Saturday, 30 June 2012


yeay memandangkan aku tiba-tiba jadi rajin, maka aku pon mengepost gambar TOTO. xde scanner so just ambil gambar. ^^ ohya pensel kayu tumpul je ade so ape leh wat


stuffs from the comic

i like this comic because it's interesting but sadly there are only 2 volumes produced. nevermind, i still enjoy the comic now.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

physics stuff just basic

let's talk about simple physics. gravity value is about 10m/s^2. should be 9.832 something but i just make it simple. stick to the value i learnt back in middle school.

so according to physics law, f=ma where force is equal to mass timed with acceleration. let say when a person weighing 60 kg falls. so the force will be 600N? the force is strong in this one. in other words, a man with that weight jumping down will produce a force of 600N. even if the height is increased let say he jumps from 14 storey building. the force will remain 600N. of course the latter will causes the man to SPLATTT when he hits the ground but the difference will mainly due to  work done i guess that goes by force time distance, wd = fd . since the distance is increased the the work done is also increased. then he becomes like a watermelon tossed to the wall. red stuffs all over the place. wait a second, is it because of the distance that really causes the man to crush or is it because of the sudden stop that the impact causes huge destruction? i mean if something fall slowly even from a high place it wont get destroyed right? try to reduce the gravity and you will be able to jump from a higher place without getting hurt. nvm, ill just think about this later.

so speaking of gravity, when two objects fall, they will fall with the same speed regardless of the mass. as an example, a feather and an elephant. lol i just want to try this test with these two subject. ohyeah this only works if there is no resistance like air resistance. so the higher the resistance the slower the object will fall. but whats the relativity with the mass again? dunno. forgot to ask my teacher back in school. so to end this post. heres a picture of a man on a rock falling (picture 1)... so will the result be like picture 2? can the act in pic 3 and 4 be done?

Monday, 25 June 2012


i want to draw something but my mouse is not functioning properly and the touchpad is worse. it is not functioning at all. so i end up reading. it is the best way to spend time and get myself sleepy. so im going to start reading starcraft novels after i finish LOTR.

been thinking of buying a tablet so that i can draw easier but im just too lazy to look for it and not to mention buy it. afterall pencil and paper are still the best. the only thing is that the product is black and white and they always end up going into the trash bin. i just like to draw for the sake of drawing. thats all.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

true friends

we all know about friends right. there is a saying a friend in need is a friend indeed. and then there is also a saying that a true friends will always be with you when you're having problem. all these sayings, yeah i get it. being together with friends is sweet. you can laugh, do mischief together or share your interests. you can never get bored with your friends save the lame one. we  always try to get a friend when we are alone just so that we will not be alone, just for the sake of having a company.

but all these are for others and not a reminder for you yourself. i mean you want to have a true friend. a friend that will always be by your side regardless whether you're in happiness or sadness, a friend that will go  up and down together in your life but do you act like a true friend to your friends? or you're just another type of friend like friends for benefit? (is it for or with? im too lazy to look it up)

so be realistic, dont go bitching around that you just want true friends and not the hypocrite whatsoever friend when you yourself is behaving like a scumbag. you get what you deserve

Sunday, 3 June 2012

paint paint

tried to draw after watching speedpainting

Saturday, 2 June 2012

im living on a jetplane

hehehehe some of my friends have already had the experience of missing flight and most of them are due to silly mistakes like oversleep (mostly), traffic jam etc etc... well, i can say that abang ryan is so pleased to have customers like them. getting free money or in a more polite way sedekah. i have been laughing at those unfortunate souls. really, they aare like oh abang ryan, i am giving you 50 euro generously... it's a good thing that that incident dont happen to me. i am wondering whether things like this can happen for big flight like when one is going back to malaysia. and what will that person do? god,  that will be really terrible.