Monday, 31 December 2012

food for exam

we all know for students, one of the biggest obstacles is exam. during exam period anything can happen like one suddenly become super hygienic, or super lazy, or even anti social as what we usually call caveman. people change lifestyle in order to prepare for the upcoming exam be it sleep cycle, daily activities, or food intake. so lets see what do i eat during exam period.

since im so lazy, i dont cook during exam. so i basically eat raw stuffs. sounds cannibal eyh? well, most of them are veggies. theyre easy to handle. rinse them, chop, and eat. that saves me lots of time. for meat i opt for canned tuna maybe. but still i can just marinade chicken with tumeric and cook it using oven if i really want to eat chicken.

tuna sandwich!!!

finishing all the veggies before going on a trip after the exam
god i feel so healthy eating these veggies raw. lol all these thanks to my laziness. boleh awet muda ni heuheuheu

oh by the way, i also did try to make express brownies during this exam period just for fun and the result was i had sugar overload. it was easy, simple, delicioud and not time consuming. happy brownie eating everyday.

oh well credit to whoever post this on 9gag. brownie in a mug SIAP!!!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

ego yang tinggi

baru ku sedari cintaku bertepuk sebelah tangan. kau buat remuk seluruh hati ku......
cakap pasal ego ni, ramai orang yang x berkawan lepas gado sebab ego. ego x nak bersapa sebab masing-masing xnak tundukkan kepala.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Mr.nice guy

we are taught to be nice and good. why? because everybody love it. be nice to other people and they will be nice to you back. true  it's like karma. what you give you get this is not a scorpion's song.

anyway, am i nice? i mean do i act like a good man? sometimes, people say that i am good cuz i dont judge people. actually it's not that i dont judge. i do that a lot. it's just that i dont care. im just being ignorant which makes me look like not judging people. thats why i can become polite, nice and good. because i dont care about others. oh the drawback of being ignorant is that i lack empathy which is not so good for my future career huehuehue

Thursday, 13 December 2012

number game

i did post a probability question before here so now let's play another number game.

in a test, there are 50 true or false questions. if a student manage to get only 17 questions right and wrong for the rest, his score will only be 1%. how many questions that student need to get right if he answers all the questions in order to pass the test given that the passing mark is 50%.

I'm not gonna bother to ask about the probability here as we already knew no matter what marks we want to get that the answer will always be 50% for true or false question.

oh btw, I do ponder whether the act of the student reading the questions do affect the marks that they will get instead of them guessing the answer blindly without even reading the questions at all. will one have a possibility to get higher marks if one reads the questions? I'd like to do a test for this one but i dont think that i can do it since im doing medic now. it's just a simple test but, oh well......

Monday, 10 December 2012

winter exam

tomorrow will be the start of exam week. AND ALSO WINTER HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so good luck to my fellow friends and do your best. we're almost there. 

Sunday, 9 December 2012


what is arrhythmia? you must be kidding me. it's exam period and you dont even know that term? yup im dead serious what is arrhythmia? panic attack can cause you to forget even the simplest thing in the world. nevertheless, dont forget to use B2 blocker agonist for asthma treatment. heehee. im not being retard right now but im just being plain idiot. bollocks

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


i dont know why the suggested title is that. so uncreative but ignore that. my housemates just finished a test this morning and yes i can tell they flunked it.   anyway let's listen to flight facilities.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

i have a dream

know that sentence? whenever someone say this sentence people will always remember him. no not the i have a dream, a song to sing.... thats a song by the carpenter.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but the content of their character.
- Martin Luther King Jr -

well i have a dream too. to be precise i had. i dreamt that i was involved in a murder where i assist the murder but i manage to have an  alibi. so i am free from being accused. nevertheless the dream is so real that i get confused whether it is something real or not as this dream continues to go on as i sleep. not in one day but weeks. and the last one ended up at the burial of the dead. the timeline in the dream seems to be quite correct compared to the real world as the dream never goes ore than 1 day and everytime i have the continuation of the dream 1 week later it seems like the time inside the dream is also 1 week after the last dream. lol oh well i dont think ill be dreaming much right now since ill be busy with exams. time to get caffeinated ^^

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

jag kommer

huhuhu xde keje layan lagu swedish... 

anyway here's the 16-bit ohyeah i love the dance. so carefree lol

Saturday, 17 November 2012

the sky

one of my favourite but dont do much things is looking at the sky be it a bright blue sky or bluish black with stars decorating it, i just love it. though the bright light makes my eyes watery, i like to watch the cloud hovering slowly above and the birds flying in the sky to live. sometimes, it gets dark and i can see lightning coming out from the dark gray clouds as the sheets of rain falling onto the earth.

but i like night sky especially since there are stars and not to forget the soft light from the moon with shape like a howling wolf on its surface. i like to make shape from the stars and try to guess the constellations (buruj). the easiest is the buruj pari with the inverted cross shape and then there is buruj biduk which shape like a gayung....(i search for the english word and it came out to be kapit. wth? so i decided to stick with gayung) and it can also form a bear shape which i cant remember too many stars... then theres this one constellation with 3 stars forming a stright line. i cant really remember its name but it forms an archer. these constellations shows me the direction of the north and south. its fun to try to look for them among the stars. theres also scorpio but i dont really remember the exact shape of the stars.

sadly i hardly able to do stargazing nowadays since the sky is so bright even at night. all i can see at night is a piece of dark bluish gloomy looking sky with satellites light replacing the stars. too much light pollution... back in my hometown i can watch the stars and sometimes i get to see shooting stars.yeah i remember sleeping with starry sky  as the roof when i was small but not anymore. here in dublin, the sky is orange throughout the night as if dawn is coming anytime or there is a great fire at the horizon that keeps lighting up the sky. i wonder when will i get the moment to stargaze again? maybe tomorrow?  oh btw i dont know the name for all the buruj in english... i only learn them in malay

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

look into my eyes

so the first time i saw someone remove an eye from the socket i was really shocked. that one second OMG!!! besides, it's not just removing the eye... it fell as it slipped from the doctor's hand. of course it was a prosthetic eye... but still that thing stupefied me.

im thinking of posting a pic drawn with paint but not now... i dont know what i want to doodle. most of my doodle become picasso's artwork. very artistic huh?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Dublin Games

