Thursday, 19 September 2013

be grateful

people always relate me being thinner with the consumption of levothyroxine that ive been taking. to be frank i dont really think that the pills help me to get thin. if i lose weight it's because of me myself not because of the pills. i know that i do take high dosage of levothyroxine and it will increase my metabolism etc etc but at the same time, i also have a huge appetite. my stomach becomes a black hole. everything can go inside continuously. and then there also some of my friends that want to take the pill so that they can increase their metabolism and get thin. some even said untungla high t4 boleh jadi kurus. honestly, i almost curse them in my heart. you still have your thyroid. be glad that you dont have to take pills and monitor yourself every few months. if you want to get thin work your ass. dont rely on medication.

i know all of them are just saying the statement jokingly but still, you dont make that statement unless you have that intention. be grateful you idiots haha.

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