles along our journey towards our goal. we pray so that the path for us to success will be easier. we pray so that the people around us will be easy to lend us a helping hand whenever we are in a predicament. we pray so that there will be a guide for us to follow towards success instead of blindly walking along the path of life. it doesnt matter what religion one follows, one can always pray and ask for blessings and guidance. well, unless one dont believe in god or higher entity then one will not pray.

then come the usaha part which is straight forward. you reap what you sow. enough said. the bounty we get is usually proportional to the amount of the work and dedication we give. 

the last part is tawakal which is berserah. i dont really know how to describe this word in english actually. it's like leaving it to god. so after we pray to god and after we try our best to achieve what we want we leave the outcome to god. this is the part that a lot of people use the word tawakal wrongly. we always see people say they tawakal/berserah je la when they give up in trying to pursue their dream or when people dont even bother to try to work for it in the first place and say i leave it to fate/god to determine my future. that is just plain wrong. see to me, tawakal is regardless of what the outcome of our actions, works or situations, we make peace with it. we accept it as it is and be grateful to god. we dont dwell in the past sulking about it or we become proud/arrogant from our achievement in the past. tawakal is believing in god to give the best outcome He thinks you deserve based on your work and prayer. tawakal is not a substitute for usaha/work nor it is a shortcut in order to get success. lots of people give up halfway trying to get success and said one leave it to fate but when the outcome is bad they become dissatisfied and blame god or unfairness in this world of why other people are more successful. please, dont try to abuse the system. we will just make a fool out of ourselves.

god has given a lot of fortunes in the world and it is everywhere for everyone to get them. everyone doesnt mean just for the followers. it literally mean every living being in the world. as long as we work to get and collect the fortune we will get them. so dont compare ourselves to others saying why they get a better life when they dont pray to god as much as we do. they work to get the fortunes and they get it. we cant get things done if we only pray and leave it to god without even move a finger to get things settled. it doesnt work like that. god is fair. see it is not wrong for us to work to get the fortunes in this world. Islam dont forbid you to collect all the wealth in this world and it is totally wrong for us to look at fortunes as something bad.

so overall we work for our aim and at the same time pray to god to get blessings and help along the way and we be grateful with the outcome regardless of how good/bad it is. we dont grumble or despair with bad outcome nor do we show off and look down on others with good outcome. we accept it and make full use of it for our future undertaking. we reflect on ourselves what we did wrong or what we lacked so that we can improve ourselves to be a better person. we look at our strengths and what we did right and think of how to do things more efficient or how we can use those strengths to benefit others; family, friends, society. we keep improving ourselves and be grateful to god along the way.

let's say in relationship, we don't blame people with good looks and wealth to get good looking partner or also wealthy partner. it's not in our place to say that it's not fair they have an easy life while you dont. do you know how hard their ancestors work to get their family to live a good life? do you think it is fair for someone who plan carefully, work hard, and grab every opportunity coming in one way to secure a good life for one's family only to have their descendants live like a pauper or commoner? in relationship yes we pray that we will get a good partner. good in term of physical, attitudes, manners, wealth, and well basically complete package. nevertheless, do we work for it? getting partner is not as easy as getting mate in animal kingdoms. we need to prepare ourselves with the knowledge, ways to support our own lives when we are in relationship not to mention the work needed to attract other people. we work on getting a good physical. it's the first thing people judge regardless of what others say. if youre hideous people wont like you. make ourselves look clean, smart and attracting. get good education, read, baca, iqra. fill ourselves with knowledge because knowledge is sexy and with education you can land yourself a good job thus securing your wealth and stability. in laws dont want to see their children living in a pitiful condition not being able to support the family  improve our mentality/behaviour/attitude/manners. people dont get attracted to bad manners.

again we cant dictate the society not to be superficial and materialistic for one can only control one's own body. what we can do is to make ourselves better to be able to compete with the others meanwhile we ourselves try not to be materialistic and superficial to other people. values can be preached but not forced on others.

Monday, 24 October 2016

kata-kata hikmah

if you love someone, set them free. if they come back they're yours, if they dont they never were.

good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget

surely everybody must have seen those inspirational quotes or advice be it on fb, twitter, tumbler, or whatever there is. some even posted themselves maybe to motivate others or maybe to motivate oneself or maybe just for fishing likes/upvotes. cliche type would be a quote with an unnecessary background picture just to deepen the emotion of the readers. anyway i dont really go against those people posting these quotes. well if it can motivate people why not? nothing wrong about it.

one thing I'm always wondering is that when people post these quotes mostly i see are that they are directing the quotes to people around them. one who just broke up with partner, or dumped, or even not being able to get a partner post these relationship quotes just to make oneself feel better. one  can have a quarrel with friends  and start to post quotes like true friend dont back stab you blablabla. why? yeah i know the answer is to make one feels better but do we use these quotes as a way to look at ourselves? do we use it as a way to reflect on our actions and behaviours? i dont see many people do that. you can say those people are not true friends when they abandon you but you dont even realize your action itself may be the cause to the abandonment.

