Friday, 28 October 2016

usaha dan tawakal

when we talk about success we have the doa, usaha and tawakal. (what are their translation in english?). 

we pray to god so that we are strong enough to face the obstacles along our journey towards our goal. we pray so that the path for us to success will be easier. we pray so that the people around us will be easy to lend us a helping hand whenever we are in a predicament. we pray so that there will be a guide for us to follow towards success instead of blindly walking along the path of life. it doesnt matter what religion one follows, one can always pray and ask for blessings and guidance. well, unless one dont believe in god or higher entity then one will not pray.

then come the usaha part which is straight forward. you reap what you sow. enough said. the bounty we get is usually proportional to the amount of the work and dedication we give. 

the last part is tawakal which is berserah. i dont really know how to describe this word in english actually. it's like leaving it to god. so after we pray to god and after we try our best to achieve what we want we leave the outcome to god. this is the part that a lot of people use the word tawakal wrongly. we always see people say they tawakal/berserah je la when they give up in trying to pursue their dream or when people dont even bother to try to work for it in the first place and say i leave it to fate/god to determine my future. that is just plain wrong. see to me, tawakal is regardless of what the outcome of our actions, works or situations, we make peace with it. we accept it as it is and be grateful to god. we dont dwell in the past sulking about it or we become proud/arrogant from our achievement in the past. tawakal is believing in god to give the best outcome He thinks you deserve based on your work and prayer. tawakal is not a substitute for usaha/work nor it is a shortcut in order to get success. lots of people give up halfway trying to get success and said one leave it to fate but when the outcome is bad they become dissatisfied and blame god or unfairness in this world of why other people are more successful. please, dont try to abuse the system. we will just make a fool out of ourselves.

god has given a lot of fortunes in the world and it is everywhere for everyone to get them. everyone doesnt mean just for the followers. it literally mean every living being in the world. as long as we work to get and collect the fortune we will get them. so dont compare ourselves to others saying why they get a better life when they dont pray to god as much as we do. they work to get the fortunes and they get it. we cant get things done if we only pray and leave it to god without even move a finger to get things settled. it doesnt work like that. god is fair. see it is not wrong for us to work to get the fortunes in this world. Islam dont forbid you to collect all the wealth in this world and it is totally wrong for us to look at fortunes as something bad.

so overall we work for our aim and at the same time pray to god to get blessings and help along the way and we be grateful with the outcome regardless of how good/bad it is. we dont grumble or despair with bad outcome nor do we show off and look down on others with good outcome. we accept it and make full use of it for our future undertaking. we reflect on ourselves what we did wrong or what we lacked so that we can improve ourselves to be a better person. we look at our strengths and what we did right and think of how to do things more efficient or how we can use those strengths to benefit others; family, friends, society. we keep improving ourselves and be grateful to god along the way.

let's say in relationship, we don't blame people with good looks and wealth to get good looking partner or also wealthy partner. it's not in our place to say that it's not fair they have an easy life while you dont. do you know how hard their ancestors work to get their family to live a good life? do you think it is fair for someone who plan carefully, work hard, and grab every opportunity coming in one way to secure a good life for one's family only to have their descendants live like a pauper or commoner? in relationship yes we pray that we will get a good partner. good in term of physical, attitudes, manners, wealth, and well basically complete package. nevertheless, do we work for it? getting partner is not as easy as getting mate in animal kingdoms. we need to prepare ourselves with the knowledge, ways to support our own lives when we are in relationship not to mention the work needed to attract other people. we work on getting a good physical. it's the first thing people judge regardless of what others say. if youre hideous people wont like you. make ourselves look clean, smart and attracting. get good education, read, baca, iqra. fill ourselves with knowledge because knowledge is sexy and with education you can land yourself a good job thus securing your wealth and stability. in laws dont want to see their children living in a pitiful condition not being able to support the family  improve our mentality/behaviour/attitude/manners. people dont get attracted to bad manners.

again we cant dictate the society not to be superficial and materialistic for one can only control one's own body. what we can do is to make ourselves better to be able to compete with the others meanwhile we ourselves try not to be materialistic and superficial to other people. values can be preached but not forced on others.

