Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gash Bell

ok this is not related to any of my story. i've decided to make reviews on comics from now on and not only my story. these mangas are usually already khatam or finish liao. most of the mangas can be read in do give me comment or suggestions for this part. TQ.

Konjiki No Gash Gash Bell or in english Zatch Bell/Gash Bell (gash Emas dalam BM. aku x taw nape) by Raiku Makoto is a great manga. it is categorized action, comedy, and also one of the shounen manga

the story starts with Takamine, an extra genius boy who met with a demon child, Gash that came to his home naked by clinging to an eagle.WTF? they are destinied to be a partner in order to help Gash fought with other demon child sent to earth. Gash has decided to become the king of demon world for he will become a kind king. in order to do that, he must survive this battle royale and be the last one standing. his adventure with takamine has helped him alot to become stronger and learnt a lot of thing. in the mean time, Takamine also change from a highly ego bastard to someone more friendly and he manage to have lots of friends thanks to Gash.

i like the plot of the story as it has humour and also action which different(not just ordinary battle). the drawing is ok laaa but not bad at all. overall i rate this manga 4stars.

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