Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sleeping Dogs

It's a new game that i get for free when I purchased my new desktop. Honestly, I'm fully satisfied with this game. nuff said. the game play is like GTA except that it is in Hong Kong. I'd say Asian/Hong Kong GTA version. I have never played GTA before but I guess the gameplay is exactly the same.

I dont know whats the story bout GTA but in Sleeping Dogs, it's a story of an American police officer that went back to his home town in Hong Kong in order to help the police shut down the triads. so he had to infiltrate into the triads gain trust and at the same time work as undercover police. so yeah, player will be able to do missions for both triads and police. besides there are side missions like helping the community, car and races. since he's an undercover cops, HKPD regarded him as one of the triads member and that means police chasing happens too.

oh not to mention the cinematic is full of vulgar words and quite brutal for some people though I enjoy it. ah well, it's a story about triad what do you expect? so far I'm halfway to finish the game. too bad i dont have joypad to play this game or I would have played nonstop. ^^ my keyboard and mouse are not functioning very well which add more frustration everytime i die doing mission.

here's a trailer of the game

Monday, 2 December 2013

winter holiday!!!

yeay rotation dah habis for now. now its just 2 weeks of lecture before winter holiday started though im already in the mood for holiday. been spending this weekend playing games most of the times and did some sketching. i cant draw at all now since ive stopped drawing for quite a long time. trying to draw girls now but it's  so hard for me to get the right anatomy for females especially body part. there's no use bitching about this since practice is the only key to improve and im not practicing at all hahaha. so there wont be any drawing for the time being. all my drawings right now are just lines of nonsense ^^

anyway, going for a trip to Italy this winter. yeay havent gone to a trip for quite sometimes.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

faith in humanity restored

here's a story. one day i had dinner with my colleagues at kebab restaurant. everything was good till the part when were all gonna go back to our own house. that was when sokan started to mention about this MARA clinical program that we all have to attend to pija as she skipped it. then i remember the penalty was that people who didnt go to the program got allowance cut by 300 eu. thats like 1/3 of the month's allowance. so i mockingly said to her "haha habis la ko duit garda x dapat balik" (the fee to for garda card registration which is equal to id card is 300 and we can claim from MARA). she was shocked but i thought she was going along with the situation. so i just couldnt care less and keep laughing at her. after all i'ts her fault. when i reach home from i got a message from her asking whether im serious bout it and at that moment i knew she was serious. nevertheless, there's no use crying over spilt milk, so i just tell her the truth. no point in giving her false hope or sugarcoating it and bam it hit her hard.

the story didnt end there. what i didnt realize was that on the way back home i lost my wallet. must have dropped it when i was cycling in front of my apartment. insidethe wallet contain all my id cards: student, garda, hospitals, malaysia ic and driving licence credit card, etc etc which makes me lose more than her as i have to pay everything to renew each card. i didnt realize it until tomorrow  morning as i was about to go to class and i just couldnt find my wallet. lol what a karma.

luckily after few days i got an email saying taht someone found my wallet and wanted to return it back to me. thank god!!! if this were to happen in Malaysia i dont think i will ever see my wallet back.

Thursday, 31 October 2013


I was playing with padlock that require number combination instead of key to unlock it. i found this padlock in my house and i want to use it. so I had been trying each combination till I get the right one but then I wonder how many combination do I have to try?

how many combination can be made for 3 slots with each having numbers 0 to 9 that can be put in?
easy. we all know the answer without even calculating it right? this is the usual type of padlock used for combination.

the padlock that im playing with is a lil bit different. its not like the usual 3 slots with number 0 to 9 for each slots but this one has number 0 to 9 with each of them can be put  up or down. so in other word, how many combination can be made from ten slots with each of the slots can be put X or O? I cant put them into words in a better way. hope you guys understand it.


so for the first type of padlock the answer is simple, 1000 combination. you can make 999 numbers plus 000 which make it 1000 combinations. here's how you calculate it. 10C1 x 10C1 x 10C1 which you get 1000. easy enough.

the second one...since each number has the option either up or down and we have number 0 to 9 which is 10 in total, calculation for it would be (2C1)^10. the answer is 1024. I'm actually surprised that even though the lock looks simple it actually has more combination than the ordinary padlock.

Dazdinggor!!! a sketch of voljin the witch doctor

The roller coaster of life

the ups and downs of life, we cant avoid it. hold on tight, enjoy the fun, scream at the frightening ride, zoom past everything.

 I like watching people's reaction. what they do or what they feel after an event be it good or bad. as an example, I'd like to see someone really successful having a tragedy like falling into bankruptcy or something similar like that just to see what one will feel, think, and do after that? im not having an ill intention nor do i wish something bad to happen to someone else but i cant stop pondering especially for those extremely rich person. I've seen few example of people having a big crisis in life and how the event made that person wentg almost crazy and change his personality. i dont really care what happen to that person but of course, if its something bad, pity you and if its something good, yeay good for what am i talking about.

This is a video about a father writing a letter to his Down's is an emotional video but what makes me post it here is the fact that he mentioned about his superior genes and supposed to have a perfect child because both parents are college grad yada yada. when he had his Down's baby he completely changed his attitude and thinking. i cant help but to smile to that part. it's all about the roller coaster of life.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Islam in Malaysia

so we have this issue of Allah whether it can be used by the non-muslim or not.... I myself am confused with this issue regarding those people that keep on debating on this matter. I mean I personally think that this is just a logic thing. Allah is the the only one god in Islam. and in the other religion, you have your god's name. why should you use Allah as your god's name?

but then I read this article about the word Allah only mean The God in arabic which can be used by everyone. is it true? I have no idea. even in Islam we have Sunni and Syiah point of view which can be different. there's this one part of the article that stated that saying that the god has a name is blasphemous. then i wonder what about those 99 names of Allah that we have been reciting? is it wrong? if so, why do we have the 99 names in the first place?

I dont really have any opinion on this matter. To me Allah is the only god and we just follow the Islamic way of life. I think we really need to know what we're following instead of just following our religion blindly. I've seen a lot of people reading Qran, performing prayer and reciting doa without even knowing the true meaning of what they are reading and that include me as well. of course we get the merit for reading and doing but do you feel like youre totally okay performing an act and reciting something without even knowing the meaning of it? It's like okay, I know how to pronounce this language but i dont know what im reading... but its okay. I dont see that you can learn anything from Quran just from reciting it without even knowing the slighest meaning of what is written in there. Islam has become more like a culture in Malaysia especially in malays. were born as Islam and accept everything that are being taught to us without questioning it. over the time, we get to mix up malay culture and Islam way of lifethus leading to inappropriate conflicts and problems. This also makes people have less tolerance to any changes especially in matters that are related to different cultures. I feel like we know nothing actually regarding our own religion but just blindly following the teachings.

