Sunday, 25 December 2011


today is 25 dec.... kids wake up in the morning happily to open up the presents that santa gave to them. despite all the bad economic situation, Santa still is able to give all the presents. huhu anyway, i wonder how the southerners celebrate Christmas since they're in summer right now. do they celebrate christmas with snow pics too? i mean artificial snow whatever. oh anyway, merry christmas to my christian friends and happy new year to all.  ^^ 

boxer for christmas!!!!

Sunday, 18 December 2011


why do choose to study oversea?
-i want to travel and look at the other country
-i want to feel 4 season country
-i think it is cool(something like that)
-i can get a good education from that country for the course that im going to pursue
-i follow what was given to me and i happened to end up here
-CHANCE!!!! and i didnt let go of it
-i waant to go to that country!!!!
-my country is too hot
-get to know the caucasian
-i just want to study oversea

any other reason? i dont know, but the fact that most of them regret when studying abroad is just pissing me off. you want to study abroad. yes you were given the chance. and now dont regret and say stuffs like the food here is awfull, it's too cold here, ohhh how i wish im in msia right now. come on, be grateful for what you get. there are lots of other people that want to go here but then they probably just want to have a taste of what it would be like to live here in western country and feel the coldness. and when they have the tasted what that white thing called snow is they will hate it because it is too cold and they cant walk properly. it's a cliche thing when people try to explain too them they will say oh i will be fine. i can survive that and that is just a simple thing. pffft talk about people are just the same. haha

Friday, 16 December 2011

final of the final

7 hours to go and here i am.....

i just hope i dont do something terrible that will screw up everything. yeah

remember, the darkest hour is just before the dawn...

i want to listen to this kind of song right now to prevent me from sleeping but then it is not suitable as im reading. so here goes mute.

Monday, 12 December 2011


ok let's play probability game
in a test, the passing mark is 50.
there are 50 true or false answer. each correct Q will add 1 mark but each wrong ans will deduct 0.5 mark
then there are 10 essay Qs that have 5 mark each......

assuming that the student only scores 20 to 30 marks for his essay Q, what is the probability of the student to pass?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Monsoon history

The air is wet, soaks
Into mattresses, and curls
In apparitions of smoke
Like fat white slugs furled
Among the timber
Or silver fish tunnelling
The damp linen cover
Of school books, or walking
Quietly, like centipedes,
The air walking everywhere
On its hundred feet
Is filled with the glare
Of tropical water

Again we are taken over
By clouds and rolling darkness
Small snails appear
Clashing their timid horns
Among the morning glory

Drinking Milo, 
Nyonya and Baba sit at home. 
This was forty years ago. 
Sarong-wrapped they counted 
Silver paper for the dead. 
Portraits of grandfathers 
Hung always in the parlour.
Reading Tennyson, at six
p.m. in pyjamas 
Listening to down-pouring 
Rain: the air ticks 
With gnats, black spiders fly, 
Moths sweep out of our rooms 
Where termites built 
Their hills of eggs and queens zoom 
In heat. We wash our feet 
For bed, watch mother uncoil
Her snake hair, unbuckle
The silver mesh around her waist, 
Waiting for father pacing 
The sand as fishers pull 
From the Straits after monsoon.

The air is still, silent
Like sleepers rocked in the pantun,
Sheltered by Malacca.
This was forty years ago,
When nyonya married baba

- Shirley Geok Lin-Lim -

no need to decipher the meaning of this poem. It always makes me remember my hometown

Monday, 5 December 2011

good luck

since it's exam season right now, i wish everyone good luck and do the best. ^^

here's one of my favourite parts of classic disney cartoon that i watch (actually i only listen to the cartoon)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

now off you go

and again i feel that i can never bring myself to love a girl. haha i feel sorry for my future partner. though i said that i'm searching but then... nah forget bout it. just watch for now. i have other matters that need to be done first. oh manage to draw a full coloured pic in the midst of cramming and studying. so sidetracked.
strolling ....

Friday, 25 November 2011

the road not taken

i just asked my friend about mathematics life. hmmm i wonder what would my life be if i were to choose math instead of medicine to further study. of course i will have different job but what kind of job will i take? one thing for sure i will be surrounded by numbers not facts of drugs and human... yes i decided not to take math path in my life though i like it ^^ dont ask me why

aslan or sauron? pffft

Sunday, 20 November 2011


winter is coming, no it's already winter now but no snow...... haiz..what a dissapointment especially to the freshers. they must be really looking forward to making snowman. hah, why choose ireland then? winter exam is approaching and that means reading season. nevertheless, this only apply to medic and dentistry students. oh maybe science students whatever. no time to waste. let's get absorbed reading those thick big books. for those that dont have any exam enjoy this winter . haiz so envy of you all. 

haven't drawn for quite sometime.haiz, i have no time for these stuffs right now. what can i do.... just a simple pic will do ^^ though in the process of drawing this pic I accidentally deleted another pic. haiz...

