Friday, 18 December 2009

selamat tinggal

kataku kepada mereka

Monday, 14 December 2009

we love ugliness

nothing to say actually
just crapping out something crap. huh?
well why do i say we love ugliness? bcoz we just like it.
take an example of an accident. when people see an accident they slow down their cars, and gather round the accident like a bunch of monkeys. watching and commenting but doing nothing. they knew that the accident is terrible and yet they keep looking at it no matter how bad it is. it's like an eye magnet that attract your eyes and keep looking at it. i never heard people try to run away from an accident and drove quickly
unless it is a hit and run....

when it is ugly it is something bad.dark, down, deep and ugly. something negative. nevertheless, human tend to look at the negative parts. we see more mistakes than achievements. we consider the con's more than the pro's. everything come with positive and negative. like dr jekyll and mr hyde or yin and yang whatever. why cant we look at the better side? cuz we love ugliness.

speaking of it, i remember one of my favourite cowboy movie The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
where can i get it?

Saturday, 12 December 2009

amalkan budaya membaca

ape gune buku?

- untuk diconteng
- stack bebanyak atas meja(cover dari ckgu tuk tido)
- jd alas mouse kat common room
- penuhkan ruang dalam bilik atas locker bawah katil
- selit cek 500 pastu ilang
- untuk dijadikan bahan bakar depan bilik A131
- bagi pinjam kat bdak xde buku

bapak banyak fungsi buku.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

hemo hemo

ai esok balik sekola kerja aku x siap lagi ulangkaji x abes lagi
risau tapi x pe r

antara perkara yang aku x suke wat adalah menghadiri majlis lagi lagi majlis kahwin
aku x taw r aku ni x suke bersosial ke atau memang ade sebab laen
tp aku mmg x minat sangat sebab kecoh r
sebab utama sebab makanan majlis kahwin memang slalu pedas cam gampang
tgh hari panas2 pon nak makan pedas lagi..

papepon selamat hari raye n
gudluck to ma brethren for da upcoming exam.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


my dream when i was a kid is to control time
even now i still want to have that ability to control time
like faceless void maa..
wish i can stop time and reverse it.
then i will become the king!

I'm not going to talk about my dream now. but i want to talk about time. something that is very precious and greater than any value in this world but keep being wasted.
i always heard people wish so that time will go faster and sometimes slowly. usually those who want time to go slowly is when they are having good moment but most people would pray so that time would go fast, faster, and faster.......

people always want time to go fast when they are in difficulties as long as they are in a hard time they always wish for the time to past quickly so that the torture would end quickly. sometimes, just because they feel bored and have nothing to do they just complain and wish time would go fast...

damn, these guys are really selfish and ungrateful! is the time right now is not fast enough for you? screw you for being ungrateful. at least you have the time and should enjoy it when you still have it. let the time pass and enjoy it not saying "oh, how i wish time would go fast so that i can bla bla bla". again, screw you! just accept what you have and use it to fullest not saying something stupid ..|.,

if god really grant your wishes then all of us will not be able to have fun. i cant even sleep and there's a lot of things need to be done in a short period of time. well, it seems like time do go faster than before...i guess god really make time faster thanks to you all lah...

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Aku Rakan dan Bintang

pada suatu malam, aku dan rakan pulang ke hostel selepas menelaah di kelas. kami pun meluangkan masa di MB (meja bulat) mencari ketenangan sambil berborak-borak perkara dunia ni plus ngumpat orang laen skali.sudah menjadi kebiasaan melepak di situ bila ada masa free.

rakan-rakan ku yang laen sedang berdota di atas..... malas plak nak naek. lepak dulu...
kesunyian melanda sambil masing masing tgk langit wat bodo. henset dicapai lalu punat2 tangkas dipicit-picit dan send. mesejnya berbunyi "malam ni xde bintang r".
jawapan yang dapat balik amat ringkas,"pe kene aku dengan bintang?"

gelak ketawa berderai mesej dibalas dengan bersahaja. "Kalo ade bintang boleh kite tgk same-same" hahaha. kesilapan yang mungkin dilakukan oleh sahabat ku tnapa menyedari masalah yang bakal melanda. ntah, kebingungan yang wujud akibat keheningan malam, kebosanan, kesepian dan kengantukan melanda diri.

ai, bintang bintang...... hehehehe

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Malam yang sunyi

jumaat malam memang la malam kesukaan ku...
satu satunya malam yang aman di kmb. mase yang paling sesuai untuk berehat lepas seminggu membanting tulang 10 kerat...
kalo nak diikutkan time ni aku maseh berfoya foya di alamanda pegi tengok wayang x pon karok... paling koman layan kreko dan komik kesayanganku yang laen. tapi lepas insiden 5 pendekar tu kad raja da x boleh gune da.... nak kuar ari jumaat pon leceh. so, malam yang indah ni di luangkan bukan dengan nur kasih tetapi dengan DotA.

tapi malam ni sunyinya lebih plak. terasa keheningannya. cam aku sorang je kat kolej ni. dota pon start lambat n maen pon aman je.... 4 on 4.
rase cam dalam cc pon ade gak.... kalo x bising nak mampos....
malam ni aku lepak je.... hajat di hati nak wat world lit ngan ia business dikuburkan begitu saja.... aku perlukan malam ni.... nak bersenang....

