Saturday, 30 October 2010


if in malaysia we have hungry ghost festival celebrated by the chinese (watch phobia2), here we have haloween festival. i dont really know the history of haloween and couldnt be bothered. anyway, they wear costumes on haloween night dressing as ghost or i dont really know since haloween festival has become more like a costume party nowadays.
last night was my first haloween celebration in ireland. i saw many costumes. weird one, funny one, scary one, sexy one(of course and most of the girls wore sexy costume). and the malaysians are the only group wearing ghost costumes. LOL!!! luckily we dont have a pocong here. or a chinese zombie. i'd like to see that. oh yeah, i saw a group of men wearing pacman of them became pacman and the others became the colourful ghost. cool!!! and then there were jack sully and the heroin which i forgot the name. and malaysians? scream!!! all of us are the scary movie killer. oh yeah and our class rep act as grease, a 60's singer if im not mistakenduring elvis era. haha not bad.

i wish i had the pumpkin costume just like in this pic. haha
oh, and i dont see kids going around with costume saying trick or treats... maybe cuz they got booze instead of candy. haha

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


what is friend? is it a fiend? maybe....
what are friends for? a friend in need is a friend indeed... thats what people said

i have a lot of friends some are good some are bad. few of them are best.
nevertheless, we parted, we part, and we will part ways..
and i met, i meet, and i will meet new friends..

there are friends that we remember till the day we close our eyes forever.
and there are friends that we will never remember even for a second.

I'm not going to meet again some of them for the rest of my life nor even contact them. So, goodbye.

the world is so big yet so small....

Friday, 15 October 2010


pe beza kat malaysia ngan ireland?
kat sini sejuk gaban
kat malaysia panas gampang
kat sini bawak basikal kat tengah jalan mmg orang bagi laluan
kat malaysia basikal kat tgh jalan tros kene jerit "woi nak mampos ke?"
kat sini xde tandas awam. sile kuatkan otot pundi kencing anda
kat malaysia bersepah tandas awam. weee weee
kat sini azan mmg x dengarnye melaenkan ko dudok dalam masjid time orang azan
kat malaysia 5 kali sehari. senang gue nak taw bile semayang
kat sini ko nak nampak sume idong tajam
kat malaysia ko nampak sume idong bulat

i went to the uni's public toilet
when i was in the cubicle, i LLLOL
yeah they provide the toilet board for students to write on the wall when doing their business to avoid boredom. mind you these are not vandalism. the boards are there to be written. some one wrote "rate your shit"
and there are lots of people replying
1)oddly spherical
2)full bodied, with a hint corn alike
3)chocolate flavoured corn
5)when i looked back there was a baby...


and smiley are for girls... i dunno what does it means..
unfortunately i didnt bring any pen

Saturday, 9 October 2010


ok aku kuar ngan bdak pompuan atas suatu urusan. leh kate satu hari gak r ngan die je. dan ttibe aku dapat cite yang ade orang nasihat bdak pompuan tu. baek2 taw jangan rapat sangat dengan die. ayat ni dbaca bkan dalam nada bergurau dan yang sebut bnde ni bkan orang yang kenal aku. for fuck sake i take that as an insult. we're friends and there's nothing wrong here. pe sebab kuar 2 orang? come on la. Nak Preach pon agak2 r. sume bnde negatif. penakot

weee dublin dipenuhi dengan red devil. a group of devils start to harrass people the whole town as early as 7 am and they gather at Grafton street on late evening. i like to see them annoy other people and shoppers. haha

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

California Gurlz

i like California Gurlz but i like the parody by Hitz.FM boys more

Hitz dot fm boys
we think we're comical
every shows we dont wear tanktop
trying to sing this good
but it is impossible
Oooo O O Oooo O O

Hitz dot fm boys
we're unpredictable
we're all dudes
but Natlie is not
She's so hot
I wanna @##$%###$%
Oooo O O Oooo O O

lol i laugh everytime i hear this song. way to go JJ and Ian. ugh it's the only thing i miss(really?) in Malaysia. radio broadcast. ohya i havent read any newspaper nor watch any tv since i came here.

i found out i had a problem when communicating with other people using devices i.e handphone, conference, blablabla. yeah cuz i cant hear properly on what people said and everything was hard. I had to guess every words as I hear echoes and the sound was wavy... damn. i made a call to trinity student register office before i came here and everything was disaster. i had to apology many times and they grew tired of repeating the lines. well, i guess their accents do contribute in giving me difficulties.
the person at the end of the line is speaking lazyly and i can hardly recognize on what he is spelling actually. yes, at that time i was asking the email address for the residence department.

he spelled:
and i heard:

and when i repeat he said yes. I had to think bout this shit for a couple of minutes before realising the correct email address. And i realize that irish do pronounce R as "or". no wonder i had a hard time figuring out which alphabet they are saying. how do you pronounce curry, rugby, monday, and gym?

it is pronounce like this kourri, Rugbi, mundei, jem. (use malay pronounciation)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

ma roomate

My roomate is an Irish. His name is Padraic Sherry (Sherry was excited when he saw that name). how to pronounce his name? its like podreik.(pronounce it in malay style) that is what he said but some people said it is pronounced as porik. padraic is 17 years old. he doesnt smoke he doesnt drink he doesnt go to party (parties are for morons). he despise music cuz he found it annoying. my room is gonna be quiet. he come from a farmer family and take engineering course.zzzzzzzzzzzz

i bought a new kawasaki bike(they pronounce bike as big) from smyths for 150 euro. and my first day of cycling it was a disaster. i got lost and end up at clonskeagh(klonsky)
instead of going back to my hall at rathmines. google it. and on the second day i still got lost and instead of going back to hall i got to the spire in the city centre. the thing is im going south from my college but instead of going south i went north. guess i made a big round. sweat on cold