insyaallah insyaallah ^^

Thursday, 17 November 2011

pets pest

let's talk bout pets. my roomate want to have a pet in the house. a cat to be precised. i neither agree nor i go against it. i just couldnt care less as long as it doesnt get into my way. that's fine. nevertheless, i hate one thing about pet. when people spend all the efforts, money and time to take care of their pets. they just make me feel sick. you know, we feed them with good food that is more expensive and more nutritious than ours. we pet them and try to be nice when they don't even have to do anything. we feel sad when we lost them when they just leave us without any remorse.  what the hell is wrong with us? and we say that we're more intelligent than all the animals. seems like all these domestic pets are greater than their owners. i see human slaves try to please their "pet" as best as they can. come on, we're far more superior than those animals. get your head straight please. we have pets so that they can be useful to us not to make them as our master. hmmph idiots

i myself dont have feelings towards animals. what hamster, they're just rodents. rabbit? slaughter them!! the meat is delicious. having cute appearance doesnt mean that it is wrong to kill them. they are ANIMAL

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dear facebook user

do you know the differences between like, unlike, and dislike?

seriously, go back to primary school and learn english back. ughhh

Cinta muka buku

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

do you know who is your other side? i mean the bad side of yourself. have you ever think about it? or you just say that im a good man i dont have any evil in me. hats off to you. i believe every people in this world have the good and the bad side. just like Dr jekyll and Mr hyde. it's just how you raise them. like do you let the bad side grow and become dominant or vice versa? if you were to have split personality what kind of character would your bad side have? will you become a killer? or a rapist? maybe a swindler or perhaps a robber. i know what am i gonna be if i were to let my bad side grow. i keep on thinking will i ever let it out? if so, when?

people always say that the society is full of hypocrite, that everyone is wearing mask to cover the real themselves. take off the mask you'll be free to do whatever you want good or bad doesnt matter. screw that! this is just a bullshit. people are just like that. they dont wear mask. it's because they refrain themselves from becoming wild. that's why they set up rules and morality. so that this world will not be condemned. the so called real face are just purely evil thoughts nothing more nothing less. you are who you are.

Monday, 31 October 2011

ridiculous night

that's halloween. yeah the first thing that come to our mind when this word appear is "trick or treat". i dont really see that much now. halloween has become more like a costume night now rather than to celebrate the ghost thingy. yeah, that's the only night that people will say cool when you walk at the pavement wearing the most bizarre outfit. you can see all sorts of costume and trust me they dont look scary even the slightest. kinda like more sexy. I went to temple bar last night just to watch all the people and yeah get to see funny costumes. nevertheless, it was quite fun with all these people going lunatic.everyone was having fun and they all got wasted.
last year i wore scream mask and black cape. so, i didnt wear any costume this year. just plain shirt. oh yeah, and then there is a guy that came to us and ask "are you guys wearing chinese people costume?" hahaha of course cant you see idiot? ah maybe ill wear a costume next year. ^^

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


now that is what i call despair. the feeling of despair, that's what make you down.
nevertheless i was nto able to shed tears. when will i be able to have tears? not this time though it was quite frustrating.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

dream again

and now i want to play basketball once more. i really hope that i will be able to play again. i was invited to go to notts game. i already said that im not going to notts game this year but when farzan invite me i just feel that i want to go. even when im not playing but i still feel that i want to play. oh how i miss basketball. once i thought to myself the basketball part in my life is over but deep down i still hope to be able to play again. one day, perhaps that day will come. but for now, i will dream. dream of something that have long gone but not to be forgotten for it has already been in my heart. the little flame is waiting for the right moment to get bigger but it is so small now that it can be extinguished anytime. the future will show the fate of the flame.

Saturday, 22 October 2011


do you have a dream? what is your dream?  what do you want to get? either you get it or die trying, just go for it.
my life dream would be rich, living in a house alone when im still single. ever watch jumper? yeah that kind of lifestyle. you get everything to yourself and i can do whatever i want. being able to live like that will be fantastic. haha hope i can have that kind of life. finger crossed ^^

lets hear the talk from Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream"

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

life is full of drama

seriously, bnde kat dunie ni mmg penuh ngan drama. cinta, kawan, sailang, musuh, and etika(etc). ade yang aku suke gile tgk. ade yang aku nyampah gak tgk tp x suke camne pon aku stil tgk gak. and kekadang aku kene tarik masok dalam drama skali. so, kene r maenkan peranan ngan btol kalo x nnti kene marah ngan pelakon laen. tp ade mase yang aku x dapat tgk sampai abes. keadaan x mengizinkan nak wat camne....