Monday, 24 October 2016

kata-kata hikmah

if you love someone, set them free. if they come back they're yours, if they dont they never were.

good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget

surely everybody must have seen those inspirational quotes or advice be it on fb, twitter, tumbler, or whatever there is. some even posted themselves maybe to motivate others or maybe to motivate oneself or maybe just for fishing likes/upvotes. cliche type would be a quote with an unnecessary background picture just to deepen the emotion of the readers. anyway i dont really go against those people posting these quotes. well if it can motivate people why not? nothing wrong about it.

one thing I'm always wondering is that when people post these quotes mostly i see are that they are directing the quotes to people around them. one who just broke up with partner, or dumped, or even not being able to get a partner post these relationship quotes just to make oneself feel better. one  can have a quarrel with friends  and start to post quotes like true friend dont back stab you blablabla. why? yeah i know the answer is to make one feels better but do we use these quotes as a way to look at ourselves? do we use it as a way to reflect on our actions and behaviours? i dont see many people do that. you can say those people are not true friends when they abandon you but you dont even realize your action itself may be the cause to the abandonment.

sometimes we are so into judging, advicing, preaching the people,community,the world to be better but we forget to judge, advice, and preach ourselves. goodness cant spread from something bad.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

to makeup or not to makeup

so there is this one video about boys whether they like girls with makeup or not and they all say no makeup and when they are shown a picture with girl without makeup they don't really like her. so lots of my girl friends are commenting about how they boys are only superficial or don't walk the talk or they don't really know what they want actually and so on. well i agree with them. but to me most of all, i can conclude that appearance is important. people always say don't judge the book by its cover. yes. you don't judge the book by its cover. whether it is a good or bad book it depends on the content of the book (which for human are the qualities like personalities, mentality, character) but can you get interested to a book? that's the function of the cover. after all we humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. it is in our nature and there is nothing we can do about it. so when we see a beautiful girl or a handsome guy, most of us will pay attention to the said person. whether one is a good or bad person is totally irrelevant. that will be judged by the qualities of the person. do you believe in love at first sight? i do though this usually only applies to good looking people. because first thing that makes you attracted is always the superficial part, the beauty. the beast however will be shown later when you get to explore inside the castle.

so yeap, appearance is important. appearance can get you to have love at first sight, gaining more attention, landing you your job during interview, making people like you and even getting those superficial people to be on your side. after all, we want to be on the good looking side to be adored rather than to be rejected or looked with disgust. so do improve your appearance. if you have skin problem, take care of it. if your wardrobe dont have any good clothes, spend some money to get some. if you think you're fat or too skinny, work that ass of yours to get a better body. if you have the not good looking face do not go for plastic surgery. well you can if you want to and if you want money but for Muslim it is forbidden to do that.

anyway, face isn't the only thing people look at when I say appearance. people look at the whole package. your face, your body, your cleanliness, the smartness/beauty of your clothes, and how you bring yourself(this one requires a bit more observation rather than just a glance).One can have a handsome/beauty face but hidden beneath fat/pimples. there are other people with good looking face but they dont take care of their clothing or smells or act like a street person with no manners. i can guarantee you people will not get close to them at all. you can have an average face or less beautiful face whatever you want to say depending on your self esteem but you have a great body with the curves/muscles, take care of your hygiene, not appearing messy, and you bring yourself well. act like a gentleman/lady and people will be impressed and they surely they will be more attracted to you.

nevertheless, it is important not to be superficial person that treat people with bad appearance badly. I myself have tested all these. for people that know me they know i'm not they type that take care of my appearance. i can appear disheveled or messy or look sick and my clothes... well you can just say i have a wardrobe malfunction. i dare go out of my house with pajamas or wear crumpled clothing and most of my clothes are really old and shabby. yes,, needless to say, i don't get any attention from people around me. i can be like a stone beside the road with my appearance as long as I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing. and then there are times when i wear smart and groom myself and guess what I'm no longer a wallflower instead i'm the main flower. i can get people's attention immediately.