sometimes we are so into judging, advicing, preaching the people,community,the world to be better but we forget to judge, advice, and preach ourselves. goodness cant spread from something bad.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

to makeup or not to makeup

so there is this one video about boys whether they like girls with makeup or not and they all say no makeup and when they are shown a picture with girl without makeup they don't really like her. so lots of my girl friends are commenting about how they boys are only superficial or don't walk the talk or they don't really know what they want actually and so on. well i agree with them. but to me most of all, i can conclude that appearance is important. people always say don't judge the book by its cover. yes. you don't judge the book by its cover. whether it is a good or bad book it depends on the content of the book (which for human are the qualities like personalities, mentality, character) but can you get interested to a book? that's the function of the cover. after all we humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. it is in our nature and there is nothing we can do about it. so when we see a beautiful girl or a handsome guy, most of us will pay attention to the said person. whether one is a good or bad person is totally irrelevant. that will be judged by the qualities of the person. do you believe in love at first sight? i do though this usually only applies to good looking people. because first thing that makes you attracted is always the superficial part, the beauty. the beast however will be shown later when you get to explore inside the castle.

so yeap, appearance is important. appearance can get you to have love at first sight, gaining more attention, landing you your job during interview, making people like you and even getting those superficial people to be on your side. after all, we want to be on the good looking side to be adored rather than to be rejected or looked with disgust. so do improve your appearance. if you have skin problem, take care of it. if your wardrobe dont have any good clothes, spend some money to get some. if you think you're fat or too skinny, work that ass of yours to get a better body. if you have the not good looking face do not go for plastic surgery. well you can if you want to and if you want money but for Muslim it is forbidden to do that.

anyway, face isn't the only thing people look at when I say appearance. people look at the whole package. your face, your body, your cleanliness, the smartness/beauty of your clothes, and how you bring yourself(this one requires a bit more observation rather than just a glance).One can have a handsome/beauty face but hidden beneath fat/pimples. there are other people with good looking face but they dont take care of their clothing or smells or act like a street person with no manners. i can guarantee you people will not get close to them at all. you can have an average face or less beautiful face whatever you want to say depending on your self esteem but you have a great body with the curves/muscles, take care of your hygiene, not appearing messy, and you bring yourself well. act like a gentleman/lady and people will be impressed and they surely they will be more attracted to you.

nevertheless, it is important not to be superficial person that treat people with bad appearance badly. I myself have tested all these. for people that know me they know i'm not they type that take care of my appearance. i can appear disheveled or messy or look sick and my clothes... well you can just say i have a wardrobe malfunction. i dare go out of my house with pajamas or wear crumpled clothing and most of my clothes are really old and shabby. yes,, needless to say, i don't get any attention from people around me. i can be like a stone beside the road with my appearance as long as I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing. and then there are times when i wear smart and groom myself and guess what I'm no longer a wallflower instead i'm the main flower. i can get people's attention immediately.

It is all about what you do with yourself and to people around you. you cant control other people and there will always be superficial people in this world. so go get yourself a better look. invest some money into yourself.

as for makeup thingy, just don't over makeup i guess is what the boys talking about when they say no makeup. you can look beautiful with makeup but not to the extend people can see you have 2 pounds of makeup on your face. something like that.... i guess

be jelita

Sunday, 16 October 2016


there are lots of toads in malaysia you can tell there's one in the area when you can hear them singing in the rain. croak croak ribbit ribbit. i rarely see frogs here though. when i was small i really dont like toads and frogs because of their appearance and theyre cold wet and slimy. besides they are usually found in wet and damp area like in the drain so i usually relate them to gross and dirty. so when I see toads i will try my best to get rid of them but not killing them. the thought of their body content spilling out or have to handle their carcass is just gross and i really dont want that to happen. not to mention that i heard stories from the old folks that toads pee is poisonous and it can shoot very high like a water pistol and one can get blind from the pee or get kudis on the skin if it hits your skin. too much hassle to deal with so i decided to distance myself from any frogs/toads. i still dont know whether its true till now about the toxic pee. i hated frogs that i ended up hating tadpoles and their eggs too haha.

now i feel like having toads around my house again. theyre actually good creatures. except that if they manage to get into your house they will shit on the floor like rats and mice. other than that theyre fine. i didnt realize that toad is actually a natural pest controller. they eat bugs like flies and mosquitoes which is why i never really have problems with all these pests back in the days. my house now have neither frogs nor toads and we have lots of mosquitoes and flies. since we have geese and chicken in our backyard it is guaranteed that there will be flies around. i realized the good ness of toads when i was watching a video of making compost in tropical countries for an island in hawai if im not mistaken where they use toads as a natural pest controls since theyre making large piles of compost to self sustain their plants around the island.

of course with the existence of predator for the pest there will be something higher in the food chain that will come to my house like snakes. that is the risks of having toads around i guess. in addition our backyard is like a forest which can provide lots of places for snakes to hide. i once saw a snake devour a frog alive right beside my house. i was studying in the kitchen when i heard a continuous weird loud noise coming from outside the window and to my horror it was afrog screaming as his half lower body is inside a black snake's mouth. we didnt do anything though except watching and letting nature works its way. the good thing of having snakes around is that they can control the number of frogs and also eat the rats, mice, and squirrels. here in my place there's a type of squirrel they call tupai tanah which really like to enter the house and shit and pee everywhere and they stinks. theyre like rats. i have no idea how to distinguish them actually. anyway, lets hope i can get some toads around my house. give them toads some love yah?