Friday, 14 October 2011

jaga hati

sape yang sanggup rosakkan tali persahabatan demi diri sendiri?
peh sape yang sanggup wat camtu mmg pentingkan diri sendiri sial....
kawan selamanya dod. x kesah r jauh ke x pape pon friends come first!! kite kene jage ati kawan

thumbs up to those saying something similar like that. woohooooo
well guess what? fuck you all those words are just lies. even member paling baek pon leh tikam belakang
and x perlu la nak pikir aku wat banyak bnde tuk member tp last2 ape dapat? sakit ati... come on la kate member dlu. jage ati konon. slalu gak aku tgk orang baek gile ngan member. member pijak kepala pon die ok je. pastu cakap belakang."aku bukan ape, nak marah2 pon member gak". ill say screw your member. tu bkan kawan tu. tu shaitan besau bang.

lagi satu bab hutang2. kalo member sorang ni pinjam duet tp pastu x reti bayar balik nak wat pe? mintak la balik duet. respon bese yang dapat
sekali mintak: lepak dlu kang2 aku bayar r
2 kali mintak: sabo r. aku ade duet nnti aku bayar.
3 kali mintak: camni r member. ngan aku pon nak berkira. kalo camni x yah member r
yang sibagi duet ni plak x reti nak mintak balik duet...zzzz parah r
bg aku si peminjam yang berkira sangat dan bodoh. aku member camni mmg malas aku nak tolong
end up jadi cam peminta sedekah lak asek minta duet. kang wat cam along kang ade yang panggil polis

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


why i want to be a doctor? why i choose not be with them? why i sleep in the class?
why why why Y Y Y 
dont ask me for i dont have the answers. look for the answer yourself 
as the saying goes "the answer lies within your heart" by whatever -.-
one doesnt need a reason to do anything. i just do something without any reason. that's all
so stop asking me why and dont say Y either. so annoying

Sunday, 2 October 2011


When there are lots of stuffs to read yet nothing done
procrastination is at best

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


one of my favourite sports game is basketball. the first time i get to know about basketball when i was in primary school watching slam dunk. i learned to play when i was form 1 in boarding school. I continued to play basketball throughout the secondary school and college life but i dont really get much chance to play. i can only play basketball when i was at school. holiday will be like harry potter where i just stay in my house missing all the games.

i havent touched basketball for almost 2 years by now. missing my friends. if only we can continue to play together like what we used to do...ah those were the days. everytime i hear slam dunk songs i will always remember my basketball friends from jasin and kmb. missing the old days

Saturday, 17 September 2011


there is a time when i feel i miss someone but second after that i feel like nothing.

lets talk bout love. when we reach twenty++ most of us are ready for serious relationship not like during teenagers where we used to have the so called puppy love. and some have already get married at this age. congratulations. hope my friend dont forget to invite me to their wedding. as more of my friends are having relationship now i can see more "koyak" thing happening around me. well it cant be helped. every beginning will come to an end. just dont end your own life ^^

as for myself i dont really get myself involved in this relationship thingy except as the mid person. i have my own reason. oh yeah i prefer to watch the "drama" and sometimes get bit involved into it. it's much better than watching television shows and more interesting. since the time has come i should make a move now but i was too lazy to go search for the suitable woman. perhaps i just need to keep looking till i find one.

these are the categories that i have listed for the women that i liked

the forbidden
the admired
the hope
the rich
the troublesome

ah maybe i just have to go to a girl and just say i love you. end of story

Saturday, 10 September 2011

prepaid only eh

prepaid kene tax 6%??? i have no idea bout that. only realised when my friends started to fret bout it. i have just watched the midnight news and finally understand what is really going on. ^^ ok that was so outdated.

today i bought a RM30 prepaid topup and only paid RM30 not 32. i didnt know about the price hike up. and i only gave the shopkeeper 3 10 ringgit notes while taking the prepaid slip. he said something to me but i didnt hear him well and couldnt be bothered. so i just gave him a nod, smile, and left the counter. now that i think about it maybe the shopkeeper was saying about the price actually. forgive me for the ignorance teehehehehee.

afterall, having a 6% tax for prepaid doesnt really affect me. not that im bragging that i have the money to spend all i want but the thing is i only topup once every 4 months. RM 30 every 4 months... awesome

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

4 digit

4 digit is very popular in our country especially amongst chinese. of all the races in malaysia, chinese buy 4 digit the most. 4 digit is also known as 'nombor ekor'. 4D is very popular that small town like jasin also have magnum and toto. and those shops are already established there long before kfc come to the town.

the game is simple, buy a 4 digit ticket and you win if your number is picked. yap, with just a simple luck one might turn into a millionaire in just a night. that's why 4D is so popular. but you must have the luck or you will end up fucked up. true but that usually happens to those who spend all their money on 4D.

i remember when i was in secondary school, me and my colleagues used to play 4D games. just a simple game pick 3 4D numbers and see whose number hit the prize. we just have to take the results from newspapers. kind of similar to illegal 4D but we didnt place bet. it was only just for fun sake. nevertheless none of us hit the prize. no luck i guess ^^

recently, my friend's bike plate no hit the first prize for 4D and he was like "oh, so rugi la....." lol
people do take vehicle's plate no as 4D like those involved in accidents. btu i never believe in such.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Happy Hari Raya

Happy Hari Raya to all!!! ^^

Monday, 22 August 2011

back to begining

Yeay I've graduated from my diet with flying colours!!!! congratulations!!
going through those "pantang" days were not as bad as i thought but then as the saying goes the darkest hour is just before the dawn. yep yep no doubt bout it. it is always true. take a look at the mountains and valleys.the lowest part is always right before you start to climb the mountain and it applies the same to the peak.