Monday, 21 October 2013

being weird

i do things that other people dont do... i mean not many people do. to make it simple being the minority in a society. as an example listening to music. I listen to wide range of music genre.  oldies, folk songs, indie, electronic, metal, jazz, orchestra, vocaloid etc etc and the list goes on. i even listen to different language songs like sweddish, gaelic, chinese, japanese, etc etc. so almost all the songs that come out from my speaker are unheard of in the radio and most people dont know them. i remember when i give this one old song too my friend to listen to and i was called a weirdo for listening to this kind of song. i was like dafuq? you listening to songs like kpop is not weird? you dont even know that language and youre criticizing me just because you dont know the song? whats the difference between me listening to swedish pop and you listening to kpop or jpop or whatever? both are not our language. why must you say someone is weird then? 
ah it makes no sense at all.

and then there's cooking part. since i like to try things on my  own and not just follow the cookbook in order to eat of course i will be experimenting in combining different kind of foods and ingredients. just because i dont cook following the recipe or cookbook youd call it weird? theres nothing weird in trying to cook something differently compared to just cooking the same thing over and over again and afraid to try a new taste. well at least i dont serve my food to my friends. 

having a different taste from the community makes you weird. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

pugna the oblivion

this post is about dota.

so the recent patch makes huge changes to the game be it heroes item, or even to the meta. I pretty much love the changes to the patch as these changes are really good to support heroes. we all know that im one of the hardcore support player that i rarely play carry. so yeah these changes are really good. id like to emphasize on my favourite hero, pugna the oblivion. pugna is a really underrated hero that almost no one like to play it because of its squishiness and no escape mechanism for the hero....also too item dependant.

the latest patch buffs pugna to make it more useable. those buffs are increase in magic amplification when enemy decrepified but less amplification when allies are decrepified compared to the previous patch. i love this buff simply because it makes pugna's decrepify superior to the ethereal blade. more damage amplification instead of the same 40%. in current patch, decrepify is inferior to ethereal blade simply because they both have the same 40% amplification but decrepify slows down ally units too while ethereal or ghost doesnt which i feel a bit unfair.

the next buff is life drain able to replenish pugna's mana when its health is full. this is a really good buff as it will causes changes to skill and item builds on pugna. being able to replenish mana like that will make pugna less dependant on item that provide mana regeneration and thus being able to focus solely on strength item to increase hp. his intel gain per level is the highest in the game which i dont have to worry for mana pool. for skill, people will definitely get life drain asap since this will provide survivability and usefulness longer in the lane without having to return to fountain. heck i dont think i will need to back to fountain after this. just by using life drain pugna can be a really good jungler to since it will be able to kill the hard camp pretty easily just by life draining the big unit to completely replenish hp and mana and then continue to blast the small and medium camp. oh yeah having a good supply of mana means that pugna will be able to blast like a madman. when added with aghanim, imagine the amount of life drained with amplification from decrepify which is buffed and ) cooldown. youll be able to life drain everything nonstop while keeping your mana and health full. aghanim will definitely be the main core item for pugna to get insta fountain. i can see pugna being a really good hero mid game after this. not to mention it has good basic damage which makes him a good harasser early game. late game? pugna is a pushing kind of hero which makes him really good early mid game. lots of carry heroes are able to counterr him late game which will make it hard to win. either win early or suffer late game difficulties.

so yeah i cant wait to try the new patch and play with pugna. its gonna be really fun

Thursday, 10 October 2013

yeay got tv

all this while my t4 is too damn high. putting that aside, its been such a long time since i last watch tv. wonder if ill get the chance to watch tom and jerry....

i did say that ill put up some drawing but those are just lies.
just a rough sketch of pudge gonna take some time to finish it since october is a busy month

Thursday, 3 October 2013

alas meja

when we were in school, everyone have their own desk. I remember that everyone loves to decorate the table especially by covering the table with wrapping paper to make it looks more attractive instead of just plain grey or brown table. girls usually use wrapping paper that looks cheerful or light colour papers while boys usually use posters or pictures of mangas, games, or hot artists. some would go to the extend of covering those papers with plastic sheet so that the paperwont get dirtied. between them lots of things are put like timetable, pic of favourite artist, doa, or words of wisdoms. it depends on one's creativity.

I dont use any cover for the table because i found that it is not necessary to do that and it will just cost me my allowance. but then in the later years my reason was because i felt that it is a hassle to do that and besides, plain table served as a good drawing pad for me. I dont have to use papers to draw anything and the drawings are easy to erase. though it is known as vandalism, and i was scolded by my teachers several times, i kept on doing it. after all, the drawings are erasable. then during my final year in secondary school i started using cover for the table due to the pertandingan menghias kelas that everybody wants to win so badly. of course like any other boys, my cover would be cool manga posters that i get from Gempak or Kreko magazine. i dont bother to go buy decorating stuffs. theyre just plain boring. oh i still leave some space on the desk uncovered so that i can keep on doodling ont he table.

speaking of the pertandingan menghias kelas, my class did make a carpeted corner where we have sofa and people can lie down there. and the walls are painted to give it a more cheerful look. actually to me, the competition is just an excuse for me and my friends to paint the wall and do stuffs that we called "decorating". we just wanted to play around and colour the wall with water colour ^^. we never take the competition seriously. as for the furnitures like sofa and carpet.... we actually took it from somewhere in the school compound as they were abandoned. no cash were spent at all unlike my next class that fully cover the whole class with linoleum and painted the whole class. they won the competition most of the time.

listening to swedish song
veronica maggio - mandagsbarn

Monday, 30 September 2013


i know this topic is a bit outdated but oh well.. im not a fan of kpop. mainly because i dont watch them. liking music because of the singers, or because of the video... nope, not gonna happen. ive tried listening to few random kpop songs and i find the music is not that interesting though some of them do have catchy beats but im just not interested in them. save all the dancing and eye candies. i listen to music not watch music.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

bicycle maintenance

it has been years since i last do a bicycle maintenance. i mean last time i did it i was in primary school. hahaha. so nostalgic. the chain, the wheel, the oil, and the gears. i dont have any motorbike back home which is why i never do this kind of things when i was in secondary school or college years. even in university, i dont care much about my bike and keep on using it without care. I dont have the right tools to do the maintenance though. even for oil i used cooking oil to oil those gears and chain hahaha. well at least i got my bike to run again.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

yahoo answers

i've been quite active in yahoo community again lately. last time i was there to help people solve math question since medic doesnt deal with numbers. of course i only do the easier one that dont require me to use calculator, algebra question mostly. but thats that. now i answered wider range of questions like questions regarding foods, psychology, health, or religion stuffs. some of them are funny and some are serious. there are also health and fitnesswhere people asking whether they should lose/gain weight and trying to get advice to become fit etc.

