Saturday, 24 January 2015

morning game

let's play a game. here's the instruction.

create a shape using only 6 lines to form as much corner as you can inside the shape.
of course the easiest would be a hexagon with 6 corners inside the shape.
the pic below is a rectangle but it has 12 corners inside it.
it all started from this shape. a crossed box. i drew this on a foggy window on the bus going to the hosp early in the morning just to spend time. so then i asked can i get more corners?

so far the most i can get is 36 corners i was thinking that there is a shape with more corners but i cant draw it out because the condensation was disappearing and I'd arrived to the hospital.

another thing is that i was wondering if there's a way to do this by doing calculation not just by try and error. guess it would be the functions related stuffs as that's what you use when you are looking for the highest/lowest or increasing/decreasing value for the equation (forgot the proper name). anyway. yeah i got 36 by try and error.

the hints to get the most here is to be able to get as many intersection of the lines inside the shape formed.

pfffttt i should be memorizing notes and drugs instead of making and playing this kind off game but oh well

Monday, 19 January 2015

rusty hand

when it takes you ages just to draw this small thing.

and it's just a damn basic building shape

lol oh well I'm not gonna polish though. exam is just around the corner. ^^
you know what I'm doing...something that started with p.... 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

food wastage

there you have it. it always irk me whenever i see the last person leaving behind a small portion of food be it rice in a pot, snacks, kuih etc etc as if someone else going to eat it. we all know no one's going for the last piece and it has become some sort of unspoken rule not to take the last piece. I know there are reasons behind this action such as being polite in case someone want to eat the food. oh well, its better for you to just finish it because we all know nobody's going to eat it. that small portion is already considered as a leftover. no one eat leftover. other reason is when you don't want to be the last person so that you don't have to wash the pot or cook the new batch of rice. so you leave a small amount of food claiming someone else will be the last one even though the quantity is ridiculously low. this is just purely selfish and god i want to kick their ass whenever my friend do this. I don't know... It seems like the foods are invisible to the eyes when the amount is small.

and then there's this thing that i never get people always look at me in amaze whenever i finish my plate clean and they ask me how do i eat so clean. you just eat all the food!!!! my friend asked how i can eat chicken leaving behind just bones and not a single meat left and they claim they can never do that. oh please.... you're not even trying and you said you can never do that.

ah oh well, don't waste your food