Sunday, 25 August 2013

The International 3

The International 3 (TI3) is the biggest dota2 tournament and this year it was held at Seattle. I've never watch any tournament before this for I'm not really into serious gaming. I play for fun and I usually only play with my friends. Thats why i never bother to watch the first 2 TI. but then, my comp is no longer fit to play games and my condition that wont allow me to play games much makes me watch this tournament. I didnt really follow it in the beginning but towards the ending I was excited to see the matches especially when Malaysian team, Orange manage to get high ranking in the tournament. They manage to get the 3rd place which they should have been able to get 2nd actually but let's just leave it at that. ah i was rooting for Orange and their lost makes me disappointed a bit to be honest. anyway congrats to them for being able to get the world attention and became a big star. first runner up goes to Na'Vi, the all favourite team around the world and the champion is [A]lliance, a sweddish group. all of them were showing great matches and i just love it.

this is the first time that i really follow a tournament and i felt the excitement like people watching football except that im alone in front of the screen getting excited with all the shouting lol. but now i know that ill be following this tournament next year....perhaps if i have the chance. ^^ if i get the chance i might try to get a ticket to go to the tournament itself. it will be fun watching together with all the crowds haha. Ill try to draw dota characters in the future post. been trying to draw but ive lost my touch actually. only have the rough sketches and getting them done using computer would be really difficult

Monday, 5 August 2013


so you see in this world nothing can be created nor destroyed. if you want to create something you will have to destroy something then. now the create and destroy in the first and second sentence are not the same. whatever. It is like in Fullmetal Alchemist. everything in this world is all about energy and we live by trying to make use of the energy in the most efficient way. light, vibration, heat, electricity, all of them are energy. everything even the matter are energy. stuff like rocks are energy? yes  the energy are stored in form of bond. bond between the atoms, protons, neutrons, and electrons. all these are held by energy. so when we change something or make something out of something it is basically just a manipulation of energy between the particle. thats why i like fullmetal alchemist concept though the ritual part and the sign can never be done. it is also a reason why i believe something like elixir of life, or philosopher stone can exist in the world for making gold from lead is not impossible. the alchemy is possible.

on a side note I notice that every bond are made of energy that holds them particle together. changing form solid state to liquid is due to the release of energy making the bond weaker. what if we are able to siphon all the energy from something. a total annihilation. if energy is totally robbed from something it will become nothing. just the very small particle that makes this whole world. and that means we can make something from the air too. lol