anyway when people ask whats your favourite food i always find it a bit hard to specify on food that i really like. I LOVE ALL FOOD!!!! except the one that i cant eat. haram food. its fun to get new ideas from the community too since cooking the same thing would be boring. int this section i can usually see vegan have little debates/clashing points with meat lover in term of giving answers

then there's religion section which is always hot. each question can have more than 20 answers as atheists, christians, and muslims answers the questions based on their belief. i dont usually answer this section since there are already a lot of answers except question specifically for muslim which christian's and atheist's answers are irrelevant.

lastly is the psychology part where most of the questions are about one hating oneself or people asking on how to suicide without feeling any pain. answering these kind of question usually depends on my mood. sometimes, my answers are positive and sometimes, negative. honestly i feel those kind of questions are just plain idiots, i mean the how-to-suicide one.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

be grateful

people always relate me being thinner with the consumption of levothyroxine that ive been taking. to be frank i dont really think that the pills help me to get thin. if i lose weight it's because of me myself not because of the pills. i know that i do take high dosage of levothyroxine and it will increase my metabolism etc etc but at the same time, i also have a huge appetite. my stomach becomes a black hole. everything can go inside continuously. and then there also some of my friends that want to take the pill so that they can increase their metabolism and get thin. some even said untungla high t4 boleh jadi kurus. honestly, i almost curse them in my heart. you still have your thyroid. be glad that you dont have to take pills and monitor yourself every few months. if you want to get thin work your ass. dont rely on medication.

i know all of them are just saying the statement jokingly but still, you dont make that statement unless you have that intention. be grateful you idiots haha.

Friday, 13 September 2013

seriously!? i mean SERIOUSLY!?

so i watched this video about khalid jaafar talking about syiah need to be defended in Malaysia. seriously?! WHAT THE HELL MAN!!!! and he is talking about freedom of choice and human's right to support his arguement taking example from countries like America or Europe countries. SERIOUSLY!?!?

I just cant take it. i mean first of all, do you support syiah? are you going to say yes to something that is wrong? nobody in their right mind will say yes to something wrong. so WHY THE  HELL ARE YOU DEFENDING SYIAH.

second, youre taking examples from europe countries and america. tell me which one of the countries are muslim country? NONE!!! they dont have Islam issue overthere for they dont care/know what happen to Islam. their main religion is christian. why would you interfere with what happen to the other religion when youre not following the religion? thats why they allow syiah to prosper overthere. you think the ministers and the christian will say "hey, syiah is wrong. dont let them come here. only sunni people are allowed to practice in this country" ? IN YOUR DREAM. we are muslim and we live in a muslim country. we dont follow the non-muslim countries' way when we're deciding things that are related to our religion. we have our Quran and Sunnah. We have our scholars that know more about our religion. listen to their advice. seek guidance from the Quran and Sunnah, not from christian!! we can take examples from theor countries but not about the religion. duhhhh

lastly, freedom of choice and human rights, i think i already discussed about this earlier but whatever ill just say it again here. you want to have freedom? you want to say it is human's right? why do we need law and order? why do we need all the regulation if freedom is right? we're free to do anything it is our right to do anything. it doesnt matter whether it is bad or good for it is our own choice. so why do we need regulations? it is so that we can put limit to what our fucking insane mind is thinking!!! not everything we want is right. some of them are just wrong that we need to control ourselves. you support freedom of thinking, freedom of choice but when something bad happen to your family what would you do? freedom of choice!!! i want to rape your mum your sister your wife i want butcher them right in front of your fucking eyes. will you be saying that this is wrong? thats why we have law to differentiate what's right and wrong. our religion already say that it is wrong and it will always be wrong. human's law tends to change overtime but never ever go against your religion's law. everything have limit. and never go pass the limit for we're just pushing ourselves towards insanity when we pass through the limit. dont you ever think of saying about human's right and freedom of choice when youre clearly defending something wrong. you're just wrong

here's a link to his speech.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I've been reading comic and manga since primary school and I've tried to draw lots of stuffs but most of them are manga related stuffs. I realised that in manga, beautiful drawing is not the only thing that makes a manga good. everytime i read manga, to me the storyline plays important role to make everything good. beautiful drawing serves as an eye candy for the readers. besides that, the author must also know how to capture motion into a picture and thus making the story as if flowing smoothly despite they're just pictures. there are also other points that need to be considered such as themes, background, overcrowding of the panel, etc that become the selling point for a manga. when i read a manga I look for the storyline the smoothness of the story and pics more than the jambuness of the characters or beautiful pics. As an example, Ben's comic from gempak. I've been reading some of his comics and i realised that even if his drawing is absurdly beautiful but i find that the pictures dont give the impression of movements as if the characters are static. and the flow of the story is not so smooth between each panel. huhu

conteng2 using old lecture notes.... xnak bazir kertas
these are characters from bartenders

Monday, 9 September 2013

street fighter

do you like to play street fighter? well this is the church edition. gotta love the psycho crusher

i've no idea what theyre doing actually. never seen this in church actually

Saturday, 7 September 2013


when i was small, i always wonder whats with these people taht kept on watching drama? i mean how can they like it? theyre just boring story mostly about lovey dovey stuffs. I just dont get it and to me drama time was the time i should get away from tv and go do something else more interesting like playing lego.

i didnt like drama but now i started to like it more. been reading lots of drama style comics and mangas that show people's life. i guess this is one of the things that you like when you get older. yeah i've developed interest in human especially their action, emotion, and expression in different situation and environment. pfft as if im not a human. manga's that i've been reading include bakuman, bambino, rainbow, biomeat, silver spoon, etc.. ive read a lot actually. despite that, i still dont really watch drama on the tv as i find them too artificial and fake. oh I still dont really like the too cheesy story too. theyre just too much that i feel like im going to puke....not to that extent actually.

besides that, I love to watch the drama between people around me. this is a bit different as I have to get myself involved a bit in order to know the whole story. I have to listen those gossipers to feed me update of the drama and sometimes i can play a role in the drama to affect the storyline or get everything moving but i must not get involved too deeply or i will be one of the main actors which will be too tiresome. the best part is when i am friend with all the actors in drama and you get to know all of the story. i get to know all versions of the story.

oh well, im searching for another drama or slice of life type manga. im just rereading old drama manga like death note for now

