Monday, 1 December 2014


bed bug is its name in english. I haven't had this problem for a really long time that I've totally forgotten the name pepijat. it is an parasite insect that live on by sucking your blood. just like lice, it is really hard to eradicate it since any repellent or substance wont kill it. it can live anywhere in your house as long as it's close to the food source that is us human which makes the searching area really big and it is really small.

so, recently my house got a bed bug infestation as we have to go and stay at different places from time to time and there are guests coming to our house a lot. any of these occasion can lead to this infestation. initially, one of my housemate keep on getting bitten and after quite sometimes, my roommate started to get bitten too. then yesterday, they declare war against the bed bug and do search and destroy operation in all bedrooms. I didn't join them when they started the operation as i was at out doing some shopping tee hee. by the way all bed sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers are inspected and washed in boiling water. some are thrown away, and yeah they left no pillow unturned. all spring boxes are thrown away since we cant risk having hidden nest.

at the end of the day, everybody was totally exhausted except me because i was still out shopping. so the only thing i can do is help in finishing the operation like managing the bed sheet laundry. on a totally unrelated note, the vacuum cleaner smells like rat piss. if you've dealt with rat piss before you'll know how bad it is. since the vacuum cleaner act like air refresher, any smell it has is being sprayed to the house so we have free air freshener with rat piss scent. man that's the worse thing happen second to bed bug infestation problem in the house. the thing is, we live in an apartment and there's no way there's a rat living in my apartment. and the vacuum cleaner become smelly after we lent it to other house. my housemates are all really crossed with this since none of the borrowers want to admit and the blame was pointed to us back saying that it has been smelly right from the beginning. bad excuse mate, as we just used it right before we lent it to you and it was just fine. oh well, what's done is done. i hope i can get rid of the smell from the vacuum.

here's the specimens that we get from the operation.
see the big bug? that's the king there are all kind of stages of bed bug in this pic
from eggs to adult varying in size.