Friday, 31 May 2013

solat jemaah

luruskan saf rapatkan saf.
bila solat jemaah selalu teringat scene video ni bila nak sujud.

you're funny you're funny

Monday, 27 May 2013

pasangan pilihan

everyone must have one own taste in choosing the right partner. fair skin, dark skin, slanted eyes, big eyes, etc etc but of course to find someone that meet 100% of your expectation is almost impossible. unless youre are superrrrr lucky.

anyway i was once asked what are the criteria of woman that i like. the answer was i dont care. that was when i was in form 5 if i recall correctly. the reply that i get was you sound so desperate. lol. i dont really care about girl at that time. not the time yet. 

not long ago i was asked the same question again. i said preferably not a medic student. and then my friend said "aphal ko xnak medic student lak? wat penat je aku amek medic". lol.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

kalimah syahadah

Aku bersaksi bahawa tiada Tuhan yang sebenarnya melainkan Allah, 
dan aku bersaksi bahawa Nabi Muhammad itu utusan Allah”.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

urinary catheter again

ive told you guys about the urinary catheter. that was my first time doing it. practice makes perfect. so here we go again doing urinary catheter. this time it is not about catheter but it is about penis.

one of the steps to do it is  retract the foreskin. if one has any. dont pull the foreskin if one doesnt have it. that's what phillipa said. well, it's true. the patient is gonna have a bad time if that happen. anyway, do you know how do penis with foreskin looks like or the one w/o the foreskin? shut up you muslim guys as you obviously know the difference. but what about the girls? do you know how to differentiate them? lol this is quite funny but it happens. girl might not know how circumcised penis look like unless they have been living with partners but then they might still not know the difference.

there are even people that claim that they're circumcised but actually they're not because they dont know.

why do we have to pull the foreskin?

there's this one case, a sho put the catheter but the there's no urine going out. whenever we face problem, always call the boss. so here come the reg. he pulls the foreskin which the sho forgets to do and voila.. huge abscess is trapped there blocking the catheter. the patient actually have infection in the foreskin. well, not many people know that they have to clean the area inside foreskin. oh and it all about being sterile. you dont want the catheter to be contaminated and put in the bladder.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

clinical skill practice

my life is stagnant so far.... oh well enjoy the boredom before everything start to go up and down.

i  had a clinical skill practice few days ago. so we were practicing on checking blood pressure when they try to count my heart rate..... phillipa shouted "you have a fucking tachy!". lol i havent checked my bp or heart rate for quite a while already. anyway probably because of the levothyrox that im taking and maybe due to me being very unfit. lol. we were joking saying that i get excited from people touching me lol.

later, when we were learning on some surgical instruments......

P: so this is Doyen. (a forceps used to occlude bowel to prevent the content from escaping without disrupting the blood supply to the bowel)
A: ohhh so this is the Y (our previous lesson from different hosp taught us like that due to its shape and name)
P: It's the D! not Y
A: because it has Y in it....
P: it also has N in it. i dont know....

and we burst into laughter when as we just cant win the argument

exam... ugh

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

exam activities

yeay exam is over!!! here comes summer!!! ....that's what the first year said. have fun with you 5 months holiday. I on the other handstill have exam that last till 14 June. yeah for now I've just finished the first round. god im so tired. so here's what happened for the last 2 weeks.

Farewell party for the fifth years passing their final exam. more like congratulatory party. jumpa di Malaysia nanti. 
makan'makan di Yamamori
Sushi time!!!
Till we meet again

and then come the exam part which one become a caveman not going out from the lair for quite sometimes.

when you want to go to bed and realize that you threw all your stuffs on the bed  earlier...
the road to exam hall. it's been awhile since i last cycled

2 things. nice weather which makes me really want to go out  and a bottle of water to keep me alive 
it's summer time and im here writing notes and poems. the latter  part is  just a joke

and what happen after the first week of exam? woot woot the most waited part after the exam. makan-makan at seniors house. consider it as a house warming party since they just moved into the house.
cookies!!! yeah baked cookies but being tired and lazy i made big cookies instead of the bite-size one.
they look more like a scone instead of cookies but who cares. it is still edible 
The main chef in action during the party.
bowl of eggs. 
eat, laugh, enjoy 
activity dimasa lapang. Lawn mowing 
going back home via Luas

Thursday, 2 May 2013


we spend a lot of time looking at people face be it to comunicate or to recognise or just for fun especially those around us. we can memorize people faces and their facial expressions especially the one that we love. nevertheless do we look at our face at all? do we love how we look? the eyes, the nose, the lips, cheeks, chin, forehead, eyebrows, hair, dimple, pimple, creases.... do we like to look at the person in the mirror? or we loathe and wish that we dont have to see that person much? try to smile to that person or look at that person like how you look at people that you feel disgusted. try to be angry at that person and see how that person look like

a sketch of the exam face.... oh i forgot the eyelashes