Friday, 14 October 2016

compost project

yeay my project to make compost is working really well. the pile i made from dead leaves, branches, and any organic trashes from my house have all turned to soil. well except the woods because theyre put in big chunks and it takes a lot of time to decompose large chunks. damn if only i have a wood chipper machine. i saw that machine when i was going to a machine shop and i was so awed by it. wonder how much it costs. if im working and have salary i would have buy that immediately. that's my kind of reckless shopping haha. so now i have 2 big piles of organic wastes. one of them is just stacks of big branches, woods and trees. no way they're going to turn into compost at this rate. i will need to chop them up into smaller pieces and mix them together with dead leaves and grasses.

here's what i noticed for compost pile in malaysia. there's no need for me to watch or take care of the compost at all as the temperature is always high and suitable for microorganism to grow. it doesnt rain much in my area but its fine not really a big problem. the outer part of the pile seems dry but the inner part is moist enough but not damp though. there are lots of wind in my area which makes it hard for the exposed area to decompose wind basically makes it dry but still its not a big deal because it only affects the surface area. my biggest problem is to gert all the big stuffs chopped up into smaller pieces so that all the branches and woods dont create really big spaces that allow too much contact with air. when theyre big they decay slowly. i watched a pile of wood lying on the ground and they take ages to rot and when i arrange them properly side by side on the ground just for a few weeks and they started to rot really fast because they have less surface in contact with the air. so yeah i might need to combine the 2 piles together because the other piles consist of soil, leaves, and all the woods that i've chopped up into small pieces. get them covered up properly and they will decompose fast enough.

Im not gonna put water to get the optimum dampness since we have to pay for water bill and id rather water the trees than the compost piles. at least the seedlings need to be taken care of. the compost is just an optional quest.besides i can just rely on rain. monsoon season is coming up so there will be  a lot of rain. yeay. fyi i dont take care of flower trees. theyre useless to me. planning to grow those small plants and veges like onions, leeks, and some herbs but that will be some other time after i cleared up some spaces for them.

Monday, 10 October 2016

adab bertegur

sekali lagi. demi masa. sesungguhnya manusia berada dalam kerugian. kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan kebajikan serta saling menasihati untuk kebenarandan saling menasihati untuk kesabaran.

apabila bertegur kenalah ada caranya. bukan terus PANG orang jadi merah pipi. maklumlah menegur gunakan tangan kalau kurang mampu gunakan lisan dan kalau paling kurang mampu menggunakan hati. sudahnya, orang pun menegur pakai tangan literally. kena paham isi tersirat dan bukan hanya tersurat sahaja. menggunakan tangan bermaksud menegur melalui perbuatan, kuasa bagi mereka yang mampu. mmmm aku pun x tahu sangat pasal menegur pakai tangan ni sebenarnya hahaha.

menegur menggunakan perbuatan ni tak ramai yang mampu buat tapi ada je yang buat. ada yang menegur dengan cara mengimitasi tingkah laku pesalah kepada pesalah itu sendiri. macam api dibalas api la ni. cara ni boleh la berkesan tapi tak semua orang boleh terima. sesetengah orang boleh la terasa apa yang orang buat kat dia dan mungkin dia akan sedar apa yang dia buat selama ni salah tapi ada juga orang yang tak perasan langsung. jadi, mesej pun x tersampai. lebih teruk kalau dia beranggapan yang orang lain pun buat juga maka apa yang dia buat tu tak salah. akhirnya, perbuatan yang nak jadi teguran menguatkan lagi perbuatan yang salah. lagi satu, pada aku cara menegur ini tidak betul kerana orang buat salah kepada kita tak bermaksud kita boleh buat salah terhadap orang tu balik. kalau nak menunjuk sebabgai contoh boleh la tapi mestilah datang bersama teguran secara lisan. kalau senyap je biasa memang takkan jalan punya la. lagi satu aku da cuba cara ni banyak kali sebab malas nak tegur depan2 dan biasanya memang tak menjadi. kene tegur depan2 juga.

lagi satu menegur pakai lisan ni. ingat lidah tu tu boleh jadi lebih tajam dari pedang. apabila bertegur pakai mulut ni jangan lah terus jerkah ataupun herdik/hina orang yang salah tu. tegur lah dengan nada dan budi yang baik. bukannya cakap berlapik sarkasme dan sinis juga. silap hari bulan, orang yang ditegur tu kena tegur balik tak pun kena pang dengan orang yang kena tegur pulak lagi lagi kalau orang yang ditegur tu orang tua. orang tua ni biasa pantang kena tegur. egonya tinggi.

