Thursday, 20 October 2016

to makeup or not to makeup

so there is this one video about boys whether they like girls with makeup or not and they all say no makeup and when they are shown a picture with girl without makeup they don't really like her. so lots of my girl friends are commenting about how they boys are only superficial or don't walk the talk or they don't really know what they want actually and so on. well i agree with them. but to me most of all, i can conclude that appearance is important. people always say don't judge the book by its cover. yes. you don't judge the book by its cover. whether it is a good or bad book it depends on the content of the book (which for human are the qualities like personalities, mentality, character) but can you get interested to a book? that's the function of the cover. after all we humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. it is in our nature and there is nothing we can do about it. so when we see a beautiful girl or a handsome guy, most of us will pay attention to the said person. whether one is a good or bad person is totally irrelevant. that will be judged by the qualities of the person. do you believe in love at first sight? i do though this usually only applies to good looking people. because first thing that makes you attracted is always the superficial part, the beauty. the beast however will be shown later when you get to explore inside the castle.

so yeap, appearance is important. appearance can get you to have love at first sight, gaining more attention, landing you your job during interview, making people like you and even getting those superficial people to be on your side. after all, we want to be on the good looking side to be adored rather than to be rejected or looked with disgust. so do improve your appearance. if you have skin problem, take care of it. if your wardrobe dont have any good clothes, spend some money to get some. if you think you're fat or too skinny, work that ass of yours to get a better body. if you have the not good looking face do not go for plastic surgery. well you can if you want to and if you want money but for Muslim it is forbidden to do that.

anyway, face isn't the only thing people look at when I say appearance. people look at the whole package. your face, your body, your cleanliness, the smartness/beauty of your clothes, and how you bring yourself(this one requires a bit more observation rather than just a glance).One can have a handsome/beauty face but hidden beneath fat/pimples. there are other people with good looking face but they dont take care of their clothing or smells or act like a street person with no manners. i can guarantee you people will not get close to them at all. you can have an average face or less beautiful face whatever you want to say depending on your self esteem but you have a great body with the curves/muscles, take care of your hygiene, not appearing messy, and you bring yourself well. act like a gentleman/lady and people will be impressed and they surely they will be more attracted to you.

nevertheless, it is important not to be superficial person that treat people with bad appearance badly. I myself have tested all these. for people that know me they know i'm not they type that take care of my appearance. i can appear disheveled or messy or look sick and my clothes... well you can just say i have a wardrobe malfunction. i dare go out of my house with pajamas or wear crumpled clothing and most of my clothes are really old and shabby. yes,, needless to say, i don't get any attention from people around me. i can be like a stone beside the road with my appearance as long as I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing. and then there are times when i wear smart and groom myself and guess what I'm no longer a wallflower instead i'm the main flower. i can get people's attention immediately.

It is all about what you do with yourself and to people around you. you cant control other people and there will always be superficial people in this world. so go get yourself a better look. invest some money into yourself.

as for makeup thingy, just don't over makeup i guess is what the boys talking about when they say no makeup. you can look beautiful with makeup but not to the extend people can see you have 2 pounds of makeup on your face. something like that.... i guess

be jelita

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