Thursday, 5 September 2013

being judgemental

so i watched this video of sunsfan interviewing loda before the final match of ti3. he brought his girlfriend along and i see lots of negative comments saying his girlfriend is ugly. beauty is in the eye of the beholder well, if you dont find one beautifull youll see one as ugly. one can be ugly i dont deny that because thats why the word exists but then do we have the right to say that one should be able to get better or theyre not a good match? this happens especially to celebrities... dafuq? who are we to decide on someone else life? unless it is your child... whether shes ugly or not its their choice to do what they want. but then I found out that she was like some sort of playboy type that keep on jumping from player to player. no wonder she received a lot of hate Lol what a world.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The International 3

The International 3 (TI3) is the biggest dota2 tournament and this year it was held at Seattle. I've never watch any tournament before this for I'm not really into serious gaming. I play for fun and I usually only play with my friends. Thats why i never bother to watch the first 2 TI. but then, my comp is no longer fit to play games and my condition that wont allow me to play games much makes me watch this tournament. I didnt really follow it in the beginning but towards the ending I was excited to see the matches especially when Malaysian team, Orange manage to get high ranking in the tournament. They manage to get the 3rd place which they should have been able to get 2nd actually but let's just leave it at that. ah i was rooting for Orange and their lost makes me disappointed a bit to be honest. anyway congrats to them for being able to get the world attention and became a big star. first runner up goes to Na'Vi, the all favourite team around the world and the champion is [A]lliance, a sweddish group. all of them were showing great matches and i just love it.

this is the first time that i really follow a tournament and i felt the excitement like people watching football except that im alone in front of the screen getting excited with all the shouting lol. but now i know that ill be following this tournament next year....perhaps if i have the chance. ^^ if i get the chance i might try to get a ticket to go to the tournament itself. it will be fun watching together with all the crowds haha. Ill try to draw dota characters in the future post. been trying to draw but ive lost my touch actually. only have the rough sketches and getting them done using computer would be really difficult

Monday, 5 August 2013


so you see in this world nothing can be created nor destroyed. if you want to create something you will have to destroy something then. now the create and destroy in the first and second sentence are not the same. whatever. It is like in Fullmetal Alchemist. everything in this world is all about energy and we live by trying to make use of the energy in the most efficient way. light, vibration, heat, electricity, all of them are energy. everything even the matter are energy. stuff like rocks are energy? yes  the energy are stored in form of bond. bond between the atoms, protons, neutrons, and electrons. all these are held by energy. so when we change something or make something out of something it is basically just a manipulation of energy between the particle. thats why i like fullmetal alchemist concept though the ritual part and the sign can never be done. it is also a reason why i believe something like elixir of life, or philosopher stone can exist in the world for making gold from lead is not impossible. the alchemy is possible.

on a side note I notice that every bond are made of energy that holds them particle together. changing form solid state to liquid is due to the release of energy making the bond weaker. what if we are able to siphon all the energy from something. a total annihilation. if energy is totally robbed from something it will become nothing. just the very small particle that makes this whole world. and that means we can make something from the air too. lol

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

au revoir

goodbye. we shall not meet again and good luck.
i dont hate you nor do i despise you and i donr have any intention to harm you.
well, what's done is done. goodbye

Monday, 29 July 2013

firecrackers and festivals

everytime we have festivals there will always be firecrackers regardless of what kind of festivals. for muslim, hari raya will be the moment for people to fill the night with blast and fireworks. everywhere we go there will always be pew pew pom bang DUMM!!! the skies will be lit up with all kind of light from the fireworks.

nevertheless, firecrackers are banned now in Malaysia due to lots of injury and death that are caused by them. but it it will never be complete without all these things hence, people keep on buying these illegally. i once spent around RM60 just to buy firecrackers back when I was in form 5. we used to play pranks with fire crackers. ah i love this part. theres this mercun bola that will give off a deafening blast and so much smoke that it fills the whole class for few minutes. the boys keep on throwing them to other classes and BOOM! someone got a heart attack. this mercun bola is quite dangerous actually if you stay close enough. heck all firecrackers are dangerous actually. there were few incidents back then like my friend's foot was injured as someone threw the mercun bola too close to his foot. well, all the fun and laughter were replaced with anger when someone bleed but not for long. maybe 1 hour after that or 5 minutes after that we started to do pranks again.

i didnt have any injuries back then but i nearly caused one. i had lots of thunderclaps (the rocket type) and use them to shoot people from far away. there's one time where my aim was almost perfect that the thunderclap missed my friends face by just a hairbreadth. we were just like "you are lucky man" but i know if i really manage to hit his face that would be a serious misfortune. oh and lots of firecrackers always means war. throwing them as if theyre grenade or launching them like theyre rocket launcher lol. in the end its just enjoying the thrill and the sound with all the smokes filling the academic building. ^^

Thursday, 25 July 2013


ahhh  nothing beats a cold thirst-quenching icy drinks after a spending long hot day without any meal. god i so want to drink lots of cold refreshing drinks. juice, tea, coconut drink, milk, anything is good. so thats why my fridge is full of drinks ranging from cans, bottles, and even some that i made my on my own. since i dont really feel like cooking right now living on all this kind of fluid is good enough though i do cook every few days. ive been following this tumbler about healthy food (dont really make them but i love how he describe the food. kinda like epic mealtime) and i came across this iced lemon tea recipe.... oh my lord thanx for blessing us with lots of wonderful drinks.

Thursday, 18 July 2013


during this fasting month we are not allowed to eat food during daytime which means cutting on our daily food consumption though this only applies to those that dont try to qadha all the food intake during night time. mind you dont pig out when you break fast because later you will feel so lazy to do terawih or anything.

I'm not picky in term of food. as long as they're called food i'll eat them. so dont ask me whether the food is good or bad. if you see me eat it then it's good to me. nevertheless, we all want to have good food. delicious, nutritious, mouth-watering, appetizing that just thinking about it makes your stomach shout "FEED ME!!!". uh this must be influenced by gourmet mangas and programs. cant be helped though.

in my quest to cook good food, so i try to use all kinds of ingredients and spices to get a good the lazy type of person so i only try with all the stuffs that i can only get. not going to bother trying to look for something thats hard to find. nevertheless, i try things that people dont do. some of them can be called success, some...edible, and some are just total failure. what i mean total failure is that i'm the only person probably able to eat that. even so, no matter what i try, nothing can replace the taste of soy sauce. the greatest food condiment from Asia. any food can go with soysauce. anything taste wrong, add soysauce and it will taste right lol. this might only applies to there anything that can replace soysauce?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

law and order

we live in world with system. the system is the law and order that which we have to live by it. follow the law or chaos will be the consequences.

this is a video on how to deal with homosexual urges. i found it very interesting and yes this guy has a point. i hope that this video can help gay people how to cope with their life. 

do pray to god and never give up to the desire. no matter what happen, dont give up your faith to god. i know that people can say talk can laaa. try to do it. yes it is always easier for one to talk rather than doing it. going against your lust is not something easily done. same goes with fighting addiction. you know it's wrong but you keep on going and you feel powerless against that feeling. remember mind over body. dont let your lust take over your decision making and thinking. no matter how hard and how many times you failed, keep on continuing your effort. remember the first step is always to get yourself away from anything that stimulates you into following your lust. lets use this month of ramadhan to fast, fill our time with ibadah, and slowly leave all the bad things

Monday, 8 July 2013


Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind,
The Sovereign of mankind.
The God of mankind,
From the evil of the retreating whisperer -
Who whispers (evil) into the breasts of mankind -
From among the jinn and mankind."

