Saturday, 19 April 2014

meranting lagi

you know what makes me sad? when people waste food. dont waste your food. you can never know when you will run out of food.

you know what makes me mad? insincere praises. feels like slapping them hard so that they will stop spouting bullshit. we all do that but seriously, everything has its own limit. oh btw, this thing is so common in med students it's so annoying. t(-.-)t this is one of the reason when i want a "me time" so that i dont have to listen to this kind of thing. when i say me time i mean alone, no one else.

oh btw, lama x gi majlis agama macam solat hajat or ceramah. went to one last week ^^
used to have this every week during school and college life though

and im so lazy to cook nowadays i can just microwave my chicken and eat it with rice after that. of course, add some condiments for flavouring

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Al-Humazah (Pengumpat)

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang

Celakalah bagi setiap pengumpat dan pencela,
yang mengumpulkan harta dan menghitung-hitungnya,
dia (manusia) mengira mengira bahawa hartanya itu dapat mengekalkannya.
Sekali-kali tidak! Pasti dia akan dilemparkan ke dalam neraka Hutamah
Dan tahukah kamu apakah (neraka) Hutamah itu?
(Iaitu) api (azab) Allah yang dinyalakan,
yang (membakar) sampai ke hati.
Sungguh, api itu ditutup rapat di atas mereka,
(sedangkan mereka itu) diikat pada tiang-tiang yang panjang.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

elfen lied

this is a manga regarding alien/special human with powerful abilities that can kill people easily. this manga contains lots of nudity, gore, killing, and it also have the romance and feelings's not like the usual manga or anime with cute characters and cute story line or action type manga..well you get what i mean 

I had a friend. everyone labelled him as weirdo since his interest is a bit different from people in the college. he used to watch elfen lied and showed the killing part to the people around. of course they wont feel comfortable with that kind of video even me and people be like EEEEEEEWWWW. i havent read this manga at that time so i didnt know it was elfen lied. but then when i watched the music video i remember it was that video that he showed us. I heard people said that he used to always play a scary,freaky song in his room at night. i bet it was this anime's song. the song was kinda sad and yeah not many people will like iti know because i ge the same look from other people when i played this song.

anyway, he's not my friend anymore. he wanted to cut all ties with his friends and that's what happened. wonder how he's doing right now.

i think it was this video that he showed us and the song that he played in his room.
the song's title is lilium. it's the opening song

thisis the ending song, Be Your Girl