Dublin Games was held yesterday. i didnt join it last 2 years since i didnt know the date for the event till it started. so this year i joined the basketball competition ^^ it was smashing and awesome. yeah that's how i feel. for someone that hasnt played basketball for 2 years, i can say that.... i don t know what to say. just melepas gian. 

so i gathered 3 first year students from rcsi and made a team. we didnt meet each other till the day of the competition. dont even say training, all i can do is train on fitness since i dont even have people to play basketball with. the matches were 3v3 half court. 5 teams altogether and we manage to get 3rd place. bronze medal woohooo. not bad for a team with no chemistry and training at all. the result was 2 loses, 1 draw, 1 win. nevertheless, we were screwed really hard for the 2 loses. 21-6 and 21-3. lol 

me and my teammates

if only i can dunk i can make this pic more epic... too bad im too short ^^
credit to sophia for this pic

5 medals for 4 people... who should i give the extra medal to?

despite all the adrenaline rush and excitement yesterday. im like a living corpse right now. pain all over the body. wish i can go to onsen to relieve all the muscle aches. huhu next year we're gonna be better

Friday, 2 November 2012


so i had the opportunity to join surgery in the operating theatre. so far i only joined surgery on cholesteatoma (google it if you want to find out what is it... im too lazy to explain bout it) and thyroidectomy due to medullary cell cancer. yes since i've never been in the theatre before i was quite interested like a small child trying to know stuffs in the kitchen.... looking at everything with curiosity. too bad no touchy touchy is allowed. nevertheless my legs become stiff because i have to stand for couple of hours watching the surgery without doing anything. oh yeah, im not used to stand still for too long. i have to move around if i dont sit. so there's one time i was sleeping while standing right in the middle of watching the procedure. not knowing whta to do lead me to slumberland..... anyway thats not the point.

so what have i learnt from these 2 sessions? of course medical stuffs related to the patients... type of thyroid cancer, symptoms, etc etc not gonnasay it now.. too tired. and then jokes since we dont know what else to say everyone was asked to tell a joke. of course the medical students cant tell anything. me and my friends feel too awkward.

then finally we play numbers in the theatre. dafuq!!! i was like "dude i come here to watch the procedure not to play with numbers" but then i was like "screw this! i cant see anything what the surgeon is doing so lets play this number riddles" that can kill some time and boredom

besides playing numbers, we sing along to the songs played from the radio.

so here's one of the riddles

1 1
2 1
1 2 1 1
1 1 1 2 2 1
3 1 2 2 1 1
1 3 1 1 2 2 2 1
....................... (fill the next number line)

ill give the answer later

Sunday, 28 October 2012

fated friday

ah what a twist of fate for this day. it's eid mubarrak on that day. lots of stuffs to be done. raya prayer, classes, renewing the garda card, feast at malaysian hall, and in the evening an open house held by classmates. th eoriginal plan was to go to class, and go to the garda office right after that. so ill be skipping all the raya prayer and the feast at malaysian hall. the open house didnt clash with any of the other events since it was in the late evening, so that's fine. but then like i said, we can only plan but things dont have to necessarily go according to your plan.  

so it started with my friends suddenly wanted to go to the garda office at 8 am instead of after class. so i set out early in hoping that i will be able to go to class on time. unfortunately the ticket for students will only be given starting from 9 oclock.  so i got the ticket and cycle back home as fast as i could to get stuffs to go to class. when i reached home it was already 20 past 9, so i decided to skip the first class and go to raya prayer since the class was already halfway through. by the time i finished the friday prayer it was half past 10.  so i came late to the 2nd class. after the 2nd class finished, i had to skip the last class since i need to go to garda back. well, it turned out that i missed my number when i arrived there. oh and they already stopped giving tickets. i asked one of the officers if i can do it since i just missed my number. the gap wasnt that big and as usual the answer will be no. so i decided to bring myself back to my home. ah what a day. going to and fro to the city but didnt get what you wanted to do. anyway, looking from the brightside, i got to do raya prayer. ^^

trinity tower with bright blue sky after rainy morning

residential area

main buildings of the college
i've been studying here for 2 years and this is the first time i take a picture of the college lol

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


the good thing about married couple is that when they show off their lovey dovey thing publicly, people dont say anything cuz theyre legally married. a license to show affection to each other without others to mock or say negative stuffs. yeah no longer ayat "ala tu blom tentu kahwin lagi tu..." instead of giving curses/mocking they will say oh shuweetnya mereka. true nobody gonna say anything if you go manja2 or gedik2 dengan partner you. actually they cant say anything.

so to my fellow friends kahwin la kalau da serius cinta tu. kang break koyak plak. sape nak jahitkan plak nanti. lol kepada mereka yang da berkahwin tu HAVE FUN

Sunday, 21 October 2012


so, i've been thinking what if an apocalypse befall upon us. i will be one of the person that will die first. when it happens even if i skillfully survive all the hurdles and manage to save my life by a hair breadth, i will run out of thyroxine and there you go a living corpse. so, ive been thinking in that situation i will be needing T4 in order to survive. get it from someone else or animal (wait, do animal have them?). dude i will become a zombie lol. not eating brain but thyroid  -.-

.... what the hell am i thinking?

Thursday, 18 October 2012


yeah clubbing pergi menari... no! im talking bout finger clubbing. it's a clinical condition. defined by increase in the soft tissue of the distal part of the fingers or toes. clubbing has many causes from different systems.

- cyanotic congenital heart disease
- infective endocarditis

- lung carcinoma
- bronchiectasis
- lung abscess
- empyema
- idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
- cystic fibrosis
- asbestosis
- hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy

- cirhossis
- inflammatory bowel disease
- coeliac disease

- thyrotoxicosis
- secondary hyperparathyroidism
- pregnancy

unilateral clubbing might be caused of bronchial arteiovenous aneurysm or axillary artery aneurysm.
clubbing can also present without any reason (idiopathic)

here's a quick way to remember some of the causes of clubbing:

Congenital heart lesion
Liver cirrhosis
Ulcerative collitis
Bronchiogenic carcinoma
Infective endocarditis
Neoplastic condition
Granulomatous disease

okay so that's the causes for clubbing. how do you check for finger clubbing? inspect the fingernails and toenails from the side to check whether there is any loss of angle between nail bed and finger (hyponychial angle). Schamroth's test is a good way to determine whether one have clubbing or not. when the distal phalanges of corresponding fingers of opposite hands are directly placed opposite each other nail to nail, a small diamond shape should appear in normal people. people with finger clubbing will lose that diamond shape. there are 5 stages of finger clubbing that shows the severity.

