Monday, 30 August 2010


bling bling bling lagu raye da berkumandang kat radio ngan shopping centre walaopon pose x abes ag... iklan raye dakuar jauh sblom pose start... orang indon(Bendera) masih dengan tahi mereka. Nie Ching plak bagi tazkirah dalam surau Al-Huda tanpa menutup aurat(agak2 r wei). kan da murka sultan selangor. Militan Indonesia yang diketuai Mochammad Achwan berikrar jihad terhadap polis. waow adakah berperang sesama sendiri tu jihad? baek pi bom kat israel.... dan penduduk Big Apple melaungkan Stop Islamisation of New York!!! chill la we are not terrorist bak kata Khan, "My name is Khan and I'm not a terrorist!!!"

oxymoron of the day, Butt Head thanx to mima...
Butt Head is someone that is hard to get along with a.k.a stupid person
headbutt is an action but which part of the body is used? butt or head?
both maybe... hiyargh!!!
obviously because the head is the butt just like this creature. haha tribute to Dr. Slump.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


today i was wathcing the news again and there's this one news(is news singular or plural?)about SYABAS giving free water and gifts to citizens those who are identified as poor/pauper and also single mother.they get 20m^3 of water free every month. very convenient eh. I saw that most... no all of them are malays. I dont know wether there are any non-malay that receive them but thats not the point. I learnt that the government are helping the people especially malay as we were left far behind in term of civilization compared to other races during the colonisation of the malaya.

nevertheless, i know this one uncle, he is old, jobless, and he need to take care of his he went to ask help to get help with people like him from charity. he only get small amount whereas there are other people that get not twiceo triple but five times higher than him and they are much younger than him. the reason is that she is a single mother. oh come on, she still can work to earn money but what about this old bloke? then i started to wonder......

Yeay!!! Oxymoron for today is HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!
Holy is something sacred, pure, clean..all the positive things while shit is just a shit. totally opposite of shit. oh i just love this word.. why the picture shown is a king of shit? because it is a HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
fyi firman, i cant use your holy hell cuz i've used it for this one and how the heck am i gonna draw a hell?

Sunday, 22 August 2010


baru baru ni ade berita mengatakan khatib di poolo peenang telah berdoa untuk eksejahteraan Lim Guan Eng sewaktu solat jumaat. WTF!!! sesungguhnya aku rase beliau amat sengal. kenape tidak berdoa untuk kesejahteraan Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin yang merupakan ketua agama negara ni? ape ko nak cakap xleh ke doa tuk die? apsal x doa time lain? aiya....

oh ya, lagi satu kat perak. para businessman diwajibkan untuk mengibarkan Jalur Gemilang kerana jika mereka tidak berbuat demikian lesen perniagaan mereka tidak akan diperbaharui. ...... aku x taw nak cakap pe. Threating will not teach them to be patriotic. they will end up being rebellious. ergh, langkah yang sungguh kebudak-budakan.

Ok untuk ruangan gambar kali ni kite belajar bnde baru iaitu oxymoron.
what is oxymoron? 2 words that contradict each other. correct me if i'm wrong. so here's the words of the day...

White Chocolate
we all know that chocolate is not white and white is not the colour of chocolate.
maybe Michael Jackson got the idea from this thing.

oh yeah do give me suggestion for oxymoron examples for i'm quite lazy to search for it. thanx

Friday, 20 August 2010


what is bribery? it is the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage. In other words, you give people something so that you wiill be able to get away from being punished. Pretty convenient huh? haha

bribery is related to corruption and yes the more bribery the bigger the corruption. lets see the malaysia's ranking in corruption is.... 40 according to and singapore is no. 3!!!(the bigger the number shows more corruption). kinda amazing that our neighbour here is one of the country with the least corruption in the world. so, we have SPRM to go against corruption and catch all the bad people. whats the punishment? DIE!!! in china but losing position in Malaysia. maybe imprisonment o whatever la.(didnt bother to check). Our proiphet did said: “Pemberi rasuah dan penerima rasuah akan masuk neraka.” (Hadis riwayat at-Tarmizi)

why do we bribe? why cant we stop bribery? the question is, where do we learn bribery? simple from our daily life. even parents teach their children how to bribe. yeah bribe them with candy and toys and they remain silent. hahaha

Pugna The Oblivion: The dead has returned....

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE da abes interview.... lega dod... hehehe selepas beberapa hari bertarung dalam keadaan yang amat leceh lagi sukar. Anyway, for the past few days I’ve been dreaming some shitty things... yeah really shit that it makes me feel like a weirdo. Kinda freaking me out. It doesn’t matter cuz it’s just a dream. Im not gonna tell what are those dream but i really don’t like it. They do not cause me to feel angry/sad/scared (doesn’t involve emotion) but the feeling when I woke up was like WTF!!!???...
Enuff of the shitty dreams, Ramadhan is approaching, A level result will be out day after tomorrow, PMC candidates going to interview this Friday, clearing will start soon, many things need to be done but don’t forget mate... DotA till sahur is a tradition. Oh yeah, If you are diligent enuff maybe tahajud will be good for you.... hehe happy fasting

Now I know how does it feel like being an old folks... no teeth, nothing can be eaten except soft foods a.k.a porridge and yeah, i tell you, eating peas are like shit.i can only chew using my front tooth. My gigi graham is not functioning right now...Owwww!!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Apabila mereka berkata bosan

manusia memang x reti bersyukur...
sentiasa nak bnde yang takde....
nak awek nak sailang orang laen punye...sailang bini orang pun ade
nak makan nak yang kawan punye baru sedap sebab free...
haiz tgk orang ade itu nak itu tgk orang ade ini nak ini
same la ngan bab laen
time sebok nak mampos sume orang cakap kalo la aku bley beli mase... kalo la aku ade mase kan bes leh bersantai leh lepak2 leh guling2
tapi tu sume tipu sokmo... bile da ade mase free banyak mule la bosan la bosan nak mampos abeh tu tanye orang nak watpe ek.... cube ingat ckit pe nak wat kalo free time sebok dlu....duh, well try to be more positive. accept the emptiness and you wont feel bored hahaha
come on dont be too greedy... make full use of what you have right now and later you wont miss regret it.