Wednesday, 26 September 2012

autumn: FALLing season

autumn has come. it's getting colder nowadays. no more t shirts and short pants. here in dublin, rain come down more during fall. autumn. season where everything falls. leaves, rain, spirit, and even the sun 'fall' faster.

dark sky and rain droplets on the luas window

grand canal with all the peaceful greenery

The Fallen leaves

the wet road after the rain and people going back home in the evening

Saturday, 22 September 2012


everytime i eat noodle ill use chopstick.dont ask me why. well i have my personal chopstick in the house because i dont want my housemate to use mine. they dont use chopstick to eat, so some of them use it to stir drink like when they make milo or for any other inappropriate usage.

but somehow, i lost my chopstick. ugh so annoying and on top of that i only lose 1 not both. so when i want to use chopstick ill have to pair it with other chopstick... i really need to get a new pair. i guess someone must be stealing my chopstick since there is also another chopstick went missing. thundering typhoons!!! blistering barnacles!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Abba Abba Abba

it's the starting of the new term!!!! though i have already started my class almost 1 month ago but fresher's week only started this week. welcome back juniors. welcome super juniors.. havent met them yet. the 2nd years will handle them. oh freshers week means lots of free gifts, pamphlets, discounts, etc etc. yeay~

oh yeah since im starting on clinical stuffs this year i might be posting medic stuffs if im not lazy ^^ ill try. well, the reason i decided to do that is because i was nailed by the doctor just now. ugh you know what i mean. feel so bad though i know it's something natural and common for medic students especially us that are labelled as babies...

When you're gone, how can I even try to go on? 
When you're gone, ooh I try, how can I carry on? 

oh right now is the season of me listening to Abba..... SOS 

So I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me

Saturday, 15 September 2012

tongue twister....

well i dont really like this stuff... it makes my tongue go mental!!!

she sells sea shells by the sea shore.... shisheshishe by the shisho

anyway. recently i encounter this words..

sambal laksa.... laksa sarawak
so... sambal lawak raksasa... dafuq?

another thing that torture my tongue....
when scumbag teeth suddenly bite it.
and yes pedih tahap moksya melanda

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

early bird gets the worm

need to get to class before the curtain of the world rises...
silent road
bus stop waiting for people to come
luas stop
hello mr nobody
luas come and go
cold evening signalling the start of autumn..

Sunday, 9 September 2012


we learn a lot of stuffs in medic. from basic science of biochemistry, anatomy, to the pathology of of how disorders work in order to make our life better. so lets see what is cancer. cancer is just a phenomena where cells in the body divide itself uncontrollably. well that doesnt sound so bad. the bad thing is well cancer cell is so selfish that it keeps on growing and dividing and it hog all the nutrients and kill other cells. how do cancer starts? well it doesnt just pop into your body and grow in your body. that's alien. cancer is something that come from your own body. the cells undergo mutation. mutation of tumour supressor genes and proto oncogene are the causes of cancer. heh mutation doesnt make you into some superhero like x men or hulk or spiderman but mutation causes you to have cancer.

so ive been wondering as the cancer cells divide without following the body plan thus giving us bg problem. if we can control it and you know like controlling the sonic hedgehog gene and apical ectodermal ridge it may be possible for one to change the mapping of body. one can have more than 2 hands maybe 4? and yeah you can say that evolution occur though stupidity may not change. i dont know

cancer is actually immortal cells. cell that cannot die and keep on dividing. you see doesnt that make you think like you can be immortal if you can control cancer? well, it wouldnt be called cancer if you can control it in the first place. well to be immortal, one's cells will not have any error and keep on functioning properly. the reason one become old is because over the years the gene miscoding and faulty keep on accumulating thus causing the system to be less effective and eventually one will die. if we canfix all the error and maintain the cells to work properly, we can become well immortal. unless suddenly you got hit by a car in the middle of the road. but then we know it will be impossible to do that. no one can be immortal. you will die eventually.

sometimes i think like the medicine field is like having a purpose of becoming immortal trying to cure all the disease and sickness so that we can live longer but no, bear in mind that we study medicine so that we can make life better but not to evade death. hmm do i really answer the question?

Saturday, 1 September 2012

a new start?

i always thought the word nevermind is something like "it's okay" but it has a different meaning actually. i was wrong this whole time O.O

next week will be my first rotation. im attached to the oncology department.. dan dan je dapat oncology. until now im still in holiday mood but im feeling much better now since i did enjoy this week to the fullest. made ikan bakar, nasi ayam, watched movies and series. one of the best even is post exam event. went to blanchard town to watch movie and window shopping and then we cook soto and i made cookies. yeay  it was a successful one. really enjoyed those times... well enjoy the little things before we get ourselves busy with all the books and hospitals. have fun

the scent of baked cookies.... ah im gonna make more. lots more
soto stuffs and cookies