Sunday, 6 May 2018

fusion HA!!!

off day means cooking day for me. so i planned to cook the beef that i bought few days ago. to big slabs. first one i just coat the beef with salt, pepper, and chilli powder then panfry with butter and garlic. the result is so gooddddddd

didnt know that my housemate was having guests. they asked me what i was cooking last night as it smelled good. of course the smell of fring beef with butter will always be good.

and today i decided to use the remaining beef differently. marinade it with some salt, pepper, chilli powder, chilli flakes, mixed spices, mustard, and wasabi dressing mixed with chopped onion, garlic and carrots.

then i stirfry the beefs and veges to be eaten with mashed potato.

since i only have one stove, i cut the potatoes to smaller slices and just microwave it after that added with milki just blend it to become smooth mashed potato. i was thinking of adding some cheese for th emashed potato but that would be overkill to go with beef dish.  also added some chopped raw leeks.
a mix of western and eastern food. still good but lacking of something. oh well can be improvised later

crap i forgot to use the mushrooms that i have in the fridge.

time for some avocado smoothie

Monday, 23 April 2018

living a healthy life

i want to live a healthy life but at the same time i want to cook. just that when i cook means i eat more than i should hahahaha. still havent make exercise a routine in my daily working life. so much things i want to do but being lazy takes precedence over anything else after working for long hours. anyway, hope i can make full use of the time now

listening to music while lying on the bed watching the fan moving with blank mind 

Thursday, 19 April 2018

living in the city

im living in a big city now. i see lands  filled with tarry road, concrete buildings reaching the sky, and cars roaming the land i dont have land and soil no more.

hmmm im thinking of trying indoor gardening. should give it a try afterall my living room is basically empty. i can use that space to experiment a bit.

anyway, i still wantg to try to make compost from organic matter and kitchen compost.
i noticed that weather plays important role in aking compost. i can just dump everything and mix with soil and leeave it in container back in ireland and the scraps wil just slowly turn into compost without any problem. in malaysia the weather is hot. dumping the scraps and trash without proper management will just lead to the scraps rotting and producing foul smell in just few days. not to mention the amount of pest it attracts. ill be making a breeding ground for flies and roaches. that is somethign that i want to avoid especially if im doing this indoor.

how should i make small scale composting but fast enough to show result.....

Thefatrat  - Mayday

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

masak lagi

i started to cook again now thanks to getting new equipments and me having enough time to cook. i was able to bring bento to work.

today  i made bolognese using ground buffalo tomato puree added with mushroom and raddish. unfortunately i wasnt able to make it taste good like the usual bolognese. guess i put too much tomato puree. anyway since i cooked it already ill just eat it. suprisingly the flawed bolognese taste is completed with the raw celery. spicy meat with acidity from tomato combined with crunchy refreshing taste from raw celery fits just fine. lol unexpected. yeay for me. i can eat happily then.

turned out to be so simple lol

anyway, im curious how radish taste like when cooked and how it can be used. never use it before. unlike carrot that taste bland raw but gives sweet flavour when cooked, radish has a sharp taste and smell. cant really tell whats the difference with adding raddish to this dish though. oh well, lets try again later.

Friday, 23 February 2018

fashion sense

i know i never really care on what im wearing and i certainly dont care about fashion much. thats why you can see me wearing shabby clothes. i often receive remarks like my clothing makes me look like an old guy or something like that. there's this one colleague always commenting on what i wear saying i look like an uncle and on the third day the comment goes like this.

"eyyy your fashion sense eh............ nevermind"

im intrigued on what is supposed to be at the end of the sentence but then again i still dont care how do i look as long as im comfortable.

now... if only i can wear a round neck shirt to work...

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Sunday, 2 July 2017

egg products

have you ever played harvest moon? or stardew valley or story of seasons? if so, do you know what is the product when egg is processed? MAYO!!!! we all get mayonnaise as a product that can be sold with higher value than ordinary egg.

Few days a go i made my homemade mayonnaise hurrah. another condiments added to the table. i decided to make mayonnaise because i always read people claiming the one sold on the shelves at the supermarket doesnt taste anywhere close to real mayo and a lot of  those that have tasted homemade mayonnaise claim to never buy the commercial mayo anymore. these got me curious about the taste of homemade mayo.

the ingredients to make mayo is so simple actually. you just need egg, oil, and vinegar to be able to make basic mayonnaise. anyway, i used:

400ml oil
4 egg yolk
a splash of vinegar probably 1 tbsp
a squeeze of half lemon
a bit of mustard around 2 tsp i guess

originally i was thinking of adding some chili flakes and other stuffs to make the mayonnaise spicier and more flavourful but decided not to since this is my frist time making mayo. lets try the simple taste first.

even though the ingredients are simple the process to make it is not that simple so basically i have to separate the egg yolk from the white egg. success at my first try. and then i need to beat the egg yolk  with the mustard while i slowly trickle down the oil bit by bit. too much oil at once will separate them and it will not become mayo. this thing is easy if i use a mixer as i can just control pouring the oil while watching the egg get beaten by the mixer but i wanted to try beating using my own hand and it makes it harder not to mention that my hand get tired after a while and i ran out of patience. so ignoring the instruction i tried to pour a lot of oil at once and it turn out to be just oil liquid.and not forming into mayo. i originally used only 2 egg yolks and after screwing this part i added 1 more eggyolk hoping it can turn into mayo but it didnt. running out of options i use one more eggyolk into a fresh bowl and trickle down the oil mixture back to it and beat it. this time im being really patient as i trickle the oil mixture to the last drop. luckily they all turn into mayonnaise yeayyy... when done correctly the the egg turns into thick consistency with the oil instead of fluidy. if your mixture is in fluid state youre adding too much oil in one go. then adding a bit of vinegar and lemon juice gives the soury taste and blanches the colour of the mayonnaise from yellow to light yellow. i stop beating when im satisfied with the mayo. yeay. close call to failure. phew.

oh yeah the tase is definitely different though compared to the commercial mayo. mine is sharper probably due to the mustard that i add. cant really describe how differetn they are though.

physical violence on egg is encouraged

my homemade mayo!!!!

next i have the leftover of the egg white which i can use for something else and i decided to make meringue. since im tired from beating the shit out of the mayo i decided to use my mixer to make meringue. yes the egg white need to beaten half dead before you can make it into meringue. well meringue is quite easy to make. beat the egg white while adding lots of sugar and a bit of vanilla extract and you get it. it is not as simple as that mind you. firstly, need to ensure theres no fat/oil at all, so clean the equipment by wping them with vinegar and make sure no egg yolk is mixed into the egg white.the you beat the egg while adding other stuff. the thing is if you dont beat it enough it wont get firm enough to form a soft peak but if you beat it too much it become foamy. me not knowing that ended up beating it too much. so when i bake meringue it can hold its shape but it never get hard even if i bake it until it start to become brownish it is still soft. the meringue is a failure..... too bad

anyway since it has become foamy, it feels like im eating cotton candy or sweet bubble. it melts in your mouth straight away. still tastes good anyway. that night i had a sugar rush from eating all the failed meringues.

it retains its shape but sho shoft and jiggly