Thursday, 21 June 2012

true friends

we all know about friends right. there is a saying a friend in need is a friend indeed. and then there is also a saying that a true friends will always be with you when you're having problem. all these sayings, yeah i get it. being together with friends is sweet. you can laugh, do mischief together or share your interests. you can never get bored with your friends save the lame one. we  always try to get a friend when we are alone just so that we will not be alone, just for the sake of having a company.

but all these are for others and not a reminder for you yourself. i mean you want to have a true friend. a friend that will always be by your side regardless whether you're in happiness or sadness, a friend that will go  up and down together in your life but do you act like a true friend to your friends? or you're just another type of friend like friends for benefit? (is it for or with? im too lazy to look it up)

so be realistic, dont go bitching around that you just want true friends and not the hypocrite whatsoever friend when you yourself is behaving like a scumbag. you get what you deserve


  1. its the scumbag brain that's asking for true friends

  2. so you're saying you actually dont want true friends?