Monday, 30 September 2013


i know this topic is a bit outdated but oh well.. im not a fan of kpop. mainly because i dont watch them. liking music because of the singers, or because of the video... nope, not gonna happen. ive tried listening to few random kpop songs and i find the music is not that interesting though some of them do have catchy beats but im just not interested in them. save all the dancing and eye candies. i listen to music not watch music.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

bicycle maintenance

it has been years since i last do a bicycle maintenance. i mean last time i did it i was in primary school. hahaha. so nostalgic. the chain, the wheel, the oil, and the gears. i dont have any motorbike back home which is why i never do this kind of things when i was in secondary school or college years. even in university, i dont care much about my bike and keep on using it without care. I dont have the right tools to do the maintenance though. even for oil i used cooking oil to oil those gears and chain hahaha. well at least i got my bike to run again.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

yahoo answers

i've been quite active in yahoo community again lately. last time i was there to help people solve math question since medic doesnt deal with numbers. of course i only do the easier one that dont require me to use calculator, algebra question mostly. but thats that. now i answered wider range of questions like questions regarding foods, psychology, health, or religion stuffs. some of them are funny and some are serious. there are also health and fitnesswhere people asking whether they should lose/gain weight and trying to get advice to become fit etc.

anyway when people ask whats your favourite food i always find it a bit hard to specify on food that i really like. I LOVE ALL FOOD!!!! except the one that i cant eat. haram food. its fun to get new ideas from the community too since cooking the same thing would be boring. int this section i can usually see vegan have little debates/clashing points with meat lover in term of giving answers

then there's religion section which is always hot. each question can have more than 20 answers as atheists, christians, and muslims answers the questions based on their belief. i dont usually answer this section since there are already a lot of answers except question specifically for muslim which christian's and atheist's answers are irrelevant.

lastly is the psychology part where most of the questions are about one hating oneself or people asking on how to suicide without feeling any pain. answering these kind of question usually depends on my mood. sometimes, my answers are positive and sometimes, negative. honestly i feel those kind of questions are just plain idiots, i mean the how-to-suicide one.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

be grateful

people always relate me being thinner with the consumption of levothyroxine that ive been taking. to be frank i dont really think that the pills help me to get thin. if i lose weight it's because of me myself not because of the pills. i know that i do take high dosage of levothyroxine and it will increase my metabolism etc etc but at the same time, i also have a huge appetite. my stomach becomes a black hole. everything can go inside continuously. and then there also some of my friends that want to take the pill so that they can increase their metabolism and get thin. some even said untungla high t4 boleh jadi kurus. honestly, i almost curse them in my heart. you still have your thyroid. be glad that you dont have to take pills and monitor yourself every few months. if you want to get thin work your ass. dont rely on medication.

i know all of them are just saying the statement jokingly but still, you dont make that statement unless you have that intention. be grateful you idiots haha.

Friday, 13 September 2013

seriously!? i mean SERIOUSLY!?

so i watched this video about khalid jaafar talking about syiah need to be defended in Malaysia. seriously?! WHAT THE HELL MAN!!!! and he is talking about freedom of choice and human's right to support his arguement taking example from countries like America or Europe countries. SERIOUSLY!?!?

I just cant take it. i mean first of all, do you support syiah? are you going to say yes to something that is wrong? nobody in their right mind will say yes to something wrong. so WHY THE  HELL ARE YOU DEFENDING SYIAH.

second, youre taking examples from europe countries and america. tell me which one of the countries are muslim country? NONE!!! they dont have Islam issue overthere for they dont care/know what happen to Islam. their main religion is christian. why would you interfere with what happen to the other religion when youre not following the religion? thats why they allow syiah to prosper overthere. you think the ministers and the christian will say "hey, syiah is wrong. dont let them come here. only sunni people are allowed to practice in this country" ? IN YOUR DREAM. we are muslim and we live in a muslim country. we dont follow the non-muslim countries' way when we're deciding things that are related to our religion. we have our Quran and Sunnah. We have our scholars that know more about our religion. listen to their advice. seek guidance from the Quran and Sunnah, not from christian!! we can take examples from theor countries but not about the religion. duhhhh