back to the story, the final week has strong temptation for me to eat those pantang food. one might think oh it's no big deal not to eat those stuff. easier said than done. perseverance is always the key dude. you bow down to your lust and you lost the game. there are other stuffs like being cooped up in the so called "bilik kebal" for few days. this is to prevent the radioactive from reaching to other people. i call this chamber arkham asylum. dude seriously. the only difference is that i wasnt wearing the coat that tie my hand to the body. the room is quite spacious but limited for i must keep myself between the barriers just 1 foot away from my bed. basically i only have the bed as my space. that's all. the room is quite eerie. mind you with the location of the room at the back side of the ward and guarded at the outside. there is no window for the room and the only connection i get to the outer world is just the glass at the door facing the corridor. sometimes, people will peek to look who is kept in the room. i was imagining scenes like in horror movie or ghost stories happening in the room during midnight. Luckily we are in Ramadhan right now. so, no sweat ^__^

someone did told me that one can cry out of boredom when being warded. true enough if you get a single room. being locked inside the room the only companion you get is the clock. tick tock tick tock. that's the only sound you can hear and sometimes footsteps at the outside. at night, i can hear some weird sound i dont know what the hell is it. my activity everyday is drawing on the wall of the room and playing puzzle by myself. i do sound like a crazy people.  huhu

the days are over and now i can continue my life.... with a bit of changes XP

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

ultimate relief

do you feel tension? are in a state where suicide is one of the ways? do you feel like want to strangle someone till that person's mouth is bubbling? or do you wanna sack your boss for being your boss? if you do then DO IT MOFOs!!!!

for all the tension that built up in you, none of the relieve can ever give satisfaction better than this

stressed? take a shit

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

sketches sketches sketches

beautiful!!! no i'm not talking bout shoes.
i've started to draw again recently but this time only sketches filling my 'conteng-conteng' book. most of my references are Ben's and Kael's. maybe gonna continue doing so till i go back to eire.
it helps me to concentrate my mind. nevertheless, im not gonna post them for im too lazy to scan or take pics to upload.

right now i'm enjoying Kael's pieces of artwork. hats off to his awesomeness...

one of his creations. stunned me bro

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


why didnt you tell me? apsal x btaw aku? thanx r x btaw... sampai ati ko x btaw aku... etc etc

yes mmg aku sampai ati x btaw korang. the reason i didnt tell you guys is simple i dont want to have any visitor at that time. nuff said you can say whatever you want.

ai.. hope everything will go smoothly as planned. hehe

 speaking of recovery, im still in pantang. there are certain type of food that i cant eat but that doesnt bother me except dairy product. zzzz i still can live with no salt in my food but not drinking milk and eating food with dairy product? i have to admit that is a bit annoying. now ramadhan has just started and i was wondering wether i will be able to go through it. yeah seems like im fine except a lil low on bp. thats all.

i've been watching tv a lot lately and merlin has become my favourite series. haha
okay time for another round of dota

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

and the story...

so how did i get this cancer? no idea. genetic? maybe. food? nay. radiation? maybe. if i was one of the chernobyl descendant that make sense. found the nodule at submandibular lymph node. went to doctor to ask what is it. mostly suspect infection for lymph node swelling is related to infection but i didnt get any sickness. so i was referred to ent specialist. everything was normal. that leads to ct scan to see what the hell was that. from ct scan found a bigger nodule at thyroid area. uhoh... smells trouble.

finally i did FNAC to both nodules to find out what it was and walla cancer. so went to PPUKM and you know what happen next. i've been hospitalized for few days after the operation. yeah i feel like i was beheaded and then my head was sewn back to my body. cant even lift my head. the presence of tube poking into my chest and the IV drip makes me harder to move. that is not a problem for me. too tired to move. my throat was very dry for few days after the operation. and yes coughing, sneezing, and yawning deal a lot of pain to my neck. i felt like my throat is about to burst everytime i cough. dude, so leceh. the risk for the operation? voice hoarseness and accidental removal of parathyroid. well since my calcium level is normal i assume they didnt remove my parathyroid.

luckily my calcium level didnt drop that much and remain at normal level and i was able to eat right after the operation. so adios iv drip. now healing part? i just have to wait. oh yeah since i had thyroidectomy i've been getting weaker. oh and i will be putting on weight right now. thats the least concern right now.

right now i will just sit and do nothing. reading most of the time. consume least energy, less movement.

Friday, 22 July 2011


oh well since everybody already know bout it ill just say it out here. i didnt tell my friends so maybe most of them didnt know. i have cancer. thyroid cancer, papillary carcinoma. oh and i undergo the operation a week ago at PPUKM. my recovery is quite fast but still i have another month for full recovery. thank you to my family for taking care of me this whole time. thank you to those that gave support to me.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


jumpa lagi semua

Thursday, 7 July 2011


orang zaman sekarang xleh hidup tnpa henpon... tu bnde wajib tu.
barangsiapa yang tidak memiliki henpon maka merekalah golongan yang ketinggalan zaman.

begitulah pemikiran orang zaman sekarang. tgk henpon mahal tu kaya la tu. lagi2 iphone x pon blackberry.. siap nak pin bbm lagi tu... i xde blackberry ni. i maen blueberry je wat makan. zaman skang x maen da daun ke sabun ke jangan kata 300, 3 10sen henpon jenis tu sume da leh wat balik anjing da....

