Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Islam in Malaysia

so we have this issue of Allah whether it can be used by the non-muslim or not.... I myself am confused with this issue regarding those people that keep on debating on this matter. I mean I personally think that this is just a logic thing. Allah is the the only one god in Islam. and in the other religion, you have your god's name. why should you use Allah as your god's name?

but then I read this article about the word Allah only mean The God in arabic which can be used by everyone. is it true? I have no idea. even in Islam we have Sunni and Syiah point of view which can be different. there's this one part of the article that stated that saying that the god has a name is blasphemous. then i wonder what about those 99 names of Allah that we have been reciting? is it wrong? if so, why do we have the 99 names in the first place?

I dont really have any opinion on this matter. To me Allah is the only god and we just follow the Islamic way of life. I think we really need to know what we're following instead of just following our religion blindly. I've seen a lot of people reading Qran, performing prayer and reciting doa without even knowing the true meaning of what they are reading and that include me as well. of course we get the merit for reading and doing but do you feel like youre totally okay performing an act and reciting something without even knowing the meaning of it? It's like okay, I know how to pronounce this language but i dont know what im reading... but its okay. I dont see that you can learn anything from Quran just from reciting it without even knowing the slighest meaning of what is written in there. Islam has become more like a culture in Malaysia especially in malays. were born as Islam and accept everything that are being taught to us without questioning it. over the time, we get to mix up malay culture and Islam way of lifethus leading to inappropriate conflicts and problems. This also makes people have less tolerance to any changes especially in matters that are related to different cultures. I feel like we know nothing actually regarding our own religion but just blindly following the teachings.


  1. agree with this. aku rsa umat islam kt malaysia tgh diuji Allah psl akidah. i mean aku pun xde ilmu so baik kita berdiam diri and improve ourselves before preaching and kata this and that salah. somehow, aku rsa bnd ni jd too messy sb sume org nk komen, sume nk bagi pendapat, sume nk jd tok guru

    1. kalau x berilmu xpe la.... tp sedangkan yang berilmu pun berlainan pendapat.... haih aku harap bnde ni x memecahkan malaysia haha