Tuesday, 27 February 2018

masak lagi

i started to cook again now thanks to getting new equipments and me having enough time to cook. i was able to bring bento to work.

today  i made bolognese using ground buffalo tomato puree added with mushroom and raddish. unfortunately i wasnt able to make it taste good like the usual bolognese. guess i put too much tomato puree. anyway since i cooked it already ill just eat it. suprisingly the flawed bolognese taste is completed with the raw celery. spicy meat with acidity from tomato combined with crunchy refreshing taste from raw celery fits just fine. lol unexpected. yeay for me. i can eat happily then.

turned out to be so simple lol

anyway, im curious how radish taste like when cooked and how it can be used. never use it before. unlike carrot that taste bland raw but gives sweet flavour when cooked, radish has a sharp taste and smell. cant really tell whats the difference with adding raddish to this dish though. oh well, lets try again later.

Friday, 23 February 2018

fashion sense

i know i never really care on what im wearing and i certainly dont care about fashion much. thats why you can see me wearing shabby clothes. i often receive remarks like my clothing makes me look like an old guy or something like that. there's this one colleague always commenting on what i wear saying i look like an uncle and on the third day the comment goes like this.

"eyyy your fashion sense eh............ nevermind"

im intrigued on what is supposed to be at the end of the sentence but then again i still dont care how do i look as long as im comfortable.

now... if only i can wear a round neck shirt to work...

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Sunday, 2 July 2017

egg products

have you ever played harvest moon? or stardew valley or story of seasons? if so, do you know what is the product when egg is processed? MAYO!!!! we all get mayonnaise as a product that can be sold with higher value than ordinary egg.

Few days a go i made my homemade mayonnaise hurrah. another condiments added to the table. i decided to make mayonnaise because i always read people claiming the one sold on the shelves at the supermarket doesnt taste anywhere close to real mayo and a lot of  those that have tasted homemade mayonnaise claim to never buy the commercial mayo anymore. these got me curious about the taste of homemade mayo.

the ingredients to make mayo is so simple actually. you just need egg, oil, and vinegar to be able to make basic mayonnaise. anyway, i used:

400ml oil
4 egg yolk
a splash of vinegar probably 1 tbsp
a squeeze of half lemon
a bit of mustard around 2 tsp i guess

originally i was thinking of adding some chili flakes and other stuffs to make the mayonnaise spicier and more flavourful but decided not to since this is my frist time making mayo. lets try the simple taste first.

even though the ingredients are simple the process to make it is not that simple so basically i have to separate the egg yolk from the white egg. success at my first try. and then i need to beat the egg yolk  with the mustard while i slowly trickle down the oil bit by bit. too much oil at once will separate them and it will not become mayo. this thing is easy if i use a mixer as i can just control pouring the oil while watching the egg get beaten by the mixer but i wanted to try beating using my own hand and it makes it harder not to mention that my hand get tired after a while and i ran out of patience. so ignoring the instruction i tried to pour a lot of oil at once and it turn out to be just oil liquid.and not forming into mayo. i originally used only 2 egg yolks and after screwing this part i added 1 more eggyolk hoping it can turn into mayo but it didnt. running out of options i use one more eggyolk into a fresh bowl and trickle down the oil mixture back to it and beat it. this time im being really patient as i trickle the oil mixture to the last drop. luckily they all turn into mayonnaise yeayyy... when done correctly the the egg turns into thick consistency with the oil instead of fluidy. if your mixture is in fluid state youre adding too much oil in one go. then adding a bit of vinegar and lemon juice gives the soury taste and blanches the colour of the mayonnaise from yellow to light yellow. i stop beating when im satisfied with the mayo. yeay. close call to failure. phew.

oh yeah the tase is definitely different though compared to the commercial mayo. mine is sharper probably due to the mustard that i add. cant really describe how differetn they are though.

physical violence on egg is encouraged

my homemade mayo!!!!

next i have the leftover of the egg white which i can use for something else and i decided to make meringue. since im tired from beating the shit out of the mayo i decided to use my mixer to make meringue. yes the egg white need to beaten half dead before you can make it into meringue. well meringue is quite easy to make. beat the egg white while adding lots of sugar and a bit of vanilla extract and you get it. it is not as simple as that mind you. firstly, need to ensure theres no fat/oil at all, so clean the equipment by wping them with vinegar and make sure no egg yolk is mixed into the egg white.the you beat the egg while adding other stuff. the thing is if you dont beat it enough it wont get firm enough to form a soft peak but if you beat it too much it become foamy. me not knowing that ended up beating it too much. so when i bake meringue it can hold its shape but it never get hard even if i bake it until it start to become brownish it is still soft. the meringue is a failure..... too bad

anyway since it has become foamy, it feels like im eating cotton candy or sweet bubble. it melts in your mouth straight away. still tastes good anyway. that night i had a sugar rush from eating all the failed meringues.