1 fluctuation and softening of the nail bed
2 loss of normal angle between nailbed and the fold
3 increased convexity of the nail fold
4 thickening of the whole distal finger (drumstick appearance) <- the easiest to remember
5 shiny aspect and striation of the nail and skin

clubbing is important during system examination and you dont want to forget these stuffs when youre in final med lol. a reminder to myself. hmm what else about clubbing? i guess thats all. weeeeee

credit to Dr. Walter, Mr. Wiki, and encik Talley O'Connor

Sunday, 14 October 2012


call me a grammar nazi or english nazi or whatever but this thing have been bugging me. how do you pronounce encephalopathy? en-ke-fa-lo-pa-ti NO!! its en-se-fa-lo-pa-ti seriously google it. i had an argument with my frined once. we were arguing on the pronounciation of cephalic vein. it's sefalik vain not kefalik vein. how do you say cell? sel not kel. oh well, this tiny little stuff is not worth arguing for.

so let's lisen to a song

i'm not a hindustani lover. i never watch any hindustan movie or know the artists
but why this song? cuz cali caiyya caiyya caiyya caiyya  ^^
watch Inside Man movie and you'll understand

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

abang tiger

now im abang tiger rawr!!!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012


i have this one mask. a scream mask that i bought during the last halloween. well, i just hang it up on the wall in my room as a decoration now since i dont know where to chuck this thing. well i only realize that this mask glow in the dark. so whenever im about to sleep in the middle of the night, i would switch off all the light and as soon as i close the door my room become a big box of darkness. so whenever i turn around to stare into the pitch black room i will always find a glowing mask looking at me. lol that freaked me out a bit. solution use the phone as source of light and jump onto the bed and cower beneath the warm and comforting duvet never to look into the darkness again till dawn approach. 

so one day when i was having eye contest with the glowing mask in the darkened room, i thought that why not i try to take a picture of the glowing mask just to see what it looks like in the picture. maybe something like faint eerie glowing mask in the darkness. but then i had a sudden realisation what if something else appear in the picture like you know what i mean.... or when i try to use the flash some entity appear right in fornt of me looking at me. damn that would make me go AGHHHHHGHGHGHGhh!!! 

well anyway i did take a picture in the middle of the darkness as i was already holding the camera and the result is just a plain black picture. i cant get the picture of glowing mask and luckily nothing else appeared ^^

SCream!!! hello cindy

ohyeah mitternacht means midnight in german language. a name of a song.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

third year

have a taste of medic life. the taste is exactly the same when you eat a medicine. bitter. just finished today's class. 7 hours of lectures with only 1 hour for lunch break. THIS IS MADNESS!!!  


anyway, i feel exhausted at the end of the day. maybe i should plan something for this weekend.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

autumn: FALLing season

autumn has come. it's getting colder nowadays. no more t shirts and short pants. here in dublin, rain come down more during fall. autumn. season where everything falls. leaves, rain, spirit, and even the sun 'fall' faster.

dark sky and rain droplets on the luas window

grand canal with all the peaceful greenery

The Fallen leaves

the wet road after the rain and people going back home in the evening

Saturday, 22 September 2012


everytime i eat noodle ill use chopstick.dont ask me why. well i have my personal chopstick in the house because i dont want my housemate to use mine. they dont use chopstick to eat, so some of them use it to stir drink like when they make milo or for any other inappropriate usage.

but somehow, i lost my chopstick. ugh so annoying and on top of that i only lose 1 not both. so when i want to use chopstick ill have to pair it with other chopstick... i really need to get a new pair. i guess someone must be stealing my chopstick since there is also another chopstick went missing. thundering typhoons!!! blistering barnacles!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Abba Abba Abba

it's the starting of the new term!!!! though i have already started my class almost 1 month ago but fresher's week only started this week. welcome back juniors. welcome super juniors.. havent met them yet. the 2nd years will handle them. oh freshers week means lots of free gifts, pamphlets, discounts, etc etc. yeay~

oh yeah since im starting on clinical stuffs this year i might be posting medic stuffs if im not lazy ^^ ill try. well, the reason i decided to do that is because i was nailed by the doctor just now. ugh you know what i mean. feel so bad though i know it's something natural and common for medic students especially us that are labelled as babies...

When you're gone, how can I even try to go on? 
When you're gone, ooh I try, how can I carry on? 

oh right now is the season of me listening to Abba..... SOS 

So I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me

Saturday, 15 September 2012

tongue twister....

well i dont really like this stuff... it makes my tongue go mental!!!

she sells sea shells by the sea shore.... shisheshishe by the shisho

anyway. recently i encounter this words..

sambal laksa.... laksa sarawak
so... sambal lawak raksasa... dafuq?

another thing that torture my tongue....
when scumbag teeth suddenly bite it.
and yes pedih tahap moksya melanda

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

early bird gets the worm

need to get to class before the curtain of the world rises...
silent road
bus stop waiting for people to come
luas stop
hello mr nobody
luas come and go
cold evening signalling the start of autumn..

Sunday, 9 September 2012


we learn a lot of stuffs in medic. from basic science of biochemistry, anatomy, to the pathology of of how disorders work in order to make our life better. so lets see what is cancer. cancer is just a phenomena where cells in the body divide itself uncontrollably. well that doesnt sound so bad. the bad thing is well cancer cell is so selfish that it keeps on growing and dividing and it hog all the nutrients and kill other cells. how do cancer starts? well it doesnt just pop into your body and grow in your body. that's alien. cancer is something that come from your own body. the cells undergo mutation. mutation of tumour supressor genes and proto oncogene are the causes of cancer. heh mutation doesnt make you into some superhero like x men or hulk or spiderman but mutation causes you to have cancer.

so ive been wondering as the cancer cells divide without following the body plan thus giving us bg problem. if we can control it and you know like controlling the sonic hedgehog gene and apical ectodermal ridge it may be possible for one to change the mapping of body. one can have more than 2 hands maybe 4? and yeah you can say that evolution occur though stupidity may not change. i dont know

cancer is actually immortal cells. cell that cannot die and keep on dividing. you see doesnt that make you think like you can be immortal if you can control cancer? well, it wouldnt be called cancer if you can control it in the first place. well to be immortal, one's cells will not have any error and keep on functioning properly. the reason one become old is because over the years the gene miscoding and faulty keep on accumulating thus causing the system to be less effective and eventually one will die. if we canfix all the error and maintain the cells to work properly, we can become well immortal. unless suddenly you got hit by a car in the middle of the road. but then we know it will be impossible to do that. no one can be immortal. you will die eventually.

sometimes i think like the medicine field is like having a purpose of becoming immortal trying to cure all the disease and sickness so that we can live longer but no, bear in mind that we study medicine so that we can make life better but not to evade death. hmm do i really answer the question?