kalau nak menegur orang ke arah kebaikan ada caranya bukan lah sentiasa keras dan bukan lah sentiasa lembut. kalau salah caranya orang takkan ikut ke arah kebaikan malah boleh jadi orang lebih menjauhi kita. bertegurlah secara berhemat dan saling mengingati kearah kebaikan.

and once again my attempt to write in malay sucks. lots of words appear in english and i dont know on how to make the sentence right in malay. dont want it to be formal yet not too pasar. ughhh

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

starderp valley!!

yeay stardew valley has been updated!!! for those who dont know what stardew valley is, it is a game in Steam where you live in a countryside and inherited a big piece of farm. your objective is to build your new life with the people around town as you explore the area develop your skills like farming fishing mining etc. it is like an expanded version of harvest moon. also similar games like these are dont starve and animal crossing. if you like any one of these games youll definitely like stardew valley.

now back to the game update, the are more things that can be done and 2 more people are included in the marrying list. so since i have finished the game earlier i just have to look at several stuffs to see the update. that also means that i'm already married in the game. the funny thing is that since there is new candidates to be married i get to be their boyfriend and watch the cut scene as their heart level goes up and the final cut scene with this 1 girl is me sleeping together with the girl in the forest sharing a sleeping bag. I only return home the next morning finding myself standing at the front door and my wife in the kitchen and she just talked normally. damn girl you dont even have a problem with me sleeping with another girl and whatsmore shes your sister!!! infidelity at its best. i should divorce her and marry her sister. oh well its just a game but given the norm of the society nowadays, even same sex marriage is available in this game. i always feel ewww to the guys romantic cut scene.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

melayu dan islam

/المومنتترون والمسلمون)Cara Menyelesai MELAYU Merempat di Bumi Sendiri.

Jln penyelesaian menyeluruh yg hakiki dan muktamad ialah bila semua lelaki Melayu Islam mula memenuhi masjid 5 waktu setiap hari dan selama-lamanya. Setiap waktu jemaah mesti sama bilangan seperti solat Jumaat.

🔹Masaalah dtg dr ALLAH dan hanya ALLAH yg boleh menyelesaikannya.

🔷Bukti di zmn kini:
🔹Sri Lanka org Islam adalah minoriti tetapi mereka menguasai ekonomi.
🔹Lihat di masjid mereka, setiap waktu kehadhiran seperti jemaah solat Juma'at.
🔹Di Turki, perubahan mula terjadi bila solat subuh jama'ah melimpah spt solat Juma'at.
🔹Dulu org Turki tak amal agama, kdr inflasi tahunan melebihi 30% dan ramai jadi buruh sapu jln di Germany.
🔹Kini mereka mula menikmati perubahan ekonomi mendadak dan tidak lagi merayu utk berada dlm Komuniti Kesatuan Eropah.

🔹Melayu akan dimuliakan oleh ALLAH tidak hina seperti sekarang di negara sendiri sekiranya beramai-ramai mengamalkan agama yg sempurna dan ia mesti bermula dgn Solat Berjema'ah di Masjid.
(KHUSUSNYA KAUM LELAKI KITA(المومنون والمسلمون )

🔶🔸👉Sebarkan msg ini spya ramai dpt menafa'at dr agama yg telah sempurna. Yg tak sempurna ialah pengikutnya yg engkar dgn perintah ALLAH swt.🔸🔶

so today I received this message. this kind of message though i dont deny the goodness but sometimes i wonder what if people that are holding the economic power of this country are muslim people but different race like chinese or indian muslim mostly. will the malays be satisfied or they will still look at them as outsiders. what if the malays are the one being powerful in this country but most of them are not muslim. wonder if they will still say about being mengemis di tanah sendiri and need to do the prayers to unite the race? me? i never really care about race because of my condition.

race and religion can never be mixed together. it's like oil and water. religions go beyond races and races can have different religions. you cant make a race only have one religion and you cant make a religion only cater for a race. what im saying is that using religion for race agenda is never a good way. it gives the wrong impression to outsiders and also give the wrong mindset to the people inside making them think being in the religion is becoming part of the race, that is a never winning fight. it just creates tensions between people in the race, between races, and even with different religions.

see when we talk about race and religion lets simplify to muslim, non muslim, malay, and non malay. see when you fight for A you make a friction with all other factions B, C, and D and the friction is so great between A and D that group B and D becomes minority. they're either forced to be in either A or D. some ended up living a double life, few remain in the group at the cost of having constant arguments and conflicts, and most ended giving up and joining A or D. it is not surprising when you have constant pressure from both sides especially if your family members are both in A and D. To me if you support A while abandoning or forcing B and C to join A is just ridiculous. race can never be changed. once a malay will always be a malay and that goes for indian and chinese. religion in the meantime can never be forced on one and you cannot force someone to be a muslim if they dont wan tto regardless of what reason they have and you cant force someone to go out of the religion if they want to. religion is a thing between the person themselves and god. you can force one to say and act like a muslim but in the inside one can remain a buddhist, hindus, christian, or even atheist.

so yeah if you want to support religion you have to accept the religion regardless of race and respect the different cultures and if you want to support race you have to accept the different religions that exist within the race and respect each religions. living in a multiraces and multireligions is not an easy thing. and surely the diagram would not be as simple as this one. one can never only accept part of the religion nor only accept part of races. it is like taking the religion halfly and abandoning the other part of religion. religion doesnt teach us to be racist and races.. well a race is just a race. one can be anything but will always be the same race.