it retains its shape but sho shoft and jiggly

Monday, 19 June 2017

le fromage

guess what? i hit another milestone in my culinary adventure!!! i manage to make cheese. horayyyyyyy. Ughh I'm so happy that I'm awed with myself.

okay so i made mapo tofu, seafood chowder, and been drinking gallons of milk and i don't have anything in mind on what to cook so why not i give it a go with my cheese project even though i don't have enough equipment as of yet. let's see what i lack is a cheese cloth, and cooking thermometer. they're handy if available but doesn't mean that i cant make it without them so JUST DO IT!!!!

firstly i buy moomoo more than the usual amount. usual amount for drinking and a part for cheese making project. since it is my first try i only use 1 bag of milk around 700 ml. heat up the milk and i added the lime juice using the lime from my backyard. don't remember whether i should add the lime juice before or after boiling so i just add it before boiling. fyi, any acidic thing can be used e.g lemon juice, vinegar, and there is also rennet, an enzyme from cow's stomach that can be used to make cheese without making the milk acidic but since rennet usage is not halal i cant use rennet. there's supposed to be a plant based rennet but just couldn't bother to get my hand on it as I'm pretty sure it is very hard to get it in a small place like mine.

so acid added, and heated it and i left it to cool down to see if the milk curdle after that but after 30 minutes to my disappointment, it stayed as milk. pssshhh i tried to heat it one more time and after 30 minutes of cooling down it was still the same. so i added a bit of vinegar during my third attempt to heat it up but it still remain the same. i was going to give up and just drink up the soured milk (lol) when i ask google what went wrong during the whole process and voila.... i didn't heat the milk enough. it didn't get to boiling level to curdle up. people said that you need to boil it as in have the dome thingy formed during the milk boiling... you know the blub blub thing foaming when it is boiled. so max the heat on the stove i did and within seconds the milk curdle up as it was boiling leaving clearer fluid bubbling. i was so overjoyed seeing that happening.

then i poured the milk through a cloth filter separating the curd from the fluid. I'm supposed to use cheese cloth but since i don't have any, the penapis teh worked fine and besides, the amount of cheese I was making is small anyway. so when cheese curdle it leaves behind fluid called whey. this byproduct of cheese making  contains all the protein in the milk where as cheese contains all the fat.
so don't throw it away down the drain. it will be a big waste. oh yeah after separating the curd from the fluid, i have the cheese!!!! this cheese is called paneer. its common ingredient in Indian cooking and also the mist basic form of cheese. i think westerners call it cottage cheese but I'm not really sure.

heating up the milk!!! blub blub blub

right when the milk boil it curdle straight away as i already added the acids earlier.
a sight of success.

and here's the paneer after separating it from the whey.

overall, success!!!! yeay. i tried to make the paneer into mozzarella by microwaving it but it didn't get to be mozzarella. maybe it was because i use too much acid. oh well, ill settle with paneer for now hueheuheuhue. the taste have slight lime-y taste and smell because i didn't bother to rinse the cheese with cold water after separating it from the whey. still good anyway. i just have to compress the cheese to make it into a block of paneer but think its fine like this. now my future aim for cheese making skill is to make it into high level where i can make certain cheese like mozzarella, cheddar, or parmesan. i know it is a very long way for me to be able to make parmesan on my own because of the steps needed to make it and the amount of time it takes to produce it.

also i need to figure out what to do with the whey every time i make cheese. maybe ill just gulp it down like protein shake. after all it is the same thing that those gym rats have been consuming.

Friday, 16 June 2017

finally!!! Mapo Tofu

so 2 days ago my mapo tofu plan was scratched out because of the assam pedas kari kepala salmon and i decided to make the chili oil but on the next day the opportunity come as there were only little left of the curry so i decided to go into the kitchen and cook before my parents start cooking anything.

so here are the ingredients that i used...

silken tofu 1 block
ginger 1 thumb size minced
garlic 5 cloves minced
leek 1 stalk minced leafy part separated
ground beef 400g
vegetable oil roughly 3 tbsp i guess
black bean 2 tbsp minced and pressed
doubanjiang(chili bean paste) 2.5 tbsp
chicken stock 1 litre
chili powder 2 tbsp roughly.. i just pour it to my heart content
chili oil that i made 2 tbsp
sesame oil 2 tsp roughly
sugar 2 tbsp
soy sauce a splash of it. maybe 1 tbsp

i didnt use: 
- sichuan peppercorn because i cant find it in the mall or i simply dont look for it hard enough. also my family cant really handle spicy food whats more to eat this numbing hot peppercorn. ill add this maybe some other time when im cooking for myself
- starch to thicken the dish simply because i forgot. 
- king oyster mushroom. i want to use this ingredient because it gives awesome texture when youre chewing just like during my seafood chowder. i didnt use it because i just forgot to buy it.

