Saturday, 23 April 2011


do you have something that causes a lot of pain to you? you just want to forget about it and never come across with it anymore. even remembering things related to it bring you down.your chest feels heavy when you remember it and it is as if you are struck by lightning straight to the chest whenever you hear it. do you?

yes it hurts you so much that it leaves scar in your life that you wont forget it and haunt you. you will shed tears when you think about it and you just want to run away from it. do you? someday, the pain will be gone but the scar remains or the scar heals but the pain remains. whatever, it still give you a bitter taste of life.

do you feel the pain?


  1. what can i do if i do feel it ?

  2. either you face it or you leave it
    not many want to deal with it and they just keep running away from it.

    what would you do?

  3. i faced it and decided to leave it. forgive myself and others. it might take some time, but it will soon be over.

    thanks to YOU :D

  4. haha glad to hear that.
    i did nothing actually...
    neway good luck ^^