Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I've been reading comic and manga since primary school and I've tried to draw lots of stuffs but most of them are manga related stuffs. I realised that in manga, beautiful drawing is not the only thing that makes a manga good. everytime i read manga, to me the storyline plays important role to make everything good. beautiful drawing serves as an eye candy for the readers. besides that, the author must also know how to capture motion into a picture and thus making the story as if flowing smoothly despite they're just pictures. there are also other points that need to be considered such as themes, background, overcrowding of the panel, etc that become the selling point for a manga. when i read a manga I look for the storyline the smoothness of the story and pics more than the jambuness of the characters or beautiful pics. As an example, Ben's comic from gempak. I've been reading some of his comics and i realised that even if his drawing is absurdly beautiful but i find that the pictures dont give the impression of movements as if the characters are static. and the flow of the story is not so smooth between each panel. huhu

conteng2 using old lecture notes.... xnak bazir kertas
these are characters from bartenders


  1. omygod your drawings are improving by day . jealous!

  2. haha im just copying. my own drawing is bad though