Thursday, 25 November 2010


hahaha im writing this post right in fornt of my drunken friend. he just came back drunken but his consciousness is still there. it is just that he speaks louder than usual. hahah the thing is, when he was talking to my roomate bout beer suddenly he said and here arif is drinking the non-alcoholic beer(barbican). he is really smart not to drink alcohol. I swear i'd be ashamed in front of Allah for being drunk.(whatever he was talking i dont really get it but it seems like this). you muslims are lucky cuz you are forbidden from drinking alcohol. we christian are fools who always drink and get drunk. hahaha he said it. never ever drink alcohol cuz when you start it you cant stop. but tea is even more addictive than alcohol (WTF?!) and he goes on talking bout irish culture where you will be asked "do you want a cup of tea? you sure? oh you must have one" and a sandwich after that and beckys(biscuits) bla bla bla. i didnt know what to reply him cuz i was trying to control myself not to laugh in front of him. GAHAHAHA. so folks, dont drink alcohol.

this is my first time living in a city in my life. i realize that the air in the city is much dustier than in a village or jungle. yeap. think i need a mask to filter the air cuz it is too dusty. i had an asthma for the first time here. thanx to the coldness and dusty air. and also the throat infection. oh they are continuing their conversation. im gonna listen to them. GTG

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lily Batrisya Lidyan

sume orang tgh hot cakap pasal die. gado dengan die. and ade orang mintak wat post pasal die...ah xde keje aku nak wat post pasal menatang tu...kalo die nak kawan kawan je r. aku lagi suke tgk minah ni dari tgk gambar menatang tu.

Yes, name die Asmirandah dari Indonesia. mesti korang ingatkan iklan axe tu.... hahaha mantap bai dienye acting. muke pon lagi cun dari Lily. unfortunately, aku x jumpe pon axe tu kat sini. haha kalo x dapat no tepon senang2 je. ^^

post kali ni xde lukisan sebab die pasal pasal asmirandah

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Eyeshield 21

Heehah! another comic review post after a long pause. remember that i did say I want to do comic review? and here's the second one...

Eyeshield 21 is a sport manga mainly about american football. This one of a must-read manga for sport lover reader written by Inagaki Riichiro. It is also categorized under shonen manga and comedy manga.

The main character, Kobayakawa Sena is the running ace in Deimon Devil Bats team. He is the running back and he plays as Eyeshield 21, the legendary running back from Japan who used to play in Notredame university.It all started with him being recruited into the american football club by Hiruma Yuichi and Kurita Ryokan. Their aim is to play in the Christmas bowl and become the champion. Kobayakawa Sena finally meet the real Eyeshield 21 along the way to achieve his dream on becoming the best running back.

i Personally like this manga because it is a sport manga and the plot is good too. there is never a dull moment in the story. the drawing is also good and overall i rate this manga 5 star!!! YAHAA!!!! Kill Them ALL!!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


uuu it has been a long time... and her face still doesnt change
i was really excited that i was speechless... last night really cheer me up. thank you for bringing back the good old memories...and i salute you for being able to remember everything back then. yes i miss you too. hehe wish i can meet you next time. :D

Friday, 5 November 2010

Starcraft II : Wing Of Liberty

I really wish that someone will make a movie of Starcraft or Warcraft. Please!!! it will be a damn good movie.

yeah I'm playing Starcraft II right now.
Hell, it's about time...

ive said to mima that i will post those 10 things i want to get, do, and be.

so here goes:

10 things i want to get
- blessing
- peace
- money
- awesome wife
- awesome friends too
- a better life
- skills that i dont have
- easy life
- lands in different countries
- revenge

10 things i want to do
- go to heaven (of course, everybody wants to go there)
- travel and see everything in this world
- understand all the meanings in Al-Quran
- conquer the whole world
- speak in all language
- make many kagebunshin
- draw manga
- read all the reading materials in this world (comics especially)
- play DotA
- take a nap

10 things i want to be
- good boy
- doctor
- King of the world
- soldier
- Mr. Cool
- werewolf
- artist
- a successful person
- a member in the heaven
- a wise man