Monday, 27 August 2012

back to school

ayuh kembali ke sekolah. Ayuh!!!!

class has already commenced today. yeay new semester comes with new spirit to excel this year not like the previous years.. okay i lied since i just finished my exam last friday and today i already have class? oh come on, give me a break. the results are not even out yet.

3rd year is gonna be a tough year. it is the choking point in med school. if one can pass third year one can graduate med school... am i right? well, it's because third year is the starting of us med students to become junior doctors or in another word, babies... no more just sitting at the study table and get yourself immersed in the sea of thick books for the whole year.

well hope we have a good start and may we have the luck throughout the year. ^^

Friday, 17 August 2012

dedication card

time2 camni kalau masa kat sekolah menengah dlu mesti ada beberapa group yang buat dedication card nye perniagaan. x kira la coklat ke sweets ke, tak pun kad  pun da memadai. biasanya kad2 ni akan dilukis oleh diorang sendiri. pastu kad akan datang dalam beberapa warna. pelajar boleh pilih warna. bnde ni mesti laku punye la. anytime kalau ade orang buat dedication card mesti ade pelanggan nye lagi2 time ade event cam raya. hmmm kelas aku dulu penah buat dedication card x eh?

any way selamat hari raya.  

rse cm nk mkn sate

sume org da kawen, suddenly the urge nk mkn sate meninggi, sdap pulak ice cream ni,bosan la tgk afiq main pes,main dota 2 la best,xde life la,bosan,nk tdo

Monday, 13 August 2012

kahwin, kahwin everywhere

a lots of my friends are having marriage this year. well, it is a normal thing for people at my age. marrying at the age of early 20s.... and ive been thinking that people should be marrying around late 20s... whatever as long as they r happy. oh maybe it's because of my path that i chose as i will be finishing my study at the age of 25.. while most of my friends are already working by that time. woahh so late ah? what can i do?

hmmm ive been thinking that i should start finding my partner now. now is a good time to start searching. strike while it's still hot... ok that's not related. haha i wonder what people think of the heartless me searching for a partner lol. anyway ill tell you why i never pay any attention to the girls before this to the extreme that my friends suspect me of being gay ^^. is it really that bad? the thing is i think it's pointless to have a relationship with someone when you know the end result will be a break. besides i know i cant give any commitment during that time. i dont even have money to spend for this kind of thing not to mention going out for a dating. so why give yourself a hard time when you already know the end result? getting into a relationship just for fun, breaking up in the end and then koyak. not only youll have heartache and emotional problem but you also wasted money and time for something useless. overall it's just waste. getting involved in this monkey love or puppy love or whatever you call it is just a waste. im not saying that you cant fall in love at the early age. one can have feeling towards someone else but to be in a relationship when you dont have the foundation yet is like getting yourself into a situation you cant control. so yeah it's pointless. besides, i remember this one sentence from someone older...maybe from my parents cant remember. it's "dont break a maiden's heart" or jangan mainkan hati anak dara orang.. something like that la. you get what i mean? there are several girls that i like but just to that level only since im not interested to go further.

so, congratulations to all my friends that already manage to find their soulmate and marry happily. may the marriage last forever happily. on the other hand, im still thinking what should i buy for newly weds. im not gonna buy kitchen stuffs for they're not staying together. hmmm perhaps tickets to go for honeymoon? lol

another random pic that i've drawn long ago...
i think she is hatsune miku but cant remember

Friday, 10 August 2012

story: cikgu yang kubenci

semasa aku dalam darjah 5  cikgu aku ada suruh tulis esei mengenai cikgu yang aku suka atau aku benci. tak kira sesiapa la. maka kitorang pon tulis la esei dalam masa 40 minit untuk dihantar bila kelas habis. alkisah semua orang tulis pasal cikgu yang digemari atau disayangi tetapi aku seorang je tulis pasal cikgu yang kubenci. aku tulis pasal cikgu bm aku. aku kutuk-kutuk die dalam esei tu pastu hantar kat die bagi dia semak. cikgu aku bila baca esei tu terus tergelak besar dalam kelas sebab aku berani tulis pasal dia. aku buat selamba je sebab dia yang suruh tulis.

