Monday, 31 October 2011

ridiculous night

that's halloween. yeah the first thing that come to our mind when this word appear is "trick or treat". i dont really see that much now. halloween has become more like a costume night now rather than to celebrate the ghost thingy. yeah, that's the only night that people will say cool when you walk at the pavement wearing the most bizarre outfit. you can see all sorts of costume and trust me they dont look scary even the slightest. kinda like more sexy. I went to temple bar last night just to watch all the people and yeah get to see funny costumes. nevertheless, it was quite fun with all these people going lunatic.everyone was having fun and they all got wasted.
last year i wore scream mask and black cape. so, i didnt wear any costume this year. just plain shirt. oh yeah, and then there is a guy that came to us and ask "are you guys wearing chinese people costume?" hahaha of course cant you see idiot? ah maybe ill wear a costume next year. ^^

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


now that is what i call despair. the feeling of despair, that's what make you down.
nevertheless i was nto able to shed tears. when will i be able to have tears? not this time though it was quite frustrating.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

dream again

and now i want to play basketball once more. i really hope that i will be able to play again. i was invited to go to notts game. i already said that im not going to notts game this year but when farzan invite me i just feel that i want to go. even when im not playing but i still feel that i want to play. oh how i miss basketball. once i thought to myself the basketball part in my life is over but deep down i still hope to be able to play again. one day, perhaps that day will come. but for now, i will dream. dream of something that have long gone but not to be forgotten for it has already been in my heart. the little flame is waiting for the right moment to get bigger but it is so small now that it can be extinguished anytime. the future will show the fate of the flame.

Saturday, 22 October 2011


do you have a dream? what is your dream?  what do you want to get? either you get it or die trying, just go for it.
my life dream would be rich, living in a house alone when im still single. ever watch jumper? yeah that kind of lifestyle. you get everything to yourself and i can do whatever i want. being able to live like that will be fantastic. haha hope i can have that kind of life. finger crossed ^^

lets hear the talk from Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream"

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

life is full of drama

seriously, bnde kat dunie ni mmg penuh ngan drama. cinta, kawan, sailang, musuh, and etika(etc). ade yang aku suke gile tgk. ade yang aku nyampah gak tgk tp x suke camne pon aku stil tgk gak. and kekadang aku kene tarik masok dalam drama skali. so, kene r maenkan peranan ngan btol kalo x nnti kene marah ngan pelakon laen. tp ade mase yang aku x dapat tgk sampai abes. keadaan x mengizinkan nak wat camne....

Friday, 14 October 2011

jaga hati

sape yang sanggup rosakkan tali persahabatan demi diri sendiri?
peh sape yang sanggup wat camtu mmg pentingkan diri sendiri sial....
kawan selamanya dod. x kesah r jauh ke x pape pon friends come first!! kite kene jage ati kawan

thumbs up to those saying something similar like that. woohooooo
well guess what? fuck you all those words are just lies. even member paling baek pon leh tikam belakang
and x perlu la nak pikir aku wat banyak bnde tuk member tp last2 ape dapat? sakit ati... come on la kate member dlu. jage ati konon. slalu gak aku tgk orang baek gile ngan member. member pijak kepala pon die ok je. pastu cakap belakang."aku bukan ape, nak marah2 pon member gak". ill say screw your member. tu bkan kawan tu. tu shaitan besau bang.

lagi satu bab hutang2. kalo member sorang ni pinjam duet tp pastu x reti bayar balik nak wat pe? mintak la balik duet. respon bese yang dapat
sekali mintak: lepak dlu kang2 aku bayar r
2 kali mintak: sabo r. aku ade duet nnti aku bayar.
3 kali mintak: camni r member. ngan aku pon nak berkira. kalo camni x yah member r
yang sibagi duet ni plak x reti nak mintak balik duet...zzzz parah r
bg aku si peminjam yang berkira sangat dan bodoh. aku member camni mmg malas aku nak tolong
end up jadi cam peminta sedekah lak asek minta duet. kang wat cam along kang ade yang panggil polis

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


why i want to be a doctor? why i choose not be with them? why i sleep in the class?
why why why Y Y Y 
dont ask me for i dont have the answers. look for the answer yourself 
as the saying goes "the answer lies within your heart" by whatever -.-
one doesnt need a reason to do anything. i just do something without any reason. that's all
so stop asking me why and dont say Y either. so annoying

Sunday, 2 October 2011


When there are lots of stuffs to read yet nothing done
procrastination is at best