Wednesday, 25 November 2009


my dream when i was a kid is to control time
even now i still want to have that ability to control time
like faceless void maa..
wish i can stop time and reverse it.
then i will become the king!

I'm not going to talk about my dream now. but i want to talk about time. something that is very precious and greater than any value in this world but keep being wasted.
i always heard people wish so that time will go faster and sometimes slowly. usually those who want time to go slowly is when they are having good moment but most people would pray so that time would go fast, faster, and faster.......

people always want time to go fast when they are in difficulties as long as they are in a hard time they always wish for the time to past quickly so that the torture would end quickly. sometimes, just because they feel bored and have nothing to do they just complain and wish time would go fast...

damn, these guys are really selfish and ungrateful! is the time right now is not fast enough for you? screw you for being ungrateful. at least you have the time and should enjoy it when you still have it. let the time pass and enjoy it not saying "oh, how i wish time would go fast so that i can bla bla bla". again, screw you! just accept what you have and use it to fullest not saying something stupid ..|.,

if god really grant your wishes then all of us will not be able to have fun. i cant even sleep and there's a lot of things need to be done in a short period of time. well, it seems like time do go faster than before...i guess god really make time faster thanks to you all lah...

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