Tuesday, 29 June 2010

motor kapcai

bile aku pikir2 mase sedang dok dalam jamban.. kat negare laen(selaen kat nusantara ni) ade x masalah rempit ni? maksud aku sakis jalanan ni cam yang bese dapat tgk dalam video kat henpon bbdak ni... bdak kampung aku ni satu hal peliknye nak kate geng rempit x penah aku denga memekak malam buta maen racing.. yela sape nak racing kat ceruk kampung ni. xde awek nak sorak pon.. kene sondol ngan babi hutan ade r. rutin dorang same je tiap-tiap ari. naek moto ramai-ramai pastu amek lepak port kat tgh jalan tepi kubor. nak dekat senja je dorang pon patrol kampung ni ulang alik. siap ade laen-laen group plak tu. x taw r aku nak kate bagus ke tak ade tukang patrol kampung ni.

pastu jumaat je, pakcik tua lepak kat tangga masjid, yang muda jauh sikit kat tempat parking motor, yang berhingus jauh lagi, kat jalan tepi kubor ntah ape dorang pungpangpungpang aku pon x taw. yang aku taw imam bagi salam je enjin motor trus berbunyi.standard r. kat tmpat mane yang xde camtu. teringat time aku kecik dulu budak kampung lepak jalan-jalan sume naek basikal je. yang tua basikal besau. yang muda basikal kecik. pakcik tua yang lepak kedai kopi pekena kopi hitam pekat je pakai motor ni. skang basikal pon da xde da...

be a good actor. do what you are asked to do and people will applause

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gash Bell

ok this is not related to any of my story. i've decided to make reviews on comics from now on and not only my story. these mangas are usually already khatam or finish liao. most of the mangas can be read in www.onemanga.com. do give me comment or suggestions for this part. TQ.

Konjiki No Gash Gash Bell or in english Zatch Bell/Gash Bell (gash Emas dalam BM. aku x taw nape) by Raiku Makoto is a great manga. it is categorized action, comedy, and also one of the shounen manga

the story starts with Takamine, an extra genius boy who met with a demon child, Gash that came to his home naked by clinging to an eagle.WTF? they are destinied to be a partner in order to help Gash fought with other demon child sent to earth. Gash has decided to become the king of demon world for he will become a kind king. in order to do that, he must survive this battle royale and be the last one standing. his adventure with takamine has helped him alot to become stronger and learnt a lot of thing. in the mean time, Takamine also change from a highly ego bastard to someone more friendly and he manage to have lots of friends thanks to Gash.

i like the plot of the story as it has humour and also action which different(not just ordinary battle). the drawing is ok laaa but not bad at all. overall i rate this manga 4stars.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


kalo tgk purata post blog aku tiap blan sekata tp makin kurang... yap cuti mengurangkan mase aku on9. tp x kesah r.

of all the roads in malaysia, melaka has the worst roads. yeah they sucks and so do the jkr. two middle finger for yeh... why do you have to bother to repair them when they are completely ok and there's nothing wrong? why do you have to re"turap" them when there is no hole or anything? pffft piss me off really.

nevertheless, i've got my fairy back...
welcome back my love..

Friday, 18 June 2010


uh suddenly i felt heavy. hmmm the time has come maybe. perhaps...

luck is not on my side maybe...i didnt achieve any of my goal this week. on top of that there are shopping that need to be done. uh i hate shopping cuz... i hate shopping. its soooo leceh and id rather have a credit card and a car key, of course the car shuld be there also. no point having a car key without car you dumbass. and go shopping myself. ermm maybe when im older but rite now im kinda lazy to go for sshopping.
ai, leceh leceh........

kekeke few days ago i killed a rat trying to sneak into ma house. just like that pic. with just one swing, WHAM!!! and it died. no actually it is a bit exaggerating. first smack is to paralyze it and second one is the killing blow. and both hit the head. cool hahaha poor that bastard. died already.

Monday, 14 June 2010


orang kate hidup kalo berjiran biau la berbaik.... kalo sekor kuar siang sekor kuar malam camne nak kenal walaupun hidup satu dahan...duduk dekat... x lebey satu kaki tp x pernah jumpe antara satu same laen.

ok ade berapa hidupan yaang ade dalam gambar tu?

Friday, 11 June 2010


oh im having a hard time now...

urgh after having a tiring week i think im going to zzzzzzzz for awhile.
so there might be not very much posts after this(which is a lie)
thought of writing bout btn camp but it will sound like well evrybody knows it...
afterall im totally exhausted after 5 days course followed by 9 hours in car.huh sounds like i was travelling from north to south. doesnt matter anymore everythings' great. yeah 4 star for overall.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

this is me rite now............
kinda tired/lazy to draw agood pic

oh btw, she looks more beautiful. wow zzzzzzzzzzzz