Wednesday, 27 February 2013


i used to have yahoo messenger but i no longer use it for most of my friends are changing to new email addresses. so i decided to delete my yahoo messenger. now im using skype. it allows me to video call or atleast call someone free by  using the internet. now tyhe problem with skype is that most of my contact details are offline all the time. so there are only few people that i can contact using skype actually. to top it off, those who dont live oversea dont really use skype so yeah i can only see them online once in a blue moon haha. let's just ignore the invi (bajet hot) people. dont want to bother those who dont want people to contact them.

anyway how you doing mate?

an unfinished pic of belmont. i get too lazy to do it properly mid way since it is extremely hard to make gradient using paint. not hard to be exact but leceh. so i just put it here for now.
maybe ill finish it one day... maybe.... still have other pics to finish though

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

men at work

you must have seen pictures of men doing work without supervision right? i mean they can do crazy stuffs in a very dangerous way. well as long as the goal is achieved. you cant complain much.

so i just moved to a new house and i feel the need to do something to make my room better though how i do it is so inappropriate.

measuring tape pakai sewing kit punya..
batang besi dari penyapu
and... bread knife as gergaji!!!
oh yeah that metal pole dah kena potong da pun...
kain buat alas xnak potong tangan sendiri... potong pakai pisau senang tersasar

this is because im too lazy to go out shopping. so i just look for stuffs inside the house to be used. actually pisau roti tu used only for marking mula-mulanya. tapi i noticed that the edge is kinda similar to a saw so i just gave it a try and voila! it worked though obviously not as good as a saw.

i have two bars to hang my cloth now. the lower one is from the broom stick. hurrah
oh btw my room is quite small (really small actually) but it is quite comfy
there are other stuffs that i want to do too but im not gonna write anymore. huhu kalau nak cari barang kat hardware shop kat malaysia memang senang nak cari. kat sini hardware shop susah sikit ^^

Sunday, 17 February 2013

we go pythons way

Sheffield game was held yesterday. guess what. i didnt go there just to meet friends and watch them compete but I did joined the basketball tournament and it was very exciting. i compete under the name pythons. There are lots of students from universities all over UK and Ireland that dont have enough team members from their own university to participate tournaments. so we ended up playing together under the name pythons. I've never met my teammates before this but we just try to build up the chemistry between us and play together as a team. 

though we didnt manage to pass the grouping stage due to losing the final game, we had a great time together. huhu and yeah the other 2 python teams manage to get to quarter final but sadly they have to compete against each other in quarter final resulting only 1 team going to  semi-final (we have 3 pythons group in the tournament). ill definitely join next basketball match though maybe not for the time being as i'm short of cash right now to go to UK hehe^^

now that im back to dublin, rest, send my friends back to malaysia(goodbye guys). since im moving to the heart of the city after this, i think ill have more opportunity to play basketball at the college. gotta train till the next game.

my trophy from the game. not gonna be able to write well for a couple of weeks  i guess

these are the pythons!!! hurrahh

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Jolly Buddha

the story goes like this.

once upon a time when i was having a group discussion in my class for an assignment, my classmate ask me, "Do you know Jolly Buddha?" as she showed me the golden bracelet that she wore contain small figures including the Jolly Buddha. I spontaneously answered no and she was quite astonished with my answer.

"How can you not know him? Jolly Buddha is very famous. I find that he is adorable"

She said that as she examine back the figure at  her bracelet and show it back to the others.

"Sorry but I'm a muslim"

and there was silence for a few seconds among us. Krik Krik Krik

"Well that was awkward"

as one of the group members broke the silence, the discussion continued back like nothing happened.

during the process of typing this post i kept on typing jelly buddha instead of jolly buddha. that reminds me of cumi-cumi.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

alarm clock

so have you ever set your alarm clock at minit 53 or 46 or maybe 21? well people usually set the alarm with the minute on 00 or 30. some may put on 15 or 45 but yeah mostly just like that. so what i do is that i set 2 alarm clock on my iphone. setting alarm clock will be the last game of the day. slide the minute parts and let it stop on its own. if the minute number is more than 29 than the hour number will be 6 but if it is less than 30 than the hour number will be 7. so basically i have 2 alarm clock between 6.30 to 7.30... and the time depends on my luck. sometimes, i get 657 and 701 which is a bit unlucky but sometimes 632 and 720....... anyway, no matter early i wake up i usually get up from bed only when i feel like it ^^ it's cold and the duvet is so warm.

Friday, 1 February 2013


i found lots of interesting food and yeah most of them are mouth-watering but then the problem is the ingredients used is not suitable for me. it wouldnt be a problem if the ingredient is pork as i can just change it to another halal meat (though most of the outside food are inedible because they have non-halal meat) but wine is a bit different. wine is used in a lot of cooking especially in scandinavian countries. whats so special about wine that makes the food delicious? hmmm i wonder if i can substitute wine with something else? something that doesnt have alcohol. perhaps non-alcoholic beer? lol