It is all about what you do with yourself and to people around you. you cant control other people and there will always be superficial people in this world. so go get yourself a better look. invest some money into yourself.

as for makeup thingy, just don't over makeup i guess is what the boys talking about when they say no makeup. you can look beautiful with makeup but not to the extend people can see you have 2 pounds of makeup on your face. something like that.... i guess

be jelita

Sunday, 16 October 2016


there are lots of toads in malaysia you can tell there's one in the area when you can hear them singing in the rain. croak croak ribbit ribbit. i rarely see frogs here though. when i was small i really dont like toads and frogs because of their appearance and theyre cold wet and slimy. besides they are usually found in wet and damp area like in the drain so i usually relate them to gross and dirty. so when I see toads i will try my best to get rid of them but not killing them. the thought of their body content spilling out or have to handle their carcass is just gross and i really dont want that to happen. not to mention that i heard stories from the old folks that toads pee is poisonous and it can shoot very high like a water pistol and one can get blind from the pee or get kudis on the skin if it hits your skin. too much hassle to deal with so i decided to distance myself from any frogs/toads. i still dont know whether its true till now about the toxic pee. i hated frogs that i ended up hating tadpoles and their eggs too haha.

now i feel like having toads around my house again. theyre actually good creatures. except that if they manage to get into your house they will shit on the floor like rats and mice. other than that theyre fine. i didnt realize that toad is actually a natural pest controller. they eat bugs like flies and mosquitoes which is why i never really have problems with all these pests back in the days. my house now have neither frogs nor toads and we have lots of mosquitoes and flies. since we have geese and chicken in our backyard it is guaranteed that there will be flies around. i realized the good ness of toads when i was watching a video of making compost in tropical countries for an island in hawai if im not mistaken where they use toads as a natural pest controls since theyre making large piles of compost to self sustain their plants around the island.

of course with the existence of predator for the pest there will be something higher in the food chain that will come to my house like snakes. that is the risks of having toads around i guess. in addition our backyard is like a forest which can provide lots of places for snakes to hide. i once saw a snake devour a frog alive right beside my house. i was studying in the kitchen when i heard a continuous weird loud noise coming from outside the window and to my horror it was afrog screaming as his half lower body is inside a black snake's mouth. we didnt do anything though except watching and letting nature works its way. the good thing of having snakes around is that they can control the number of frogs and also eat the rats, mice, and squirrels. here in my place there's a type of squirrel they call tupai tanah which really like to enter the house and shit and pee everywhere and they stinks. theyre like rats. i have no idea how to distinguish them actually. anyway, lets hope i can get some toads around my house. give them toads some love yah?

Friday, 14 October 2016

compost project

yeay my project to make compost is working really well. the pile i made from dead leaves, branches, and any organic trashes from my house have all turned to soil. well except the woods because theyre put in big chunks and it takes a lot of time to decompose large chunks. damn if only i have a wood chipper machine. i saw that machine when i was going to a machine shop and i was so awed by it. wonder how much it costs. if im working and have salary i would have buy that immediately. that's my kind of reckless shopping haha. so now i have 2 big piles of organic wastes. one of them is just stacks of big branches, woods and trees. no way they're going to turn into compost at this rate. i will need to chop them up into smaller pieces and mix them together with dead leaves and grasses.

here's what i noticed for compost pile in malaysia. there's no need for me to watch or take care of the compost at all as the temperature is always high and suitable for microorganism to grow. it doesnt rain much in my area but its fine not really a big problem. the outer part of the pile seems dry but the inner part is moist enough but not damp though. there are lots of wind in my area which makes it hard for the exposed area to decompose wind basically makes it dry but still its not a big deal because it only affects the surface area. my biggest problem is to gert all the big stuffs chopped up into smaller pieces so that all the branches and woods dont create really big spaces that allow too much contact with air. when theyre big they decay slowly. i watched a pile of wood lying on the ground and they take ages to rot and when i arrange them properly side by side on the ground just for a few weeks and they started to rot really fast because they have less surface in contact with the air. so yeah i might need to combine the 2 piles together because the other piles consist of soil, leaves, and all the woods that i've chopped up into small pieces. get them covered up properly and they will decompose fast enough.

Im not gonna put water to get the optimum dampness since we have to pay for water bill and id rather water the trees than the compost piles. at least the seedlings need to be taken care of. the compost is just an optional quest.besides i can just rely on rain. monsoon season is coming up so there will be  a lot of rain. yeay. fyi i dont take care of flower trees. theyre useless to me. planning to grow those small plants and veges like onions, leeks, and some herbs but that will be some other time after i cleared up some spaces for them.