Saturday, 7 November 2009

i want to..... but....

I want to get everything
I want to play
I want to sleep
I want to rest
I want to eat

But there are too many obstacles
that forbid me from getting those fruits of joy
there are too many thorns that keep scratching me
there are too many problems that bind me like iron chains
there are too many liars tried to take advantage on me like parasites
My path is blocked
and I cant see what is in front of me
i cant even move forward

I want to get everything in this world
But my hands are too small i can get only a small portion of it.
I am not able to grab everything
Every time I tried to get more of it I lose some of it.
and I ponder, should I stop?
or should I try again and lose more?
should I give up and run away?
or should I keep going and suffer more?

I want to get everything
but I keep on losing even more

Friday, 6 November 2009

6 November

heppy besday kepada bbdak 6 november.....
tahniah kepada yang mendapat banyak hadiah dan takziah kepada yang mendapat 'hadiah' yang busuk....

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

sleep la.....

i love to sleep....
why? cuz i get to close my eyes and give them some rest after watching too many sinful things.
cuz my world will turn to pitch black and i can get drifted away from all the craps.

things that i hate when i am sleeping:
1) sudden wake up when i was in the middle of sleeping

2) dream.... makes me feel tired after a sleep

3) some idiot talking as if everybody is deaf

4) those who wake me up like hell.....Fuck you!!

5) caught by teacher sleeping in class. Duh...

6) need to pee.... leceh ooo

7) my dumb roomate doesn't switch off the alarm clock

..... just dont disturb me sleeping!!! zzzz

Saturday, 31 October 2009

urine experiment

Aritu kitorang ade experiment bio pasal urine.....
al kisah, sorang member aku ni terlupa nak provide kencingnya ikut waktu selang 1 jam.....
so, die pon kencing dalam sume botol, pastu tambah air dari water cooler... hahahaha

naseb baek x kantoi ngan cikgu Guna....

malangnya, tengah experiment tu, one of the urine samples tertumpah di sebabkan oleh kecuaian dia dan lopak amin menjadi mangsa. pastu lopak die plak terjatuh dalam sinki yang ade urine.. sian die....

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I would like to wish Selamat HAri Raya to all of my family, friends, teacher, bla bla bla and the whole world. Yeah finally Aidilfitri has come and everybody celebrate it with joy for having successful in going through the fasting in the whole ramadhan month.

It is a tradition where people will go visiting each other during raya especially between families and relatives. Besides, it is a must to have duit raya and also firecrackers. what is raya with no firecrackers and duit raya... it is like eating nasi impit without kuah kacang. well hope everyone will be able to go back to school in one piece not in pieces...

hehehe as my kampung is very far, so i seldom go back to my kampung during hari raya. yeah, wish i have a chance before i fly.this year i celebrate in my hometown the first and second day are just normal where neighbours and small children visit us and i have to entertain them. sometimes i dont even know who they are. they just wears beautiful dresses and walk in flock and crash people houses... "SEMEKOOOMM!!!!!". it means... duit raya, im coming.... but it is fun to entertain them as i get to know these kampong boys though mst probably i will forget...

Today I had a chance to celebrate raya with ma colleagues. Kepet da monkey, Sherry da lampy, and mubin. At first i went to Sherry's house with Kepet. there kepet had a little accident. He fell of his bike and kiss the road. man that sucks. later we went to Kepet's house folowed by Eein's house in Muo. Then we stop by at Mubin's house and finally they all came to ma house. By the time they went back it was already 4 oclock.hahaha most of the time spent on the road. well, i still have tomorrow to go to other houses... huh? Homework?? forget about it....raya is for raya...

