Wednesday, 21 September 2016

advise and be advised

By time,
Indeed mankind is in loss,
Except for those who believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to patience.

I believe that we need to help each other in order to improve ourselves. yes we advice each other to remind ourselves what is right and what is wrong. what can be better and what to avoid. nevertheless, giving advice, reminding people, correcting others is not that simple. people have ego and most of the time ego prevent them from accepting advice or criticism especially from someone lower than the person in terms of age, rank, wealth, or status. in addition, the critics can come in different style be it advise, scold, berate, sarcasm, or even insult. some will be too soft that people will just ignore and some will be too harsh that people run away from. a lot of factors play its role during this process leading to either good or bad outcome.

People killing, people dying
children hut and you hear them crying
can you practice what you preach?
or would you turn the other cheek?

another thing about preaching is that would you rather stay silent and let things happen as it be or would you preach to improve things around you? and when you preach can you practice what you preach because people don't listen to someone that only know how to talk but not practicing it. a lot of people choose to stay silent because it is easier to do that and as long as they are safe and not involved. choosing to criticize or preaching means that you have to show others that you are good and and you will have to face the risk of people retaliating. the part of retaliation is always unpleasant and sometimes it turns out to be you are the one getting criticized back.

even so, i still believe that it is the right thing to do to advise people so that they can be a better person instead of watching them as they are and later they ask why didnt you help others get better? you get blamed for not taking care of people around you (this is very true especially in family where you have responsibility to each other). I always feel like I give advices too much and I'm some sort of annoyance to other people whenever i preach or criticize and in the end people will turn to dislike me but sometimes I just cant bear to watch silently. you may feel like I'm a busy body and it is none of my business but I see a potential to live a better life.

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