Monday, 20 December 2010


1. I was tagged by Farzan
2. I dont know what to say
3. I hate you
4. I want my revenge
5. I'm straight
6. I like drawing
7. I also like math
8. This is so fucking nonsense...
9. Damn, I just used vulgar word
10.  DotA is good
11. I'm used to be in solitude
12. music is vibration.. i like it
13. Bestfriend do exist?
14. get use to betrayal
15. maybe I should say something inspiring to the readers
16. crap i just wasted 3 lines saying other things
17. oh, there goes the 4th line wasted.
18. ........ (fuck, i didnt even say anything)
19. I want to be the king of the world
20. I usually dont get myself attached to other people
21. raw food is delicious
22. my friend's list is decreasing
23. i just want to watch and listen
24. the time will come. be patient
25. if you read this till the end you're tagged.

Time to go for some pic snappingin europe

Saturday, 18 December 2010

carol service

strolling down the grafton street and i saw a group of mid-school students singing christmas carol to raise fund. that reminds me of Mr. Bean story during christmas when there was a group of children sang in front of his house. so he watched them sang till the end of the songs while eating chocolate in front of them. then he slammed the door to their faces when they stopped. hahaha he sucks...

there are lots of party held every week here and i get to see many girls melaram.... christmas party, pre exam party, post exam party, farewell party, and etc..... when i see someone wearing high heels i always hope that the heels will break and she fall. of course that would result in her ankle sprained.... finger crossed... kakaka

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Butterfingers - Vio pipe

i really miss vio pipe by butterfingers....
a damn cool song. yeah brought me back memories at maktab n time 4 sekawan kmb...
i remember this song will be played everyday during ramadhan on our first year in kmb..
my favorite song.

"sea urchins are the romans of all invertebrate"
yes, that is what my biochem lecturer said. why i quote his words? cuz i like they way he talks. yap, biochemistry period is a storytelling time. hahaha my first time seeing him i said kappa!!! and after a few glances.. he looks more like doc brown form back to the future movie. hahaha.

on a second thought doc brown looks more like my anatomy lecturer but with no hair :p

okay,aritu aku baru taw leh ttgk stat blog sendiri cuz before this x penah nak explore. so aku tgk ouh agak banyak gak r orang yang datang blog ni. aku ingat xde orang bace. hahaha and aku perasan ade satu post ni slalu je orang kunjung walaopon da lame sangat. post after ib tajuk reap what you sow haha kalo tgk balik skang bulan 12 maybe junior kot as ade link google search pasal placement after kmb. ^^ cakap pasal kmb time sem 3 teringat mase tu....

Monday, 6 December 2010

government punya salah ka?

ai... aku ni bukannye taw sangat pasal politik ni. aku bukanlah orang yang berhaluan kiri mahupun kanan... isu-isu semasa lagi la aku x taw lagi lagi da dok oversea mmg x dengar kabo la jawapnye... banyak kawan aku yang berhaluan kiri. ade gak yang kanan aku dengar je r dorang saling mengutuk. kate yang ini kate yang itu. aku melihat je. tapi agak2 bile aku balik nnti aku nak vote sape eh? tu pikir nanti r time balik nanti. skang sit back and watch everything from outside jor.

aku malas gile bile orang bising pasal harga barang naek harga minyak naek, haaa mule orang bising cakap government tipu la, x tunai janji r pung pang pung pang. harga gule plak naek, bising lagi, lagi lagi dan lagi. korang ni, government da bg subsidi pon x reti bersyukur lagi.kang sekali kene tarik subsidi mau terberak ko nak beli sume mahal. gadai sume keta umah emas. nak wat camne, minyak mane leh harge x naek. laen la kalo minyak tu cam air, leh dapat free2 je trun dari langit. try tgk negara lain yang x subsidi minyak. ade rakyat jelata mereka bising? chill je. da dapat harga murah pon nak bising lagi. hish

kalo da taw mmg terberaknye kalo harga minyak naik jangan la bazir sampai gune keta 4 5 bijik. save la ckit...

korang bace link ni.

blaja2 dan blaja!!!! sambil dengar lagu metal/rock such as:

Die MF Die - Dope
Stricken - Disturbed
Devils never cry - DMC3 theme
Cerberus - DMC3 theme
In the fire - Roadrunner united
Through the fire and flames - dragonforce
cry for the moon - epica
before i forget - slipknot
sweet dreams - craddle of filth
black widow - children of bodom
bodom after midnight - children of bodom

Thursday, 2 December 2010


since it is snowing right now, i assume we are already in winter. goodbye yellow season. brrrr.... its fucking cold here and it snows heavily everyday. the first day it started to snow, everybody become excited and snowball fight is a must. i dont care who you are. die!!! because of the snow, the transportation are not available and classes are cancelled. because of the snow, everything becomes white and i get to see a lot of people fall. oh and i saw a penguin slipped and fell this morning. kekeke oh yeah i really hope ill be able to see a blizzard. ;p

Defeated by a snowman....