lastly, freedom of choice and human rights, i think i already discussed about this earlier but whatever ill just say it again here. you want to have freedom? you want to say it is human's right? why do we need law and order? why do we need all the regulation if freedom is right? we're free to do anything it is our right to do anything. it doesnt matter whether it is bad or good for it is our own choice. so why do we need regulations? it is so that we can put limit to what our fucking insane mind is thinking!!! not everything we want is right. some of them are just wrong that we need to control ourselves. you support freedom of thinking, freedom of choice but when something bad happen to your family what would you do? freedom of choice!!! i want to rape your mum your sister your wife i want butcher them right in front of your fucking eyes. will you be saying that this is wrong? thats why we have law to differentiate what's right and wrong. our religion already say that it is wrong and it will always be wrong. human's law tends to change overtime but never ever go against your religion's law. everything have limit. and never go pass the limit for we're just pushing ourselves towards insanity when we pass through the limit. dont you ever think of saying about human's right and freedom of choice when youre clearly defending something wrong. you're just wrong

here's a link to his speech.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I've been reading comic and manga since primary school and I've tried to draw lots of stuffs but most of them are manga related stuffs. I realised that in manga, beautiful drawing is not the only thing that makes a manga good. everytime i read manga, to me the storyline plays important role to make everything good. beautiful drawing serves as an eye candy for the readers. besides that, the author must also know how to capture motion into a picture and thus making the story as if flowing smoothly despite they're just pictures. there are also other points that need to be considered such as themes, background, overcrowding of the panel, etc that become the selling point for a manga. when i read a manga I look for the storyline the smoothness of the story and pics more than the jambuness of the characters or beautiful pics. As an example, Ben's comic from gempak. I've been reading some of his comics and i realised that even if his drawing is absurdly beautiful but i find that the pictures dont give the impression of movements as if the characters are static. and the flow of the story is not so smooth between each panel. huhu

conteng2 using old lecture notes.... xnak bazir kertas
these are characters from bartenders

Monday, 9 September 2013

street fighter

do you like to play street fighter? well this is the church edition. gotta love the psycho crusher

i've no idea what theyre doing actually. never seen this in church actually

Saturday, 7 September 2013


when i was small, i always wonder whats with these people taht kept on watching drama? i mean how can they like it? theyre just boring story mostly about lovey dovey stuffs. I just dont get it and to me drama time was the time i should get away from tv and go do something else more interesting like playing lego.

i didnt like drama but now i started to like it more. been reading lots of drama style comics and mangas that show people's life. i guess this is one of the things that you like when you get older. yeah i've developed interest in human especially their action, emotion, and expression in different situation and environment. pfft as if im not a human. manga's that i've been reading include bakuman, bambino, rainbow, biomeat, silver spoon, etc.. ive read a lot actually. despite that, i still dont really watch drama on the tv as i find them too artificial and fake. oh I still dont really like the too cheesy story too. theyre just too much that i feel like im going to puke....not to that extent actually.

besides that, I love to watch the drama between people around me. this is a bit different as I have to get myself involved a bit in order to know the whole story. I have to listen those gossipers to feed me update of the drama and sometimes i can play a role in the drama to affect the storyline or get everything moving but i must not get involved too deeply or i will be one of the main actors which will be too tiresome. the best part is when i am friend with all the actors in drama and you get to know all of the story. i get to know all versions of the story.

oh well, im searching for another drama or slice of life type manga. im just rereading old drama manga like death note for now

Thursday, 5 September 2013

being judgemental

so i watched this video of sunsfan interviewing loda before the final match of ti3. he brought his girlfriend along and i see lots of negative comments saying his girlfriend is ugly. beauty is in the eye of the beholder well, if you dont find one beautifull youll see one as ugly. one can be ugly i dont deny that because thats why the word exists but then do we have the right to say that one should be able to get better or theyre not a good match? this happens especially to celebrities... dafuq? who are we to decide on someone else life? unless it is your child... whether shes ugly or not its their choice to do what they want. but then I found out that she was like some sort of playboy type that keep on jumping from player to player. no wonder she received a lot of hate Lol what a world.