I have family members on both A and D groups. I have friends that went from A to C and I have friends and family members in B. some joins D and some acts like A and then there are bunches of people like me a muslim but a mix of races. on paper we're all one race but we cannot just abandon one side of the family just because theyre from different race or religion. i would say im between A and B and i can see enough friction from both sides and then there are people stuck between A and D which have it way worse.

not accepting differences only make things worse and we can never live and work peacefully in a nation. it is okay to support only a part of groups but you should never ignore the others or try to bring down other groups. trying to bring the group up while making the other groups bad will only backfire on you.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

advise and be advised

By time,
Indeed mankind is in loss,
Except for those who believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to patience.

I believe that we need to help each other in order to improve ourselves. yes we advice each other to remind ourselves what is right and what is wrong. what can be better and what to avoid. nevertheless, giving advice, reminding people, correcting others is not that simple. people have ego and most of the time ego prevent them from accepting advice or criticism especially from someone lower than the person in terms of age, rank, wealth, or status. in addition, the critics can come in different style be it advise, scold, berate, sarcasm, or even insult. some will be too soft that people will just ignore and some will be too harsh that people run away from. a lot of factors play its role during this process leading to either good or bad outcome.

People killing, people dying
children hut and you hear them crying
can you practice what you preach?
or would you turn the other cheek?

another thing about preaching is that would you rather stay silent and let things happen as it be or would you preach to improve things around you? and when you preach can you practice what you preach because people don't listen to someone that only know how to talk but not practicing it. a lot of people choose to stay silent because it is easier to do that and as long as they are safe and not involved. choosing to criticize or preaching means that you have to show others that you are good and and you will have to face the risk of people retaliating. the part of retaliation is always unpleasant and sometimes it turns out to be you are the one getting criticized back.

even so, i still believe that it is the right thing to do to advise people so that they can be a better person instead of watching them as they are and later they ask why didnt you help others get better? you get blamed for not taking care of people around you (this is very true especially in family where you have responsibility to each other). I always feel like I give advices too much and I'm some sort of annoyance to other people whenever i preach or criticize and in the end people will turn to dislike me but sometimes I just cant bear to watch silently. you may feel like I'm a busy body and it is none of my business but I see a potential to live a better life.

Monday, 19 September 2016

im a gardener

first time potong rumput pakai mesin tu. blemblemblemblemblem macam pakai chainsaw la tapi ngadap tanah je. uhhh lenguh bahu dok mikul mesin tu and tangan bergetar je all the time. anyway it was good since i get to clear all the tall grasses and clear my house area. funny thing is the pakcik neighbour upon hearing me potong rumput he stands close watching me potong rumput while pretending he is filling the pail with water from the tap. he works part time cutting grass if im not mistaken and i think that's why hes watching me. oh well whatever, we already have the machine and manpower so no point in hiring someone else to do the job. with him standing around, I pretend to be confident and try to cut the grass like a pro. needless to say i managed to cut the grass with different height and some of them become gondol like kene tobek. haha i feel like working as a barber but on a larger scale. you know, doing hair do for mother earth. also chopped some trees with my little axe.

speaking of chopping woods, i've been playing around with my little axe in the backyard chopping trees and woods. i tell you man, chopping wood is not an easy job man. you need to work your muscles in order to do it right. my first few attempts resulted in the axe bouncing off the wood like im hitting a rock. it sounded ting instead of chop when i hit the axe. even then, only few strokes and im already tired and i only get to chip off little bit of the wood. the next day i woke up with sore muscles and calluses all over my palm. anyway, i am getting better at chopping woods now. get to do the job faster and more efficient. doing this kind of things really makes me respect all the hard labour workers. not all people can do this kind of job. all the pain and sweat but on the good side is that most of them have good body. lol 

of course, i'd have to be a lumberjack if i want this kind of body by just cutting woods haha
anyway, im getting darker working under the sun.... parts of me. its gonna be so weird. meh

listening back to some old songs

Monday, 12 September 2016

awak pendek takpe

im not a tall person but never felt like im a dwarf unless when i go oversea. that is when i feel like i have to look up to have a conversation with people even with girls but in malaysia, meh.

so today is hari raya aidiladha and i went to pray in a different mosque since my usual mosque started the praying session earlier than i expected. I thought the praying time will be like during hari raya aidilfitri so when i went to the mosque people are already praying. so off we go to the other mosque.

