Friday, 13 June 2014

The last of us

I know I know. I'm 1 year late probably more than that but nevermind. Finally, I've finished watching the game. yup I dont play it because I dont have any console to play, so I just watch the walkthrough.

I watched RadBrad's walkthrough in youtube. this guy is bad, i mean really bad but I like his walkthrough because he makes it funny. well, thats probably because I dont play the game. most people would cringe badly due to his lack of skills int he game.

So, yeah. I'd say I'm impressed with the game. It was really a great game especially the storyline. full of drama, actions, the ups and downs, I basically enjoyed watching the walkthrough as if Im watching series ^^
I really like the ending part of the game. watched it couple of timess already and plus I enjoyed the soundtrack. theyre good. Many people argue about the ending like humanity, selfishness, blablabla, I personally think that this is all about concern. if only they let Joel go talk to Ellie for the last time before they start the operation all these might not happen. Ellie might go and say yes and Joel will return alone. everything's settled. pffft talk about legality..... anyway, think Im gonna watch it again after i finish my exam. I already have suggestion on games like heavy rain to watch. they say it's a good game.

the ending scene

well for now I have to focus on my exam first. endure and survive ^^