Wednesday, 6 October 2010

California Gurlz

i like California Gurlz but i like the parody by Hitz.FM boys more

Hitz dot fm boys
we think we're comical
every shows we dont wear tanktop
trying to sing this good
but it is impossible
Oooo O O Oooo O O

Hitz dot fm boys
we're unpredictable
we're all dudes
but Natlie is not
She's so hot
I wanna @##$%###$%
Oooo O O Oooo O O

lol i laugh everytime i hear this song. way to go JJ and Ian. ugh it's the only thing i miss(really?) in Malaysia. radio broadcast. ohya i havent read any newspaper nor watch any tv since i came here.

i found out i had a problem when communicating with other people using devices i.e handphone, conference, blablabla. yeah cuz i cant hear properly on what people said and everything was hard. I had to guess every words as I hear echoes and the sound was wavy... damn. i made a call to trinity student register office before i came here and everything was disaster. i had to apology many times and they grew tired of repeating the lines. well, i guess their accents do contribute in giving me difficulties.
the person at the end of the line is speaking lazyly and i can hardly recognize on what he is spelling actually. yes, at that time i was asking the email address for the residence department.

he spelled:
and i heard:

and when i repeat he said yes. I had to think bout this shit for a couple of minutes before realising the correct email address. And i realize that irish do pronounce R as "or". no wonder i had a hard time figuring out which alphabet they are saying. how do you pronounce curry, rugby, monday, and gym?

it is pronounce like this kourri, Rugbi, mundei, jem. (use malay pronounciation)


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  2. yeah i should have done all the trouble
    er... whats ur "name" again? i've forgotten