so yeah there are several chinese ingredients needed that required me to look for it at several places which is the reason why i never get to make mapo tofu before this. found the doubanjiang at mydin few days ago and that was the impetus to lets make mapo tofu haha. i cant find fermented black bean so i just used the black bean from canned fried dace with black bean. still good though haha. im supposed to use spring onion but the one sold at the market doesnt look fresh at all so i decided to use leek instead. leek always taste better than spring onion anyway even raw. too bad leeks sold in malaysia are small. the girth is half of the leeks i use in ireland. so disappointed. size matters guys. lol this sounds so wrong. im into straight leek btw to those thinking i like the bent one right now. oh yeah the amount of ground beef im using is way more than im supposed to simply because ive stocked up on beef so why not hehehe. also the amount of tofu i used is so small compared to the rest of the ingredients that im supposed to use 2 or 3 blocks of tofu. oh welli know were eating it with rice so thats why i dont bother to add more tofu

the cooking is pretty much straight forward and easy once you prepared every ingredient in the required state. here's the video of the mapo tofu i learnt from. he also provided the recipe to details, so should be good to those interested in making one

heres the finished product used the leafy part of the leeks to garnish and add more during the chowtime. so the result was a huge success. it has the mapo tofu taste. its salty thanks to the doubanjiang and blackbean. spicy but very mild that my family can enjoy it too. so yeayyyy. so good finished whole big bowl in a day and the curry was left untouched. 

so what can be improved for this cooking is the usage of frozen beef. my dad said the frozen beef doesnt give any flavours. i should get fresh beef and mince it myself or use fresh daging tetel as it produce more oil and flavours. also sichuan peppercorn should be added next time. need that damn spicy taste but addicting. oh yeah the tofu can be bought fresh from the wet market instead of the packed one from the mall as the fresh one still has the bean smell and it tastes better

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

new condiment

yeap another post about food because thats what ive been actively doing lately.

i decided to make mapo tofu  as i stumbled upon doubanjiang (bean chilli paste) in market after a long time searching for it. after psyching myself up to cook it i went to the kitchen only to find a big pot of assam pedas kari kepala ikan salmon ready to be served. huh. im not gonna contest my dish with this dish. so scratch the plan and ill cook it sometimes later. anyway, i find it a good timing to make mapo tofu right now because ramly minced beef is on promotion at Mydin. RM15/KG for beef is a very good deal. normal price for beef should be around RM29/KG. go get your meat folks.

anyway, here i was in the kitchen with no mapo tofu to make, I decided to make hot chilli oil as it is one of the ingredients needed to make mapo tofu.it's really easy to make. all i need are

dried chilli pepper blended to flakes/powder (i have this in abundant since i use it as condiment)
oil (also abundant because who doesnt have oil in the kitchen?)
salt (pshhh i can get this from my tears)
peanut (optional)
black pepper (also optional but i use it just to give some heat to the body)
sesame oil (again optional)

so yeah only 3 ingredients needed to make it actually and theyre too easy to find here in Malaysia.
ratio of oil to the chilli powder is 4 to 1. every cup of chilli powder i use ill add 4 cup of oil and for my first try i used half cup of chilli and 2 cups of oil. the other ingredients... 1/2 tsp of salt, a genggam of peanut and 1.5 tsp of grounded black pepper (well i just put them according to my liking)

so what i did is heat the oil in pan, wait until i see tiny smoke to come out, put the flame out and pour in all the mixed dry ingredients and stir. voila done. i just wait for the oil to cool down before pouring into a container and add a splash of sesame oil for the fragrance and i can enjoy it with any dish.

here's the video of where i learn about this thing.

my own hot chilli oil
yeay so new condiment to be used while eating. i tested it with bubur lambuk that i got and it is good. it has the roasted peanut smell while giving hot tingling feel on your lips and tongue from the chilli and at the same time making your body a bit heaty thanks to the blackpepper. i wish i have the sichuan peppercorn to make it numbing hot. oh well, this is good enough for now. another ingredient secured for mapo tofu!!!

also i might make lasagna or pasta dishes any of these days with the stocked minced beef i bought. the problem is tomato is a bit expensive right now and it is widely used in pasta dishes. damn it. i thought it is supposed to be cheap right now because it is a summer fruit. Malaysia is always summer what... another thing to be home grown...tomato