Saturday, 1 September 2012

a new start?

i always thought the word nevermind is something like "it's okay" but it has a different meaning actually. i was wrong this whole time O.O

next week will be my first rotation. im attached to the oncology department.. dan dan je dapat oncology. until now im still in holiday mood but im feeling much better now since i did enjoy this week to the fullest. made ikan bakar, nasi ayam, watched movies and series. one of the best even is post exam event. went to blanchard town to watch movie and window shopping and then we cook soto and i made cookies. yeay  it was a successful one. really enjoyed those times... well enjoy the little things before we get ourselves busy with all the books and hospitals. have fun

the scent of baked cookies.... ah im gonna make more. lots more
soto stuffs and cookies

Monday, 27 August 2012

back to school

ayuh kembali ke sekolah. Ayuh!!!!

class has already commenced today. yeay new semester comes with new spirit to excel this year not like the previous years.. okay i lied since i just finished my exam last friday and today i already have class? oh come on, give me a break. the results are not even out yet.

3rd year is gonna be a tough year. it is the choking point in med school. if one can pass third year one can graduate med school... am i right? well, it's because third year is the starting of us med students to become junior doctors or in another word, babies... no more just sitting at the study table and get yourself immersed in the sea of thick books for the whole year.

well hope we have a good start and may we have the luck throughout the year. ^^

Friday, 17 August 2012

dedication card

time2 camni kalau masa kat sekolah menengah dlu mesti ada beberapa group yang buat dedication card nye perniagaan. x kira la coklat ke sweets ke, tak pun kad  pun da memadai. biasanya kad2 ni akan dilukis oleh diorang sendiri. pastu kad akan datang dalam beberapa warna. pelajar boleh pilih warna. bnde ni mesti laku punye la. anytime kalau ade orang buat dedication card mesti ade pelanggan nye lagi2 time ade event cam raya. hmmm kelas aku dulu penah buat dedication card x eh?

any way selamat hari raya.  

rse cm nk mkn sate

sume org da kawen, suddenly the urge nk mkn sate meninggi, sdap pulak ice cream ni,bosan la tgk afiq main pes,main dota 2 la best,xde life la,bosan,nk tdo

Monday, 13 August 2012

kahwin, kahwin everywhere

a lots of my friends are having marriage this year. well, it is a normal thing for people at my age. marrying at the age of early 20s.... and ive been thinking that people should be marrying around late 20s... whatever as long as they r happy. oh maybe it's because of my path that i chose as i will be finishing my study at the age of 25.. while most of my friends are already working by that time. woahh so late ah? what can i do?

hmmm ive been thinking that i should start finding my partner now. now is a good time to start searching. strike while it's still hot... ok that's not related. haha i wonder what people think of the heartless me searching for a partner lol. anyway ill tell you why i never pay any attention to the girls before this to the extreme that my friends suspect me of being gay ^^. is it really that bad? the thing is i think it's pointless to have a relationship with someone when you know the end result will be a break. besides i know i cant give any commitment during that time. i dont even have money to spend for this kind of thing not to mention going out for a dating. so why give yourself a hard time when you already know the end result? getting into a relationship just for fun, breaking up in the end and then koyak. not only youll have heartache and emotional problem but you also wasted money and time for something useless. overall it's just waste. getting involved in this monkey love or puppy love or whatever you call it is just a waste. im not saying that you cant fall in love at the early age. one can have feeling towards someone else but to be in a relationship when you dont have the foundation yet is like getting yourself into a situation you cant control. so yeah it's pointless. besides, i remember this one sentence from someone older...maybe from my parents cant remember. it's "dont break a maiden's heart" or jangan mainkan hati anak dara orang.. something like that la. you get what i mean? there are several girls that i like but just to that level only since im not interested to go further.

so, congratulations to all my friends that already manage to find their soulmate and marry happily. may the marriage last forever happily. on the other hand, im still thinking what should i buy for newly weds. im not gonna buy kitchen stuffs for they're not staying together. hmmm perhaps tickets to go for honeymoon? lol

another random pic that i've drawn long ago...
i think she is hatsune miku but cant remember

Friday, 10 August 2012

story: cikgu yang kubenci

semasa aku dalam darjah 5  cikgu aku ada suruh tulis esei mengenai cikgu yang aku suka atau aku benci. tak kira sesiapa la. maka kitorang pon tulis la esei dalam masa 40 minit untuk dihantar bila kelas habis. alkisah semua orang tulis pasal cikgu yang digemari atau disayangi tetapi aku seorang je tulis pasal cikgu yang kubenci. aku tulis pasal cikgu bm aku. aku kutuk-kutuk die dalam esei tu pastu hantar kat die bagi dia semak. cikgu aku bila baca esei tu terus tergelak besar dalam kelas sebab aku berani tulis pasal dia. aku buat selamba je sebab dia yang suruh tulis.

aku tulis esei tu pasal masa tu aku ada banyak masalah dengan cikgu bm aku. memang ade je benda yang aku buat membuatkan dia menyirap dan sebaliknya. oh x lupa kena tengking tu da leh jadi asam garam dalam kelas bm. makan penampar pun ada gak. yang tu x sedap sebab masa tu tangan orang dewasa sama besar dengan kepala aku. jadi bila kena tampar tu memang berpusing la kepala. haha masa kecik2 lantang jugak aku bersuara. tu yang boleh gaduh ngan cikgu. sekarang dah malas buat tak kisah je. ohya dan esei tu telah dilaminatekan... haha

a random pic just to try other tools instead of using just brush.
dont remember when i drew it

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Story: pet

Hi hi since im bored and got nothing to do while waiting for my next flight so i decided to make a post. My transit is 11 hours and i cant find any power supply.... Owh wait theres one few feets away from me. Yeay i can use it to charge my lappy. For now ill just write this using my phone.