Saturday, 6 July 2013

board rpg game

do you know yugioh? a manga on games, to be precise shadow games. i like to read it partly because of the variety of the games that are shown in the manga especially the board game rpg "monster world" that they play with Leo Bakura. if you dont know what im talking about ill simplify it here. i like the board rpg that is shown in the manga.

right now, some of my friends are designing games. one of them is planning to make one right now as i read his tweet. im a bit interested in the process of designing and making games. im not really into gaming world so i dont know much about games. nevertheless, his planning on designing rpg game makes me recall my primary school years.

huhu i just realised that i like to play rpg as id been playing it since i was a kid. when i was in primary school, i didnt get the chance to play computer games much so what i did is i made rpg game by myself and played it with my friends. of course i was the game master as i designed the game. ^^

the game is quite simple as it was inspired by pokemon, doom2, and another game which i cant remember the name. basically, i just design a dungeon and players will have to go to the end of the dungeon while fighting against the monsters in the dungeon. how i create the dungeon? of course the easiest way is by using the buku petak kecik for math (oh i love that book). so the design of the dungeon will be based on the number of players, and difficulty was set based on their level of thinking in solving the game. you dont want to make it too hard for a beginner. they'll lose interest fast.

the mechanism of the game will be finding keys to unlock the doors of the dungeon and defeating monsters that are placed randomly in the dungeon. the are also mini bosses guarding the keys which will be tougher to be defeated. besides monsters, player can try to do optional quests, or fight against extra monsters to get loots i.e potion and if theyre smart enough they will be able to find a shortcut to win the dungeon. last but not least the lord of the dungeon a.k.a the big boss. like in every rpg game the final boss is always insanely strong that you find it excruciatingly hard to defeat. so players move around the dungeon in a group deciding which way to go and by chances they will encounter monsters.  the chances are based on the dice. that will be up to me the game master to put the condition of the appearance of monsters like getting even numbers on dice, or below 2 or get number 6. so its basically based on luck. most of the time we dont use dice for we lose it really fast (kids, what do you expect). so, i change the mechanism to playing rock paper scissor. and that will depend on skills and luck. so everytime i win i get to inflict damage and vice versa (health is based on bars). to make it more fun, i get the help of someone with good skills in rock paper scissor to become the boss or mini boss in the dungeon. that way, more people can join the game.

i dont bother to make storyline for the game as nobody is interested in storyline. most kids as we all know only want to win the game without even try to understand the mechanism of the game.

ah that was a good time. playing board rpg is not that bad lol.

little talks by of monsters and men
though the truth may vary 
this shit ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

Friday, 5 July 2013

puasa dan nikotin

Ramadhan kembali yeay dan umat Islam wajib menahan diri dari makan di siang hari selama sebulan dan juga beberapa perkara lain yang membatalkan puasa. merokok juga x boleh semasa puasa (walaupun ada fatwa mengharamkan rokok da sebelum ni)

since x boleh merokok masa puasa, ramai la orang akan ada withdrawal effect.... x gak. malam leh je sap rokok. tp waktu siang nak hisap camne? mesti ada orang pakai nicoret patch. tampal kat badan je. senang dan x masuk mulut. ohya, taktik ni digunakan oleh pelajar yang x boleh hisap rokok masa dalam lecture. 

selamat berpuasa. sorang-sorng dekat dublin ni buatkan aku terlupa bila mula ramadhan. jangan sampai terlepas sudah. kalau terlepas mesti terlepas beberapa hari sebab x perasan ramadhan da mula. 

Sunday, 30 June 2013

meh abang ajar melukis

padahal dok main bulat2 je. and then zigzag...

my friend came to my house and he brought his 4 yo brother...... tengok aladdin sambil dok borak dengan abang dia.

melukis dengan budak 4 tahun.
oh and my rubber was torn to pieces when i wasnt looking at him. ^^

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


do you like kids? any kids be it newly born or kindergarten, or primary school kids...some people hate them especially the crying part. oh they just cant stand the noise. some people love them. playing around with kids entertaining them whenever they can.

i havent had any interaction with small kids for years. i have even forgotten how to carry a baby. nevertheless i had the chance to play with adam and yasin. theyre 13 and 7 years old. playing monopoly with them was quite fun. most of the time i would be answering the questions they asked me. but i can never give warmth when im dealing with kids if you get what i mean. my interaction would be too educational i guess, anyway thanks adam and yasin

characters from gakuen babysitters

Sunday, 23 June 2013


remember life brief candle by william shakespear? i only remember the first few verses. there are these 2 lines: "Life's but a walking shadows, a poor player, That struts and frets upon the stage". I dont care the meaning behind these verses for long i have forgotten the the message of the poem but yes we all are actors that perfom on the stage. a stage big enough to fit everything in it, the world. we try to act as best as we can to please others. we put on mask to fit the role that we are playing, to fit in the story line. the mask itself cover our true face. people dont have to know who we really are as long as they're content with the acting. we perform really well in this scripted story with our performance. we tell lies to satisfy demands and to get away from troubles for it doesnt matter because they dont know who we really are. we make up more lies to cover the lies that we make. and more lies coming after that. but when can we remove the mask? when we are on our own? when we are in another world created by ourselves? or is that mask actually our face? we wear the mask most of the time and only remove it sometimes or should i say we only wear a mask, which is a personality that we want to become when we are alone? 

we are who we are. how we live our life will show who we are. the mask is just something to comfort our heart. it doesn't exist actually. we can deny as much as we want but still, what we do, show, act define what we are. 

living with lies is just too much hassle. I am tired of living with acting just to please people. telling people lies will only increase the burden of life. why dont we just look at ourselves. get a mirror...seriously look at yourself in the mirror. look what is the bad/wrong thing that you do. try to fix it and you don't have to tell lies anymore. if you cant fix it try to get help. 

oh btw, i hate playing bluff, or kencing. easiest way is to keep on being honest.

life. we grow up and then we die. why waste it?

