Thursday, 31 October 2013


I was playing with padlock that require number combination instead of key to unlock it. i found this padlock in my house and i want to use it. so I had been trying each combination till I get the right one but then I wonder how many combination do I have to try?

how many combination can be made for 3 slots with each having numbers 0 to 9 that can be put in?
easy. we all know the answer without even calculating it right? this is the usual type of padlock used for combination.

the padlock that im playing with is a lil bit different. its not like the usual 3 slots with number 0 to 9 for each slots but this one has number 0 to 9 with each of them can be put  up or down. so in other word, how many combination can be made from ten slots with each of the slots can be put X or O? I cant put them into words in a better way. hope you guys understand it.


so for the first type of padlock the answer is simple, 1000 combination. you can make 999 numbers plus 000 which make it 1000 combinations. here's how you calculate it. 10C1 x 10C1 x 10C1 which you get 1000. easy enough.

the second one...since each number has the option either up or down and we have number 0 to 9 which is 10 in total, calculation for it would be (2C1)^10. the answer is 1024. I'm actually surprised that even though the lock looks simple it actually has more combination than the ordinary padlock.

Dazdinggor!!! a sketch of voljin the witch doctor

The roller coaster of life

the ups and downs of life, we cant avoid it. hold on tight, enjoy the fun, scream at the frightening ride, zoom past everything.

 I like watching people's reaction. what they do or what they feel after an event be it good or bad. as an example, I'd like to see someone really successful having a tragedy like falling into bankruptcy or something similar like that just to see what one will feel, think, and do after that? im not having an ill intention nor do i wish something bad to happen to someone else but i cant stop pondering especially for those extremely rich person. I've seen few example of people having a big crisis in life and how the event made that person wentg almost crazy and change his personality. i dont really care what happen to that person but of course, if its something bad, pity you and if its something good, yeay good for what am i talking about.

This is a video about a father writing a letter to his Down's is an emotional video but what makes me post it here is the fact that he mentioned about his superior genes and supposed to have a perfect child because both parents are college grad yada yada. when he had his Down's baby he completely changed his attitude and thinking. i cant help but to smile to that part. it's all about the roller coaster of life.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Islam in Malaysia

so we have this issue of Allah whether it can be used by the non-muslim or not.... I myself am confused with this issue regarding those people that keep on debating on this matter. I mean I personally think that this is just a logic thing. Allah is the the only one god in Islam. and in the other religion, you have your god's name. why should you use Allah as your god's name?

but then I read this article about the word Allah only mean The God in arabic which can be used by everyone. is it true? I have no idea. even in Islam we have Sunni and Syiah point of view which can be different. there's this one part of the article that stated that saying that the god has a name is blasphemous. then i wonder what about those 99 names of Allah that we have been reciting? is it wrong? if so, why do we have the 99 names in the first place?

I dont really have any opinion on this matter. To me Allah is the only god and we just follow the Islamic way of life. I think we really need to know what we're following instead of just following our religion blindly. I've seen a lot of people reading Qran, performing prayer and reciting doa without even knowing the true meaning of what they are reading and that include me as well. of course we get the merit for reading and doing but do you feel like youre totally okay performing an act and reciting something without even knowing the meaning of it? It's like okay, I know how to pronounce this language but i dont know what im reading... but its okay. I dont see that you can learn anything from Quran just from reciting it without even knowing the slighest meaning of what is written in there. Islam has become more like a culture in Malaysia especially in malays. were born as Islam and accept everything that are being taught to us without questioning it. over the time, we get to mix up malay culture and Islam way of lifethus leading to inappropriate conflicts and problems. This also makes people have less tolerance to any changes especially in matters that are related to different cultures. I feel like we know nothing actually regarding our own religion but just blindly following the teachings.

Monday, 21 October 2013

being weird

i do things that other people dont do... i mean not many people do. to make it simple being the minority in a society. as an example listening to music. I listen to wide range of music genre.  oldies, folk songs, indie, electronic, metal, jazz, orchestra, vocaloid etc etc and the list goes on. i even listen to different language songs like sweddish, gaelic, chinese, japanese, etc etc. so almost all the songs that come out from my speaker are unheard of in the radio and most people dont know them. i remember when i give this one old song too my friend to listen to and i was called a weirdo for listening to this kind of song. i was like dafuq? you listening to songs like kpop is not weird? you dont even know that language and youre criticizing me just because you dont know the song? whats the difference between me listening to swedish pop and you listening to kpop or jpop or whatever? both are not our language. why must you say someone is weird then? 
ah it makes no sense at all.

