Wednesday, 27 February 2013


i used to have yahoo messenger but i no longer use it for most of my friends are changing to new email addresses. so i decided to delete my yahoo messenger. now im using skype. it allows me to video call or atleast call someone free by  using the internet. now tyhe problem with skype is that most of my contact details are offline all the time. so there are only few people that i can contact using skype actually. to top it off, those who dont live oversea dont really use skype so yeah i can only see them online once in a blue moon haha. let's just ignore the invi (bajet hot) people. dont want to bother those who dont want people to contact them.

anyway how you doing mate?

an unfinished pic of belmont. i get too lazy to do it properly mid way since it is extremely hard to make gradient using paint. not hard to be exact but leceh. so i just put it here for now.
maybe ill finish it one day... maybe.... still have other pics to finish though