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Le.Gardenie... I'm pretty sure most of the girls know this comic as it was published in Gempak or Utopia I cant remember. The author is Ben. It's basically a story of midschoolers love affairs as the protagonist life is surrounded with beautiful girls and he being too greedy stand helpless as everything fall apart in front of him. ok I made that up because I hate the main character. It's basically called Le.Gardenie as all the characters are named based on fruits i.e Apple, Lemon, Kiwi, and Orange.

Since it is a product from Ben, the drawings are beautiful. i just love it and the setting is based on french remote town if im not mistaken. nevertheless, i dont like the storyline. the only reason i keep the comic is because of the artwork. the storyline is just...... i dont know.. should i say sickening? lol. basically I can only read one chapter at one time because i will feel really disgusted with the main character, orange. Ben managed to depict him as a greedy weak spineless coward person with no manliness at all. that is why i cant stand reading the story.

so yeah there are 4 volumes in total though the last part of the comic is done by someone else because Ben quit Gempak. so the storyline had a sudden change just like Fatal Chaos.

the 4 volumes of Le.Gardenie

a pic of Kiwi

Thursday, 13 June 2013


aaaaahhhh after 48 days of exams, more than 60 days of being a caveman, finally ican get to relax for a bit. now, cleaning up my room and get the kitchen hot back. what am i gonna cook for ma housemates tonight? dunno let's see what i can get later.

so here's the plan for few days; go london, BASKETBALLING, play games, repair laptop, cycling, baking, doodling, running, sun-bathing, and etcetc... there are little stuffs that i want to do but not worth mentioning.

anyway summer is here. feel the sunshine feel the sunshine~ gonna enjoy this little freedom

can you feel the sun washing over me

Saturday, 8 June 2013


what is same day but not the same day?

anyway let's listen to piano song.
and back to reading

Monday, 3 June 2013


everything that break can recover back. a broken vase can be glued together, a broken bone can heal back together. but no matter how good or how long the healing is, there will always be scar left and yes the recovery will never be 100%. 

quick conteng2 sambil membaca
mood Hajime No Ippo 

Friday, 31 May 2013

solat jemaah

luruskan saf rapatkan saf.
bila solat jemaah selalu teringat scene video ni bila nak sujud.

you're funny you're funny

Monday, 27 May 2013

pasangan pilihan

everyone must have one own taste in choosing the right partner. fair skin, dark skin, slanted eyes, big eyes, etc etc but of course to find someone that meet 100% of your expectation is almost impossible. unless youre are superrrrr lucky.

anyway i was once asked what are the criteria of woman that i like. the answer was i dont care. that was when i was in form 5 if i recall correctly. the reply that i get was you sound so desperate. lol. i dont really care about girl at that time. not the time yet. 

not long ago i was asked the same question again. i said preferably not a medic student. and then my friend said "aphal ko xnak medic student lak? wat penat je aku amek medic". lol.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

kalimah syahadah

Aku bersaksi bahawa tiada Tuhan yang sebenarnya melainkan Allah, 
dan aku bersaksi bahawa Nabi Muhammad itu utusan Allah”.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

urinary catheter again

ive told you guys about the urinary catheter. that was my first time doing it. practice makes perfect. so here we go again doing urinary catheter. this time it is not about catheter but it is about penis.

one of the steps to do it is  retract the foreskin. if one has any. dont pull the foreskin if one doesnt have it. that's what phillipa said. well, it's true. the patient is gonna have a bad time if that happen. anyway, do you know how do penis with foreskin looks like or the one w/o the foreskin? shut up you muslim guys as you obviously know the difference. but what about the girls? do you know how to differentiate them? lol this is quite funny but it happens. girl might not know how circumcised penis look like unless they have been living with partners but then they might still not know the difference.

there are even people that claim that they're circumcised but actually they're not because they dont know.

why do we have to pull the foreskin?

there's this one case, a sho put the catheter but the there's no urine going out. whenever we face problem, always call the boss. so here come the reg. he pulls the foreskin which the sho forgets to do and voila.. huge abscess is trapped there blocking the catheter. the patient actually have infection in the foreskin. well, not many people know that they have to clean the area inside foreskin. oh and it all about being sterile. you dont want the catheter to be contaminated and put in the bladder.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

clinical skill practice

my life is stagnant so far.... oh well enjoy the boredom before everything start to go up and down.

i  had a clinical skill practice few days ago. so we were practicing on checking blood pressure when they try to count my heart rate..... phillipa shouted "you have a fucking tachy!". lol i havent checked my bp or heart rate for quite a while already. anyway probably because of the levothyrox that im taking and maybe due to me being very unfit. lol. we were joking saying that i get excited from people touching me lol.

later, when we were learning on some surgical instruments......

P: so this is Doyen. (a forceps used to occlude bowel to prevent the content from escaping without disrupting the blood supply to the bowel)
A: ohhh so this is the Y (our previous lesson from different hosp taught us like that due to its shape and name)
P: It's the D! not Y
A: because it has Y in it....
P: it also has N in it. i dont know....

and we burst into laughter when as we just cant win the argument

exam... ugh

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

exam activities

yeay exam is over!!! here comes summer!!! ....that's what the first year said. have fun with you 5 months holiday. I on the other handstill have exam that last till 14 June. yeah for now I've just finished the first round. god im so tired. so here's what happened for the last 2 weeks.

Farewell party for the fifth years passing their final exam. more like congratulatory party. jumpa di Malaysia nanti. 
makan'makan di Yamamori
Sushi time!!!
Till we meet again

and then come the exam part which one become a caveman not going out from the lair for quite sometimes.

when you want to go to bed and realize that you threw all your stuffs on the bed  earlier...
the road to exam hall. it's been awhile since i last cycled

2 things. nice weather which makes me really want to go out  and a bottle of water to keep me alive 
it's summer time and im here writing notes and poems. the latter  part is  just a joke

and what happen after the first week of exam? woot woot the most waited part after the exam. makan-makan at seniors house. consider it as a house warming party since they just moved into the house.
cookies!!! yeah baked cookies but being tired and lazy i made big cookies instead of the bite-size one.
they look more like a scone instead of cookies but who cares. it is still edible 
The main chef in action during the party.
bowl of eggs. 
eat, laugh, enjoy 
activity dimasa lapang. Lawn mowing 
going back home via Luas

Thursday, 2 May 2013


we spend a lot of time looking at people face be it to comunicate or to recognise or just for fun especially those around us. we can memorize people faces and their facial expressions especially the one that we love. nevertheless do we look at our face at all? do we love how we look? the eyes, the nose, the lips, cheeks, chin, forehead, eyebrows, hair, dimple, pimple, creases.... do we like to look at the person in the mirror? or we loathe and wish that we dont have to see that person much? try to smile to that person or look at that person like how you look at people that you feel disgusted. try to be angry at that person and see how that person look like

a sketch of the exam face.... oh i forgot the eyelashes

Friday, 26 April 2013


yes countdown to pilihan raya is the countdown to my final exam. i cant really be bothered by the pru but then i never even care about the general election in the first place. anyway i still read most of the articles and videos posted regarding the pru like profile of the candidates and videos of events that happened back in malaysia. what im interested in these things are the comments from malaysian people. you know people debating with each other (rarely) or should i say bombarding each other with unintelligent critics and cursing words. anyway, it's not always like that but still i love to see the reaction from these people. the vids, some of them show malaysian antics. and surely get a lot of comments

so which party do you vote? me? im not voting. not even registered....

oh and id love to see what will be changing in malaysia after this. will it be worse? or better?