Monday, 10 October 2016

adab bertegur

sekali lagi. demi masa. sesungguhnya manusia berada dalam kerugian. kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan kebajikan serta saling menasihati untuk kebenarandan saling menasihati untuk kesabaran.

apabila bertegur kenalah ada caranya. bukan terus PANG orang jadi merah pipi. maklumlah menegur gunakan tangan kalau kurang mampu gunakan lisan dan kalau paling kurang mampu menggunakan hati. sudahnya, orang pun menegur pakai tangan literally. kena paham isi tersirat dan bukan hanya tersurat sahaja. menggunakan tangan bermaksud menegur melalui perbuatan, kuasa bagi mereka yang mampu. mmmm aku pun x tahu sangat pasal menegur pakai tangan ni sebenarnya hahaha.

menegur menggunakan perbuatan ni tak ramai yang mampu buat tapi ada je yang buat. ada yang menegur dengan cara mengimitasi tingkah laku pesalah kepada pesalah itu sendiri. macam api dibalas api la ni. cara ni boleh la berkesan tapi tak semua orang boleh terima. sesetengah orang boleh la terasa apa yang orang buat kat dia dan mungkin dia akan sedar apa yang dia buat selama ni salah tapi ada juga orang yang tak perasan langsung. jadi, mesej pun x tersampai. lebih teruk kalau dia beranggapan yang orang lain pun buat juga maka apa yang dia buat tu tak salah. akhirnya, perbuatan yang nak jadi teguran menguatkan lagi perbuatan yang salah. lagi satu, pada aku cara menegur ini tidak betul kerana orang buat salah kepada kita tak bermaksud kita boleh buat salah terhadap orang tu balik. kalau nak menunjuk sebabgai contoh boleh la tapi mestilah datang bersama teguran secara lisan. kalau senyap je biasa memang takkan jalan punya la. lagi satu aku da cuba cara ni banyak kali sebab malas nak tegur depan2 dan biasanya memang tak menjadi. kene tegur depan2 juga.

lagi satu menegur pakai lisan ni. ingat lidah tu tu boleh jadi lebih tajam dari pedang. apabila bertegur pakai mulut ni jangan lah terus jerkah ataupun herdik/hina orang yang salah tu. tegur lah dengan nada dan budi yang baik. bukannya cakap berlapik sarkasme dan sinis juga. silap hari bulan, orang yang ditegur tu kena tegur balik tak pun kena pang dengan orang yang kena tegur pulak lagi lagi kalau orang yang ditegur tu orang tua. orang tua ni biasa pantang kena tegur. egonya tinggi.

kalau nak menegur orang ke arah kebaikan ada caranya bukan lah sentiasa keras dan bukan lah sentiasa lembut. kalau salah caranya orang takkan ikut ke arah kebaikan malah boleh jadi orang lebih menjauhi kita. bertegurlah secara berhemat dan saling mengingati kearah kebaikan.

and once again my attempt to write in malay sucks. lots of words appear in english and i dont know on how to make the sentence right in malay. dont want it to be formal yet not too pasar. ughhh

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

starderp valley!!

yeay stardew valley has been updated!!! for those who dont know what stardew valley is, it is a game in Steam where you live in a countryside and inherited a big piece of farm. your objective is to build your new life with the people around town as you explore the area develop your skills like farming fishing mining etc. it is like an expanded version of harvest moon. also similar games like these are dont starve and animal crossing. if you like any one of these games youll definitely like stardew valley.

now back to the game update, the are more things that can be done and 2 more people are included in the marrying list. so since i have finished the game earlier i just have to look at several stuffs to see the update. that also means that i'm already married in the game. the funny thing is that since there is new candidates to be married i get to be their boyfriend and watch the cut scene as their heart level goes up and the final cut scene with this 1 girl is me sleeping together with the girl in the forest sharing a sleeping bag. I only return home the next morning finding myself standing at the front door and my wife in the kitchen and she just talked normally. damn girl you dont even have a problem with me sleeping with another girl and whatsmore shes your sister!!! infidelity at its best. i should divorce her and marry her sister. oh well its just a game but given the norm of the society nowadays, even same sex marriage is available in this game. i always feel ewww to the guys romantic cut scene.