   Let me tell you a lil bit bout my life. I have pets...chickens, ducks, geese, fishes... Wait are they called pets? Doesnt matter as long as i have them. Among all of them, duck is the most docile. It is less troublesome And less vicious compared to the chicken and goose. Me And my brother likes to play with the duckling. Yellow furball going around the house. So one day we decided to let the duckling swim so we put them in a container full of water just to watch them paddling. They fell sick afterwards since they are still small and the water is too cold. Cant remember whether they died or not.

   Chicken is bit troublesome for me. Why? Because i need to catch it everytime it flies to neighbours house. It is agile and quirky making catching them difficult. Thats why i need to. Ut the feathers at the wing part so that they cant fly away. I remember this one chicken that have funny sound like kulokulokulo. It looks like a turkey but the size is small. Used to call it mini turkey. That damned bird can fly really high. Hate it when i was small cuz it freaks me out when it flies suddenly infront of you.

   Now goose is the least that i like since it really have a bad impression on me. You know goose has this one habit of "spooning" people. Lol i mean it charges at you with the head lowered down like it is going to peck you. Thats the reason why i hate goose  but not anymore!!! Im big enough now that when a goose try to do that ill just slap its head. Oh yeah since it is big and less agile compared to chicken, capturing them is easier. Nevertheless, they all provide meat for us  and free eggs. ^^

what about fish? Nahh it just sit there in the tank going blobblobblob or nyotnyotnyot (ikan bandaraya)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

hanging out

I am not like my friends where they have the freedom to go and hang out with friends anytime and anywhere they like. it is not that i dont want to hang out with them. i do want actually but it is just that my lifestyle is different from them. i live in a life where it is not right for people to go out till late at night. night is the time for you to spend time with your family. kinda like that. get what i mean? so yeah thats why i dont really join my friends activity during holiday.

my friend did mention "ai da besar pon masih kene control lagi?" i'd say hey you stay in your parents house you have to follow the rules. if you want that kind of freedom, you will need to live in your own house unless your parents is the ok type. it's just thats the way of my life. even i dont think that i would let my children go out and come back in the morning. sungguh tidak molek.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

belfast trip

so my summer holiday is about to end in another few more days. ah, no more lazing around, lying and rolling on the floor. prepare to suit up. anyway, i didnt go travelling much this holiday due to certain circumstances. the only place that i go is belfast with my fellow UCDians.

we went to the Factory Outlet for shopping spree. It is famous for the branded item with cheap price as the items come from the factory directly. of course, me not being a shopping enthusiast just went there for window shopping though i did buy one or two stuffs. my friends bought a lot of items to bring back to malaysia as a souvenir. we have no pictures there since we came for shopping.

then we spent quite sometimes getting lost in the middle of belfast city with only relying on google map as our gps. after a lot i mean really lots of cursing we finally managed to buy our food from the so called famous jaipur and got out from the city to continue our journey to giant causeway.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Graha makmur at night

went to primary school reunion yesterday. had a lot of fun and yes i hope that we will be able to do it again with more classmate. so we spend most of the time at Graha Makmur after breaking our fast.

lighting and fountain make this place beautiful at night
feels like playing with water but no im not like the foreigners 
super moon!! 
sadly most of the pics are not good since im only using phone camera. yeap, time to use my old camera back.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


so i've been looking at the stats for my blog. and here i found something that made me laugh. some people come to this blog via google search as some of the keywords match the blog. these two searches are so... i dont know how to say it.

- memakan benda yang haram saat puasa. lol obviously this person is not fasting and consuming something haram. but still it puzzled me as people still think of whether you can do that during fasting. first of all, haram is haram. a ham will still be haram even in Ramadhan. why consume it in the first place? and second, you will break your fast  when you eat. it doesnt matter whether it is halal or haram. hahaha

- watching porn during puasa time night. ok this one really made me laugh. i dont know what to say for this one. it just really cracked me up. dude, the level of retardness is too damn high!!! it is wrong to watch porn even not in Ramadhan. nuff said. oh,yeah as a reminder to my married friends especially, having sex during daytime in Ramadhan will cause you to have kifarah where one will have to free a slave. if that cant be done, fast for 2 months continuously, and if that cant be done 60 cupak(i dont know the word in english) of staple food are to be given to 60 poor people.

Sabda Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. (bermaksud); "Sesiapa berbuka puasa sehari di bulan Ramadhan tanpa ada rukhsah (kelonggaran) yang diizinkan Allah untuknya, puasa sepanjang masa sekalipun tidak akan berupaya membayarnya sekalipun ia melakukannya" (Riwayat Imam Abu Daud, at-Tarmizi dan Ibnu Majah).

So folks, dont skip fasting. and yeah tarawih is also one of the gists in Ramadhan. you dont feel the ramadhan much if you dont go to tarawih at the mosque. Ramadhan Kareem ^^

people still read the post about lily batrisya lidyan. i wonder whether that girl is so popular or is it because of asmirandah pic that i put in that post but that is not related to this post.

Friday, 20 July 2012


esok mula berpuasa. so selamat berpuasa kepada semua muslimin serta muslimat. jangan ponteng-ponteng. huhu teringat time kecik dulu tengok orang curi-curi makan time puasa. ah da besar pun sama. kat kolej pun masih ada orang buat camtu. masuk bilik masak maggi senyap-senyap.  hahaha

bila cakap pasal puasa, satu benda yang aku ingat ialah sindrom aku-lupa-aku-tengah-puasa. especially bila puasa sunat. satu benda yang x taw la mmg sebab aku pelupa ke or dapat rezeki. aku asyik lupa bila tengah puasa. contohnya, aku baru je ingatkan diri aku puasa, tapi 5 saat lepas tu..."oh, ade air!" slurrpp terus minum. lepas tu baru teringat balik tengah puasa. well, bila puasa sunat lagi teruk. lunch break terus jalan dengan member pergi dewan makan makan sama. da kenyang, dengan burrprpppp baru ingat aiya tengah puasa. apa boleh buat. member-member sume da masak da. bila time puasa je diorang mesti ingatkan aku yang aku tengah puasa sebab taknak bagi aku makan. ^^ thanx lah..