Friday, 18 September 2009


hari ini hari jumaat. resut IELTS patot keluar hari ni.tapi aku sedang bercuti di rumah... hehehe cuti raye!!! ape result aku r? mungkin 7 mungkin lagi rendah. harap-harap dapat 7.5 ke atas. kalo x mampos aku.

beberapa hari lepas aku bermimpi mengenai result ielts kuar.mimpi tu nampak real sampaikan jantung aku berdegup dengan kuat. fuh, adegannya kat kolej aku... time tu result baru kuar. budak-budak sume berkerumun nak cari result memasing. akudok rilek je. tibe-tie bella datang die tunjuk kat aku die dapat 7.5 ...... lega hati die dapat ke uk... aku ni plak camne?

baru nak pi cek result aku kelas plak start. aiseh, xpe2 nnti pas kelas pi la tengok. Kelas time tu kelas bio yang mane bapak kesayangan bbdak kelas aku Mr. Guna ajo. dah le aku kene marah aritu sbb tido dalam kelas die. kawkaw nyela... tgh kelas tu tibe-tibe die suro aku wat errand. pi pekan blikan barang plak... "pundek" kataku dalam hati. bile aku nak tengok result aku ni... so pi le pekan...da beli barang tu balek kolej dah r lame gile pegi beli siap memilih barang pulak tu. abes time mimpi aku... bile da balik tu plak ade je menatang panggil aku dan banyak pulak aral yang melintang untuk aku pi tgk result aku tu. last-last da sampai depan bilik kaunselor tu...
aku ter jage dari mimpi....

ceh kat umah..... ni baru hari isnin.... hm.... agaknye bape result aku ek? tido je r

Monday, 7 September 2009


pada suatu hari, aku pegi ke supermarket. sekadar window shopping je kerana dompetku sudah kurus... maka, jaln punya jalan akhirnya sampai kat bahagian minuman.aku tgk satu-satu atas bawah kiri kanan....... sume same je.... xde minuman baru pun. aku pon meneruskan perjalanan tp mataku ternampak satu minuman. MALTA..... minuman dari malt? amek saje.....nampak cam sedap..... ade tulis no alcohol lagi tu.... aku pon beli la dengan hajat nak minum pas bukak pose...

malam tu lepas tarawih aku pun try minum seteguk sambil tengok tv. BWUEKK!!! x sedap langsung.. rasa masam tp pahit.... dey, ubat pon lagi sedap r. hahaha tapi x sedap pon sedar-sedar da abes satu botol. Main togok je. lepas tu aku pon bace detail kat botol tu.sudah jadi kebiasaan aku bace tuisan-tulisan tu. sampai kat bahagian pengilang, aku terbeliak.... Guiness..... company tu ade keluarkan minuman halal ke? aku terkesima..... tp nak wat camne? aku da minum abes. yang tinggal botol je.mungkin begitu kot rase arak tp tanpa gas.

pengajaran: laen kali bace btol-btol seblom beli

Friday, 28 August 2009


hari ini aku keluar rumah..... menemani ibuku bershopping sambil menziarah orang saket di ospital. Sebenarnya aku malas nak kuar berat sungguh nak menjejakkan kaki di luar rumah.... baek aku maen dota lagi bes walaupun maen sorang je.... x pon layan movie.

tp apakan daya orang kate cakap orang tua mesti dipatuhi. so aku pon follow mak aku ke Jusco yang terletak ntah bape kilometer tah. alang2 da kuar tu beli la komik skali.... malangnya kreko bumper da abes.. ceis celaka sungguh. last-last beli jinggo...

da dekat 2345 jam kat luar tu kami pon pulang ke rumah berbekalkan barang yang dibungkus beg plastik. semasa aku kuar keta apabila motokar yang di pandu telah berhenti aku bingkas kuar keta nak sambung bace komik dalam umah. Tiba-tiba henponku yang sepatotnya dalam kocek aku tibe-tibe jatuh dan terus dive ke dalam kolam kecil yang betul2 ade kat sebelah aku. "Cbloup!!" aku hanya mampu berkata "Nice One!!" dan melihat taliponku tenggelam ke dalam kolam bersama ikan yang berenang dengan girangnya.

bile aku da amek kuar henpon tu dan keringkannya aku ingat da setel tapi die plak jd terpakse la anta ke kedai.... aduh... xleh kontek orang r cuti ni... henpon lagi satu kat jep..
ai, nak pakai henpon baru pe r?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Every year, there is a month that all muslims are required to fast. That is Ramadhan. It is a month that people should behave.. err, i guess better and will not do sinful things. This is because all demons and jinns are prisoned in hell during this month. In other words, we are free from evil incitement! hooray!!! But still, there are people doing bad things during Ramadhan. Who says that people are like angels during this month? I mean, even me myself do bad things (not like what you're thinking) during this month. who the hell that drove us towards these ugly things? Is it demons wearing human masks? No.... Of course, our LUST.... God gave us lust so that we will have wants and feel the world. That gave us the colour in this world. Nevertheless, if we let lust to control our body. Everybody will only think of freedom and enjoyment. The thought of pleasure and excitement make me feel really good. But still, it can lead us towards the oblivion of ourselves. Back to our main topic, we have to control our lust so that our heart will become pure. This is the month that all of us need to do more ibadah like prayer, recite Al-Quran, and many more. We can get many shafaat and pahala hoping that we will go to heaven. Amin....