henpon aku jenis ape? ntah la aku pon x taw model ape. tp aku usha kat maxis aritu henpon aku bernilai 200 ringgit bai.. ade harga lagi tu.  x kesah la yang penting leh call orang. henpon aku mmg aku wat baling2 pon. penah sekali kawan aku cabar aku baling henpon kat die. sekali gue rejam rejam henpon gue benjol kepala die. ^^

zaman sms aku da berlalu. xde da nak bersms sampai larut tgh malam. no more henpon tergam kat tangan sampai tertido. inbox pon xde la sampai beratus2. tu zaman form 5 je. skali pakai supersaver haa sms r ko sampai pg. 1 malam nak abeskan 1000 sms free. siap contact awek2 kat kreko lagi tu. tp tu dulu...

sekalang? henpon kat mana pon aku x taw. sedo2 da kong da bateri sebab lame x pegang henpon. tu yang x balas sms ngan asek miscall je. time ngah sms pon leh terlupe nak balas. so jangan mara eh...teeheehehe

aku kalo leh nak ade PA pegangkan barang aku sume lagi2 henpon ni. bia die jawab je sume call malas aku nak bawak henpon. wat berat suar je pastu suar londeh aku gak yang susah. paling senang ko datang face to face ngan aku la xdenye ttibe x balas  ke pape r.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

cakap nak letup

ah sume orang same je. bile cakap sume nak hiperbola sume nak nampak gempak.
kalo takat nak tunjuk kerek xyah la pakai mulut je.. basi

dulu before cuti cakap nak itu nak ini la da start cuti sume menyepi.
ntah2 rancangan bbdak kelas aku nak pi india ni jadi ke x aku pon x taw...^^

Friday, 1 July 2011

ga ya ga ya

few days ago i had a second tooth extraction at hospital. did the first one at Ireland and gosh it costs me 180 euro. that's highway robbery i tell you. that's why i decided to do the second one in malaysia. I remember my first wisdom tooth is at the upper right side. i like it until it started to bare its fang. my tooth was jutting outward from the jaw. this causes the gum on the lower part to be chewed by the sharp edge of the tooth. and it lead to a hole in my gum. eventually infection causes bad breath. phew, hate that moment. so i decided to take out the tooth pronto. off you go with my 180 euro denting my bank account. damn it. problem solved. case closed.

the second one? it's the upper left side. the lower teeth are just about to grow. this one is a bit leceh as it is jutting outward more than the first one. but it didnt give me problem at all. not yet. as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, i decided that my tooth will have the same fate as his brother had. so i remove it for the greater good. bye bye my teeth. the cost? no didnt even look at the bill as my father pay for it. i was busy at the pharmacy taking medicine(what an excuse).

i remember people always say tooth extraction is painful. then i started to ponder as i already undergo twice and no tears flowing on my cheeks. no screaming. no pain at all even after the anesthetic effect wore off. well maybe i was lucky cause it didnt wear off during the operation. i bet i will be screaming like hell if it does. ^^

the left one is the first tooth. the right one (a bit smaller) is the second one

Monday, 27 June 2011


undergo ct scan. cool.. feel like i was using time machine ^^

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

selamat ulang tahun

ok ari jadi aku da lepas....
and people ask why i hide my birthday in fb
no reason. i just dont really celebrate my birthday anymore.
dan aku taw ade orang yang mungkin terasa sebab aku x wish birthday mereka.
in fact aku x wish sesape pon happy birthday tahun ni melaenkan depan2 and kalo tgh celebrate someone's bday
it's not that i forget i remember them... i have a reason for not wishing you all happy birthday.
ade several tarikh yang aku ingat birthday kawan aku
1/5, 29/3, 3/3, 29/5, 27/12, 25/4, 2/6, 14/6, 22/6, 25/6, 27/6
sape nye birthday atas ni tuan die taw la....

Saturday, 18 June 2011


zaman dulu kopi tongkat ali je....
pastu kopi cap kapal api la radix la super power la
aku jalan2 kat mall tadi jumpe kopi batang...
ape ko ingat batang ko leh jadi kuat minum kopi tu? F

i dont know how did i come up with this childish

Thursday, 16 June 2011


oh my god i suck at persuading people..
cuz i hate to pujuk orang....
hehehhe xp

Sunday, 12 June 2011


bebera[a hari lepas aku bace suratkhabar tajuk muka depan die pasal bahasa sms digunakan dalam peperiksaan dengan esei. esok tu pulak keluar berita pasal pelajar universiti guna bahasa sms dalam tesis.
pensyarah semua bengang sebab diorang rasa kurang ajar. diorang pun bengang sebab bahasa melayu x digunakan dengan betul.  bebudak ni pon x boleh nak buat presentation guna bahasa melayu penuh . asyik tercampur bahasa inggeris je. ai, bebudak zaman sekarang ni lemah betul.... tulis esei bahasa sms lepas tu salahkan facebook, IM dll..... lemah

aku selalu terfikir bahasa melayu sebagai lingua franca. pernah terjadi dahulu kala tapi masa akan datang? tak mungkin bagi aku. agaknya macam mana kalau semua orang kat dunia ni cakap bahasa melayu. mesti diorang cakap bahasa baku kan? kita yang melayu ni pun tak cakap bahasa baku dah. camne diorang nak faham cara cakap kita bila apa yang orang luar negara belajar bahasa baku tapi kita cakap bahasa pasar. kalau ada orang yang cakap bahasa baku memang kena gelak punya la sekarang ni. lagi susah dengan dialek2 cam kelate ganu kedah n9 sabah sarawak. hahaha. macam tu la aku rasa bila rasa nak faham dialek irish bila bercakap dengan diorang.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


starting my holiday in malaysia.
1)the first thing i do is went to visit my uncle at rembau spent the whole evening bbq-ing and listening to him telling stories. what a fantastic day.

