Monday, 29 July 2013

firecrackers and festivals

everytime we have festivals there will always be firecrackers regardless of what kind of festivals. for muslim, hari raya will be the moment for people to fill the night with blast and fireworks. everywhere we go there will always be pew pew pom bang DUMM!!! the skies will be lit up with all kind of light from the fireworks.

nevertheless, firecrackers are banned now in Malaysia due to lots of injury and death that are caused by them. but it it will never be complete without all these things hence, people keep on buying these illegally. i once spent around RM60 just to buy firecrackers back when I was in form 5. we used to play pranks with fire crackers. ah i love this part. theres this mercun bola that will give off a deafening blast and so much smoke that it fills the whole class for few minutes. the boys keep on throwing them to other classes and BOOM! someone got a heart attack. this mercun bola is quite dangerous actually if you stay close enough. heck all firecrackers are dangerous actually. there were few incidents back then like my friend's foot was injured as someone threw the mercun bola too close to his foot. well, all the fun and laughter were replaced with anger when someone bleed but not for long. maybe 1 hour after that or 5 minutes after that we started to do pranks again.

i didnt have any injuries back then but i nearly caused one. i had lots of thunderclaps (the rocket type) and use them to shoot people from far away. there's one time where my aim was almost perfect that the thunderclap missed my friends face by just a hairbreadth. we were just like "you are lucky man" but i know if i really manage to hit his face that would be a serious misfortune. oh and lots of firecrackers always means war. throwing them as if theyre grenade or launching them like theyre rocket launcher lol. in the end its just enjoying the thrill and the sound with all the smokes filling the academic building. ^^


  1. Coincidentally, a young small boy just threw a few firecrackers in our compound.

    I suspect the boy craves for attention so much, he threw more after we warned him not to play any close to our compound. We parked some our cars outside, so yeah. The more we tell him off, the more he keeps throwing.

    I don't mind with firecracker if it's played by responsible people, but some parents are silly to pay for their small kids.