Monday, 31 January 2011


do you like taking pictures? yes some of us do like taking pictures. but most of us like pictures to be taken. ignore the minority that dont like to have their photos taken. anyway, i wonder what is the function of pictures? well, obviously it is so that we can capture a moment of beauty and freeze the time so that it will remain forever. we bury our memories and the past together into pictures so that when we look at the pictures, we will remember the moment, precious moments and thus able to travel to the time and reminisce all those memories. all the good memories will carve a smile on our face and yes, without realizing we long to go back to the past and relive the moment. that's the uses of pictures.

nevertheless, do we have time to recall back our memories? we live in a fast world right now. everything need to be fast and there's no time to look back to our past as nothing can be changed. life is not like a dvd player where we can rewind and replay everything nor it is like a game where we can start all over again if we mess up everything. besides, what is the value of pictures to the other person? maybe nothing . just some pieces of paper worth of nothing but is for recycling. maybe just a pile of junk files in that consumes space in computer that will be deleted sooner or later. after all, everything seems like a futile attempt trying to preserve the memories when it is bound to dissappear.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


well, since i dont have internet at my room, i cant upload any pics rite now. pffft IS please solve my problem faster....

why do we learn history? is it so that we can know our predecessor's achievement? or just to know our background? OMG, one of my great great great great great grand father is a portuegese!!! I'm a portuegese!!! pfft. why do we learn history when history tend to repeat by itself? when things happen once, there will be no second time. but if it happens twice, there will be third time. ^^

anyway, there's nothing that we can do to change history. though we dont know what really happened back then, we will just keep going forward. me? i can just smile whenever i look back at the past times. ahhhh, those were the days my friend. those were the days.....

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Winter holiday - Paris

huha one of the destination that i went during the winter holiday too. a place where english doesnt help much when you try to communicate with the locals. nevertheless, i still manage to ask where is the nearest public toilet. Spent 3 days in Paris for sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying the parks. These are the pics on the first day.

the first place we go to is the mosque to do our prayer

the inside of the mosque. beautiful isnt it?

the corridor

a mosque in the middle of the city

and yeah to the eiffel tower!!!
we're going for river cruise along the river in Paris

there are lots of bridges.
most of them are decorated with statues.

another bridge's head


Monalisa painting is kept in that museum. it is the biggest museum in the world
stretching to 700m.this is just one of the ends.
oh yeah, one can spend 2 month in the museum if one look at every pic for 3 minutes each.

the famous notre dame church. Grande!!! wish i can go closer

scenery of paris river at night.


the view from under the eiffel tower.

Yeeehaaaaa. zaman aku makan nasi dan air sahaja sudah berakhir. trimas kepada sume pihak yang membantu. im alive!!!! oh yeah, school is opening next week. so, back to my routine life. hehehe

Thursday, 6 January 2011

winter holiday - bruxelles

after we spent a night at Amsterdam we went to Belgium where we visited Europe Park and stayed at Bruxelles. yeay!!! a country that i really want to go cuz i want to eat belgian chocolate!!! nyum nyum!!! I dont really have the chance to go around the city much but it was beautiful. famous thing in Belgium is about the manneken piss. it's about a boy that save a city (if im not mistaken) by putting out the fire of a bomb with his pee. they even made a statue for him. hahaha

still in amsterdam baru nak gerak pegi belgium

for PANDARIA!!!!!!!

lepak di McD kat sempadan Belgium and Netherland

Europe Park!!!! some of the buildings are already covered by snow

I dont know what is that thing but its big

im bigger than Pisa tower

scenery of bruxelles at night

the buildings

Oh Yeah!!!

the light show they made on the building was fantastic!!! Gorgeus!!

one of the toast shops... waffle is very popular here and cheap too
that is a manneken statue modified a bit so that he eats wafffle while peeing.

our dinner. a pot of mussels.
 hahaha that black thing that looks like a hat is for us to put the mussel,s shell

bruxelles central.

and camwwhore ckit before going back to hotel

ahhh. and today i had a DotA marathon with KN and 3 other players that i dont know but they sure are pro. we were bullying the scourges and causes all of them to leave the game. pffft what a bunch of losers!!! everybody played the their role perfectlyand the result was successful gangbang!!! our game ended with us losing the game and broke the streaks of having scourge team to leave the game before 20 minutes. ah... what  a day. yesterday was a fun day. day before yesterday was an intense battle day. a legend!!! 

Saturday, 1 January 2011

winter holiday - amsterdam

i was browsing my laptop without any direction and i ended up reading my lecture notes. WTF?! it's the first week of winter holiday!!! guess that is the effect of being a medic student.

 nevertheless, spent a good week with my family traveling to European countries. I went to Amsterdam and met with my family there. Holland!!!
Howyeah im in amsterdam
water cruise
one of the boathouse. they live in boat 
I Am Sterdam

4 of us
i dont know how to pronounce it. but this road is like a pasar malam road
yap just like grafton street

Sex museum.... hahahha
weed weed weed salah satu sebab orang ramai datang sini

pics with whores/bitches/hookers? i dont have the chances to get their pics. but really, this is the sex city!even the churches are surrounded with rumah pelacur hahaha. hahaha people of netherland are proud of their openness...