2)now im helping my father at his shop right now. so maybe no dota for now nor going to kl. sorry my friends. argh gue nak maen dota ngan korang sume.last dota game ngan ammar jatdin sherry pior ezreen ngan syahiran was so awesome that i want to play again with you guys. going to kl? no not now. now is not a good time. so you'll have to wait. be patient ^^

3)I was driving back home when i heard for the first time played an indian song. wow, an improvement.

4)lastly, went to pasar malam at taman maju. damn apam balik garing is no more delicious. used to love it but no more. so disappointing...

Thursday, 2 June 2011


people say dont judge the book by its cover. it's just the appearance and do not reflect the content at all. true true. but how far do we practice it? no, we dont even do it that way. in fact people always judge the book by its cover. that's why we have love at first sight, impression, bla bla bla. everyone will tend to judge someone even if they dont mean it. so it is concluded appearance is important though it can be deceiving.

when you have friends that are having problem, what would you do? let's say that person is having HIV, would you guess how that person got it? will you still remain friends with that person? do you have any feelings changed towards that person? though we should be non judgemental, but still people will judge others and say "You're bad! Go to hell you mothafucka!" ok even if you dont say that so you will still judge others right?
humans... full of lies

random face pic
I was too lazy to draw the hair so i just use the cloud shape...

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


hmmmm now i screwed another laptop....
seriously. why  do electronic stuffs tend to have problem whenever i handle them?
not just this one but all of them.
then people will start to blame me for bad handling or whatsoever fucking nonsense.
i did nothing. it just die like that.
haih... sad to say but no dota for now... maybe for a couple of month.. v.v

Monday, 23 May 2011

post exam..

didnt have a chance to post anything right after the exam as i was too busy. what did i do?
monday - final paper, moving out to 218
tuesday - settle stuffs and preparation for travel
wednesday - paintball
thursday - flew to norway

yeap didnt have much time to sleep during that time. but it was fun haha only now i can sit in front of my lappy.
haaaa summer.....

oh. those were the nights when i slept at 5 o clock everyday.. haha i like it though



never cross the border my friend...
or you will break the bond made....

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


oh yeah I've finished my exam. so no more staying up late studying for the time being.... ^^ now lets listen to different genre of music

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

God Luck

everyone is busy doing preparation for the exam.
it's either sink or good luck to all of us. ^^

a cup of milk to soothe myself

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

mission: failure, double failure, triple failure!!!

went to bank to apply ceedit card.... failed.
went to but meat at spiceland.... failed.
try to book train ticket.....failed.

just hope i dont fail my exam. ^^
oh yeah no pictures for the time being

Saturday, 23 April 2011


do you have something that causes a lot of pain to you? you just want to forget about it and never come across with it anymore. even remembering things related to it bring you down.your chest feels heavy when you remember it and it is as if you are struck by lightning straight to the chest whenever you hear it. do you?

yes it hurts you so much that it leaves scar in your life that you wont forget it and haunt you. you will shed tears when you think about it and you just want to run away from it. do you? someday, the pain will be gone but the scar remains or the scar heals but the pain remains. whatever, it still give you a bitter taste of life.

do you feel the pain?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

VIVA la vida!!!

just finished my viva. whew..... hahaha it went quite well though i didnt manage to answer few Q's correctly. Nevertheless i was satisfied with it. ^^ better than the last viva

went to swim after that and now im damn tired....

i remembered when I was in form 5 I used to go for swimming with my friends every Sunday morning. yeah it was really fun. there's this one time when we tried to teach our friend to swim as he cant swim and he is afraid to try. so we brought him to the middle of the pool while supporting him. i dove in and support him from down. after sometimes, i let him go to take a breath and suddenly the other guys started to scare him. he was panicking and grab me back. damn i cant get him off and I was out of breath. so i pulled myself away from him and tried to  emerge from water. as I was only 1 cm from the surface he grabbed me back and pushed me back into the water. WTF?!! let me get some air!!!! so i dove deeper and get away from him to emerge at the other place. fuh saved my life. luckily i didnt panicked or i would have died. nevertheless, all the other 10 people just look at us without even want to help. fuck you. hahaha damn you sibol almost drowned me. but it was fun. haha ^^

drew this in the mid of lecture. notice any resemblance with any character?