and then there's cooking part. since i like to try things on my  own and not just follow the cookbook in order to eat of course i will be experimenting in combining different kind of foods and ingredients. just because i dont cook following the recipe or cookbook youd call it weird? theres nothing weird in trying to cook something differently compared to just cooking the same thing over and over again and afraid to try a new taste. well at least i dont serve my food to my friends. 

having a different taste from the community makes you weird. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

pugna the oblivion

this post is about dota.

so the recent patch makes huge changes to the game be it heroes item, or even to the meta. I pretty much love the changes to the patch as these changes are really good to support heroes. we all know that im one of the hardcore support player that i rarely play carry. so yeah these changes are really good. id like to emphasize on my favourite hero, pugna the oblivion. pugna is a really underrated hero that almost no one like to play it because of its squishiness and no escape mechanism for the hero....also too item dependant.

the latest patch buffs pugna to make it more useable. those buffs are increase in magic amplification when enemy decrepified but less amplification when allies are decrepified compared to the previous patch. i love this buff simply because it makes pugna's decrepify superior to the ethereal blade. more damage amplification instead of the same 40%. in current patch, decrepify is inferior to ethereal blade simply because they both have the same 40% amplification but decrepify slows down ally units too while ethereal or ghost doesnt which i feel a bit unfair.

the next buff is life drain able to replenish pugna's mana when its health is full. this is a really good buff as it will causes changes to skill and item builds on pugna. being able to replenish mana like that will make pugna less dependant on item that provide mana regeneration and thus being able to focus solely on strength item to increase hp. his intel gain per level is the highest in the game which i dont have to worry for mana pool. for skill, people will definitely get life drain asap since this will provide survivability and usefulness longer in the lane without having to return to fountain. heck i dont think i will need to back to fountain after this. just by using life drain pugna can be a really good jungler to since it will be able to kill the hard camp pretty easily just by life draining the big unit to completely replenish hp and mana and then continue to blast the small and medium camp. oh yeah having a good supply of mana means that pugna will be able to blast like a madman. when added with aghanim, imagine the amount of life drained with amplification from decrepify which is buffed and ) cooldown. youll be able to life drain everything nonstop while keeping your mana and health full. aghanim will definitely be the main core item for pugna to get insta fountain. i can see pugna being a really good hero mid game after this. not to mention it has good basic damage which makes him a good harasser early game. late game? pugna is a pushing kind of hero which makes him really good early mid game. lots of carry heroes are able to counterr him late game which will make it hard to win. either win early or suffer late game difficulties.

so yeah i cant wait to try the new patch and play with pugna. its gonna be really fun

Thursday, 10 October 2013

yeay got tv

all this while my t4 is too damn high. putting that aside, its been such a long time since i last watch tv. wonder if ill get the chance to watch tom and jerry....

i did say that ill put up some drawing but those are just lies.
just a rough sketch of pudge gonna take some time to finish it since october is a busy month

Thursday, 3 October 2013

alas meja

when we were in school, everyone have their own desk. I remember that everyone loves to decorate the table especially by covering the table with wrapping paper to make it looks more attractive instead of just plain grey or brown table. girls usually use wrapping paper that looks cheerful or light colour papers while boys usually use posters or pictures of mangas, games, or hot artists. some would go to the extend of covering those papers with plastic sheet so that the paperwont get dirtied. between them lots of things are put like timetable, pic of favourite artist, doa, or words of wisdoms. it depends on one's creativity.

I dont use any cover for the table because i found that it is not necessary to do that and it will just cost me my allowance. but then in the later years my reason was because i felt that it is a hassle to do that and besides, plain table served as a good drawing pad for me. I dont have to use papers to draw anything and the drawings are easy to erase. though it is known as vandalism, and i was scolded by my teachers several times, i kept on doing it. after all, the drawings are erasable. then during my final year in secondary school i started using cover for the table due to the pertandingan menghias kelas that everybody wants to win so badly. of course like any other boys, my cover would be cool manga posters that i get from Gempak or Kreko magazine. i dont bother to go buy decorating stuffs. theyre just plain boring. oh i still leave some space on the desk uncovered so that i can keep on doodling ont he table.

speaking of the pertandingan menghias kelas, my class did make a carpeted corner where we have sofa and people can lie down there. and the walls are painted to give it a more cheerful look. actually to me, the competition is just an excuse for me and my friends to paint the wall and do stuffs that we called "decorating". we just wanted to play around and colour the wall with water colour ^^. we never take the competition seriously. as for the furnitures like sofa and carpet.... we actually took it from somewhere in the school compound as they were abandoned. no cash were spent at all unlike my next class that fully cover the whole class with linoleum and painted the whole class. they won the competition most of the time.

listening to swedish song
veronica maggio - mandagsbarn