Wednesday, 4 November 2009

sleep la.....

i love to sleep....
why? cuz i get to close my eyes and give them some rest after watching too many sinful things.
cuz my world will turn to pitch black and i can get drifted away from all the craps.

things that i hate when i am sleeping:
1) sudden wake up when i was in the middle of sleeping

2) dream.... makes me feel tired after a sleep

3) some idiot talking as if everybody is deaf

4) those who wake me up like hell.....Fuck you!!

5) caught by teacher sleeping in class. Duh...

6) need to pee.... leceh ooo

7) my dumb roomate doesn't switch off the alarm clock

..... just dont disturb me sleeping!!! zzzz


  1. kalau org kejut sbb dota :s ?

  2. yang tu aku x marah......
    berterimakasih lg tu

  3. lepas kitorg goncang ko kalo ade DOTA...haha