Sunday, 21 April 2013


it's an apps that monitor your daily activities in term of food and exercise and calculate the calories consumption for you. well, it's useful for people that want to reduce weight in a certain amount of time.

me? no no i didnt use this apps for this purpose. i was recommended by my friend about this app. she's crazy about this app and monitoring the calorie consumption everyday. dunno if she still stick to this app or not. btw, i use this app to record my food intake and how many calorie that i get from the food that i consumed. only used it when i had to undergo the DASH diet program as one of my course project. i havent been using it since then as i find it too troublesome to record on everything that i eat. especially if i cook the food myself. how can you calculate how many calories in ayam masak lemak cili api or whatever nonsense that i cooked. it is easier to eat food from store for the barcode can be scanned and you get the right amount of calorie for the food but then that will put a dent on my bank acc. in conclusion, i found that this app is not accurate and too leceh. ai, leceh leceh....

i just opened the app and it said, "Arif has not logged in for a month. He might need some encouragement". lol what i'm depressed that i dont get to lose my weight. kidding me.

ill be back to sketching and drawing after the exam finish though i did sketch a full page of paper last night. watched this painting timelapse few times. he's a malaysian art student oh and i like the song too. not to forget, castlevania2 will be out this june perfect for my after exam enjoyment

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fruits and Vegs

a lot of people are doing medicine not because of they really want it but due to other reasons. family pressure, following trend, moneywise, etc etc. and many regrets taking medicine halfway doing the course. i was told by one of the doctors that you can still enjoy your life when you're a medic student. af ter you graduate, you'll have to do housemanship where youll be like a bottom feeder in the food chain. anyway after finishing housemanship, there will be 3 groups of people. the first one is the group that really enjoy doing medicine and would love to continue medicine. this group well, good for them. they made the right choice and are having a good-ending. the next group is the group that realized "i dont want to do medicine. i'd rather sell fruits and vegs, enjoying my life and still loving what i do for work". so these people is brave and clever enough to realise that medic is not their life and they made the decision early. good luck to them having a new way of life. the third group is people that think "i'd probably be much better selling fruits and vegs..." but they continue doing medicine for they're half way through. and so they continue their medic carrier but some of them later still change to fruits and vegs. "me, im kinda like in between the wanting to go to fruits and vegs and enjoying medicine". that's the closing of his speech

anyway let's look at wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome (WPW). It is caused by the presence of an accesory conduction pathway (bundle of Kent) between atria and ventricles which may lead to atrioventricular reciprocating tachycardia(ARVT). people with WPW can be asymptomatic but they may feel palpitations, dizziness, SOB, or syncope during the during the SVT. A person with WPW will have a delta wave on ecg. that shows a slant in the upstroke of QRS complex. (refer to the wikipedia or google image). since there is no delay due to the current going thorugh bundle of kent, the PR interval will also be short

current new fav song. Light Writing by Liyana Fizi. support our local musician lol

Saturday, 6 April 2013


i was listening to nasyid and then I remembered Az-Zariyat. practicing nsyid in front of the surau, behind building class, weekends, weekdays. it was fun

I was once a nasyid member. singing song praising Allah and the prophets... yeah I was. but then there was a time when i noticed that almost all of the nasyid are about love. it was kinda different from the era that i liked.  I was at the age of not giving a damn about love. Besides, those nasyid lover guys (mostly Badar/Paim) forbid loves which they keep on saying love is something bad yet they keep on saying about love. I felt like they were all just hypocrites. anyway, that's a different story. so i stopped listening to nasyid. that was a story long time ago.

Thank you ALLAH by Raihan

Malam by Hijjaz

I just love to listen to Malam during the night time watching the sky, the stars, and the silent dark land

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

hadiah hari jadi

no i dont really celebrate birthday anymore. i dont really care actually. anyway, there are things that i want. these things are put into categories like must-have, want, luxury, and hadiah-harijadi.

the must have obviously is the necessity things which i will definitely buy it as soon as possible or whenever i have the chance. they're mostly stuffs related to daily life, and studies.
the second, want, well it says it all. something that i want, and i most probably gonna buy it without any hesitation though it might not be a necessity. things like novels, food, or something that can make my life easier.
the third group is luxury well this is something that i want too but lower chance of me buying it. probably something less important in my life. the difference between stuffs in this group and the second group is probably the price. yeah expensive things like desktop, mixer, or something in entertainment category.
the last group is the hadiah harijadi group which has the lowest chance of me buying it. though sometimes i might just go and get it without any reason. things like tablet for drawing (yeah ive been complaining how good will it be if i have one but i never get one. haha sorry to those that had to listen me saying bout this thing), or a speaker/dock which i really want it but most probably i wont buy it. why do i want it then? so that it can fall from the sky or someone gave it to me as birthday present which is why i put it in the hadiah harijadi group (as a wish list). nevertheless i dont celebrate my birthday anymore which i wont get these things lol

though i put them in different categories..... to be honest i just made this categories on the spot but there are some truth in them.

on an unrelated topic i do feel different yesterday.

under the dark span by jeremy soule

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

20 sen happiness

i grew up in countryside. no skyscraper, no tall buildings, the only things that reach the sky are the forest and palm trees. back then everything is cheap. foods, toys, transportation...all of them are so cheap that i can buy a lot of stuffs with just 1 ringgit. of course as a kid i never think of money not like now where everything is about money. we see things in term of money value. i still remember back in primary school, 20 sen is enough pocket money for the whole day and thats all that i get.