Monday, 18 April 2011


i feel sad somehow. that's all i can say

Monday, 11 April 2011


waaa bilik aku busuk... bukan sebab aku eh. area aku x busuk... busuk kat entrance bilik. sebab dekat ngan tandas ngan ade locker rumate aku...

tu sume pakaian kotor. aku x taw mane pakaian bersih die. haha

Sunday, 10 April 2011


ai ade sorang kawan da ber titew2 da...
xpe2 cuti nnti leh singgah newcastle ek.. ^^
jgn mara titew taw

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I'm So Lucky Lucky ❤❤

I've been raping the replay button countless time for the past few days.

Saturday, 2 April 2011


people are picnicking at the hall pond, lazing on the grass laughing and enjoying themselves under the sunshine while I'm watching them from my room doing my work...maybe. oh and the fire alarm has been ringing for quite sometimes. wonder who's drunk enough to set off the fire alarm in the middle of the day. ohh shut up you bitch. quit yelling, you're just too drunk. I want to listen to the songs they played. now back to work...


da pon pkol 4. aku pon stop tgk onepiece and kuar pi anto si sokan nak ke cork. kitorang pon pi city naek 128 yang kejap ade kejap xde tu... naseb baek x yah tggu lame. sampai kat spire jumpe acap and singgah kedai piza beli sat nak mentekedarah pastu. da kat pkol 6 lagi 2 orang mamat x sampai lg. udin da kat city tp ntah mane la die. azri la on da way on da way. ntah2 on da way balik da. lagi 15 minit bas nak gerak pudin  pon sampai mengah2 lari. azri nye still on the way lg. pizza da separuh da abes. tggu punye tggu pasrah gak r ingat 3 orang je yang pi cork. aku pon pi kuar tggu azri kat lua stesen bas nak bg tiket die. kang kalo die miss bas tu balek ngan aku je r jawabnye. tepat bas da nak gerak die sampai. tu pon aku da suro die lari lg. haha so dapat r dorang 4 orang pi cork. aku pon balek tros tido sampai tgh malam

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This is Sparta!!!!

have you ever watch 300? no? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011


uh..... apsal aku melepaskan peluang yang amat besar.... it's not that i missed the chance. it was me that prevent myself from getting the chance.oh well, maybe my sense is still there... u_u

Thursday, 17 March 2011


do you know why i dont like girls?
cuz they are sooo fucking shameless. ssikit belanjew la aku.. belanja la.
tak habes-habes nak mintak orang belanja. hmppph cam beggar.
fuck off.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


well aku ade promise ngan hafiz nak wat post ni.

neway for those yang dapat uk placement should have gotten their conditional offer from universities by now(March). kalo x dapat lg tu ade prob r tu namenye. congratz to those yang da ade offer tu. you guys just have to work your ass off for IB exam.^^ so for those yang dapat sume unsuccessful dari sume universiti tu.... takziah... and you guys are hoping for clearance i guess? sure!!! i was hoping for that too. yes i was.... nevermind, let the bitter part alone. ok so basically i just want to talk all i know about clearance part. clearance part only start right after IB result out. so any attempt to plead the universities to consider for your enrollment is futile. they wont entertain any of you guys till the results are out. the tension part is right before the results are out. yeah results will determine wether you are qualified to go to the university or not.

   then come the crucial part that is after result period. this is the most crucial part for anyone opting for clearance since there might be candidates not qualified to get into universities and the seats are gonna be filled immediately. of course for you guys that are on clearance must be hoping that there are students who failed or decided to pick other university and leave an empty placement for you. dont deny it hahaha. oh yeah what students should do is to send letters to universities for enrollment if you meet all the requirements. negotiations or consideration will not be entertained. that means one must have a very good results to get a placement. of course, the better the result the higher the chance of you getting a placement. besides, timing is very important during this time. remember to send all the letters via mabecs, college, or do it personally to all the universities right after you get the result. dont delay it even for a day or you might missyour chance. one will only have 1 week to do all this thing and get the reply from universities. that's the time limit. your chance of getting a placement after 1 week is zero! prepare your emails,letters etc etc beforehand so that you will be able to do it fast. ohyeah get the universities contact too. I have some of them i think

   nevertheless, i want to remind you not to really hope for clearance as it is a complete gamble. you are putting yourself in a sink or swim situation. the chance of getting a placement via clearance is very thin. almost none. thats right dont put your hopes on clearance for what might be waiting for you at the end of the tunnel is despair. as for me, I screwed up on some parts but I manage to get into IUMC to Trinity. (I got the offer 2 weeks before fly. a complete mess)

i guess that's it for now. right now just wait and pray for your luck. oh and study for IB exam too... remember to consult caunsellor and MABECS to consider if you have to change placement to other countries. one more thing is that UK bound students do can apply to universities from other country. dont get confused. good luck!!


Spent my Saturday wandering around the city. just to look around. cycling is the best way as i can travel faster than walking and easier than using other transportation. so i went around St. James area today.

