Saturday, 9 October 2010


ok aku kuar ngan bdak pompuan atas suatu urusan. leh kate satu hari gak r ngan die je. dan ttibe aku dapat cite yang ade orang nasihat bdak pompuan tu. baek2 taw jangan rapat sangat dengan die. ayat ni dbaca bkan dalam nada bergurau dan yang sebut bnde ni bkan orang yang kenal aku. for fuck sake i take that as an insult. we're friends and there's nothing wrong here. pe sebab kuar 2 orang? come on la. Nak Preach pon agak2 r. sume bnde negatif. penakot

weee dublin dipenuhi dengan red devil. a group of devils start to harrass people the whole town as early as 7 am and they gather at Grafton street on late evening. i like to see them annoy other people and shoppers. haha


  1. apsal ko xjoin devil2 tu :)
    i like to see you annoy others
    siyes3 ^_^
    skypey2 aku nk dgr full story weyh~

  2. hahahahaha. deal with it. that's overseas life. youre going to hear so many ppl talking abt u if u do sth others dont do. =p been there done that so good luck! come notts game if free. naek ryan air. hehe

  3. i understand their intention but please dont accuse other people easily especially the person that you dont even know.

    oh bdw, im not going to be the devils. cuz if i do, im going to be dwarf devil...

  4. apasal red devils kepala dia camtu? bukan patutnya 2 tanduk je ke?

  5. sape Mr Red Devil?
    well tu namenye creativity. they get bored with 2 horns.

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