here i was sitting in the mosque doing the takbir and then come the time to do the prayer and everybody get as close as possible and move forward as long as there is enough space. i happen to see this space like 1 jengkal and the pakcik standing there wont move into close the gap and there are more room next to him to the wall. he's basically like a double parking car right now. so i move in to fill the gap and to my disbelief the pakcik wont move to the wall and insisted to stand where he is. i gave a look at him twice and he didnt even move. i was like come on pakcik you dont want to close the gap now you dont want to make room for other people? of course this happen in my mind only

then the pakcik said to me pakcik tak nak ke tepi takut terhantuk kat rak ni. there's a shelves on the wall in front of the space but it's not too close to prevent people from praying at that spot except for tall people. so i replied to him "haaa pakcik masuk sini" prompting him to take my space and i go to the space at the wall. the perks of being short is that you can always have a praying space in the corner area which i have been utilizing since i was small. in ireland everytime i go to friday prayer i never worry for praying spot because i know that 1 spot will always be available for me no matter how late i am because the room for sujud is shorter compared to other spaces which is why most people ignore that area. that spot has become like my vip space. plus it comes with an extra space to put my belongings and close enough to the khatib.

now back to main story, everything is fine when we switch places to me even with the shelves, i still have ample space to rukuk and sujud without banging my head against it. but then the pakcik went on and said "awak xpe awak pendek" after we switched place. i was like "really pakcik?! really?!" also in my head since we are going to start praying. i cant focus on starting to pray when he said that. i was startled not because he said that i'm short but because he said that when he is actually shorter than me. haih... pakcik pakcik.

anyway selamat hari raya aidiladha.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

the bait and the predator

it's a common thing for men to look at women especially the beautiful, gorgeous, bodylicious, bootylicious, boobylicious etc whatever depends on people's fetish. some will look and avert their gaze, some will look  and continue to peek a bit, some will stare at the women, some even fantasize about them, some will make a move to flirt, get one night stand maybe, and some go to the extreme of raping them. the point is it happens.

so who's to blame? the ladies or the guys? the victims or the offenders? the baits or the predators? what wait. it's supposed to be prey not bait but that's what people are claiming as the girls are baiting men to make move on them.

when men rape women, the rapist is always guilty since he is the offender, the one making move, the one doing the harm. so the rapist should always be punished according to the law. the issue comes when the ladies are accused to be at fault too for being raped/harassed like you reap what you sow. see, in some part of the world the man can get away from punishment of raping as the lady is the one at fault. it can be due to the sexiness, behaviour, timing, or just because they're women. yes in extreme areas people always blame the victim regardless of what reason. it is unfair in this extreme cases but what about the women that wears exposing outfit and act like they're inviting the guys? is the girl at fault?  

nowadays, people say that it is in one's right to wear whatever they want and be proud of what they're doing. it is men that need to educate themselves to control their behaviour and moral. no matter what one wears or how revealing one wears, it is one's body and one can do whatever one wants with their body but not other people. so, is it unfair for the men to look at whats being shown to them? they're just appreciating the women's beauty and everybody have lust. some will look in perverted way and some even make a move on the girl because they're inviting like they're asking for it, why cant just men give it to them? when you dress like a hooker or a slut, isn't it normal for man interested in sex to come to you? don't they wear all the revealing clothes to show their assets to people around them to attract people? so don't blame other people when they're attracted to you when you in the first place make the efforts to attract people. isn't it like that? it is just like fishing. you put bait and the fishes that like the bait will come and eat the cant blame the fish for eating the bait because it is in their nature to be attracted to the bait. isn't it supposed to be like that? 

well to me, both sides can be right but not to the extreme for both of them. See in case of rape the rapists will always be guilty regardless of what reason and need to be punished. the punishment is not to marry the victim, that's just like getting a reward for raping a woman. but for the woman side, is it okay for them to wear whatever they want and will never be at fault? see im not saying the woman is guilty because the offender is always the guilty one but are they at fault? that's why religion always teach woman to wear modestly and cover your body. behave properly and not like a slut. 

the problem with this teaching is that people always bring them to the extreme or twist it which makes wrong things to be right and so some people will definitely reject this teaching completely. in the end, one side will use this teaching to accuse that the girl is at fault and the man is not wrong and the other side will say this teaching is oppressive to women. i believe the teaching is not oppressive at all as it is about prevention. we all know prevention is better than cure and i'm very sure no religion condone to the act like sexual harassment or raping. what do we do in order to avoid sexual harassment? we educate people on morality, to control our behaviour but is it fair to only stress on men while women is allowed to do everything they want since they're the victim? absolutely no. some will say that if men don't rape or harass everything will be solved. yes, we wont be having any problem at all if men don't do this kind of bad things but it is not so simple like that. our world does not consist of only 1 and 0. we have spectrum of everything. the good, the bad, and the ugly. there will never be totally good people in this world and there will never be totally bad people in this world. accept it and move on. so yeah, solving social issues always require both parties to cooperate and make efforts in avoiding and reducing the problem to the minimum but we can never reduce it to zero. there will always be bad people in this world.

