Friday, 14 October 2016

compost project

yeay my project to make compost is working really well. the pile i made from dead leaves, branches, and any organic trashes from my house have all turned to soil. well except the woods because theyre put in big chunks and it takes a lot of time to decompose large chunks. damn if only i have a wood chipper machine. i saw that machine when i was going to a machine shop and i was so awed by it. wonder how much it costs. if im working and have salary i would have buy that immediately. that's my kind of reckless shopping haha. so now i have 2 big piles of organic wastes. one of them is just stacks of big branches, woods and trees. no way they're going to turn into compost at this rate. i will need to chop them up into smaller pieces and mix them together with dead leaves and grasses.

here's what i noticed for compost pile in malaysia. there's no need for me to watch or take care of the compost at all as the temperature is always high and suitable for microorganism to grow. it doesnt rain much in my area but its fine not really a big problem. the outer part of the pile seems dry but the inner part is moist enough but not damp though. there are lots of wind in my area which makes it hard for the exposed area to decompose wind basically makes it dry but still its not a big deal because it only affects the surface area. my biggest problem is to gert all the big stuffs chopped up into smaller pieces so that all the branches and woods dont create really big spaces that allow too much contact with air. when theyre big they decay slowly. i watched a pile of wood lying on the ground and they take ages to rot and when i arrange them properly side by side on the ground just for a few weeks and they started to rot really fast because they have less surface in contact with the air. so yeah i might need to combine the 2 piles together because the other piles consist of soil, leaves, and all the woods that i've chopped up into small pieces. get them covered up properly and they will decompose fast enough.

Im not gonna put water to get the optimum dampness since we have to pay for water bill and id rather water the trees than the compost piles. at least the seedlings need to be taken care of. the compost is just an optional quest.besides i can just rely on rain. monsoon season is coming up so there will be  a lot of rain. yeay. fyi i dont take care of flower trees. theyre useless to me. planning to grow those small plants and veges like onions, leeks, and some herbs but that will be some other time after i cleared up some spaces for them.

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