Monday, 31 October 2011

ridiculous night

that's halloween. yeah the first thing that come to our mind when this word appear is "trick or treat". i dont really see that much now. halloween has become more like a costume night now rather than to celebrate the ghost thingy. yeah, that's the only night that people will say cool when you walk at the pavement wearing the most bizarre outfit. you can see all sorts of costume and trust me they dont look scary even the slightest. kinda like more sexy. I went to temple bar last night just to watch all the people and yeah get to see funny costumes. nevertheless, it was quite fun with all these people going lunatic.everyone was having fun and they all got wasted.
last year i wore scream mask and black cape. so, i didnt wear any costume this year. just plain shirt. oh yeah, and then there is a guy that came to us and ask "are you guys wearing chinese people costume?" hahaha of course cant you see idiot? ah maybe ill wear a costume next year. ^^

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