Sunday, 3 October 2010

ma roomate

My roomate is an Irish. His name is Padraic Sherry (Sherry was excited when he saw that name). how to pronounce his name? its like podreik.(pronounce it in malay style) that is what he said but some people said it is pronounced as porik. padraic is 17 years old. he doesnt smoke he doesnt drink he doesnt go to party (parties are for morons). he despise music cuz he found it annoying. my room is gonna be quiet. he come from a farmer family and take engineering course.zzzzzzzzzzzz

i bought a new kawasaki bike(they pronounce bike as big) from smyths for 150 euro. and my first day of cycling it was a disaster. i got lost and end up at clonskeagh(klonsky)
instead of going back to my hall at rathmines. google it. and on the second day i still got lost and instead of going back to hall i got to the spire in the city centre. the thing is im going south from my college but instead of going south i went north. guess i made a big round. sweat on cold


  1. yap bes sebab dpt travel dublin senang...
    tp saket gak r bontot sbb seat die keras.
    ugh mouse sherry x bes. susah nak lukis