aku tulis esei tu pasal masa tu aku ada banyak masalah dengan cikgu bm aku. memang ade je benda yang aku buat membuatkan dia menyirap dan sebaliknya. oh x lupa kena tengking tu da leh jadi asam garam dalam kelas bm. makan penampar pun ada gak. yang tu x sedap sebab masa tu tangan orang dewasa sama besar dengan kepala aku. jadi bila kena tampar tu memang berpusing la kepala. haha masa kecik2 lantang jugak aku bersuara. tu yang boleh gaduh ngan cikgu. sekarang dah malas buat tak kisah je. ohya dan esei tu telah dilaminatekan... haha

a random pic just to try other tools instead of using just brush.
dont remember when i drew it

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Story: pet

Hi hi since im bored and got nothing to do while waiting for my next flight so i decided to make a post. My transit is 11 hours and i cant find any power supply.... Owh wait theres one few feets away from me. Yeay i can use it to charge my lappy. For now ill just write this using my phone.

   Let me tell you a lil bit bout my life. I have pets...chickens, ducks, geese, fishes... Wait are they called pets? Doesnt matter as long as i have them. Among all of them, duck is the most docile. It is less troublesome And less vicious compared to the chicken and goose. Me And my brother likes to play with the duckling. Yellow furball going around the house. So one day we decided to let the duckling swim so we put them in a container full of water just to watch them paddling. They fell sick afterwards since they are still small and the water is too cold. Cant remember whether they died or not.

   Chicken is bit troublesome for me. Why? Because i need to catch it everytime it flies to neighbours house. It is agile and quirky making catching them difficult. Thats why i need to. Ut the feathers at the wing part so that they cant fly away. I remember this one chicken that have funny sound like kulokulokulo. It looks like a turkey but the size is small. Used to call it mini turkey. That damned bird can fly really high. Hate it when i was small cuz it freaks me out when it flies suddenly infront of you.

   Now goose is the least that i like since it really have a bad impression on me. You know goose has this one habit of "spooning" people. Lol i mean it charges at you with the head lowered down like it is going to peck you. Thats the reason why i hate goose  but not anymore!!! Im big enough now that when a goose try to do that ill just slap its head. Oh yeah since it is big and less agile compared to chicken, capturing them is easier. Nevertheless, they all provide meat for us  and free eggs. ^^

what about fish? Nahh it just sit there in the tank going blobblobblob or nyotnyotnyot (ikan bandaraya)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

hanging out

I am not like my friends where they have the freedom to go and hang out with friends anytime and anywhere they like. it is not that i dont want to hang out with them. i do want actually but it is just that my lifestyle is different from them. i live in a life where it is not right for people to go out till late at night. night is the time for you to spend time with your family. kinda like that. get what i mean? so yeah thats why i dont really join my friends activity during holiday.

my friend did mention "ai da besar pon masih kene control lagi?" i'd say hey you stay in your parents house you have to follow the rules. if you want that kind of freedom, you will need to live in your own house unless your parents is the ok type. it's just thats the way of my life. even i dont think that i would let my children go out and come back in the morning. sungguh tidak molek.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

belfast trip

so my summer holiday is about to end in another few more days. ah, no more lazing around, lying and rolling on the floor. prepare to suit up. anyway, i didnt go travelling much this holiday due to certain circumstances. the only place that i go is belfast with my fellow UCDians.

we went to the Factory Outlet for shopping spree. It is famous for the branded item with cheap price as the items come from the factory directly. of course, me not being a shopping enthusiast just went there for window shopping though i did buy one or two stuffs. my friends bought a lot of items to bring back to malaysia as a souvenir. we have no pictures there since we came for shopping.

then we spent quite sometimes getting lost in the middle of belfast city with only relying on google map as our gps. after a lot i mean really lots of cursing we finally managed to buy our food from the so called famous jaipur and got out from the city to continue our journey to giant causeway.