Sunday, 19 May 2013

clinical skill practice

my life is stagnant so far.... oh well enjoy the boredom before everything start to go up and down.

i  had a clinical skill practice few days ago. so we were practicing on checking blood pressure when they try to count my heart rate..... phillipa shouted "you have a fucking tachy!". lol i havent checked my bp or heart rate for quite a while already. anyway probably because of the levothyrox that im taking and maybe due to me being very unfit. lol. we were joking saying that i get excited from people touching me lol.

later, when we were learning on some surgical instruments......

P: so this is Doyen. (a forceps used to occlude bowel to prevent the content from escaping without disrupting the blood supply to the bowel)
A: ohhh so this is the Y (our previous lesson from different hosp taught us like that due to its shape and name)
P: It's the D! not Y
A: because it has Y in it....
P: it also has N in it. i dont know....

and we burst into laughter when as we just cant win the argument

exam... ugh

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