for man, their job is to stop the problem. you always have to control your behaviour and lust. avert your gaze, resist the temptations and seductions. you can never expect woman to wear modestly and behave properly all the time. people always varies. there will be women that will wear seductively and behave like they're inviting you but always control your behaviour. it is the men's responsibility to not do these bad things and you will always be the guilty one in this issue. regardless of what reason, being the offender will always land you to be guilty and you cant argue with this. so you see men have a really heavy responsibility in tackling these issues.

for woman, their job is to avoid the problem.even though the teachings for men exist to stop all these issues but again, people always varies and there will always be spectrum of good and bad people. you can never expect people to always be good. so women's job is just to avoid the problem as best as they can. wear modestly so as not to attract people around you. if you want to show off your body show off only to people that deserve it be it your partner or husband. behave appropriately as not to attract bad people to you. 

see i believe that men has a bigger responsibility as they're the one that is needed to stop the problem. on the other hand, women only need to avoid the problem and bears no responsibility in stopping the problem but it comes with a cost of being the victim. women's responsibility is only to avoid and not to be the cause of the problem. well not to say the cause but more like the factors that supports the problems. Again, there will always be spectrum of people in this world and not all people will be good, so any arguments that says women do not have to avoid if men can stop the problem is invalid. 

To me, when religion teaches women to wear modestly it is not oppression to the women, it is the teaching for the women counterpart in order to avoid and reduce these problems. the oppression part is when people only emphasize on women side leaving the men side and vice versa. so you see, both extreme of the sides are not being fair to the opposite gender in order to handle these issues. 

in conclusion, raping, sexual harrassment, or being pervert will always be guilty, but in order to reduce the problem, both parties have to take measures to stop and avoid the problem and not to be the pillars that supports the problem. social issues is never a one party job. they always requires teamwork from all parties to handle these issues.

this link is an example to what im saying. just a link to a video n instagram. watch it and think 

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Do not go gentle into that good night

Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I was watching Interstellar again and then there was this scene when they were leaving earth and Dr. Brand read this poem to the astronauts. It is a good poem. fight till your last breath and never go gentle into that good night. rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

road to fitness of me 10 years ago

my aim before i get back to Malaysia is always to take care of my health and then my house. and that's exactly what I'm doing right now though slowly since I'm very lazy but yeah were getting there hehe. over the years in Ireland with my medical condition and sedentary lifestyle I've gain lots of weight and my fitness has plummeted down to zero. I don't think i can even beat a toddler's stamina right now. so yeah, start to do light workout here and there getting ache here and there every so often and trying to control my diet so that i my efforts will not be futile. It is a well known fact that most people that come back from overseas will tend to eat a lot since they miss Malaysian food so much that they end up getting getting fat. well, it probably has to do with aging too like everyone getting boroi past 25, i don't know. I want to take care of my health mainly because I'm going to work in health department. It's an irony how a medical officer that gives advice to people in how to take care of health can't even take care of his own. how are you going to convince your family members or societies to live a better life when you're the same as the rest? another reason is because i want to avoid disease like cardiovascular, hypertension, and diabetes at later stage of my life because they're big pain in the ass to take care of. plus, i have lots of risk factors for those disease including family history so extra caution need to be taken.

Besides healthy, trying to get fit is a plus. it's more like for self satisfaction. well, i want to climb Mount Kinabalu again when i go back to Malaysia and to do that is not an easy feat. I need to do proper training again and become active like i was 10 years ago. yes, that was the time that i first climb Mount Kinabalu and i was really confident with my fitness. now, pffft i will be half dead trying to climb that mountain. gonna try to do the close one first, so mount Ophir it is or it's original name Gunung Ledang. (I didn't know Gunung Ledang has an English name).

Regarding of taking care of my house yeah its going on slowly but surely, throwing away junks and trashes, sorting out stuffs, making my family members triggered every time I start sorting stuffs. all is fine, all is fine. I did fell sick when I was cleaning a room that hasn't been touch for ages because the dust is so thick that I ended up sneezing and having runny nose and tears flowing non stop as if I have been sprayed with the pepper spray girls use for the protection from rapist except without the stinging sensation. next plan would be gardening, going to continue with my compost pile for gardening and improve my yard. Mmm so friends, please don't be mad with me or think that I'm being sombong for not socializing with you guys even though it has been almost 2 months since I come back home. this is like a big project for me and take lots of time to be done. oh and i can't really drive since my driving license is dead and it is in the cargo shipping that will arrive at the end of September. until then i can only follow my family members to travel around. I'm too lazy to walk 1 Km just to go to the nearest bus stop in this tropical climate. hehe

Friday, 29 July 2016

menganggur period

hurray this is the period that i like but at the same time it is not a very good period to stay in for a long time. why i like this period because i am technically having holidays indefinitely but the downside is that i have to stop all my expenditure since i dont have any income. well, not that i need income looking at the way im living right now.