bercerita dalam bahasa melayu membuatkan aku rasa kekok. dah lama sangat tak guna bahasa melayu apatah lagi bahasa baku.

everytime sahur.... except during college time. we dont sleep till after subuh
semoga puasa kali ni lebih bermakna untuk korang semua. jangan miss terawih

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

oh my summer

when people talk about summer. we all have holidays in our head. travelling around the world, doing activities with friends, rolling on the floor all day long lost track of time etc etc. basically people just chill and relax.oh this only apply to students

but me. i have an exam right after the summer top it off the exam is right after raya... nice timing. so here i am, having to think twice whenever i want to attend an event or go out. and since the exam is just around the corner i spend most of my time cooped up in the house. if there is no exam, i should have joined my friends events. if there is no exam, i can travel already. if there is no exam.... haaaa ill just go back to reality and continue study... bye

oh, yeah, i just started playing starcraft back recently, going to finish the original and broodwar again just to know the lore and then ill continue to starcraft 2. im thinking of buying the novels too but that can wait till i finish reading LOTR first. for the mean time... jacked up and ready to go!!!

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Retarded

we all know that in our mind we have the good and the bad side. just like in cartoon where an angel and a devil speak to you whenever you're about to make a decision. and they end up fighting with each other. ^^

so here's what happens in my head whenever im driving on a highway. let's say there are 10 voices in my mind. 5 of them will be saying "come on dude, you're in a racing game. overtake that car. GOGOGO!!!!"
that will be the bad one. then, 4 of them will be the good one saying "chill bro. you dont want to die yet. no hurry drive safely". but then there is this one voice, the retarded one whispering "what does it feel when the car touches the divider with speed at 140km/h? what's going to happen? let's try it Let's try it" sometimes i just take a peek at the distance between the car and the divider just to make sure im not getting close.. -.-

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

its july and we're busy with placement

it july now. oh it's already mid july. how time flies.... anyway 2 years ago i was busy mourning thinking about placement offer from universities. yup after IB result came out students will get to know whether they are given offer to study to the applied universities. AND I WAS HAVING A NIGHTMARE!!! oh well whats done is done. i wont talk about it here unless people ask me. on a second thought ill just briefly tell what happened. i failed to enrol into any university that  i applied. so i send letters to all university that i know asking for placement. fast forward the story, i end up studying in TCD and thank god i was so relieved when i get the offer. though that incident leaves me with traumatic effect but im good now.

so a few month ago, if im not mistaken in february, i received an email from Southampton university about giving me an offer tu study at the university. well the content is roughly like that as i didnt read the email properly. i was a bit shocked to get the email as i sent the letter 2 years ago. what if i just go to southampton to studty there byebye tcd. haha

oh not to forget congratulations to IB students and good luck for the placement. i did mention about clearing a year ago as i went through that moment bitterly. a mistake in timing. -.-

down x dpt placement

Thursday, 5 July 2012

jack of all trade

once i was asked what is my hobby. when i was small, i would answer i have no hobby since i didnt have anything that i like to do when i was free. so i just do random stuffs like rolling around in the living room or watch tiny bugs in the garden. oh yeah most of the time, i'll be playing with my lego and power rangers toys. the random activity goes on till i get into high school where my life has started to become busier day by day. by the time i am in form five, i would answer the hobby question sleep or drawing. but most of the time i will be sleeping. ^^ i learn and discover a lot of stuffs during my high school and college time that by now i have several interests. i can say that my hobby right now will be reading books (novels/comics mostly), playing games (warcraft, wow, starcraft, wait all of them are blizzard's games...ok pokemon and maybe ps3 and xbox game but i usually just watch my friend play xbox), drawing which i call sketching or conteng2. i laso learn to play guitar a bit which i dont have the chance to play anymore since my housemates dont have guitar.   i only remember chord for betterman. lol that is the easiest one. i also would like to try sculpting, but i guess ill just KIV that and do it when i retire..

besides hobby i still have other things that need to be done like studying, managing my life, and i also want to go traveling. all these takes time so i just do a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that depending on the mood. of course i still love to sleep but sometimes, i feel like i dont want to sleep because there are other things that i can do. forget bout other thing. sleep is more important ^^

so since i have so much thing that i would like and have to do i end up not being able to focus on just one thing since i feel that it would be such a waste to stop but i know someday i will have to stop doing some of them. ai.... so i become more like jack of all trade, master of none haha. oh speaking of studying im thinking of doing a lil bit of math too. well, just to entertain myself dealing with numbers. for now i only go to yahoo answers and try to solve mathematical questions that are posted. ah so much thing to do. if only i am able to make clones of myself. Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!!! poof!!!!

anyway, it is summer holiday now. i love to roll around 
here's some pics of yui and her gita

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


i've read novels, stories, comics and i just love to imagine the fantasy world. having adventure, with all the mystical creatures, magic, treasures, and many more. most of the novels are about the middle earth stories perhaps during the medieval ages, or dark ages, i dont know but the point is at that time human population is low and we dont have any overpopulated area. the thing that makes me enjoy reading all these stuffs is the part when the author describe the forest, the weather, the scenery, the natures that surround the characters. just by imagining that makes me feel like im together with the characters in the novel though i dont have to go through all the hardships that they have to.

thats the reason why i really want to travel especially to the beautiful places just to see the panorama and enjoy it. watching all the breathtaking view... just love it. unfortunately, 2 things prevent me from travelling; money and time. being a medic students, i hardly have time to travel just to see this beautiful world (i kind of thinking that this is just a lame excuse). then, money which is a big issue for traveller for you cant travel comfortably without any money as the saying goes, no money no honey ^^.  though there are few ways to overcome this problem like travelling with friends to save money, but due to several circumstances i find it hard to have travel partners. so i prefer to travel alone right now which will be very costly. travelled to sweden once alone for a week. and i spent like a rich man. dined in a seafood restaurant going all the cruise and stay in a hotel. i hope that i can have a travelling partner. that will make my life much easier.