Dublin City Council
Carboot sale!!! not really much

people come to St.James for this
i guess the the area of the factories is around 5000m^2
a little attraction for tourists
cheers!! welcome to Guinness Storehouse!!
rugby and beer
the factory
all the buildings along this road belong to Guinness
thinking of working here aafter graduate?
even the church is surrounded by Guinness's buildings
and i came to St. James's Hospital
stop by at the Temple Bar's market
open on every Saturday
all kind of cheese!!!
vegies..nah not interested
hmmm smells good
and i stopped at an oyster stall
oyster dish served with a slice of bread and a cup of wine!!! yummy
what is the difference between big oyster and small oyster?
pepper, lemon, tabasco, and red onion with wine to be added 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fatal Chaos

Another comic review but this time a Malaysian comic. support our local product laa.... yeap the name is Fatal Chaos and the author is Benny Wong Thong Hou known as Ben. I did this comic review as I'm a huge fan of Ben. this comic was published by Art Square Group in Gempak, Starz magazine.The story goes around Rex, the main character who is transferred to a school because of his behavourial problem and he likes to fight with other people. Coincidently, he gets involved in a fighting competition organized by the school known as Royal Survivor and there he met his new friends Max, a Thai-boxing fighting style, Eva and Eve. Unfortunately, he also get involved indirectly with the Evil Rabbit, a group that try to conquer the tournament and everything become screwed up as Rex falls in love with Eva while try to figure out his own background and facing problems with nasty Evil Rabbit.

personally, i really like the comic as the art is really great. 5 stars for the arts but this comic disappoint me from the storyboard as the ending is so plain and in fact it is sooooooo shitty. yeah that's what I say. the storyboard was great at the beginning but when Ben quit GempakStarz they replace the artists and author to Juice which has different style of drawing and I guess they were in a haste to finish the story quickly. Damn it!!! Ben didn't finish the drawing the comic and i was really sad bout that. Nevermind though. looking towards his current comics like Battle of Destiny and Celestial Destroyer.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Deviant Art

I've created a DeviantArt account. this a web that allow you to share all the arts like pics, drawings, writing, photography, anything that is art in the net. I kinda like it as i get to see other people's art. anyway, i just post my paint drawings overthere since i dont have any tools to draw and im too lazy to scan drawings that i made using pen and pencils. tell you, this web is more useful compared to FB, MS, and other stuffs. I've known deviantart for quite sometimes but i only made an account recently. hahaha

ahhh finally i manage to make one. hope you like it lisa. ^^

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Friends forever? Fuck you!!!!

i realised nothing last forever in this world. everything that start will end. all those sweet words are just big fat lies that will in the end hurt you back.

zzzzz too much silly things

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Soley Soley

This is the real song^^

Friday, 25 February 2011

Scott Pilgrim VS The World

one of the most ridiculous movie i have ever seen. really crack me up
i like the heroin Ramona. hahahaha
oh yeah the songs they used in the movie are awesome too!! thumbs up

This is one of the fight Scott has to go through. love it.

My name is Matthew patel!!!
Scott has gained the power of love!!!! watch the movie guys. just for fun

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The controversial survey?

someone did a survey and firman asked me to answer the Qs.... fine i do it...

[01] Do you have the guts to answer these questions and re-post as The Controversial Survey?

well i posted it already. stop asking stupid Q

[02] Would you do drugs if it was legalized?

nope. not interested.

[03] Abortion: for or against it?


[04] Do you think a country would fail with a female president?

of course!!!! man rules!!!

[05] Do you believe in the death penalty?

totally!!!!! Die you bastards!!!

[06] Do you wish Sharia law would be implemented in your country?

yes and hudud too. glad if both are implemented. 

[07] Are you for or against premarital sex?

premarital sex? sound delicious.... nah those are just lust. no more than that. oh yeah for those who are for premarital sex be sure to wear condom incase you guys breakup.

[08] Do you believe in God?

of course i do. screw those atheist.

[09] Do you think same sex marriage should be legalized?

fuck you homos!!! fuck you gays!!! fuck you lesbos!!!

[10] Do you think it's wrong that so many immigrants are illegally moving to your country?

ahhhh wish there's no border between countries for i will be able to travel across the world without any permit or visa or garda bla bla bla. huh?! illegal immigrants? stop sucking my country's wealth you parasites!!! oh well what can we do. our people in the country are too lazy to work.

[11] A twelve year old girl has a baby, should she keep it?

ask her. im not the baby's father

[12] Should the alcohol age be lowered to sixteen?

why not? i dont care. the shopkeepers can sell more and people happy with it. it's a win win situation.

[13] Should the war in Iraq be called off?

asshole.there's no meaning  fighting in iraq anymore. go back to your home scoundrels.

[14] Assisted suicide is illegal: do you agree?

assisting suicide? suicide do not need help. just die if you want to. idiot

[15] Do you believe that corporal punishment is beneficial?

Beat it!!! beat it!!! (michael jackson's song) yesss beneficial for those watching and the one giving punishment

[16] Would you burn your country's flag for a million dollars?

shhhhhhh i just did it.....

[17] Who do you think would be a better political party? BN or PR?

hrmmm can i be the sole ruler? autocratic. that's more like it..

[18] Are you afraid others will judge you from reading some of your answers?

who the hell are you to judge me?

And that's about it.
Do you have the guts to answer these questions and re-post them as
The Controversial Survey?

there... satisfied?

screw you atheist!!!