when the bell rung at 10 o'clock signalling the start of recess time, everyone will dash to the canteen beside the hall to buy foods just to fill their stomach. my favourite food is fried noodle. 15 sen for a full plate of fried noodle or nasi lemak and 5 sen for a bag of syrup drink is enough to make me happy and keep on going alive throughout the school period. for the rich kids, they usually bring up to 1 ringgit or even more. they have a more luxurious food like nasi ayam for 50 sen each or adding fried egg to the food. after eating, i will spend the remaining time playing with my mates. football, cop tiang or maybe galah panjang. the second bell rung signalling the end of the recess time is then answered reluctantly as the students slowly go back to their respective class.

then there are evening session school (sekolah agama). i dont usually spend any money for this session for it is only for 2 hours. sometimes when i don't spend all of my money during morning school i will buy sweets for 1 sen each or maybe the more expensive one like apollo for 5 sen each. there is also this small hut where my friends gandpa open a small canteen for the kids to come and have lunch. he was really generous for we only have to pay 5 sen for each plate of anything. i usually take fried rice and whats more we can scoop the food ourselves which means that i can have lots of it for just 5 sen. sadly he died not long after that. bless him. 

that's the great value of 20 sen. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

colonoscopy gone bad

so ive been watching lots of endoscopy though most of them are colonoscopy. endoscopy is boring!!! that's what people claim. yeah it can be kinda boring since all you can do is stand at the side and watch the screen showing the gi tract of the patient unless you get to help to do the procedure that would be awesome but hey what if things gone bad? That will be unpleasant. i'd seen this one colonoscopy where the doctor was having difficulty to get into the ileum. they were stuck at the caecum for about 30 mins going back and forth. to make it worse, the suction pump wasnt working so that causes the patient to start pass wind and stools right on the bed. oh i couldnt help but pity both the patient and my reg.

anyway, i started to use sai now, dont know how did i end up downloading that program but i need sometime to learn it, i mean really long time. i cant even cut and paste the pic freely right now. so here's a pic of belmont, finished. i know i know there are still a lot that i can do like the back ground the weapon handling and the cape but i guess ill just let this one go for i have other picsand more pressing things to do.

i dont even know why i changed the background to this simple

lindsey stirling - song of the caged bird

oh btw mates from cork came to visit me in my new house getting loqlaq during weekend lol. hise and ammar. dancing and singing to the songs played around the house all day long haha

Monday, 11 March 2013

Ayat Kursi

Allah, tidak ada tuhan selain Dia. Yang MahaHidup, Yang terus menerus mengurus(makhluk-Nya), tidak mengantuk dan tidak tidur. Milik-Nya apa yang ada di langit dan apa yang ada di bumi. Tidak ada yang dapat memberi syafaat di sisi-Nya tanpa izin-Nya. Dia mengetahui apa yang di hadapan dan apa yang di belakang mereka, dan mereka tidak mengetahui sesuatu apa pun tentang ilmu-Nya melainkan apa yang Dia kehendaki. Kursi-nya meliputi langit dan bumi. Dan dia tidak merasa berat memelihara keduanya, dan Dia Mahatinggi Mahabesar

Thursday, 7 March 2013

kaki hidup

i was told that my feet is alive(kaki hidup).... more like have mind of their own. thats because they move a lot... well doesnt matter. i like to use my feet, moving them around and i tried to see what i can do with my feet. once i was scolded by my aunt cuz i keep on fumbling an empty hupseng biscuit can. "it is not polite to use your feet!!" sorry maam, cant help it. they just move ont heir own.

anyway, it's good to train your leg. sometimes i just try to do some kicking just like the taekwondo people do. doing side kick front kick and sometimes a bit of splitting gosh i rarely do that actually.... lol

there are a lot of things that can be done using your feet if you train them well enough. the best is when you can use it if your hand is full. example; turning on switch, turning door knob and open the door, scratching your other leg. getting stuffs on the floor without having to bend over, etc etc etc. the best part is when you read comic holding it using feet while youre eating. such convenience lol

this is one of the example on how I use my feet. turn on/off the switch  


Wednesday, 27 February 2013


i used to have yahoo messenger but i no longer use it for most of my friends are changing to new email addresses. so i decided to delete my yahoo messenger. now im using skype. it allows me to video call or atleast call someone free by  using the internet. now tyhe problem with skype is that most of my contact details are offline all the time. so there are only few people that i can contact using skype actually. to top it off, those who dont live oversea dont really use skype so yeah i can only see them online once in a blue moon haha. let's just ignore the invi (bajet hot) people. dont want to bother those who dont want people to contact them.

anyway how you doing mate?

an unfinished pic of belmont. i get too lazy to do it properly mid way since it is extremely hard to make gradient using paint. not hard to be exact but leceh. so i just put it here for now.
maybe ill finish it one day... maybe.... still have other pics to finish though

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

men at work

you must have seen pictures of men doing work without supervision right? i mean they can do crazy stuffs in a very dangerous way. well as long as the goal is achieved. you cant complain much.

so i just moved to a new house and i feel the need to do something to make my room better though how i do it is so inappropriate.

measuring tape pakai sewing kit punya..
batang besi dari penyapu
and... bread knife as gergaji!!!
oh yeah that metal pole dah kena potong da pun...
kain buat alas xnak potong tangan sendiri... potong pakai pisau senang tersasar

this is because im too lazy to go out shopping. so i just look for stuffs inside the house to be used. actually pisau roti tu used only for marking mula-mulanya. tapi i noticed that the edge is kinda similar to a saw so i just gave it a try and voila! it worked though obviously not as good as a saw.

i have two bars to hang my cloth now. the lower one is from the broom stick. hurrah
oh btw my room is quite small (really small actually) but it is quite comfy
there are other stuffs that i want to do too but im not gonna write anymore. huhu kalau nak cari barang kat hardware shop kat malaysia memang senang nak cari. kat sini hardware shop susah sikit ^^

Sunday, 17 February 2013

we go pythons way

Sheffield game was held yesterday. guess what. i didnt go there just to meet friends and watch them compete but I did joined the basketball tournament and it was very exciting. i compete under the name pythons. There are lots of students from universities all over UK and Ireland that dont have enough team members from their own university to participate tournaments. so we ended up playing together under the name pythons. I've never met my teammates before this but we just try to build up the chemistry between us and play together as a team. 

though we didnt manage to pass the grouping stage due to losing the final game, we had a great time together. huhu and yeah the other 2 python teams manage to get to quarter final but sadly they have to compete against each other in quarter final resulting only 1 team going to  semi-final (we have 3 pythons group in the tournament). ill definitely join next basketball match though maybe not for the time being as i'm short of cash right now to go to UK hehe^^

now that im back to dublin, rest, send my friends back to malaysia(goodbye guys). since im moving to the heart of the city after this, i think ill have more opportunity to play basketball at the college. gotta train till the next game.

my trophy from the game. not gonna be able to write well for a couple of weeks  i guess

these are the pythons!!! hurrahh