besides money and time, all the documentation like visa and stuffs are also a hassle to me which also causing me to dent my bank account. if only i can travel freely, like when there is no border between country. and the land belongs to no man. you're free to roam around and explore the world. yeah, you wont be needing much money either and most of all, during that time the world is not polluted yet and it is still full with greenery. i imagine that i can travel like frodo from the shire to rivendell across the woods. oh minus the dangerous part and the black rider. ^^ that will be totally awesome but then, i will have to let go my job and live my life as a traveller. i wonder if i can live like that nowadays. travelling with no or little money. you know, going to a city and stay there for sometime to gain enough supplies and money and continue on travelling to see the world. it would be a great thing to do but huge sacrifices are needed. for now i just want to go to bavaria in germany. there, exist a castle in the middle of the forest and mountain just like a fairy tale. i hope i can go there next summer.

sognefjord, norway. i went there last summer
and i did mention if i can stay here i dont need internet

Saturday, 30 June 2012


yeay memandangkan aku tiba-tiba jadi rajin, maka aku pon mengepost gambar TOTO. xde scanner so just ambil gambar. ^^ ohya pensel kayu tumpul je ade so ape leh wat


stuffs from the comic

i like this comic because it's interesting but sadly there are only 2 volumes produced. nevermind, i still enjoy the comic now.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

physics stuff just basic

let's talk about simple physics. gravity value is about 10m/s^2. should be 9.832 something but i just make it simple. stick to the value i learnt back in middle school.

so according to physics law, f=ma where force is equal to mass timed with acceleration. let say when a person weighing 60 kg falls. so the force will be 600N? the force is strong in this one. in other words, a man with that weight jumping down will produce a force of 600N. even if the height is increased let say he jumps from 14 storey building. the force will remain 600N. of course the latter will causes the man to SPLATTT when he hits the ground but the difference will mainly due to  work done i guess that goes by force time distance, wd = fd . since the distance is increased the the work done is also increased. then he becomes like a watermelon tossed to the wall. red stuffs all over the place. wait a second, is it because of the distance that really causes the man to crush or is it because of the sudden stop that the impact causes huge destruction? i mean if something fall slowly even from a high place it wont get destroyed right? try to reduce the gravity and you will be able to jump from a higher place without getting hurt. nvm, ill just think about this later.

so speaking of gravity, when two objects fall, they will fall with the same speed regardless of the mass. as an example, a feather and an elephant. lol i just want to try this test with these two subject. ohyeah this only works if there is no resistance like air resistance. so the higher the resistance the slower the object will fall. but whats the relativity with the mass again? dunno. forgot to ask my teacher back in school. so to end this post. heres a picture of a man on a rock falling (picture 1)... so will the result be like picture 2? can the act in pic 3 and 4 be done?

Monday, 25 June 2012


i want to draw something but my mouse is not functioning properly and the touchpad is worse. it is not functioning at all. so i end up reading. it is the best way to spend time and get myself sleepy. so im going to start reading starcraft novels after i finish LOTR.

been thinking of buying a tablet so that i can draw easier but im just too lazy to look for it and not to mention buy it. afterall pencil and paper are still the best. the only thing is that the product is black and white and they always end up going into the trash bin. i just like to draw for the sake of drawing. thats all.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

true friends

we all know about friends right. there is a saying a friend in need is a friend indeed. and then there is also a saying that a true friends will always be with you when you're having problem. all these sayings, yeah i get it. being together with friends is sweet. you can laugh, do mischief together or share your interests. you can never get bored with your friends save the lame one. we  always try to get a friend when we are alone just so that we will not be alone, just for the sake of having a company.

but all these are for others and not a reminder for you yourself. i mean you want to have a true friend. a friend that will always be by your side regardless whether you're in happiness or sadness, a friend that will go  up and down together in your life but do you act like a true friend to your friends? or you're just another type of friend like friends for benefit? (is it for or with? im too lazy to look it up)

so be realistic, dont go bitching around that you just want true friends and not the hypocrite whatsoever friend when you yourself is behaving like a scumbag. you get what you deserve

Sunday, 3 June 2012

paint paint

tried to draw after watching speedpainting

Saturday, 2 June 2012

im living on a jetplane

hehehehe some of my friends have already had the experience of missing flight and most of them are due to silly mistakes like oversleep (mostly), traffic jam etc etc... well, i can say that abang ryan is so pleased to have customers like them. getting free money or in a more polite way sedekah. i have been laughing at those unfortunate souls. really, they aare like oh abang ryan, i am giving you 50 euro generously... it's a good thing that that incident dont happen to me. i am wondering whether things like this can happen for big flight like when one is going back to malaysia. and what will that person do? god,  that will be really terrible.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

sekolah menengah

time sekolah menengah adalah time yang best dan banyak perkara menarik berlaku. maklum la memasing baru nak cecah akil baligh. sume gile. arini aku nak cite pasal satu cikgu aku time sekolah menengah sebab aku ngah layan lagu nirvana you know you're right pastu teringat die nganjing member aku tlis tajuk lagu ni kat cover calculator saintifik die. cikgu math aku jenis sempoi je ngan student sume slalu r maen bola skali. so leh masuk air sekali r ngan bbdak ni.

ade la satu malam tu, die ronda-ronda kat asramma tgh malam suro bbdak lights off. sampai satu bilik tu die masok tgk ade sorang budak tgh tido. kain pelikatnya terselak naek sampai nampak batang yang sedang mencanak. cikgu aku pon tros jerit panggil bbdak laen datang sambil ketawa. pastu bahan bdak tu.

time exam lak die jadi r invigilator. dok jalan tgk bbdak ni. habit die pegi kat meja budak usha ic sekor-sekor pastu gelak dalam dewan exam. aku tgh exam pon dok tergelak tgk die nganjing student laen. nseb exam math je.

ohya x silap aku die namakan anak die sempena nama pemain bola kot fan bola punya pasal. x ingat sangat

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

and the journey begins

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with weary feet,
until it joins some larger way,
where many paths and errands meet.
And Whither then? I cannot say.

Frodo Baggins, LOTR

Saturday, 26 May 2012


played WoW. here's an elf ranger

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

bohemian rhapsody

ever heard of queen's song bohemian rhapsody? personally i never find that song catchy or good but dont know why people love it so much. seems like bit overrated meh it doesnt matter to me. and then i have been wondering bout the usage bismillah in that song. it obviously means in the name of Allah. since the lyrics just doesnt make sense to me i just cant understand anything but i dont care. anyway the wind blows....

