Saturday, 1 January 2011

winter holiday - amsterdam

i was browsing my laptop without any direction and i ended up reading my lecture notes. WTF?! it's the first week of winter holiday!!! guess that is the effect of being a medic student.

 nevertheless, spent a good week with my family traveling to European countries. I went to Amsterdam and met with my family there. Holland!!!
Howyeah im in amsterdam
water cruise
one of the boathouse. they live in boat 
I Am Sterdam

4 of us
i dont know how to pronounce it. but this road is like a pasar malam road
yap just like grafton street

Sex museum.... hahahha
weed weed weed salah satu sebab orang ramai datang sini

pics with whores/bitches/hookers? i dont have the chances to get their pics. but really, this is the sex city!even the churches are surrounded with rumah pelacur hahaha. hahaha people of netherland are proud of their openness...


  1. jeles siot tengok hamsterdam.........teringin mau pergi...huhu :P

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  3. do u not go to red light district? :p hahahahaha

  4. roq: ko jeles yang mane? bab jalan2 ke yang bawah skali tu? ahhaha

    firman: i dont think its cool but.... well it is legal

    efy: of course i did. hahaha accidentally