Saturday, 7 November 2009

i want to..... but....

I want to get everything
I want to play
I want to sleep
I want to rest
I want to eat

But there are too many obstacles
that forbid me from getting those fruits of joy
there are too many thorns that keep scratching me
there are too many problems that bind me like iron chains
there are too many liars tried to take advantage on me like parasites
My path is blocked
and I cant see what is in front of me
i cant even move forward

I want to get everything in this world
But my hands are too small i can get only a small portion of it.
I am not able to grab everything
Every time I tried to get more of it I lose some of it.
and I ponder, should I stop?
or should I try again and lose more?
should I give up and run away?
or should I keep going and suffer more?

I want to get everything
but I keep on losing even more

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