since i came back home, there are a lot of things that i want to do with this house that i find it okay not to go out at all just to settle these things like sorting out stuffs, and gardening stuffs, and not to mention i have to settle the documentation part to report myself to MARA and also to apply for internship. so yeah lots of things happening at one time and im tired from doing these things everyday. err mostly im just being lazy not tired hehe. adapting myself to this new(old) environment doesnt take much time but now im starting to familiarize with stuff from market. as we all know you can find more stuffs in the market here in malaysia compared to market in ireland. trying to memorize all the fishes and veges names also the meat prices. gonna take some time to know which market sells the cheapest price for which goods. hopefully ill be able to get back into the kitchen by next month.

currently im doing manual labour like cementing tiles, fixing windows, doors, and painting. truth be told i escaped a lot since im doing my documentation for the lapor diri and job application at the same time. hehe. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

new mouse

hello!!! i got a new mouse. not live mouse but computer mouse and it's a razer naga chroma. mmmpphh. gaming mousefor someone like me that dont really play games but still it's good when i play game. haaa nevertheless, i still sucks at gaming with rusty skills after months of not playing games, change in control, and  now adapting to new mouse... oh yeah my reaction is as slow as a sloth

see the buttons, see the designs, see the logo... biting lips

anyway im so not used to gaming mouse because my previous mouse was a microsoft basic mouse and it is way smaller than this mouse. i am able to put 3 fingers on the mouse so i ended up using the wrong finger trying to right click. the other thing is the sensitivity. man this thing can be reaallllly sensitive that 1mm move of the mouse can send the cursor from the end of the screen to the other end. i just couldnt catch up with the speed of the cursor. so i ended up using the lowest sensitivvity of the mouse which is the sensitivity of my previous mouse. hopefully i can use the more sensitive part level one day. everything will be better after sometimes

oh yeah did i mention this thing changes colour all the time just like my warcraft headphone. cool

Thursday, 5 May 2016

streaming game

trying new stuffs like streaming... i've been watching people stream most of the time during my exam period. well not watching exactly, more like leaving them on as background noise and occasional interaction. so i tried downloading the stream software just to see how does it work but i just dont feel like messing with other stuffs during exam period and that thing was left dead until now since im done with all exam. it's not that hard to stream actually but it's hard for me to pay attention to chat while focusing on the game. so i ended up ignoring the chat most of the time. haha

well dont think i'm gonna do some serious streaming after all my internet connection at malaysia is so slow. this is just temporary entertainment ^^

Sunday, 1 May 2016

after a long time

good luck to those going to have exam and congratz to those who already made it.

anyway i havent been into the kitchen for a long time and guess what, my attempts to bake cookies results to me making scones. haihh i blame the unit converter website for lying to me and mess up my cookie-that-is-now-not-a-cookie. anyway the good thing is that it is still edible unlike my first attempt which tasted chalky as i put too much baking soda. still i refuse to call them cookie.

Friday, 22 January 2016

quiz for tired brain

there are 12 men. 11 of them have the same weight and 1 is slightly heavier/lighter. there's no weight scale but there's a seesaw that can be used though it can only be used 3 times. how do you figure out which guy is the heavier/lighter one?

rosa answered to use the seesaw to smack someone till one guy confess that one is heavier or lighter. haha typical B99

Sunday, 3 January 2016


since i was small I learnt to do gardening with my pop at the backyard though i dont really like doing those back then because theyre physical work and tiring but then when the results came out as i ge tmy own garden which i can harvest myself i realised that gardening is useful. i can have free vegetables, spices, and fruits. i even had a small patch of maize and a tunnel of all the peas and pumpkins. for fertilizers, well we have animals that eat our food scraps and other stuffs and they produce the fertilizers. also, my father just burn everything and use the burnt soil and remaining as fertilizers. so when i live in ireland I always think that it's such a waste to throw all the biodegradable stuffs into the bin instead of the backyard because we have to pay for each plastic bag we throw away. 3 black plastic bag will costs us 10eu. there's also the big bin but they only collect the trash once every 2 weeks and sometime the trash can really overload. reducing the amount of waste is always a good thing. anyway ive been throwing out food scrap  to the back yard and yeah they are a sore to the eyesight but the plants grow well.

and recently i just learnt that there are techniques to make compost instead of just leave them lying around with looking awful and can possibly produce smells. making compost ensure that there will be no smell, no ugly scenery, and hasten the process of making the fertilizers. a leaf can take 2 years to decompose by itself but you can hasten it up to 14 days if you make the compost yourself. the technique also prevent plant from getting hurt as decomposing process will release lots of heat and they will damage the plants root if theyre buried straight away. thats why you see there are no plants around the area where you bury all the stuffs.

i will be making one compost bin when i go back home and improve my backyard garden. this will also reduce burning stuffs to make fertilizers. go green lol.

another thing i've been wondering is that i learnt that decomposing process and produce lots of heat as high as 65C and i wonder if the heat can be harvested. i know the indian used to harvest the gas produce from the decomposing manure as fuel to heat something or for cooking. if i can harvest the heat it will be really useful especially in cold time like this in ireland