Tuesday, 26 February 2013

men at work

you must have seen pictures of men doing work without supervision right? i mean they can do crazy stuffs in a very dangerous way. well as long as the goal is achieved. you cant complain much.

so i just moved to a new house and i feel the need to do something to make my room better though how i do it is so inappropriate.

measuring tape pakai sewing kit punya..
batang besi dari penyapu
and... bread knife as gergaji!!!
oh yeah that metal pole dah kena potong da pun...
kain buat alas xnak potong tangan sendiri... potong pakai pisau senang tersasar

this is because im too lazy to go out shopping. so i just look for stuffs inside the house to be used. actually pisau roti tu used only for marking mula-mulanya. tapi i noticed that the edge is kinda similar to a saw so i just gave it a try and voila! it worked though obviously not as good as a saw.

i have two bars to hang my cloth now. the lower one is from the broom stick. hurrah
oh btw my room is quite small (really small actually) but it is quite comfy
there are other stuffs that i want to do too but im not gonna write anymore. huhu kalau nak cari barang kat hardware shop kat malaysia memang senang nak cari. kat sini hardware shop susah sikit ^^

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