Friday, 11 May 2012

Stay Cool Tchepute....Tazdinggor!!!!

2 more days..... 1 week left.....


and NO!!! i wont ask for the time to become faster as i still have lots of stuffs to read

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

almost there.....

the term opiod applies to any substance, whether endogenous or synthetic, that produces morphine-like effects that are blocked by antagonists such as naloxone.

analgesics huh? i just want to spend a couple of minutes rambling something on this blog for no reason. exam in less than 1 week. gotta go back studying. luckily i already clean up my room earlier. you know people will get a sudden urge to clean up the room whenever they need to study. yeah something that you will never bother suddenly become important/attractive/ blablabla during exam period. temptation temptation temptation.

anyway, it's wise not to get yourself distracted during this fuckingly important hour or you will be screwed. studying ending up failing and have to resit for exam is such a pain in the ass. you get what i mean? kinda like this picture.

except this guy is having it in the nuts. lol

anyway, best of luck and dont go failing yourself. till then chaow

Monday, 16 April 2012


exam is less than a month from now. study then. ah, nevertheless easter holiday was fun last week. had friends from uk came down here. so we had some makan-makan. it was fun cooking together and we didnt even realised that time flies so fast. anyway, we had nasi lemak sambal kerang, chicken and squid bbq, and ikan bakar. spent the afternoon buying the stuffs like seafood and the event last till 11 oclock. ah that was really great and the food were jusst simply marvelous. i ended up asking the recipe on how to make the ikan bakar. gonna try it myself next time. i've already made up my mind. im gonna cook lobster right after i finish my final exam. hohoho

cycling to school everyday without holding the handle. it's cold so put my hand inside the pocket.

Monday, 2 April 2012


the time has finally come. yes, i have to gantung my mouse for now. goodbye dota goodbye world. im going to be a caveman for now. see you later in june. maybe ill keep on visiting this site several time and write something up haha. now, to arms my brethren. for glory and honor!!! for medicine!!!

Saturday, 24 March 2012


i like to make game out of situations in my daily life like when im driving or walking. just to make it more interesting. mostly games involving chances. it's like a gamble. the stake is not money but a lil bit of my time or energy.

i commute to the college everyday by bus from hall. it takes around 20 minutes to get to the college by bus but that depends on the traffic. peak hour causes it to become 30 minutes journey. if i walk to college it will take around 50 minutes. i dont have problem with the bus schedule usually but the problem rises after winter when the bus operation is no longer following the schedule and keep on getting late. i have 2 choices to go to school. wait for the bus from hall to college or walk to the nearest town and get a bus from there to the college. the nearest town is 10 minutes away from hall if i walk there. it will take me 15 minutes to get to the college from the town. though it seems like it is better for me to just wait for the bus at hall but the frequency of the bus from hall is very low that sometimes i have to wait for up to 1 hour whereas i can always get a bus from the town to the college as there will be bus going through the city every 5 minutes.

i lost the game many times though. uh guess luck is not on my side haha

Monday, 19 March 2012

reading week

had a trip to england for a few days. it was really great and i didnt regret it at all. the hospitality i got in manchester and thanks to jatdin especially haha. the sight seeing were awesome. then i cont to london hoping that i would be able to play basketball with my friends but it turned out i didnt get the chance. nevertheless i went to warwick game and yeah that was a blast. meeting new people, old friends, having good moments with my college friends Bella, AD, and Farzan. haha that was fun. i didnt play any game but just watching the games and cheering up for my friends is enough. i was so tired that i spend the whole sunday sleeping for i only sleep for a couple of hours for the past few days. but it was worth it. hoping to see you guys again next 2 weeks. ill try to hold on what i say. cant promise though ^^

Thursday, 8 March 2012

operating theater

music is allowed to be played in the operating theatre when the surgeons are doing their job. what kind of music that is played depend on the surgeon's taste. it can be instrumental, soothing or maybe rock whatever.... but i wonder what if the music played is some kind of dramatic music and what will the people feel? lol


i mean dramatic song like this

or like this one...

but it will be the best if the people in the group can sing themselves

jahaha have a good day

Thursday, 16 February 2012


everytime i think about life, world and those related things...i cant help but to feel down. maybe a bit depressed. the world has been going on for a long time. yes it is so old that a lot of changes occurred. from a what i see human is just a small creature in this world compared to the vastness of this universe. that's when i see people complain about their everyday life, all the problems and hassles seems so petty. the conflicts about money, political stuffs, love, and all. they are just nothing. that's when i get tired listening to people whining about their problems. not that i dont want to help anyway. some people think that they are so great in this world achieving great feat when they did nothing at all but just walk on the earth. all these makes me feel like what im doing for my whole life is pointless and end up in vain. will i be able to give impact to this world? doubt it.

when i look back, our life is not that long. heck 100 years is not even that long. even now, when i look at myself in the mirror i see myself getting old. wonder how long will i be able to live? after all, death is inevitable. then i started to think, what if i become immortal? what would i do if become immortal?

immortality doesnt sound absurd actually but that will happen after the judgement day. now now thinking like this makes me feel like it is better to abandon everything and only serve the god for He who decide where we shall go after we die (though that i shouldnt do that)

Friday, 10 February 2012

kemaruk dota kah?

hmmm tatkala musim peruniverstitan ni da mula, i rasa slalu je ada satu prsaan yg kian melonjak2.. nk kata cinta hati aku ni batu, nk kata tu tapi niee.. atas kesedaran diri ini, baru i prasaan dota laa yg sering mengusik jiwa ku slama ini.. sekian

Monday, 30 January 2012

Yeay Basketball

howyeah finally get to play basketball with friends. i am so glad. it has been like 2 years since the last time i played it. yeah i went to london just to play basketball with my friends. though people might see this as something useless or whatever, i have no regrets. ahh the feeling was divine. ok that is a bit exaggerating. the feeling when i hold the ball, shooting, jumping, running, and shouting. damn that was nice. i hope that i can join them again in the future. if the flight ticket to london is cheap i would have go down there every week to play haha ^^. i just can smile right now. oh and enduring muscle sore all over the body. being young and healthy is always good. oh yeah i should have taken pictures with them lol