Sunday, 16 October 2016


there are lots of toads in malaysia you can tell there's one in the area when you can hear them singing in the rain. croak croak ribbit ribbit. i rarely see frogs here though. when i was small i really dont like toads and frogs because of their appearance and theyre cold wet and slimy. besides they are usually found in wet and damp area like in the drain so i usually relate them to gross and dirty. so when I see toads i will try my best to get rid of them but not killing them. the thought of their body content spilling out or have to handle their carcass is just gross and i really dont want that to happen. not to mention that i heard stories from the old folks that toads pee is poisonous and it can shoot very high like a water pistol and one can get blind from the pee or get kudis on the skin if it hits your skin. too much hassle to deal with so i decided to distance myself from any frogs/toads. i still dont know whether its true till now about the toxic pee. i hated frogs that i ended up hating tadpoles and their eggs too haha.

now i feel like having toads around my house again. theyre actually good creatures. except that if they manage to get into your house they will shit on the floor like rats and mice. other than that theyre fine. i didnt realize that toad is actually a natural pest controller. they eat bugs like flies and mosquitoes which is why i never really have problems with all these pests back in the days. my house now have neither frogs nor toads and we have lots of mosquitoes and flies. since we have geese and chicken in our backyard it is guaranteed that there will be flies around. i realized the good ness of toads when i was watching a video of making compost in tropical countries for an island in hawai if im not mistaken where they use toads as a natural pest controls since theyre making large piles of compost to self sustain their plants around the island.

of course with the existence of predator for the pest there will be something higher in the food chain that will come to my house like snakes. that is the risks of having toads around i guess. in addition our backyard is like a forest which can provide lots of places for snakes to hide. i once saw a snake devour a frog alive right beside my house. i was studying in the kitchen when i heard a continuous weird loud noise coming from outside the window and to my horror it was afrog screaming as his half lower body is inside a black snake's mouth. we didnt do anything though except watching and letting nature works its way. the good thing of having snakes around is that they can control the number of frogs and also eat the rats, mice, and squirrels. here in my place there's a type of squirrel they call tupai tanah which really like to enter the house and shit and pee everywhere and they stinks. theyre like rats. i have no idea how to distinguish them actually. anyway, lets hope i can get some toads around my house. give them toads some love yah?

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