Another thing that I observed nowadays that people do not really welcome Ramadhan. Well, of course they do the fasting part but do they really fast? I mean, I see most of the people fast because they do it as a tradition. It is because of our culture. Get what I mean? they do not do this religious obligation because of the religion. I can conclude that Malaysians know Ramadhan as the month before Syawal. When Ramadhan come, that means there's only one more month left to decorate the house, to change new curtains, and most of all, to buy new clothes. They dont think of doing ibadah but perhaps they bear in mind "Shopping time!!" Yes, we accept Ramadhan as a reminder of Hari Raya.

I have an experience when i went to a buffet for breaking fast. The hotel did serve a lot of mouth watering delicacies and I enjoyed eating the food until suddenly i heard raya songs were aired loudly. All I can say is "What the fuck?!" It was only the second day of ramadhan and they have already played raya songs. I started to ponder, what is the significance of Ramadhan to us?

Well, I hope that all of us will be able to go through this month with plenty of ibadah and may all of us get the chance to meet Lailatul-Qadr. Ai for the last 1/3 of the month.

Hahaha aku ngah nak repair English aku tatkala exam IELTS semakin menghampiri. xp

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Biar putih tulang jangan putih mata......
itulah apa yang sering diungkapkan orang ketika berjuang.

Setiap hari merupakan perjuangan yang amat hebat dan perlu di tempuhi dengan berani. Namun begitu, ramai jugak orang yang kalah dalam perjuangan mereka. ade yang berjuang di meadan perang mempertahankan negara tanah tumpah darahnya seperti di asia barat sekarang..... ada yang sibuk berjuang mempertahankan parti-parti politik xkurang juga dengan mereka yang sibuk berjuang di ranjang menitiskan peluh jantan sampai berkeriut bunyinya....

sudah 19 tahun sejak aku muncul di muka bumi ini, banyak kejayaan yang telah ditempah walaupun kebanyakannya tidak dihargai. namun begitu perjuangan yang aku hadapi sekarang ini sungguh menyeksakan. penatnya teramatlah sangat sehingga aku x mampu meneruskan lagi perjuangan.

segala ilmu dan teknikku digunakan untuk mengelakkan diri dari terkantoi..... ku lihat jam swatch ciplak di tangan ku...... "lame lagi ni" bisik hatiku. masa yang berlalu satu minit terasa seperti berjam-jam. pelbagai cara telah kulakukan tetapi, hasilnya tetap sama.... beban yang dipikul semakin lama semakin berat.... berat sehingga aku sudah tak mampu nak mengagkatnya lagi..... lalu jatuh lah seorang pahlawan di medan perang menyembah meja dan zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

hari ini aku tertidor dalam kelas lagi....... zzzzzzz ngantoknye....

Monday, 10 August 2009

perlukah aku ke luar negara?

setiap orang ingin pergi ke luar negara..... lebih lebih lagi bbudak yang ngah wat preparation study tok oversea....x abeh abeh sebut "aku nak fly" sampai aku pon da bosan nak dengar tp apakan daya. dorg memang kene fly. kalo x balik umah menganggur je r.

mak bapak kate blaja bebaek..... nnti bleh fly.... soalnya ke mana aku nak fly? UK? Ireland? New Zealand? atau mungkin ke India saja.... hmmm rasenye sama saje kat mane aku blaja cume kalo blaja kat negara atas angin sane nampak omputih jele.. kalo blaja kat india msti r nmpak orang india kat sane xkan dengan mat saleh plak.... aku rase r, kalau yuran blaja kat luar negara tu same murah macam kat malaysia memang kosong malaysia ni. yang tinggal para menteri serta golongan emas sahaja.

bile besau keje masih same..... x lain x bukan menjadi housemen 2 taun dulu.... barangkali 3 taun. kalo aku dapat degree dalam negara pon still bleh keje..... cume orang kate x kelas r.... setakat PMC, orang blaja RCSI, IUMC, bla bla bla dan bla bla bla... huh, memang r owang kate blaja local xde standard tp yang penting keje... kalo terbang tinggi-tinggi tapi akhirnya x dapat cari periuk nasi kan naye namenye. dah le kene bayar balik duit JPA/MARA/papela nak tanggung anak bini plak nnti. "baek aku jd tukang sapu sampah je dari kecik, senang x yah blaja tinggi-tinggi". Barangkali ayat-ayat sebegini bakal terpacul dari mulut-mulut para graduan yang meganggur nanti.

pape pon aku masih kene pilih nak ke negara mane yek? mase da xde.... kang silap-silap rakan-rakanku sume 'fly', aku sorang yang terkandas. hmmmm???? kan senang kalau boleh pilih semua....